At The Bar

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It was like any other night that we had gone out together for a drink. It was the same place and time and even the same booth we always sat in, but I had a feeling that something seemed different tonight, I shrugged it off and we ordered our drinks.

It was a nice bar, quiet most the time, not like the loud dance bars, more of a laid back local place with TV’s in every corner showing sports events playing, and tunes rolling on the bar speakers. We always sat in one corner booth that was partly hidden from view of the bar with other tables near by. There was a normal crowd that night circling the bar and a few people at some of the tables.

Suzie and I had known each other for almost a year and had gone out after work a few times as well as met in with a group of other co-workers. We got along fine and flirted a little bit, but nothing ever came of it. So we were just friends.

As we chattered about things in general, we had a few drinks. By now the crowd started to thin out leaving us alone in the booth. I thought I saw a gleam in her eye, then a grin. I was still unsure what was up till I felt her foot slide up between my legs and rub my crouch. She had kicked of her shoe and worked her foot up my leg till it was rubbing my cock through my pants. I was taken by surprise at first; she has never been so forward with me, she was always more shy and timed. I liked what she was doing and tightened my thighs on her foot and pumped against it while looking into her eyes. We both smiled.

We tried to go on chatting as best we could while we played. I kicked off my shoe and worked it between her legs, as I did she grabbed my foot pressing it hard against the crotch of her panties as I wiggled my toes. The look on her face told me all, she was hot wet and wanting me.

By now the bar was near empty, we became bolder. I slid next to her in the booth and as we kissed I worked her panties off and to the floor leaving just her skirt, then with one quick motion casino oyna I had her sitting on the table with her legs spread and her sweet pussy at just the right level. I dove in licking, slowly at first, then faster. I could tell she was close as she pulled at my hair and pushed me in tighter. Her orgasm seemed to last forever, but I just licked and sucked till she finally pushed me away. My face was gleaming with her wetness. As she caught her breath, I helped move her back to the seat beside me just in time.

The bartender rounded the corner. He could see we were flustered and smiled, asking if we were ready for another round? We both laughed and nodded yes. Smiling he walked off to the bar. As he did she pulled my face to hers and licked her cum from my face with her fingers and tongue. He returned with the drinks and said he was going to close the rest of the bar before calling last call, smiling as he walked off.

We looked at each other, picked up our drinks and took a large gulp, setting our drinks down I turned to her and helped to position her so one leg was on the table and the other she raised along the back of the booth. I dropped my pants and let my throbbing cock spring out. Pushing the head of my cock against her wet lips felt so good, then I popped inside her. I fought the urge to cum, she had me so hot and she felt so good. I bit my lip and pushed further into her wetness. She could feel me throbbing inside her, and then she grabbed my ass and pulled me in deep gripping my ass cheeks. That was all I could take, I shot into her hard and deep, spurt after spurt, thrusting with each spurt, this set her off again and her orgasm washed over my cock, gripping and milking me till we were done.

As I pulled out she quickly used her hand to scoop up the cum oozing from her pussy and brought it to her lips licking them clean, then before I could pull my pants up she dropped to her knee and licked my cock clean also making it twitch in her mouth. As she finished canlı casino I tucked my self back into my pant, and just in time, we heard Dan clear his throat as he approached. He told us he was going to call last call, but we did not need to leave just yet, he still had to finish closing up, so we had time.

Dan got us more drinks and we moved to the bar so he could clean the table. We talked and laughed till Dan was done cleaning and made his way behind the bar again and I paid my tab. I was thinking it was time for us to go so Dan could close, then Dan asked us do a shot with him, I was a bit surprised but we agreed. Dan set us up with shots and beers then turned on the music back up so we could hear it.

It did not take long till Susie wanted to dance, so she stepped into an open area near the bar and started to sway to the music. She was rubbing her hands along her body caressing her tits and groping her pussy. I had never seen her this way, but it excited me. Dan got another shot and beer for him and I then as we watched her move into a slow striptease. We watched as pulled her blouse off and then as she undid her bra she turned her back letting it slip to the floor. She looked over her shoulder at us and turned covering her tits with her hands to hide them from view, but her nipples were poking out from between her fingers.

Susie looked at us both and asked, “Do you want to see more?” We both nodded yes, then she turned and lifted her skirt flashing her naked ass and her lips puffed out between her legs. Susie then turned and asked for another shot, Dan looked at me and I agreed. Before Dan got back with the shot Susie had striped off her skirt and had climbed up on top of the bar then sat naked cross-legged showing of her tight pussy lips and hard tits. We all took the shots then Dan and I began to work our hands across Susie, rubbing her tits and working our fingers across her pussy, she was really enjoying herself, then she said, “I need some cock!” kaçak casino

Dan and I did not stop to think or second-guess; we both took off our pants and climbed atop the bar, while Susie got on all fours. Dan got behind her and I was in front and it did not take her long to reach up and yank my boxers down and take my cock deep into her throat. At the same time she reached back with one hand and pulled her pussy lips open, Dan took the hint and dropped his shorts and plunged his cock deep into her wet hole. We fucked her from both ends hard and fast until you could hear the wet squishy sound coming from both her pussy and mouth, dam she can suck cock good. I reached under to tease her tits pinching both nipples and that was all it took, her whole body tensed as she started to cum.

This set her off even more, I pulled and twisted her tits as she sucked harder on my cock, and I think Dan was feeling it also, the look on his face was intense. He slammed her pussy hard, and then Susie made a muffled screamed as she orgasmed with my dick still in her mouth. She must have clamped her pussy down on Dan’s cock so hard during her orgasm that it set him off also and he shot deep inside her wet walls, then she gripped my balls and tripped me over the top making me erupt into her mouth, and she did not miss a drop, sucking till I was empty. Then as she pulled off licking her lips clean she reached back with her hand and scooped up the cream oozing from between her legs and brought it to her mouth licking her finger clean as well.

It took us all little bit of time to collect ourselves and dress then we decided it was time to go. Dan and I both agreed that Susie was not going to drive, so Dan drove her car and I took mine with Susie to her place. We got Susie inside making sure she was safe and I told her that we put her car in the garage and Dan and I were going to leave to take Dan back to his car. Susie looked at me with puppy dog eyes and asked, “Will you come back to check on me tonight?”

This caught me by surprise but I said, “Yes.” Then she kissed me and handed me her key saying she would be in the shower. I dropped Dan off at the bar to pick up his car and returned to Susie’s.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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