Any Chance We Could Ch. 04

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This began as a NaNoWriMo entry last year and was 51K words long then. It’s now over 100K words and growing. A work still in progress, 20 chapters are complete and will be submitted in two or three day intervals. It’s in the Incest category because I had to choose one. The chapters include Romance, Incest, and Group Sex. I couldn’t find an editor so all mistakes are mine and are copyrighted along with the rest of each chapter. This is a continuing series, no chapter is written to stand alone. Enjoy, please comment, and vote.

Sunday, September 30.

We both fell asleep and slept soundly until mid-morning. I did poke her about nine o’clock with a piss hard on.

“Get up, go to the bathroom then come and put that cock inside me,” she sleepily said.

I did and I did. It was wonderful.

I went to make coffee as she showered, after I got it brewing, I joined her.

“Good morning again, I don’t ever remember starting the day in the shower with my lover,” Veronica said, kissing me and fondling my cock.

We finally got out of the shower, toweling each other off, which was another delightful extended experience itself. I put on boxers, shorts and a shirt, slipped into sandals and sat on the side of the bed watching Veronica getting dressed. Her purse was large, but didn’t seen large enough to hold fresh stockings, a sheer bra, sheer panties, a tank top that molded itself to her figure and a stretchy short skirt. The final result when she put on her heels was a major boner causer.

The skirt was tight across her ass and came just to the bottom edge of the lace top of the thigh highs. She stepped toward me with her arms out to hug me. As she stepped into me I held her tight, feeling her breasts against my chest and ran my hands over her ass as she ground her pussy against my hard dick.

“I could get used to starting my day with you, you know that?” she said.

“Me too,” I said as I kissed her again.

We walked into the kitchen. She walked over to the fridge and began removing some items putting them on the counter. “You sit over there, drink your coffee, and watch my wonderful ass.”

“What would you like to do today assuming that it’s ‘us’ today?” Veronica asked.

“Be with you, I don’t care where, just be with you. I really haven’t taken any time for myself for the last four or five years. When I told my partner that I wouldn’t be in last Friday evening, not yesterday and not at all today, he looked at me asked if I were sick. I told him no, just taking some personal time. I see that Katrina has two games on the calendar for Tuesday and Thursday, does Ashley play this week?”

“I think Monday and Wednesday, why?”

“I’m going to Katrina’s games and I’ll also go to Ashley’s. Will you be there?” I asked.

“Handsome, if you’re going to be there, I’m going to be there. Tell me where Katrina’s games are and when we get home I’ll check on the locations for Ashley’s.”

“I going to do a major slow down and enjoy my daughter, you and your daughter. Sound OK to you?” I said.

“Honey, the more I get to see you, the happier I’ll be. So last Thursday was a quirk in your constant work schedule? A most fortunate quirk for me, I think?”

“Veronica, I had worked forty-three days straight before last Thursday afternoon, and after meeting you and having our first date, I talked to Emerson Friday morning and told him that I’d met a woman and I wanted to spend as much time as she would allow me to get to know her.”

“He wasn’t happy but agreed that our staff could handle the international work that I was up to my eyebrows in as long as I would spend a couple of hours each morning reviewing what they were doing. We have a couple of eager beavers who are single and will welcome the opportunity to show us what they can do, hours be damned.”

“Emerson is your partner?”

“Yes, he and I founded the banking house about twenty years ago and have made it grow. It has made us both financially secure and now it’s time for me to enjoy some of the fruits of my labor. I want to enjoy Katrina I want to enjoy you and Ashley. I want to be able to kiss you and see you as much as possible.”

“And our going out Thursday night precipitated this? I hope your expectations of me aren’t so high that you wind up disappointed.”

“Veronica, we seem to share a lot of commonalities, teenaged daughters, sense of humor, desire to share ourselves. Do you feel the same way, or am I fantasizing?”

“Scott, I’ve never met a man like you. In three days, well now four, you have changed my perspective, and I like my new perspective. I like you, I will probably fall deeply in love with you, and I will want to share all of my life with you. You are my knight. Of course the fourteen inch dick helps too. Here’s your breakfast, let’s eat, and begin to enjoy today.”

“Veronica, you realize that you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, don’t you?”

“Even more beautiful than Alice?”

“There’s no comparison.”

“Speaking of daughters I gather that you hadn’t seen Katrina casino siteleri in yesterday’s state of undress before had you? Veronica asked.

“No, I hadn’t. She’s incredibly beautiful and sexy. I don’t know how that got by me except that I haven’t been home much for the last several years. Ashley is equally sexy, takes after you in so many ways.” I said.

“She does that. She’s probably as much attracted to you as I am. And as much as Katrina is from what I’ve seen that last few days and from what Ashley told me Friday night,” said Veronica. “And I agree. She is sexy and beautiful.”

After finishing breakfast and coffee, Veronica sat on my lap with her arms around me and I stroked her legs, caressed her ass, and ran my hand over her breasts.



“Are you trying to push me off your lap?”

“What do you mean?”

“With your table turner overer. Is what I mean. I hope I always have that effect on you,” she said.

I slid my hand under her skirt and put it against her wet panties, “And that I always have this effect on you.”

“When can we go to bed again?” she asked.

“Soon I hope.”

“For now though let’s get back over to your house and swim. Should I bring my camera?”

“Will you photograph me?”

“If you wish.”

“I wish, let’s get going.” she said

After about ten minutes of passionate kissing and petting we finally made it out to the garage and after I ran back inside for trunks we began the drive to Veronica’s.

Katrina and Ashley were on the pool deck when we got there, both dressed in tank tops and shorts, drinking coffee.

“Just get up?” I asked.

“Yes, just a little while ago. You?” asked Ashley.

“Long enough ago to have eaten a wonderful breakfast that your mother prepared.” I walked over and kissed then both on the mouth and said, “I missed the both of you.”

“Thanks Dad.”

“Thanks Scott.”

“Mom, I like the tight short skirt and hose. You really do have a nice ass.”

Veronica was right behind me to kiss them both as well. “Thanks for the praise, did you enjoy each other last night?”

“Yes, Mom we did, didn’t we Katrina?”

“Yes, a lot. And you two?” asked Katrina.

“Very much, so much that I’m going to drastically reduce my time at the office and begin enjoying all three of you,” I said.

“Dad, you’ve worked all the time since I can remember, why the change? Veronica?” asked Katrina.

“You bet. She opened my eyes to what else is around me. Ashley I hope you know what a special woman your mother is, you too, for that matter.”

“Thanks, Scott.” Ashley stood, put her arms around me and kissed me on the lips again, a bit more deeply with her tongue against my lips, and her hips against me. She leaned back and said, “Made you hard didn’t I?”

“Yes, Ashley, you did.”

“Who wants to get some clothes off and sun and swim?” asked Veronica.

“Nude?” asked Ashley.

“Not completely today, Ashley. Topless, bottoms on. Both of you,” Veronica said.

“Aww,” said both Katrina and Ashley, but then “OK, we can practice for Spring break later,” said Ashley.

“Are you going to be topless too Veronica?” asked Katrina.

“Scott?” Veronica asked.

“Whatever you wish, it’s OK with me bare breasts or not.”

“Dad, you really have it bad don’t you?” said Katrina.

“Yes he does!” said Veronica throwing her arms around me and kissing me. “Sweety, there’s some hamburger in the fridge, I’ll make it into patties and if you can fire up the grill we’ll have that for a late lunch. I guess my tits won’t offend Katrina then will they?”

“No, darling, no one will be offended. She may even return yesterday’s kiss and suck. You maybe won’t even need to ask,” I said.

“Ooh, that caused me to shiver,” said Veronica.

“Is this OK?” Ashley reappeared on the deck wearing a sheer bra, sheer panties, and strappy heels.

“Umm, I guess, you do have your pussy covered, not out of sight, but covered. Are you going to leave the bra on are you just going for a ‘look’?” Veronica asked.

“Since it’s OK, Scott, unfasten my bra will you. Can you get close enough to do it?” asked Ashley

“What?” I said.

“Well with all those batteries in your pants, I thought I’d ask,” she was laughing as she spoke.

As I unfastened her bra I told her how attractive her hairy pussy looked to me.

“Thanks, Scott. Katrina said you’d like it.”

“Katrina, sheer is OK, come on out!” Ashley yelled toward the house.

Katrina, my daughter Katrina, came out in a pair of panties that were light blue and as sheer as cellophane. Her matching bra showed her hard nipples pushing against the sheer fabric.

“Where did you get that striking bra and panty set?” Veronica asked incredulously.

“We went shopping last night Dad, is it OK?”

“It is with me, but what would your mother say?”

“She’d probably faint knowing I was wearing it in front of you and Veronica.”

“You’re probably right, very sexy, canlı casino I won’t faint. Veronica, what’d you think of our two lovely ladies?”

“Where’d you get them and I’m going tomorrow. Any particular color Scott?”

“I can’t imagine that color makes any difference,” I said. “I like the thong style, is really shows off your nice asses,” I remarked with what little breath I had left.

“Scott, let’s go inside and change while you can still get your pants down,” said Veronica.

When we got in the house, I realized that I had left my trunks in the car and detoured to the driveway to get them. Veronica stood waiting for me and beckoned me with her finger to come upstairs with her. She took me by the hand and led me into her bedroom, closed the door and said, “Strip, handsome. I need you, now!”

As I was undressing I noticed that she had just pulled her panties off. She lay back on the bed, slithered the skirt up to waist and said “Kiss me and get inside me.”

Not being a man to be bossed around, I got on the bed, turned onto my back, and said, “Practice your wantonness on top, you harlot.”

She straddled me, guided my cock into her pussy and fully settled down. When I was completely inside her, she leaned forward and we passionately kissed. She began squirming and moving her hips from side to side, then began a low moan. I put my hand between us and sought her clit. It was wet and hard. As I touched it and lightly pinched it, the volume of her moans increased sharply as well her breathing. When she came she moved her pelvis rapidly forward and back and I came inside her. After last night I was surprised that I had anything left, but the spurts filled her up and a little began leaking out of her and down my cock.

When her breathing returned to normal, she rolled off me and said, “Let’s get back outside before they become more suspicious than they already are.”

I went into her adjoining bathroom, wetted a wash cloth to clean myself off and took one into Veronica. She said, “I rather you lick this off, but we don’t have time.”

“Don’t worry I’ll do it again at the earliest opportunity.” I said.

As I pulled on my trunks, Veronica got out a pair of semi-sheer panties and a bra that only covered the bottom of her breasts. “I like that bra,” I said. “What’s it called?”

“Either a quarter cup or a shelf bra. You really like it? I can get more tomorrow when I buy clear panties.”

We kissed again, I squeezed her ass and her breasts, and said, “What a difference a day makes, yesterday we changed in separate rooms because of the girls, today we made love with the girls downstairs.”

As we walked onto the deck, Ashley exclaimed, “You guys made love, didn’t you! Scott’s batteries are gone. Did you lose them in Mom’s bed?”

“Ashley, for crying out loud,” Veronica said.

“Veronica, I love that bra on you, it really makes your tits and nipples look very sexy,” said Katrina. “We looked at some last night and now that I see what they look like on someone I’m going to buy some. OK with you, Dad?”

“Anything, Katrina, as many as you think you’ll need.”

“Mom, why don’t you take those stockings off?”

“Oops, my mind was on other things, Scott help me, please.”

Veronica sat on the nearest chair and extended her leg to me. I knelt in front of her removed her shoe and rolled her stocking down, then she repeated it with the other leg and I put both shoes back on only after having kissed each toe and then sucked both big toes a bit

“Jeez, Dad that was sexy, will you help me with my stockings next time?”

“Just ask,” was my response.

Ashley abruptly left and went into the house. “Was it something I said?”

“I doubt it, bathroom maybe,” said Veronica.

“Ok, is Ashley going to be the only topless one here?” asked Veronica.

“Scott, come take some pictures of me with this bra on and then I’ll take it off,” said Veronica.

“I’ll run to the car to get it and be right back,” I said.

As soon as I got back Ashley appeared at the sliding door. “Well, Scott will you help me with my stockings?”

She stood in the doorway, topless in those sheer panties, wearing dark tan lace top thigh high stockings and strappy three inch heels. So much for the relief that Veronica and I had just achieved. “Gotcha hard didn’t I?” said Ashley.

“Yep, you knew you would.”

“Dad,” Katrina said as looked at Ashley, “You have got to photograph her for me, she is sooo sexy looking.”

“OK, I guess I can.”

“Oh, listen to you,” Veronica said, “You know you can.”

“Will you help again sweetheart?” I asked

“Ashley, I want you to slowly walk toward me and Scott will take pictures as you do. Go, ahead Scott.”

Ashley walked very slowly across the deck, one hand on her hip, the other at her side, I was firing the shutter several times every second. As she got closer to us, I zoomed in on her breasts and face. She turned and gave me some excellent ass shots as she walked back toward Katrina standing at the door. kaçak casino As she reached Katrina’s side she put her arm around Katrina’s waist, and pushed the side of her hip against Katrina’s. Katrina reached across and fondled Ashley’s breast, then Ashley turned and kissed her. Deeply. When the kiss broke, Ashley began caressing Katrina’s bra covered breasts. I looked over at Veronica, her legs were slightly parted and her crotch was clearly wet. The front of my trunks were standing out six inches and there were several pre-cum wet spots. If anyone had touched my cock at that moment, I would have cum instantly.

“How about all three of you incredible ladies together?”

Veronica said, “Let’s see if all three of us will fit on the settee.”

Katrina sat at the end, Veronica in the middle and Ashley walked over while I continued to shoot her and put her foot over the arm onto the cushion and turned slightly toward me. Fantastic open leg shot! I zoomed to her pussy with the hair clearly showing through the transparent panties and a few errant ones escaping the edge. The framing included the lace tops of her stockings. Veronica put her arm behind Ashley’s leg, then put her hand on the inside of her thigh and moved it up past the lace until the side of her hand was against Ashley’s pussy.

“You’re wet, very wet,” said Veronica.

“God, I hope to tell you I’m wet, if it weren’t for the panties it’d be running down my leg,” said Ashley.

I zoomed back and got few pictures of Veronica kissing Ashley’s knee.

“OK, Ashley sit next to your Mom. All of you cross your legs and give me your most wanton looks. Very nice, Katrina. But you do need to work on your wanton look, Veronica can show you.”

At that Katrina leaned over and licked the top of Veronica’s exposed breasts, told her to arch her back, and then sucked the exposed nipples. I moved to the end of the settee and asked her to do it again, this time Veronica put her fingers in Katrina’s hair and held Katrina in that position. I got probably 30 pictures of that kissing and sucking replay.

“Well, Katrina, so much for working on your wantonness,” I said.

“You know, with the transparency of these young ladies’ panties, they could just wear pantyhose and cover as much. Would you like that as well handsome?” asked Veronica.

“Recall our conversation about hairy pussies?” I asked. “Pantyhose with no panties is a turn on for me too, but you probably knew that.”

“I need to replace the battery in my camera,” I said standing up.

Ashley, smirking, said “Well, you won’t have to go very far you’ve got a good supply of them in your trunks.”

“Come with me, Scott,” said Veronica, getting up and taking my hand.

As we walked in the bathroom Veronica sat on the toilet seat, and said, “Close the door.”

She then pulled my suit down, grabbed my cock and began to gently stroke the shaft and lick the head. She then took me full into her mouth and I know I didn’t last more than a minute before cumming into her mouth. “That was very tasty, Scott, got any more?”

“Not right now,” as I leaned down to kiss her cum coated mouth and put a hand into each bra cup. As I deeply kissed her I enjoyed my slightly salty taste in her mouth.

“Take your hands out, handsome, let me stand up, hold me, play with my ass.”

“What was that all about?” I leaned back a very little bit to ask.

“I knew you wouldn’t last if one of us even came close to touching you, both girls were looking at your hard on and so was I. I couldn’t let that load go to waste, now could I?”

As we walked back out, both girls were looking at my relatively flat tent then Ashley said, “Mom, you could have done that out here. We might’ve learned something.”

Veronica said, “Sorry no health classes today. Fire up that grill handsome and let’s get lunch going.”

As I was putting charcoal into the fire chimney, Ashley brought my camera bag and camera over and in a low voice said “I’d really like to discharge your batteries sometime.” She sat the bag on the deck, the camera next to it and as she turned to walk away she reached for the front of my trunks and gave me a firm squeeze, kissed my earlobe and whisperingly asked, “OK?”

“I’m sure we would both find it a pleasure, thanks and sure,” I said in a low voice.

As the burgers were cooking we talked about the softball schedules for the coming week. I told them both that I would be at all their games this week and they seemed pleased.

Veronica said “I’ll meet you there and then we’ll have dinner together after each one.”

“Katrina bring your homework, we’ll do it here.” said Ashley.

“How about the club again Friday?” I asked.

“Dressy?” asked Katrina.

“Wouldn’t want it any other way ladies. Small price to pay for another wonderful evening,” I replied.

Lunch was a major distraction. Veronica sat next to me leaning forward showing me her perfect breasts and nipples. Ashley of course was still topless with her hose on. She sat across from me running her foot up my leg. And Katrina left her sheer bra on and ran her bare foot up my other leg.

“Come on Katrina, let’s get wet, Scott’s looking at me is making me hot. Are you going to take my hose off?” Ashley directed the question to me.

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