At Home with the Rothwells Ch. 02

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Lauren Rothwell – nee Blenkinsop and boy was she glad to get rid of that – glances through the kitchen window over the pile of breakfast dishes she has been washing and smiles at the sight of her husband John enjoying some nude sunbathing out in the secluded garden of the family home, his head buried in a paperback novel as he reclines lackadaisically on the sun lounge. Lauren is also in the nude since the Rothwells are a naturist family – and more besides – although it isn’t often that she and John find themselves alone like this, their daughter Bethany and John’s mother Audrey having gone into town to have their hair done while Kyle, John and Lauren’s handsome athletic son, is out enjoying another of his regular Saturday morning jogs through the nearby woods.

After another fantastic family orgy the night before when John and Kyle had fucked their female relations until they’d screamed for mercy before indulging in a spot of father and son gay incest while the ladies watched, John had given his wife another good seeing to that morning after the rest of the family had gone about their respective business. Lauren’s cunt still feels pleasurably sore from the pounding it received from her husband’s all-conquering prick as she places the last of the dishes on the draining board and turns towards the study, deciding to leave John to his novel while she gets on with her latest erotic story. She logs onto her computer and gets the incomplete tale up on the screen, all about an incestous family drawn from her own experiences.

The day is filled with the magic of summertime, the air soft with the scent of honeysuckle and just a small hint of a breeze floating in through the open window of the study. Lauren sits herself naked in front of her computer and re-reads the part of the story she has written so far, making a few alterations here and there and checking her punctuation and typing errors. Soon, she is thoroughly absorbed in her task and as she starts to add further passages of prose, she cannot get the words down quick enough as lots of new horny ideas occur to her.

Meanwhile, out in the garden, John throws the trashy novel he has been trying to read to one side and stretches his body, still lithe and supple for a man in his early forties thanks to regular visits to the gym, into a more comfortabler position on the sun lounge. He closes his eyes and for several relaxing minutes drifts off into a semi-conscious doze, having first covered himself in oil to protect himself from the rays of the rapidly sweltering sun.

John isn’t sure how long he has been dozing, probably half an hour or more, when he hears the gate open and, looking up, smiles as he sees his son Kyle returning from his morning run, looking incredibly handsome and sexy in his sports kit, a tight pair of figure-hugging white shorts and a matching white singlet. The shorts accentuate Kyle’s ass cheeks and dent into his crack, so tight they look like they have been painted onto his visually attractive twenty-one years old bottom while his singlet enhances his broad shoulders and his perfect swimmer’s build.

“Hi, son,” says John, reaching down and stroking his prick and coaxing it back to life, not that it needs much in the way of persuasion, “good run?”

“Sure was, dad,” replies Kyle, looking and feeling thoroughly exhilarated as he advances further into the garden, his own cock swelling inside his shorts as he eyes up his father’s growing erection, “you should have come with me.”

John often accompanies Kyle on jogging sessions but, after the party the night before, he had slept late before settling his unfinished business with Lauren.

“I will next time, son,” replies John, gazing at the now formidable bulge tenting out the front of Kyle’s shorts. “Looks like you’re feeling horny again.”

“You know me, dad,” laughs Kyle, “always horny. And I could say the same about you,” he adds, his eyes feasting on his father’s now very full erection and rubbing his own hard-on through his shorts. “Did you fuck mom this morning?”

Kyle had left for his run very early before the rest of his family were awake, surprising himself that he felt energetic enough to do so after having given every member of his family a thoroughly good series of fuckings at the previous night’s gangbang.

“You know I did,” replies John, enjoying the little word game as a build-up to some more hot action, “and that was a great fuck you gave us all last night, too, your gran couldn’t get enough,” John continues as images of his mother Audrey taking her grandson’s prick up both her holes in rapid succession come back into his mind’s eye. “She loves taking it in that old cunt of hers and her asshole, too. Did you enjoy watching me fuck your mom, gran and sister, too?”

John smiles at Kyle, knowing full well what his son’s answer will be.

“Too fucking right I did, dad,” says Kyle automatically, still fondling his prick and glancing towards the house. “Where is everyone?”

“Your mom’s indoors,” says John, “probably at her computer again writing another one of her dirty stories. casino oyna Be a darned sight better than this ridiculous novel, that’s for sure,” he adds, indicating the paperback cast to one side. “Your sis and gran have gone into town to have their hair done.”

“What, again?” laughs Kyle.

“You know what women are,” says John, laughing with his son and agreeing with him. Women are gorgeous creatures but funny, too, John thinks, the way some things – like a haircut, for instance, which to him were of only minor importance – become big social events in the day-to-day calendars of female folk.

Like with the paperback, John quickly casts all thought of women’s hair-do’s to one side and turns his attention back to admiring proudly his handsome son standing in frunt of him in his running gear with his erect cock pressing up against his shorts, creating an obscene but paradoxically beautiful bulge. Kyle is feeling as horny as fuck while his hard cock seems like it is ready to split his skimpy shorts in two.

“You look great in those little white shorts, son,” John says, “they’re really tight and show that bulge and your ass off spectacularly.”

“Thanks, dad,” replies Kyle, “I know you like seeing my ass in my shorts,” he adds, moving up closer to his father and enjoying the feel of his ass cheeks rubbing together inside his shorts. He turns to show John in close-up his shorts-clad posterior, the material of his shorts stretching taut across the rounded arcs of his buns and pleased to hear his father’s low whistle of admiration, feeling no embarrassment, just excitememt as he stands there enjoying having his father ogling his firm muscular backside.

John’s mouth is watering as his eyes take in the delicious view of his son’s tight butt cheeks. Without waiting to be asked, knowing Kyle will not object, he reaches out with his hands and begins to stroke the young encased cheeks of his own son, cupping the buttocks in his hands and enjoying the feel of their texture through the shorts. Kyle’s ass jiggles to his father’s touch and his prick responds accordingly.

“Oh yeah, dad,” says Kyle, leaning forward slightly, “I’m pleased you like my ass so much.”

“It’s a beautiful ass, son,” replies John, still kneading it in his hands, “nice and firm as male asses should be.”

“You’ve got a great ass, too, dad,” says Kyle, “I really enjoyed fucking it last night just as much as I did the ladies.”

“Play your cards right, son, and you can fuck it again this morning,” says John, “my ass is always available as I hope yours is.”

“Of course,” replies Kyle, “it’s great being perverts, eh dad? Who wants to be normal?”

“Indeed it is,” says John, “and great how we all give each other the freedom to enjoy sex even when we’re not all here.”

John and Kyle both know that Audrey and Bethany will not have any objections once they find out their menfolk were having some fun while they were away since, happily, nobody tries to steal one another, they are all happy to suck and fuck in a group or a threesome or on a one-to-one basis as John has done many times with his mother and daughter and Lauren with her son. Lauren and Bethany also enjoys lots of incestuous lesbianism with each other, too, and sometimes Audrey joins in, usually when her son John and grandson Kyle are out jogging together in the woods.

Thus, with no fears of retribution, John leans forward and begins to kiss and lick the back of Kyle’s shorts, leaving little patches of saliva over the taut material and enjoying himself immensely, almost as if he is treating his son’s ass to his undivided attention for the very first time when, in point of fact, father and son have enjoyed lots of rimming sessions since Kyle became old enough to be considered a consenting adukt and thus a fully paid-up member of the Rothwell Family Sex Club.

“That’s it, dad, lick my ass through my shorts,” says Kyle, “your tongue is so nice and hot.”

Kyle looks over his shoulder and reaches round and places a hand on John’s head, pulling his face closer until it is completely buried in his ass, then with his other hand he reaches inside the right leg of his shorts and quickkly releases his hard throbbing cock and larger than average balls into the sexually charged atmosphere …


Back in the house, Lauren has satisfactorily completed several new passages to her latest story when she hears the unmistakeable sounds of male foreplay coming through the window and realises Kyle has returned from his run and that he and John are again going gay with each other. She quickly saves what she has written, shuts down her computer and then hurries over to the window and peers out.

“Fuck, that looks real good,” Lauren says to herself as her eyes take in the intense scene and she begins to finger her fanny as she watches her husband licking their son’s ass as Kyle wanks his thick rod. Lauren is a real fetishist when it comes to male backsides and loves looking at Kyle’s bum, not to mention licking her son’s asshole and fucking it with her strap-on. Now, she is happy to canlı casino watch the show, letting her eyes feast on Kyle’s delicious ass, the firm rumps still encased in his tight white shorts protruding erotically out from the tops of his legs as her husband does the honors, running his hot paternal tongue over every inch of Kyle’s young sexy bottom.

After five minutes, John looks up from licking Kyle’s ass and gives it a little pat with the flat of his hand. Kyle takes this as an invitation to turn round and he does so, pointing his stiff pole towards his father’s mouth. Lauren gasps at the equally bewitching sight of her son’s aroused prick poking out through the right leg of his shorts, never ceasing to be amazed at the power Kyle possesses in turning her on.

“Fuck, that cock is gorgeous,” muses Lauren, as if she has never seen it before, aroused or otherwise, “just like the rest of him. The kid’s wasted in that insurance office, he ought to be doing porn for a living. I’m the proudest mother in the world.”

“Suck my prick, dad,” Lauren hears Kyle implore to John, her mouth drooling as she watches her son peeling back his foreskin and exposing his round bulbous knobhead, pink and glistening in the glare of the summer sunshine, dusting the garden with dappled shadows, “take it all the way into your mouth.”

Slightly fatigued he might be from his recent run but Kyle is never too tired when it comes to more lavish helpings of hot family sex. John, spurred on by Kyle’s words of encouragement even though he doesn’t really need any, shifts himself into a more comfortable sitting position on the edge of the sun lounge and immediately takes his son’s cock into his mouth, gagging as the head hits the back of his throat. Kyle has his back to the house, unaware that he is treating his mother to a perfect view of his athletic legs and firm masculine ass.

“I’d always knew he’d be a big boy one day,” says Lauren to herself as she continues looking at her son’s bottom with unwavering eyes, fancying him more, it seems to her, than she has ever done before, “and there’s no doubt about it, my boy has a perfect body. Those legs, that adorable face, that ass, that cock!”

Lauren’s mouth is drooling as she fixes her eyes steadfastly on Kyle and especially his ass which he is showcasing to perfection in his tight white shorts, framed by his matching singlet, the lower half of which is level with the waistband of the shorts at the top of Kyle’s perfectly sculptured buttocks.

Out of the corners of his eyes, John sees his wife watching and playing with herself at the window and smiles as he realises she is hungrily ogling their son’s ass. “We have an audience, son,” John says, momentarily relinquishing Kyle’s prick from his mouth before resuming sucking with renewed vigor.

Kyle looks over his shoulder and smiles at the sight of his naked mother framed in the window of the house and playing with her gorgeous juicy fanny and realises she must have been clocking his ass and watching him and John for some time.

“Hi, mom,” he says, “why don’t you bring those lovely big tits and that tasty cunt of yours out here and join us?”

“I have every intention of doing so, sweetheart,” Lauren replies, disappearing from the window and reappearing seconds later on the veranda. “I’ve been enjoying myself looking at that gorgeous ass of yours and watching your dad suck you off.”

Kyle is overjoyed to hear his mother voice her appreciation of the visual delights of his bum and his mouth fills with saliva as Lauren starts to walk towards him and John, his eyes taking in Lauren’s divine tits and trim shaved pussy and all the time his excitement increasing at the prospect of a hot and shameless threesome with his own parents.

“I heard what your dad said,” says Lauren as she reaches her husband and son and John sits back to let his wife fold herself into Kyle’s welcoming arms, gasping as his hard cock presses up against her pussy and reaching round with her hands to grip Kyle’s buns. “You’re such a horny sod and you really do have a terrific ass,” Kyle’s mother continues, kneading his bottom in her hands.

“Thanks, mom,” replies Kyle, ” you and dad never stop telling me what a great ass I have, I’m pleased it turns you both on so much.”

“Sure fucking does, son,” says John as Kyle lowers his head and sticks out his offspring tongue to lick and suck Lauren’s tits, munching on the dark aureoles and tasting his mother’s erect nipples for several minutes before coming up for air. Lauren simultaneously lets go of Kyle’s ass and moves round behind her son to get a better look, kneeling down and letting her admiring eyes take in a mouth-watering close-up view of Kyle’s perfect bum, still emphasised by his close-fitting shorts while completely overwhelmed by an all-consuming feeling of pride that it was she who gave birth to such a wonderful sexy man.

Lauren resumes fondling and kneading the beguiling cheeks with her hands while John resumes the suck job, every now and then making little gagging sounds as the head of Kyle’s prick puffs out his kaçak casino facial cheeks and nudges the back of his throat. Kyle is overjoyed to be on the receiving end of so much sexual attention from his loving parents.

“Mom,” says Kyle, “would you like to fuck my ass with your strap-on like you did the other day?”

“I sure would, sweetheart,” answers Lauren, her eyes unwavering as, with a heightened feeling of awe and wonder, she carries on letting her hands explore every inch of Kyle’s backside with her touchy feely hands, “and later I want to watch you take it up the ass from your father, too. But right now I just want to gaze at and touch your spectacular posterior.”

With that, Lauren slips her thumbs into the waistband of Kyle’s shorts and starts to take them down, little by little, slowly exposing Kyle’s tremendous bare ass while his aroused prick stands erect and proud, his humungous balls filled with cum. Kyle leans forward, displaying his now naked ass more prominently and enjoying showing it off to his mother, only too happy to do so knowing how much she is besotted with it. John and Lauren, for their part, are not only thrilled to the core that Kyle has inherited their love of sex but also their thorough enjoyment of hardcore exhibitionism as well.

As Kyle continues letting Lauren inspect his now bare ass, she cops another feel of it, touching it up with one hand while snaking the other through Kyle’s legs to fondle his genitalia as Kyle lifts his singlet over his head, shakes off his boots and socks, and joins his parents in unashamed full frontal nudity.

John stops sucking Kyle and stands back to look at his son’s smooth and well-defined six- pack, tweaking the young man’s nipples before sucking them into his mouth while Lauren goes straight for the rim job of Kyle’s naked asshole, sticking out her hot wet tongue and plunging it straight into the welcoming orifice of Kyle’s anus. Kyle bends over and clasps his buns with his hands, spreading them to give Lauren’s tongue better access to his fuck pit as John starts to masturbate as he watches.

“That’s it, honey,” he says, “lick our boy’s ass. This is one hot and horny threesome,” he adds enthusiastically after watching his wife rim his son for five minutes or more, Kyle grunting with pleasure as, every now and then, his mother’s tongue nudges his sphincter, “better than any porn film that’s ever been made.”

“Sure is, dad,” replies Kyle, standing up and turning to face his father who immediately drops to his knees and takes his offspring’s cock back into his mouth. It is now Lauren’s turn to watch and she lies back on the sun lounge with one hand cupped around her tits while furiously fingering her fanny and working up her sex juices with the other …


Kyle has, indeed, inherited a very strong exhibitionist streak and feels great as he stands naked in front of his parents with his hard throbbing cock in his hand, enjoying having the very people who gave him life ogling his manhood just as he had done when showing off to them his ass. He has a great relationship with his mother and father, as he does with his sister and grandmother, none of them bothered that society frowns on their chosen lifestyle. They are all adults with minds of their own and are firmly committed to enjoying sex with each other.

Like his father, Kyle has no problems with erections, he can stay hard for as long as it takes and is immensely proud with what nature has bestowed on him. John loves sucking his son’s prick but after ten minutes or so of tasting it and licking Kyle’s balls, has had to come up for air, allowing Lauren to seize the opportunity, moving round to sit next to her husband and immediately taking Kyle’s cock into her mouth to continue the parental administrations. Lauren is just as enamoured with Kyle’s prick as she is his ass and Kyle is in paradise as his parents give him alternate blowjobs.

“Mom, you are such a great fucking cock sucker,” says Kyle, placing his hands on Lauren’s head, his balls slapping against her chin as Lauren licks the pre-cum from around Kyle’s knobhead, his foreskin fully retracted while John lies back and resumes masturbating. “You and dad are the best parents any son could wish for.”

“And you’re the best son any parents could wish for, too,” says John, “your mom and I are so proud of you and we love you very much.”

“Thanks, dad,” says Kyle, “and I love both of you very much, too, and this looks like it is shaping up to be a really great threesome.”

“You’re insatiable, son,” laughs John, “its only less than twenty-four hours since our last full family orgy.”

“Like you said, dad,” replies Kyle in all seriousness, “we’re always horny and that’s the best thing about being an incest family. Means we can enjoy lots of hot sex together whenever we like.”

“Mmm,” is all Lauren can manage to say in agreement since her mouth is still crammed full with Kyle’s prick. Out of necessity for fear of blowing his load too soon, John reluctantly slows down the tempo of his wanking and changes position yet again, re-sitting nect to his wife and sticking out his tongue to lick Kyle’s balls while Lauren continues to suck his prick. Kyle feels like he is in a dream with his cock in his mother’s mouth and his balls in his father’s.

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