Annual Indulgence

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Every year, my wife Dawn and I spend a three-day weekend at a mountainside resort in New Hampshire. Once the holidays are over, we meet with a few dozen friends at a chateau-style lodge and rent rooms or cabins. It started as a group of eight outgoing couples—old college friends and their spouses. Each year, we became friendlier with members of another group who booked on the same week. Eventually, the two factions combined and grew into a crowd so large we needed to move our opening night party to the rental pavilion.

Each weekend, after the initial get-together, smaller groups would form for a variety of activities. Some would ski, some would hike or go to festivals, and some just hung out for two more days. But a select few were known to get together for fun of a more risqué sort. That was the crowd I always wanted to join, but Dawn told me time and again she wanted no part of it.

I treasured her too much to push the issue, but I daydreamed. I pictured Nikki Hendricks wrapping her lips around my throbbing girth and lolling her tongue on my aching knob, or feeling the velvet squeeze of Lexi Gordon’s inner architecture. But as much as I relished those images, I wanted to watch my precious wife please other men—as long as I was present, that is.

It wasn’t a cuckold thing—not at all. I suppose it stemmed from a desire to affirm what I already knew. To watch her entice and enchant a man would undergird my understanding of her bewitching charm. Dawn was always the prettiest girl at the party. Her apple-red hair glistened with strawberry highlights, contrasting her sparkling emerald-green eyes. Her fit form always fascinated me. I wanted to be the alpha she returned to after leaving a man breathless with the prowess of her wiles.

Several years back, as we sat in Boston traffic trying to make our way north, Dawn seemed unusually apprehensive.

“You gonna tell me what you’re uptight about?” I asked.

“Nothing,” she sighed. “I’m just thinking.”

“Which means you’re worrying. What’s the matter?”

“Think maybe you’d like to go to dinner tonight?”

“Dinner?” I asked, “On the first night? C’mon, hon, we’d miss the opening night party.”

“I was thinking maybe instead we could—” She stopped short and huffed. “You know why,” she whined. “Lexi and Nikki were trying to talk me into it again. Did Cal or Cooper try recruiting you?”

“Nothing to recruit,” I jested. “I say we give in.”

“Sari!” she snipped, levying a weak punch to my upper arm. “You don’t really wanna have sex with other men’s wives, do you?”

“They seem to have a ball. I mean, they do it year after—”

“Ugh,” she grunted, punching harder. “You’d have to watch their husbands do it with me. I don’t think you could.”

“Hmm,” I offered, looking at her out the corner of my eye.

“Why? Why would you want that?”

“Bragging rights,” I insisted. “Be honest. Doesn’t the thought intrigue you on some deep level of conscience? Isn’t the primordial being in you still craving new genealogy?”

“I’ve evolved,” she huffed. “It’s not right,”

“It’s not socially acceptable,” I argued. “That in and of itself doesn’t make it wrong.”

“What does it make it?” she asked sarcastically.

“A matter of contemplative—”

“Just drive.”


We checked in just before dark, giving us time to order a quick meal before going to the opening party in the large rental pavilion. As usual, Dawn looked good enough to eat. She wore a thin-strapped green dress, hemmed just above her stocking-covered knees. Her rich red hair was pinned up to show her dainty neck and shoulders. For comfort, she wore black flats instead of heels, but she was just tall enough to pull off the look.

We milled around as a couple for the first hour or so. But eventually, we broke off and had separate conversations. I found myself on a sofa, talking with several old buddies while Dawn bustled around spreading her ever-friendly smile and effervescent charm.

By eleven o’clock, I was certain we would be leaving early for the umpteenth time. Dawn still moved about, reminiscing and laughing with couples and singles alike. As talkative as she was, she skillfully avoided any offbeat subject matter—that is, until she met a tall, olive-skinned girl with long brown hair and ice-blue eyes. The middle-age woman wore a short black dress with a shawl and knee-high boots. A sparkling bracelet and classy watch adorned her wiry arms. She sat with Dawn, gracing the wingback chairs before the gas fireplace as they spoke cordially.

Ignoring the conversation around me, I watched from fifteen feet away as their chat grew more intimate. Dawn’s green eyes gleamed with interest as the woman went on. I knew the look, having seen it many times, usually before we made some major purchase. Dawn’s smile always had a way of broadening when she trusted someone, and she always tapped her finger when the gears got to turning.

And tap she did. I could hear her shiny nails ping off her wine glass casino oyna as they went on. Her brows rose and her eyes widened when a tall, beefy man slid up to her new friend’s side. I thought of going over, but something stopped me. I’d been dropping hints to Dawn for more than a decade. If this girl and her hunky husband were talking her into doing what I hoped, perhaps it was in my best interest to stay put.

My heart pounded in my chest as Dawn followed the couple onto the front deck. Standing up, I crossed the floor and stood by a coat rack, peering through a window to see them. Their breath steamed in the cool night air as they spoke on the sparsely populated porch. The man stood between Dawn to his left and his wife to his right. He pointed over the rail to the mountainside below, then wrapped his arm around his wife’s shoulder.

That was all fine by me, but when he rubbed his other hand between Dawn’s shoulder blades, I felt a lump in my throat—a gripping angst at the thought another man dared to touch my precious wife without my permission. But I realized that if Dawn were to be talked into partner sharing, it would need to be on her terms. The man’s wife was there. Surely, I reckoned, everything was under control.

Dawn turned to him and nodded, clicking her heels in an excited giggle. The three of them shared a laugh before heading back inside. My pulse pounded in my ears as Dawn strutted through the door and across the floor toward me with a playful frolic in her eyes. Anxiety gripped me as I waited for her tell me we would be stealing off as a foursome. I inhaled, readying to act surprised when she broke the news.

Standing before me, she smiled and brushed my cheek with her palm. “Give me the extra key to our room,” she sang.

“Wh-why?” I asked, glancing as the couple took their coats off the rack by the door.

“I was thinking,” she tendered. “I’m going to let you stay late and have your fun with Nikki, Tarrah, and the gang, but I’m just not into it. I met some friends who offered to let me use the hot tub in their cabin.”

My fantasy shattered like a mural painted on a sheet of glass. Dawn had made arrangements without me. Shell-shocked, I asked, “D-don’t y-you want me to come?”

Standing on her toes, she kissed my cheek. “Hey,” she whispered, reaching into my back pocket for the keys. “You’ve wanted to be with the after-hours crowd for years.”

“B-but I want you there, too.”

“Sari,” she replied, taking one of the keys. “It took a lot to accept what you want, but I finally did. I honestly want you to have fun, and I promise not to hold it against you.” She handed me back the other key and smiled. “I’ll see you back in the room,” she peeped.

“Wait!” I blurted. “Y-you don’t have a swim suit.”

“I’ll be fine,” she purred with a tantalizing grin. “Don’t wait up.” She turned and scampered off.

I tried to speak up—to stop her, but only a raspy grunt escaped as she faded into the crowd. I saw the door open as the three of them stepped out. Finally gaining the gumption to follow, I almost plowed over Tarrah Grable.

“Careful, big guy,” she urged.

“Do you know who…who Dawn left with?” I asked.

“I saw her talking to Allesandra and Cliff Bertram,” she answered. “They’re kinda new to the crowd. They rented the big four bedroom log cabin. You can see it from the front deck. I’ll show you.”

I followed her out and looked over the rail. “Right down there,” she acknowledged, pointing to a handsome building a few hundred feet away. “There’s a big hot tub on the farmer porch.” Turning to me, she stepped close and circled her finger on my chest. “The wet blankets and party-poopers are leaving,” she purred. “You gonna stay for once? Seems like Dawn went her own way.”

“I shouldn’t have let her go,” I murmured.

A few feet away, Lexi giggled as Tarrah’s husband, Dale, stepped up behind her. She leaned back against him as he kissed her shoulders and rubbed her tummy. But Dawn’s sweet laugh caught my attention as it rang out from the path beside the pavilion. My heart sank as I looked to see her walking between Cliff and Allesandra, holding their hands as they made their way down the steep path toward the cabin. My lower lip trembled as she squealed and swung her arms between them.

“Yep,” chimed Tarrah. “That’s the Bertrams.”

“Didn’t anyone tell…invite them to the after-hour thing?”

“I asked ’em myself,” she replied. “Sari, if Dawn said it’s okay for you to stay, why worry about what she’s doing?”

I watched in silence as they made their way onto the farmer porch. Cliff removed the cover from the spa as Dawn and Allesandra kicked off their shoes and bounced in the cold air. The girls stepped out of my view as they approached the spa, but I saw Cliff toss their dresses inside the cabin and begin to disrobe.

“So she’s going in a hot-tub,” acknowledged Tarrah in a dismissive tone. “No big deal. The fun’ll all be up here.”

“Excuse me,” I grunted, turning away and heading canlı casino inside.

Around the large room, only three couples remained, including Tarrah and Dale. They sat gathered by the fireplace. “Hey Sari,” called Cooper Hayes. “Looks like you’re finally gonna be initiated. Too bad the missus bowed out.”

“Look,” I lamented. “I gotta take care of something.” With that, I grabbed my coat and pushed my arms into the sleeves.

“Come back if you can,” called Nikki as I hurried outside.

My pulsed raced as I made way down the path, unsure what I would say or do. Part of me wanted to throw my weight around and toss Dawn over my shoulder, but I had caused the mess I was in. I knew that if I embarrassed her, she may never forgive me. What I had wanted for so long suddenly stung like bees at my throat and chest.

I all but staggered up to the side of the Bertram’s cabin. Dawn’s laughter chimed as I approached. I crouched behind a small spruce, peering through the boughs as the hot tub came into view. I could see their heads as they sat in the bubbling water. Dawn sat with her right profile to me, Allesandra with her left. Cliff’s back was to me—his beefy arms and shoulders resting on the side of the tub.

Dawn peeped with pleasure. “That tickles!” she squealed, throwing her head back and letting her hair down.

Tears ran down my cheek as I lamented my constant insistence and countless dissertations on the difference between sexuality and love. Part of me still wanted to share her, but the key word was share. The thought of Dawn offering her wiles to strangers in a private cabin churned my stomach. I had to stop them, but I couldn’t just burst out and bellow. Dawn would hate me for it.

“Oh, my!” her song-filled voice exclaimed. “Either that’s a periscope, or you’re trying to impress me.”

“Maybe it’s a torpedo,” jested Allesandra.

“Not-not out here,” proposed Dawn. “They can see us from the pavilion.”

“Fair enough,” purred Allesandra. “But before we go inside, take a quick sample of what you’re in for.”

I held my breath as Cliff stood—his bare ass cheeks barely above the churning water. Dawn sat up straight as he turned to face her. A whimper escaped me, not for the respectable prowess of his offering, but for the look Dawn gave as she gazed at it. The chiseled shaft stood at a forty-five degree angle as if staring her down. Below his hilt, his sac hung half submerged in the glowing blue water. Dawn sat silent—her lips mere inches from Cliff’s throbbing bulb as she cupped his sac in her open palm.

Allesandra slid down and kissed Cliff’s buttocks. “You’re really gonna enjoy this, Dawn,” she purred.

Dawn took hold of his brazen beam and leaned forward, halving the gap as she gently stroked. “I can’t believe I’m about to do this,” she moaned.

It was all I could stand. No matter the consequences, I wouldn’t allow someone to simply take my wife to their cabin and have their way with her. Just as my muscles jolted to throw me to my feet and scream out, Dawn called, “How about you, Sari? Do you believe what I’m about to do?”

A bolt of shock shot through me as the three of them turned. Behind me, I heard a twig snap. I turned to find Nikki and Cal, Lexi and Cooper, and Tarrah and Dale. They stood bundled in their coats, hats and scarves, looking at me. Dale stepped up and patted my shoulder. “Did you really think we’d have the after-party in a pavilion?” he asked. “Welcome to your initiation.”

“That’s it?” I asked as the crowd filed into the cabin. “My initiation is a big scare?”

“That’s part of it,” answered Lexi as she passed.

I bolted over as Dawn stood, her soft skin steaming in the freezing air. She showed no hint of remorse or even modesty as the trails of water beaded off her heavenly frame. I took off my coat and helped her out of the tub. As I wrapped it around her shoulders, she returned a loving smile. “Let’s go inside, big guy,” she chimed. “I’ll let them explain.”

The room was appointed with a huge U-shaped sofa surrounding a large ottoman. The couples sat around the large living space with their respective mates. A round of polite applause broke out as I stepped in with my arm around Dawn. Cliff and Allesandra stepped in behind us and donned terrycloth robes.

Lexi patted Cooper’s thigh and leaned forward. “Sari,” she explained, “We’re a small group, and we like it that way. You may have thought of us girls as easy…maybe even sluts. We see it differently, and it’s important you know just who we are before you ask to join us.”

“I decided to join last summer,” confessed Dawn. “I called Lexi and explained my fears…how I was afraid I’d be taken for granted. We set this up to be sure you cared more about me than joining the group.”

“I-I almost puked,” I admitted. “I was about to jump—”

“Odd as it may sound,” interrupted Cliff, “that’s the right answer.” He offered me a handshake and went on, “It might seem we toss our spouses around like meat on a platter, but kaçak casino each of us loves our mate deeply. We needed to know you felt that way, too. None of us would stand for a private affair without our lover. We do this one weekend a year, among this group only. That way, we don’t need to worry about condoms. We know where everyone’s been.”

Still wrapped in my coat, Dawn pressed her lips to mine. Her eyes twitched side to side as she broke the kiss and stood straight. “I wouldn’t have done anything without you,” she sang.

“You saw me in the bushes?” I asked.

She stroked my temple, shaking her head. “I trusted you would be,” she whispered. “I trusted you’d follow, and you did.”

“So, that’s it? We’re initiated?”

“Not exactly,” answered Lexi, standing up and stepping before us. Her brown eyes offered a hint of playful promise as she raked her long blonde hair behind her shoulder. “You’ve shown us how devoted you are to Dawn,” she explained. “But that raises another issue. We need to know you trust us, and especially her.” She turned to Dawn and grasped the lapels of my coat with her long fingers. “Are you ready?” she asked.

Dawn looked at me, then at Lexi and nodded in approval. Lexi opened the coat, dropped it off Dawn’s shoulders, and tossed it over the back of a chair. “We don’t accept the cuckold,” she offered sharply. “Show us you can let your wife participate without being jealous or doubting her devotion. Dawn trusted us, so trust her as you watch her enjoying…and being enjoyed.”

I turned to Dawn and kissed her again, whispering, “Thanks. I love you.”

She squeezed my hand and smiled as Lexi led me to sit between her and Allesandra. A giddy, surreal feeling washed over me as my hips brushed theirs on either side. Allesandra smiled and pulled my right arm over her shoulders. “Always be respectful,” she proposed, “but never be shy.”

Lexi tugged my left arm around her. “And always be inclusive,” she sassed.

My pulse pounded in my ears as Dawn sat on the ottoman with her right profile toward me. Nikki and Tarrah led Cal and Dale before her and undressed them. Dawn’s eyes darted from one engorged phallus to the other as they stood at rigid readiness. She stroked Cal with her left hand and Dale with her right, turning her head side to side. With a quick turn to the left, she lunged over half of Cal’s beefy length. A few moans rang out as her full red hair, wet at the ends, bounced back and forth before his pelvis.

Moments later, she turned to the right and wrapped her mouth around Dale’s chiseled rod. I groaned at the sight of her lips roaming back and forth over his sculptured veins. My own manhood grew in my jeans as I watched her press his staff to his pelvis and lash his jewels with her tongue.

I believe I may have whimpered as Allesandra’s dainty hand unbuttoned my jeans and tugged my zipper down. I know I did as her lanky fingers wrapped my pounding girth. She stroked me gently as Dawn slid to her knees and turned, leaning her elbows onto the ottoman.

Cal stepped around and offered his hardy helmet to her mouth. She flicked it with her tongue a few times before diving over it with a wanton hum. Dale dropped to his knees behind her, grasping her waist as she guided his blunt tip into place. My breath grew shallow as I watched his crown part her gates and disappear. With his knob planted in the clench of her vestibule, she bucked and rolled her hips.

Allesandra rested her chin on my shoulder as she stroked. Her breath wafted in my ear as she whispered, “She’s lubing his cock. She wants him inside her. Right now, he’s never been inside her.”

With a hardy grunt, Dale rocked his pelvis, burying himself to the balls in Dawn’s profile.

“Now he has,” whispered Lexi, gently kneading my sac.

Dale’s shaft glistened with Dawn’s inviting nectar as he reared back. She squealed onto Cal’s sculpted beam as Dale broke into rhythm, bouncing his loins off her firm buttocks.

Matching Dale’s measure with her stroke, Allesandra looked across me to Lexi and purred, “I think Sari’s proven himself. I say we let him off the hook.”

She untied her robe and knelt before me, tugging my pants and boxers off. Her ample breasts rubbed against my inner thighs as she grasped my aching manhood and peered into my eyes with her ice-blue gaze. As she dropped her chin, a curtain of long, straight, brown hair washed over my lap. I groaned aloud as her firm lips wrapped around my raging hard-on, enveloping the upper half in moist warmth.

Ten feet away, Cal moaned louder than me. I looked to see his shaft pulsing between Dawn’s clasped lips. His sac hung low as his balls shifted downward. Dawn gave a pronounced swallow, then squealed as she washed Dale’s nuts with a burst of thanks. It dripped off his scrotum as he sped his pace. I squinted in pleasure as she turned to me and offered a glossy smile, but what she did next nearly stopped my heart.

Pausing Dale, she stepped over and knelt to Allesandra’s right. Cheek to cheek, they licked my length as Dale knelt behind Allesandra and thrust his Dawn-coated appendage into her. As Allesandra dropped to flick my tingling sac, Dawn wrapped her semen-glazed lips over my knob.

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