Baby, You Can Play While I Drive

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“Do me a favor.”

She turned to me and her face had that expression that meant, “Yes, Dear?”

“Pull your pants down and play with your pussy for me.”

We were riding through the quite countryside. After a trip into the city for dinner, we were now making our way back home.

Her first reactions were more of the “Are you kidding me?” variety. But then she reached over to the console and picked up the heavy glass that held a rum and cola drink. Pulling it to her lips her eyes stared straight into mine.

“You want to watch me masturbate?”

“Yes I do”, I grinned and darted my eyes back and forth between her and the winding road.

My wife Melina unsnapped the tight button to her jeans and rose her ass up out of the seat and wrested down her snug jeans pulling her panties with them. Her wavy black hair perfectly framed her seductive face and she fluttered her thick eyelashes for effect.

She pushed her jeans down just below her knees and around her ankles. Took a deep breath, exhaled. Closed her eyes and lowered the seat back.

I watched as my beautiful wife did something I had rarely ever been given the opportunity to witness. She lazily rested the palm of her right hand against her smooth flesh. She slowly massaged herself and my head was busy going from staring at her to trying to keep the car between the ditches. She then used her fingers to spread apart her lips and used her other hand to slowly touch her wakening clit.

I squirmed in my seat to accommodate my growing cock. She opened her eyes and turned to look at me.

“Like this?” She asked?

“Yes. I love it.” I replied.

“Keep on.”

We were in the woody countryside that separated us from the busy part of the world. A beautiful rural area with quaint country homes and farm land. The windows were down and there was open sky above us. There were earthy smells of fresh broken ground in the air. The sun was setting and the skyline was a wonderful pink and purple hue that was a sight to see.

Inside the car beside me was a sight to see as well. I sensed she was doing this more for my benefit than casino oyna an actual need to climax, but the more she intended to entertain me the more her body responded to her own touches. The sight alone of her denim jeans and black panties around her ankles was enough to turn me on. The fact that her hand was between her legs caressing was enough to drive me crazy.

Her eyes were now fixed straight ahead. Half-lidded. Her hand was moving somewhat faster now. I put my hand on my own crotch and moved to allow myself room to straighten my cock. We drove past houses of friends and strangers and she kept staring into the distance. Faster and faster she rubbed herself. I reached over and grabbed her left thigh and pulled her legs even further apart. Her smooth creamy skin felt so soft underneath my grasp. I couldn’t resist adding my hand to hers. Together we touched and caressed and played in her wetness. She was so wet my fingers were coated in her thick creamy juices. I pulled my hand up and put two fingers in my mouth and sucked the wetness from them. I could smell her sex. I could taste her juice.

I tried to keep my eyes on the road but I couldn’t stop staring at Melina furiously working herself to a climax. She started gasping for air as her fingers rolled her clitoris around like a tiny ball. Her shoulders tensed and she rose up in the seat as her body tightened.

“You are so beautiful like this. Come for me. Come darling.”

She leaned her head back and pushed one hand under her shirt and started rubbing the nipple on one of her large breasts.

“I love doing this for you. I love how it feels.” She said.

She kicked her pants and undies completely free from her legs. She moved the seat back and cocked her right leg on the door leaving her lower calf and foot outside the car blowing in the wind.

I could see the oncoming headlights of a car approaching. Melina could see it too. She never slowed down.

“Don’t stop. Just keep working on that pussy.” I told her

“I couldn’t stop. I’m coming. Now!”

And the last words trailed out of her in a scream. I put my hand back on canlı casino her thigh again and pulled her legs apart as far as I could and she tightened her body and shuddered in what she told me later were multiple orgasms.

We drove the next couple of miles in silence. She had her head leaned back and I thought she might have even been about to drift off. I put that thought to rest when I cut the car wheels to the left and the tires began making that crunchy sound you hear on a gravel road. I drove on the road about two hundred yards and parked beneath a large oak tree. It was getting dark but there was a little light still left. She turned to lazily look at me as if to ask “What are we doing?”

I opened my car door and stood up. My pants were stretched tight around my bulging dick. I walked around to her side of the car and opened the door. She pulled her leg in and turned toward me.

“Are you wanting to fuck me? Here?” She asked.

I unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them down off my feet and slid my off my briefs. I stood on my jeans to keep my feet off the ground.

“I want to show for you now.” I said and started stroking my cock.

“Now I get to watch.” She said with a sexy grin.

I pulled back and forth on my hard cock, it’s head glistening with the precum that had been oozing for some time. She just made herself comfortable and kept her eyes focused straight toward my hand and the large head that was wet and shiny.

“Talk dirty to me.” I said

“Like what? What do you want to hear?

“Everything. Anything. Talk dirty. Talk nasty. Tell me what you’re thinking. What’s going through your mind right now.”

“Okay. That’s easy.” Then she unbuttoned her shirt and exposed her black bra and those mounds of beautiful cleavage.

“Jack off for me darling. Stroke that hard dick. I want to see you come. I love to see you come. I want you to masturbate for me baby. Jack off.”

Her hands were underneath her bra pushing her breasts up. I was stroking myself looking at he rcleavage.

“I loved jacking off for you. I loved doing it in the open. I was thinking about other kaçak casino people watching me. Looking at my pussy. I was thinking about showing other men how I play with my pussy. Your hand is moving so fast. Your dick looks so good. Do it. Do it baby. Show me what you do when I’m not there to do it for you. Masturbate. Jack it off baby, jack it off. Move closer so I can lick the head.”

I moved closer to the car seat and pushed my cock toward her mouth. She licked the head and I pumped up and down.

“I’m not going to suck it for you. I want you to make it come. I want you to make it come for me.”

I was getting closer and closer to a climax and although I was doing all the work, I felt like it was all her. Her talking to me was turning me tremendously.

“No, I’m not going to suck it. I’ll suck you later at the house. I’ll play with these titties for you while I suck that big dick.”

“Damn, It feels so good Melina. Don’t stop.”

“I’ll play with my pussy for you again. I’ll do it while I’m going down on you. Then when you’re rock hard I want you to fuck me.

Fuck me baby, fuck me. Pound my pussy.”

My eyes were closed and I was just listening to her sweet voice and all the dirty things that was coming out of her sweet mouth.

“That’s it baby. Jack off for me now. I’ll suck your cock later. Then I want you to fuck my ass.”

That was it. I came in a lightning strike that sent streams of white cum across Melina’s face and hair. And not just one stream. Two, three or maybe more streams of cum landed either across her face or against her black bra. She was sitting in the front seat with no clothes on beneath her waist and speckled with cum on her upper half. My legs almost gave out beneath me. I opened the back door and lay down in the back seat panting.

“Well that was better than I could have ever imagined” I said.

“You made quite a mess on me.” She said with a slight smile on her face.

“Lick it up and take me home baby.”

I asked her drive the last few miles home and sat beside her sucking her large nipples and rubbing the cum into her creamy breasts.

“Let’s go home and go straight to bed. I don’t want to spend a minute away from you.” I told her.

“Thanks for the great night out.” She said.

“Thank you, and let’s make the night go on and on.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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