April Fooled 03/17/2019 15 min read

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Your mind races when your boss calls you into his office on a Monday morning. Really not like him. He’s all seize the day, motivation Monday and all. It personally drives me a bit bonkers. I’m betting this is about the Henderson Account. Looks like I lost a big client there. I better stop at the ladies’ room and look my best for this. Looking in the mirror I fix my messy bun to look a little sexier, smooth out the business blue shift dress with the large metal zipper up the back. Maybe, another inch unzipped at the hem. Not bad for someone with twenty years in the business. I gave my lucky black stilettos a polish, as I went over the plan — the statistics and why Henderson left the firm. I thought about who might fill Henderson’s spot from my prospect list. I wanted this to be foolproof and go off without a hitch. The old guy would never know what hit him when I was done smooth-talking the situation. I was ready for whatever he had in mind.

I took the elevator up one floor to his office suite. The man needed his quiet and luxuries all to himself. He said it gave him the power, helped him manage others. I suppose it did. It also kept him from the others. The many ogling others. The elevator door closed behind me and I tapped on the wood and steel door before entering.

“You rang, Sir,” I said.

“Yes, Ms. Gram, come in, have a seat,” he motioned to the large black leather sectional near the stone fireplace away from the windows. I sat in the ultra-modern Barcelona chair in front of his desk overlooking the downtown view. No sense making it easy for him. He rose and shut the door. I heard the click and the elevator shut down. I swallowed hard. He meant business.

“Something you neglected to tell me, Leona?”

“I didn’t want to spoil your weekend, Mr. Gram. But, yes, the Henderson account is closed. There is no getting it back. I’ve tried, even put a team on it. But I assure you, I have everyone including myself working on our prospect lists to replace the loss. It is just a matter of a few days and we will be right where we should be.” I watched as he slowly took a seat behind his desk placing his hands behind his neck and crossing those long legs. Ankle on knee giving himself plenty of space.

“Can’t decide if I should punish you or reward you for your plan. I do recall you saying if you ever lost the account I could spank you.”

“Just sales chatter, Mr. Gram. But so long as you don’t fire me, perhaps I should allow it to be your decision.” I stood up, turned around, casino oyna and straddled the armless chair feeling the cold steel against my bare inner calves. I bent forward and heard him rise from his chair. His quick steps toward me beating to the rhythm of the zipper pull tab swaying back and forth just below where he wanted to be. I was certain he could see the lack of panties. Perhaps that is why he rushed forward and stood between me and the desk. The brief warmth of sun sadly blocked. He played with the pull tab of the zipper.

“You know the other buildings can see you. The old coot Merriweather even has a telescope for such events.”

“Thought it might raise your value in the old man’s group.”

“Old man is it? Okay. Decision made. He pulled the Zipper up from the bottom and the dress fell forward held in place only by the small amount of zipper left intact above my bra line. I gasped. Grasping my hips with his left hand he slid his right slowly up my abdomen and stood me up straight against him. I could feel his hard cock push against me.

“Spread those legs wider, Leona.” Shocked. I complied. He stepped away and the dress almost fell back together. He ran his finger down my spine and over my backside. Holding my left hand with his right he moved so he was between me and the chair. Without the chairs support due to my widened legs, my knees grew weak. Or perhaps it was the determination in his hazel eyes as he pulled the chair out of the way and lead me to the leather sectional where the fireplace glowed, and the eyelash shag rug was absent a coffee table. “Do you know what today is?” he asked with a halfcocked smile.

“April Fool’s day?” I smirked.

“Yes, my favorite day of the year. You get to surprise people–give them a bit of the unexpected.”

With those words, he fell into the couch pulling me along with him. Surprised I let out a small scream having found myself sitting on his lap my lips inches from his face. In a quick second the rest of the zipper came undone. My dress fell exposing my deep cleavage. He ran his hands down my arms to my wrist gathering them behind me and securing them with the long fingers of his left hand.

“Straddle me. I want to view you.” As I moved into position, he briefly released my wrists as he removed the dress and draped it over the arm of the sofa. Securing my wrists again he ran his fingers down the side of my face, then along my jugular. He pulled the pin holding my bun and my hair fell below my shoulders. His eyes were intense. I wondered if I’d bitten off more than I should, but it was too late canlı casino now.

Placing his hand behind my neck he pulled me toward him and we kissed. He bit my lip and I pushed my tongue deep into his mouth teasing him till he gave out a soft groan. I pulled away and stood taller on my knees. His hand squeezed my breast, thumbing my hard nipples through the lace. I moaned.

He released my wrist with a warning not to move. I didn’t. Sliding both hands down the side of my tits he lifted them out and on top of the C cups that had held them. Touching them not only with his hands but suckling them. Kissing, sucking and nibbling them until I all I wanted to do was touch him. My hands strained against his grip breaking free. He smiled. Without thought my hands pulled at the buttons on his business shirt and slid off his tie. He allowed me to run my fingers through his chest hair and pinch his nipples.

“Disobeying and losing a much-needed account? Very bad girl,” he whispered removing my bra, sliding my hands back into place and knotting my bra around my elbows. My breast heaved forward, and he bit them shaking them at his pleasure.

He unzipped. Removed his shirt laying it neatly on top of my dress. Their colognes mingle into a beautiful scent. He moved me until I was laying across his lap my ass slightly raised. He put his tie around my mouth and with a powerful tug and then another I was helpless.

“A fourteen-million-dollar account will be hard to replace. I’m gonna take a little of it out of your hide,” he said, his hand hitting with a firm, but kind, sting. I remained still except for my hand placed on his hard cock which rubbed his tip and pulled his shaft. In secret I enjoyed this play. Loved his discipline—that I, at times, lacked. Having spanked me, he massaged my neck and back, then helped me to stand. As he stood his pants slid to his ankles and I went to my knees. My eyes pleading for the tie around my mouth to be removed. He complied without any necessity of words between us. The tie now covered my eyes. Grabbing my hair, he pushed himself deep within my throat. After many thrusts, I pulled out and circled his balls with my tongue, licking him along the edge of a vein to swirl around his tip, to nibble and feel him again plunge inside my willing mouth. When he could take no more he kneed up behind me massaging my clit then fucking me until we both fell onto the eyelash shag satisfied with our business meeting.

“Nice Monday motivation, I whispered as we dressed again for success.

“April fools,” he said in his all business voice. “None of kaçak casino this happened. You gotta get that account back or replaced or the real April fools will be your pink slip and about fifty others will get one too. You understand?”

He was curter than I’d expected. I wondered if I’d taken things too far.

“Yes, Mr. Gram,” I replied. Turning on the elevator and unlatching the door, I left the room and his floor to return to mine just below him. I decided to grab a coffee from the cafeteria on the first floor. Two new girls entered the elevator from the next floor down. They were also going to the first floor. Lucky me got to hear how handsome the CEO was and how they’d do anything to get close to him and his money. I smiled. Too late ladies, I thought.

I decided to save my assistant the trip and picked up my mail. As expected twenty-two roses in a crystal vase waited for me. The card read:

Dear Ms. Gram,

One rose for every year just as I promised twenty-two years ago when one rose was all we could afford. You are my favorite holiday, the best unexpected surprise of my life. I still remember feeling happy the day we found out the fake wedding in Vegas was real. So glad you’ve stuck with me.

Love, Mr. Gram

Back at my desk I placed the roses on the desk, I settled in behind the computer and sent an email to the guy one floor up in his private suite.

Dear Mr. Gram,

Thank you for this morning, the roses and every moment of the twenty-two years. By the way, attached you will find the Henderson statistics report. Turn to page ten. (Me;).

A knock came on the door and the two girls from the elevator fumbled into my office their faces pale and mouths rushing to shut. “Yes, girls I am his wife and your boss. You will bring everything to me and only I ride the elevator upstairs. Understood?” They nodded like good girls and I gave them the welcome speech and work expected sheets and they left the room as fast as their flats would move them. I smiled, but not a big as I did moments later.

A few seconds later, I heard laughter coming from above. Nothing made me happier than that sound. A ding notified an important email had arrived. Opening it, there was screen shot of page ten of her email. Neon lettering saying April Fools across the page of the Henderson report. The bottom line showing the Henderson account had not been lost but had doubled. Alongside, Mr. Grant had typed a note. Seems I owe you an apology. Reservations at six at La Piscatoni. Then a very long evening. Happy April Fool’s, Leona. And Happy Anniversary, my love.

She looked up from her computer screen after hearing a man clear his throat. “Good one, Ms. Gram. Lunch in a few hours?” he smiled. How could she say no. And exactly, what was he up to?

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