Anne’s Story Ch. 01

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Chapter 01

Lust in the Afternoon

This series is about a friend of mine and her sensual awakening, This led in later chapters to her embracing the lifestyle of sharing intimacy with friends and casual lovers. Please feel free to comment and offer suggestions as this is my first offering to the group. Thank you to my editors who helped me prepare these stories.

Five pm on a sunny afternoon in Rangers Head. Returning from a day’s shopping on the Gold Coast, Anne drew her shiny white Audi to the parking lot at the rear of Opra Bistro. The boot was laden with new treasures and bargains with many fine clothes and shoes.

To toast her good fortune, Anne intended to have celebratory Mojito before driving up the hill towards home. She strode to the covered walkway leading to her favourite bar; her hips swaying in the tight, black silk slacks which clung to her curvy behind. Her cream, crepe blouse was open two buttons at the neck, exposing the curve of her soft luscious breasts. A lacy edge of her bra framing the swelling globes.

She approached the bar, climbed on to a bar stool and looked around. At that time of the afternoon there were few patrons. One man caught her attention however. He was standing a few feet up the bar, nursing what appeared to be a Scotch and ice.

As he leaned forward, both elbows on the bar, a smile was playing on his lips. Her imagination engaged; she wondered what a man drinking alone would be smiling at. Intrigued, she allowed her gaze to linger as she ran her eyes down his form. Tall, wavy brown hair, deep set blue eyes and a firm jaw. Her gaze dropped lower to the white polo shirt and then to the tan slacks that ended above a pair of brown loafers. The arms below the short sleeved shirt were tanned and covered with a soft bleached down.

At that moment, Grace, the waitress greeted Anne and asked for her order

“Mojito please Grace. Just the way I like, with a little brown sugar to highlight the rum.”

Grace turned away to make the drink,

The man’s head snapped up. “Grace, is that the way you always make a Mojito?”

Grace turned and smiled “No it is a special for Anne, she likes it just that way.”

He turned and appraised Anne and, with one eyebrow raised said, “May I pay for this drink.”

Grace looked up from filling the mortar with mint leaves and ice to say, “Allow me to introduce John Devenish, he is a part owner of the Bistro. John meet Anne, one of our favourite customers.”

Anne smiled and gazed into those deep blue eyes; her heart gave a little flutter, he was really handsome.

“How come I haven’t met you before? I call here a couple of times a week.”

“I moved up here from Sydney and just settled on a unit today. But, you will be seeing more of me, as I take a more hands on role in the business.” He said. His smile widening as his gaze took in the curves of Anne’s waist and hips as she swivelled on her stool to face him.

Anne picked up her freshly made drink and they chinked glasses. “Welcome to Rangers Head,” she said, “I’m pleased the town is getting some new blood and I hope you enjoy your life here. Where did you buy?”

“A Studio apartment on the beach front, close to work and big enough for one” he said.

This definitely was interesting, new blood at her favourite bar and by the look of it, single. She started to feel a little squirmy, quietly rubbing her thighs together to stop her labia from fluttering. Anne felt her vagina give a little squeeze as a fantasy of her with this new man flashed across her mind. ‘Slowly, slowly,’ she said to herself. ‘Don’t get too far ahead. You are attached but, Dan has been away for a week and a girl deserved a little flirt now and again, what’s the harm?’

John moved closer, stood beside her and proceeded to tell her of his life in Sydney as a hospitality manager for a large hotel chain and his yearning for a break and a quieter life after 20 years in the business.

They slowly sipped their drinks, lost in conversation. When she looked at the wall clock she noticed an hour had passed. She started to make her excuses, thanked John and was ready to head home.

“Not a bit of it,” said John, “I insist you have an early dinner with me. We are testing a new menu and I would like us to sample some of the dishes.”

‘What the heck,’ thought Anne to herself, ‘I would only be going home to leftovers and a cold bed; why not?.’ “Yes John, I would love to try some of the new dishes,” She responded.

She swung round on the stool, her tightly clad buttocks brushed against John’s crotch as he was leaning towards Anne to casino siteleri help her dismount. It felt good; there was another flutter and a squeeze. Anne could feel her juices start to flow as the half erect penis dragged the width of her silk clad bottom. John took her hand and led her to a table on the patio, lit up by the setting sun.

“We will have oysters in a light brandy sauce followed by lamb with rosemary and sage, dessert we can decide later.

Ask the chef to halve the dishes he was preparing for me and set up a Greek salad for two please.” John told the waiter.”

The dishes were exquisite and the accompanying wines were an excellent complement to the dishes.

“Let’s take the desserts and sit on the beach to watch the sunset,” said Anne. “We can take the dishes back later.”

Strolling across the road they settled on the grass just below the level of the back dune. Waves were breaking on the reef and slowly rolling up the beach. The flare from the lighthouse up North carved its beam across the horizon and silhouetted the headland.

They settled and began to nibble on their food, washing it down with sips of Moet. Anne had chosen her favourite; raspberries soaked in liquor and John had strawberries with scalded cream.

“Would you like some, John?” said Anne as she cheekily tipped a spoon full of raspberries and juice into her hand and held it towards him.

Leaning forward he stuck out his tongue and gently lapped them up. Some juice had slipped between her fingers and he took her hand in his and sucked each finger in turn until they were clean.

Anne’s clit stood to attention and began to throb as she imagined that tongue doing the same thing to her labia and clit. She physically squirmed and felt her nipples spring erect.

John slowly put her hand down and selected a choice strawberry, put it between his teeth and offered it to her. She leaned forward and sucked the fruit from his lips, feeling their slight roughness as he pressed into hers. She pushed the berry back to his mouth and it crushed between their teeth, both sucked at the juices, pulling their lips together in a lingering kiss. Anne’s hands and arms moved of their own volition, she stroked John’s chest and back feeling the firm muscles beneath the shirt. How she wanted this man NOW.

John’s hands slipped around Anne’s waist, and beneath her loose blouse, stroking her now goose bumped skin. His hand moved up and encased her soft right breast.

“I want those,” he said.

Anne leaned back, looked down at his straining crotch, rubbed her hand gently over the throbbing hardness and said, “Perhaps we can reach some mutual understanding. Come home with me.”

Hand in hand they strolled back across the road. John opened the door of his Porsche Cayenne and ushered her inside. He took the dessert dishes and glasses as well as Anne’s car keys inside, and gave orders for the staff to park Anne’s car in the underground car park. They drove up the hill and parked in the carport of Anne’s bungalow.

Anne ushered John inside and they fell onto the couch locked in a deep embrace. Lips joined, sucking tongues and pressing hard. Hands flew to each other’s clothes; the blouse was flipped over Anne’s head by John. Anne’s fingers worked nimbly and flicked John’s shirt buttons open as she pulled the shirt off his back exposing a soft patch of chest hair. She ran her fingers through it as she moved to tweak his erect nipples.

John’s hands slowly unclasped her bra and he lifted the cups away allowing her gorgeous globes to swing free. He held them in both hands and lifted them to his mouth. His tongue folded over the brown nipple of her left breast. He licked the soft flesh sending shivers down her spine, causing the nipple to spring to attention. He sucked each in turn leaving her breasts slick with his saliva.

Anne unbuckled John’s belt and teased open his fly. She freed his penis from the folds of cloth, stroked it gently, feeling it come alive in her hands. John stood to let his trousers and shorts fall to the floor. Anne followed him her head rising to the level of his groin where she enveloped the head of his cock in her mouth.

John stood still, legs braced, hands on Anne’s shoulders as he watched her head bob up and down on the seven inches of hard twitching flesh. Anne’s hand moved and cupped his balls; he felt thrills course up and down his spine as her tongue circled the head of cock and her teeth nibbled the rim of his glans.

Five minutes of this and John was on the edge. He could feel cum starting to pulse from his balls towards the end of his cock. He stopped humping canlı casino into Anne’s mouth and pulled back. Two drops of cum made it to the head and oozed out through his slit. Anne bobbed her head down and with the tip of her tongue flicked them into her mouth. That touch nearly triggered a volcano and he bent down to relieve the pressure and stop his cock exploding. Staying bent he loosened Anne’s slacks and along with the lacy and now juice smeared knickers, slid them down her legs and free of her gorgeous body.

John stood looking in awe. This was a 60 year old woman with the figure of a thirty year old, wide hips curving up to a narrower waist then up to where two soft breasts lay full and flowing over her chest. Her lips. all glossy from sucking his cock, were red and slightly parted, her tongue flicked along them looking for the lingering taste of his pre cum.

Looking down at her thighs, her legs were together and John could see the soft fluff of her pubic hairs peeking from the valley where her legs joined. He reached down, took Anne’s right leg and draped it over the back of the couch. She opened like a flower; her pink labia’s were exposed, glistening with her juices. Her clit, a little twitching bud, was sitting nestled in the halo of pubic hair that sparkled with drops of moisture. Below was the darker slit of her vagina pulsing, as its muscles reacted to the imagined feel of the cock she was watching twitch above her.

John knelt and lifted her left leg away, placing Anne’s foot on the floor. She was open now and his face was six inches from her lovely pussy. The aroma of her love nest was overwhelming.

John breathed it in and bent closer. He used his nose to part her pussy lips and placed his tongue at the door of her soft cunt. Slowly, ever so slowly, he drew the tip from that love hole to her clit, forcing it up and letting it flick away. She arched and shuddered as the glorious jolt of ecstasy flew up her spine. Grasping her hips, he pushed his face down and began to feast in earnest. Anne stayed with him bucking and humping, forcing herself on his face as he licked, sucked, flicked and nibbled from her arse to her clit.

For her this was heaven. The pent up lust built up while Dan was away, was finding an outlet. She didn’t feel guilty, she felt whole. Her body began to tremble as she felt a wave of emotion course through her and she clasped her legs together not wanting it to end here. She needed strong hot cock before she was finished with this man and as far as she was concerned he could have every hole.

Anne closed her legs. John jumped back concerned but was reassured when Anne stood up, grasped his cock and led him down the hall to the bedroom. She tossed the pillows and bedcover to the floor and turned to John.

“Take me; Fuck me till I scream.”

John picked Anne up and threw her on her back onto the bed. He followed and before she stopped bouncing, had lifted her legs onto his shoulders and shoved seven inches of cock into her hot wet hole. She gasped with the shock of it but relished the heat of his hot rod. He thrust deep, pulled back and buried himself to the hilt. Her labia was smashed back, his balls slapped against her buttocks. He was rocking back and forth, bending Anne up as he thrust in deep looking for the bottom of her cunt. Back and forth they rocked, Anne was holding his arms and pulling herself on to him as he thrust, trying to follow him as he pulled back. She grunted when he thrust home, feeling the air being forced from her lungs. Her cunt was stretched from the width of his lovely cock, it fitted perfectly

John slowed, pulling back till the tip of his cock was just outside her hole. Slowly he pushed back gently forcing her open and gliding his cock to touch bottom, back again in and out, building a gentle cycle that roused her senses. Anne let go of John’s arms and started stroking his chest and tweaking his nipples as she rocked to the gentle rhythm of his cock as it slowly travelled the length of her vagina. John put her legs on the bed and slowly resumed his rhythm, pushing down on her hips and thrusting up, he leant forward and kissed her long and deep.

He pulled away, looked at her and said “This is the most wonderful welcome to a new town that I have ever had, thank you.”

“You are scratching an itch for me,” said Anne. “Relieving my tensions in such a wonderful way, it is I who should be thanking you.”

Anne pushed John off and he flopped on to his back, his turgid pole pointing at the ceiling, slick with juice. She leaned over, extended her tongue and began licking him clean, lingering over each lap and savouring every kaçak casino drop of her pussy juice that she collected from his cock and balls. John’s hand played idly with her pussy and thighs, his hand cupped and he collected the leaking juice from Anne’s half open cunt. He slowly brought it over and recoated his cock, giving his new lover more enticement to keep lapping.

“This is heavenly,” he said.

She stopped, moved to kiss him, letting half a mouthful of pussy juice and saliva flow into his mouth.

With lust in her eyes Anne moved back, jumped astride him and with a hand on either thigh holding open her labia’s, shoved her slick hole down over his cock. The shock electrified him and he banged his head back on the bed with the sheer ecstasy of it all. Anne began humping that lovely thick cock, her cunt muscles rippling, milking his cock from his balls to the tip.

John felt his balls contract and the flood of cum that was about to erupt began to flow from his balls towards the tip of his twitching cock head.

Anne felt his cock twitch and swell, she leaned back and grasping the top of his scrotum where it joined near the base of his cock, squeezed hard. His ejaculation died in an instant.

Anne took her hand away, turned with a smile and said, “I have another use for all that spunk, lover boy. Let’s not lose it now.”

Slowly she leaned forward, careful not to start her hips humping and slick pussy twitching on John’s cock. Anne draped her breasts over his face swinging them back and forth, brushing him with her soft melons. John laid there, a smile on his face enjoying the cheek massage.

Anne stopped again and crawled up, bracing her hands against the wall, placed her pussy directly over John’s mouth and nose. He breathed deeply absorbing the heavenly scent of her over worked pussy. He opened his mouth and put his tongue to work cleaning that lovely hole.

His hand came around, under Anne’s thighs. Dipping a finger in her cunt, he coated it, took it back and started playing with her pulsing brown arsehole. He felt the skin around it pucker and dimple. Anne began to move in circles, trying to position the finger to her best advantage. When it felt right she stopped and bore down. John felt the finger slide into her arse. The feeling of the tight ring opening and the silky feel of her outer rectum as it encased his finger, brought a deep moan from Anne. She settled and allowed the sensation to mature.

Slowly Anne started moving in a small circular motion riding the finger and grinding her pussy into John’s face. He relished it, the juices running down his cheek; his nose brushing her clit and the smooth feel of that rectal lining coupled with the tight ring of her anus. Anne kept it up for five minutes before her legs tired and she rolled on her back.

“God that was nice” John said, as he propped himself on one elbow and gazed in awe upon Anne’s glistening body. He leaned forward and lapped at the pool of sweat gathering in Anne’s belly button.

Anne slowly moved the long middle finger of her right hand down to her clit and began idly flicking it. “Let’s finish lover, show how much cum you can coat my tits with. Kneel beside me and work your cock.”

Two minutes of frenzied pumping saw John’s hips begin to thrust as the tension built. His hand was flying up and down his cock. Blood, pushed into the head by that tightened ring of fingers, gave it a purple hue. John’s balls began to contract and Anne, sensing his moment was near, clasped them with her thumb and forefinger while the other fingers of her left hand stroked his perineum and the puckered ring of his arsehole. Tipping past the point of no return and emitting a hoarse moan, his back arched as he felt the semen pump along his cock. He began to shoot his load, covering Anne from waist to throat in strings of white cum. It slid down her breasts and pooled in her tummy button. John, spent and breathing heavily, collapsed on his side and was asleep in an instant; his spent cock continuing to ooze cum onto his thigh.

Anne idly spread the drying cum with her left hand and occasionally lifted a dripping finger to her pointed tongue allowing her to savour the taste of her new lover’s juices. She kept flicking her clit till she rolled into a full body orgasm. Trembling all over, Anne’s body arched, only her head and heels touching the bed. Her fingers, flicking her clit with lightning speed, drew forth a shake that caused her head, body and legs to tremble with such force she bounced rhythmically on the bed. She was emitting guttural grunts as the waves of pleasure forced the air from her lungs.

John, disturbed by the bouncing of the bed, came half awake threw his arm over her and held Anne till she shuddered to a stop, completely spent. Enfolded in each other’s arms they drifted to sleep……….

To be continued…

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