Ancient History of an Old Wife

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Until recently I had never told anyone what occurred over 30 years ago, before I was married, even before I met my husband.

I was 24 years old, and did not have serious boy friend at the time. Back then I wore my dark brown hair just at my shoulders, and had a curvy figure at 130 pounds, 5 feet 4, with a 38 D chest and a plumb butt that I named my aunt B.

I worked are a secretary in a city in the LA area and lived with two other girls. On occasion, we would go out to have drinks and dance. Locally, one restaurant bar chain was the Red Onion, which was a favorite if ours.

One night we loaded up and headed to a Red Onion close to where we lived. Being short, and the late 80s, I normally wore heels, and of course a shirt skirt and low top.

During the course of the night, I started talking with this guy who was blond, tall and had my attention. Gary was with his friends and I ended up doing some shots with all of them.

When my girl friends left, I stayed to dance and spend time with this group of guys.

Gary offered to drive me home, ankarada sakso çeken escortlar and then asked if I would like to go this his apartment with them to hot tub. At the apartment, I found myself with him and his roommate Robert.

Gary made us drinks and we stripped down and got I to the tub. Not having a bikini, I left my thong panties on.

We fooled around some as we flirted, and then his roommate came out to join us with three shots. Robert was a shorter, black man and stocky.

I had never played with a black man, or two men at once before, but was enjoying the flirting and making out with Gary. Both men removed their shorts, and I gave both the best blow jobs I could.

Gary had a short stubby cock, while Robert’s black cock was not much longer, the head of his cock was like a fat mushroom.

I could feel the guys’s hands playing with my nipples and butt as I took turned kissing and teasing the two dicks. Both guys finished on my chest and face cheeks.

Then Robert left us alone, and Gary sat me elvankent prezervatifsiz sikişen escortlar on the tub side, and moving my thong aside, started to lick my pussy. Between the drinks, and the excitement of what I had just done, I started to cum almost right away. I remember feeling weak and having to lay back as my body started to shake.

Gary asked if I was on the pill (I was) and next thing, he was standing up in the tub and started fucking me. I wrapped my legs around him, drawing his thrusts into me. I could feel him as he pumped his cock into me, then drawing out to cum on my stomach.

I laid on the side of the tub breath heavy, as Gary got up, and got our towels.

We made our way back into the house, and I went to he bathroom. I came out to find Robert in the den naked still watching a VCR porn. Without waiting and sat next to him as he hand me another beer. His cock was ready for action, so I moved onto his lap and spread my legs. Looking down, I was almost mesmerized by his black dick sincan gece kalan escortlar sliding along my pussy, part hidden by my pubic trimmed pubic hair.

Robert started to slide back and moved slightly forward, and his cock started to push into my pussy. I could feel that mushroom head open my lips. Watching the porn together, I slowly rocked on his cock for awhile.

Robert told me to get up and took my hand. We went down to his room, and I layed back on the bed. He drove his cock deep into my pussy in one push, I could feel the slapping of his balls on my anus.

Robert pounded my pussy till I started to cum again, squeezing his cock as I did. Robert pulled out and put his cock over my chest and face. His cum ran out over my lips and cheeks. I reached up and sucked the last of it out if his cock.

Now I was truly done for the night. Between the drinks and two cocks, I was exhausted.

I stumbled out of Robert’s room, to find Gary waiting with my clothing to drive me home. He laughed that he wondered where I went to, until he heard me loudly moaning in Roberts room.

We all exchanged numbers and Gary took me home. The next day, one of my girl friends took me to get my car. That Monday at work, flowers showed up for me from my two anonymous friends.

I never told anyone the whole story about that night, and I quietly went on a couple dates with both Gary and Robert separately after that.

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