Assignment Viet Nam

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When the Viet Nam War came along, I was too old to be drafted, but my newspaper sent me there on temporary assignment. It was 1965 or 66 and I was an old man of 50. My assignment landed me in Saigon and I mingled with the other news reporters and foreigners there.
Soon after my arrival a street urchin attached himself to me and proved to be of invaluable service. He was a young adolescent of approximately 18. I felt sorry for him, and he soon ended up staying with me in my hotel suite. He was a tall thin boy with a nice round ass. His body was smooth and hairless mostly, except for a growth of hair in his arm pits, and pubic area. I got in the habit of calling him Jimmy.
Frequently I had bad dreams or nightmares, stemming from my years of service in war torn countries. It was one of those nights that at the old age of 50 I was introduced to male sex. Prior to this my sexual relief came from visits to prostitutes, which were infrequent, or by my own hand which was frequent.
It occurred one hot and steamy night. I had gone to bed early due to a severe migraine and in the early morning hours one of these terrifying nightmares struck.
Hearing me cry out, Jimmy came into my room and shook me and called my name till I awakened. When fully awake and I was reassured all was well, I got up to the bathroom and roamed about the rooms rather restless and afraid to go back to bed and to sleep.
Finally, the kid offered to assist me to go to sleep and offered to sit with me. He accompanied me back to the bedroom and I got in bed and scooted over to the center and he laid down with me. He was so small; I hardly noticed he was there. His presence though comforted me and I soon fell asleep. The next morning, I awoke, with a raging hard one and the awareness that I was holding someone in my arms and my casino siteleri cock was pressed into his butt, which I could feel through his shorts. I carefully pulled my arms away and got up for the day. He soon awoke and together we went out to the street vendors for breakfast. I made my rounds of my news sources through out the day with Jimmy by my side.
Night came and I got ready, early, for bed, since I had slept so poorly the night before. Jimmy came in as I got into bed. I scooted over to the center of the bed and he laid down beside me. In the pursuing nights this became a habit that Jimmy sleep with me, giving me comfort through out the night. I frequently awoke during the nights holding him close to me like a big teddy bear. He was so warm and his body so soft and smooth. Frequently my big morning hard cock was pressed into his ass when I awoke, but he didn’t seem to mind and even scooted his little round butt into my groin while he slept. I didn’t realize this at the time, but it was a custom in the orient for a young child to sleep with someone who was ill, especially older men, in case they needed something during the night or to give them comfort. Jimmy certainly gave me comfort.
Several weeks later, I again had another bad dream and Jimmy was there to comfort me, but this time even with his presence I had trouble getting back to sleep. I turned on my side facing away from him and attempted to sleep. Suddenly I felt small soft hands massaging my neck, shoulders and working their way down my back. It was a good feeling. I moaned and turned onto my stomach so he could do it more effectively. Jimmy worked his way down my back and on to my butt. He massaged deeply my buttocks and I began to get an erection. He proceeded to work his way on down and started massaging my thighs, running canlı casino his hands between my legs and individually playing with my balls. I moaned with ecstasy, and by this time by cock was very hard and it was quite uncomfortable for me to lie on my belly.
I turned over on my back, very conscious of my erect cock making a tent in my shorts, but Jimmy didn’t seem to mind and he proceeded to massage my chest. He seemed to like my hairy chest, since most Viet Nam men are hairless. Jimmy than pulled down my shorts and laid his head tenderly on my belly, just above the pubic line and played with my cock; strokingly it gently, and kissing the head of it. After a while, he took it in his mouth and began the up and down motion, taking it all the way down and burying his nose in my pubic hairs. He sucked hard on it, and I grabbed his head and started face fucking him. Ramming my cock in and out of his mouth, he choked on it a few times, but adjusted to it and I continued to shove it in and out of his mouth. My cock head swelled up filling with cum and at long last I blasted out a large load of cum while I was buried deep in the kids mouth and throat. He swallowed hard and fast a few times, and I fell back exhausted. Jimmy than released me and turned and laid his head upon my chest, and drew my arms around him and we both fell asleep.
Jimmy and I, became very close after this incident and we slept together nightly. Whenever I had trouble sleeping Jimmy was always there to relieve me of my sexual tensions. He introduced to still another aspect of male love, and even a more pleasurable aspect of it.
We began having sex on a regular basis after the above incident. He kept me completely drained of cum. I had no desire for others. It was on one occasion that I just couldn’t kaçak casino get off by all of his oral administerings. Jimmy than proceeded to generously lubricate my big cock and his ass. He straddled my middle and lowered his sweet, round ass down over my cock, taking it into his ass hole. It hesitated at the entrance and than with a little force opened him up and entered. Jimmy settled himself on me. impaled by my cock. Than he began the up and down motion as it increased so did my excitment and i raised my hips to meet his downward motion. He rode my cock in and out of his ass hole, like a cowboy ridding a bronco. It felt so good, the warm tight sensation of his ass engulfing my cock. Without disconnecting we turned so that Jimmy was under me and his legs were over my shoulders. I fucked him hard and deep, pounding my cock in and out of his ass. Jimmy squeeled with delight as I fucked him hard and deep. It lasted quite a long time as I battered his ass with my huge cock. Than all of a sudden I felt my cum rising up of my balls filling my cock and had to use more force to go in and out of his ass. One last thrust entered me into his ass and I buried myself balls deep in him and shot my wad into his ass filling his ass hole, shooting it into his belly. Jimmy and I let out moans and sighs of relief and I collapsed on top of him pinning him to the bed impaled on my cock. My cock soften and pulled out and I rolled to the side of Jimmy and took him in my arms and kissed him tenderly on the lips and he laid next to me engulfed in my arms and we fell asleep.
After this, Jimmy and I seemed to be forever bonded to each other. Our love grew and I sought to remove him from this war torn country. After much effort I found some friends of mine in the USA to sponsor Jimmy, and just before my assignment ended, Jimmy left for there. He and I would meet later and live together there, our parting was such sweet sorrow, only comforted by the fact that we would be together again soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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