Bachelor Party Revisited

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This is a tribute sequel to the incredibly hot story written by Candi_Hotte (Bachelor Party). She and I connected and took several months and co-wrote an incredibly steamy sequel. If cheating bothers you in any way, this is not going to be the story for you. But for those of you who enjoy the taboo… read on…


Hey, my name’s Tom. And I cheated on my fiancé at my bachelor party. Sure, everyone goes through the pre-wedding jitters, but I think my jitters could put any others to shame.

Basically my friend Bill and some other friends hired a stripper, Candi. 19-years-old, blonde, perfect tits, looked like she was either fresh out of high school or in her early years of college and GORGEOUS. She gave us a show like I’ve never seen before. After teasing us in a school girl outfit, dropping to the floor and fucking herself to an orgasm with a dildo, she went around the room and proceeded to suck and fuck all of us until she was covered in our cum.

That’s right, I, along with my friends, fucked the stripper at my bachelor party, days before my wedding with a picture of my bride-to-be arms distance away.

So, after the wedding, followed by a sex-fueled honeymoon with my new bride, Tammy, in which I could not get the image of the 19-year-old schoolgirl slut out of my mind, I was back home.

Back home, and I wanted more. More of Candi. I had never had a wilder, sluttier experience than this 19-year-old whore (I mean, we did pay her… well), riding up and down on my cock, screaming through her orgasm, and enticing all of my friends to pull their cocks out and have a turn with her.

I was hooked and I wanted more.

Only days after the honeymoon, Tammy was back to work and I was on the phone to my best man, Bill.

“Hey Bill, listen, I’m not sure how to ask this, so I’m just going to come out with it. Do you have a way to get a hold of the stripper from the bachelor party, Candi?”

Bill laughed on the line, “Oh man, back a few days and already you want to get your dick wet with her again huh? What’s wrong, Tammy doesn’t measure up?”

“Come on man, you were there, is any girl ever going to measure up to her? I’ve NEVER seen a bitch cum-starved like that before. She was begging us for it. She didn’t care!”

“True enough, I won’t lie, while you were gone, I’ve gotten off to the recording of it at least three times. Kinda weird I know, but she was a total smoke show. Listen, I’ll give you the number, but I’m asking you… as a friend, if you’re getting a second run at her, I want in.”

Bill gave me the agency’s contact information and I called, informing them that we’d like to arrange “a dancer” for a private event and requested Candi again. I told Tammy that I had to go away for a night on business and got a hotel room local to the area. Bill and I set up shop (so to speak), ready with the video camera set up (she let us record before, why not again?), lube, and a 8″ dildo in case she wanted to get really playful. Now we just had to wait…


I was doing homework that I just had gotten after Fall Break when my cell rang. It was the escort agency. Apparently someone called and specifically asked for me for a private event. They told me the time and place and asked if I was available. I told them I would check my calendar and get back with them. I wondered how someone knew to specifically ask for me since I have only gone on one job. It must have been someone from that bachelor party. I thought all those guys were married? What kind of special event would this be then? I thought about this opportunity all day. I was just not sure about doing the stripping gig again so soon. I mean I had made good money and paid my rent and part of my tuition for the fall semester with the payment from the first job. In the end, I realized that I needed more money for the rest of my books, tuition, gas, and food. So I called the agency back the next morning and said I could do it. Though I thoroughly enjoyed my last “job”, I was still relatively new to this line of work and was a little nervous even as I accepted the offer.

A week of classes came and went and Saturday crept up quickly. Just as before, I was both excited and unnerved as I woke up that morning. I accompanied my girlfriends for a mani-pedi that morning to make sure my nails looked good. Then I drove to the mall to shop for some “work” clothes by myself. I did not want to go with my friends and have to explain why I was buying what I was buying since, at the time, I did not have a boyfriend. I went to my favorite stores for what I needed – Victoria’s Secret and Spencer’s Gifts. At Victoria’s Secret, I bough a white Bombshell push-up bra with matching white T-back V-String along with a sheer pink lace-trim short robe that barely covered my ass. At Spencer’s Gifts, I bought a pink sheer top and miniskirt set along with a white garter belt and white lace-top thigh high stockings. At home, I already had a perfect pair of white Pleaser 5 inch platform casino oyna heels with an ankle strap to pair with this outfit. Armed with my purchases, I arrived at home and drew a nice warm bath. I shaved my legs really well and trimmed my landing strip so it looked deliciously perfect!

It was 5 pm when I got out of the tub. I had to be at the hotel by 8 pm. It was a nice hotel – the Ritz downtown. Wow, these guys were sparing no expenses! I sat down at my vanity and proceeded to put on my make-up. I made sure to go heavy on the make-up since I know guys love that slutty over made-up look. Deep purple eye shadow, deepest black eyeliner, deep pink lip-liner, hot pink lipstick, and pink blush. I sprayed Victoria’s Secret Tease perfume my neck, boobs, stomach, thighs, and butt. I pulled out some hair extensions and put them in. I then blew-dry my hair and styled it so it looked really cute and sexy. Next I put on my bra and V-string, followed by my garter belt, and stockings. I slid on the miniskirt and pink sheer top. I slipped on some gold bangles on both wrists and a couple of long gold necklaces around my neck. I finished off my accessories with two large gold hoop earrings. I found a long black coat to wear over everything because I did not want to advertise myself as a stripper walking through the lobby of the Ritz. I am certain they get their fair share of hookers and strippers but I am sure they want things discreet for their wealthy clients. I called for a cab to be at my apartment complex around 7:15 to make sure I would have enough time to get downtown and get up to their hotel room. I got my other “stuff” ready in my small Gucci travel bag – a change of normal clothes, the sheer pink lace-trim short robe, extra pair of Pleaser 5 inch platform heels, another mini skirt and cut off top (just in case they wanted a change of costumes), another garter belt and stockings set, my Bose portable speaker, my iPod full of “dance” songs, lubrication, and a dildo. Now, I was set for the evening’s performance.

I felt butterflies in my stomach and I had to force myself to calm down. I also took a shot of vodka to settle my nerves. I walked to the clubhouse of the apartment complex around 7:10 to wait for my cab. The night air was kinda cool which was good because I did not look odd wearing a coat. The cab promptly arrived on time and I was off to the Ritz downtown. Small talk with the driver helped me relax a little more until we actually arrived and the doorman opened my door and welcomed me to the Ritz Downtown. All of a sudden, the nauseous feeling returned but, hell, I was here and it was too late to turn back. I paid the driver and stepped out. The doorman held open the main door for me and gave me a big smile. I am sure he has seen many girls come to the Ritz dressed exactly as I was dressed right now and he knew what they were here for. My heels clicked and clacked across the marbled floor of the Ritz lobby. It was a beautiful place – I had never been here before. I found my way to the elevators and pushed the up button. I waited a few minutes until the bell dinged and one opened to let me in. I was glad to see it was empty and there was no one else waiting so I could ride up to the 24th floor alone, giving me some final moments to compose myself for the “gig”. I walked out of the elevator and headed for the room the agency told me. Once I got to the door and making sure there was nobody around, I pulled out the sheer lace-trim short robe from my small Gucci travel bag, put my long black coat in the bag, and put the short robe on. I fixed my hair and make-up, took a deep breath, and knocked on the door.


Bill and I had just started to fire up our 2nd round of drinks from the mini bar when we heard the knock at the door. I gave him a quick, “ready for this?” nod and he was grinning from ear to ear. Part of me wondered that if I hadn’t called him first if he would have gone off on a plan like this without me.

Trying to slow my heart down, I walked to the door, and slowly pulled it open.

We were greeted with the vision of sheer slutty sexuality. Here was this blonde knockout, still the girl from less than two months ago, but looking hotter than before. Her short robe was tied tightly at her thin waist and begging to be torn open. Her legs were clothed in white lace stockings that I was already envisioning wrapped around my waist as I buried my cock in her. Her breasts looked like they were testing the fabric of the probe and whatever she had under it and her hair was hanging loosely down over her shoulders. Her lips, pink, full, and begging to be kissed sucked, and I was already thinking about what they would look like wrapped around my cock again.

I didn’t realize it but I had been standing there like an idiot just starring at her when Bill cleared his throat.

“Hey Candi, you look fucking amazing. Come in.” Bill was already on his feet, almost pushing me out of the way. Candi smiled, totally confident and gave us both a kiss on the cheek. canlı casino She walked by, bag in hand and it briefly brushed up against the aching erection I was already sporting. Oh my god I wanted to fuck this girl something fierce. I honestly didn’t know if I was going to be able to control myself or if I was going to grab her hair, slam her against the windows and fuck her stupid.

“Hey boys… nice to see two again. I was kinda hoping it would be you. How was the honeymoon Tom? Did you think about me?”

Now it was my turn to blush. I had. More than once.

Candi had sucked my cock like no other woman had before the night of the party. And to make matters worse, my now-wife, Tammy, refused to go down on me. That was all leading up to Candi fucking me AND my 11 best friends all through the night. So yeah, I thought about Candi a lot. Why deny it?

“You better believe it. I don’t think I’ve gone a single day since that night where I haven’t thought of that night… and what I wanted to do again.”

Moment of truth time…

Candi gave us the perfect bubble gum smile with those lips that were just begging to be kissed, licked and have something thick pushed between them. She turned her back to me, walked past Bill, lifting her index finger and drawing it across his chest as she went, walking over to the table by the TV and removing a small speaker and iPod. She turned everything on, flipped quickly to a song and turned to us,

“Then what are you waiting for?”

Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer” came across the speaker.

“Come and get it.”

Bill was the first to move. Getting behind her quickly, he pulled her body into his and wrapped his fingers in her gorgeous blonde hair, pulling her head back and kissing her deeply. Her tongue was in his mouth seconds later as she ground that tight ass of hers into his crotch. I wasn’t going to be left out moving to her front and grinding my cock against her hot mound as I pulled her robe off. Underneath she had on the tiniest of miniskirts, obviously a garter belt and a sheer top. I pulled the robe down to her wrists, in a sense pinning them back which Bill seemed to enjoy as his hand immediately moved to her stomach and the edge of the skirt. I planted my lips on her neck and ears, I could hear her moaning like a slut and making noises in the back of her throat.

I had been waiting for this for far too long and wet two fingers and thrust them under the miniskirt. Her cunt had already soaked through what little fabric was down there as I pressed against her clit hard. I felt a leg come up around the back of my own leg and pull me into her. She was sandwiched between Bill and I and loving it.

I watched as Bill pulled the robe back, taking her arms with it and whispering in her ear, “I’m sorry, were we supposed to wait for a dance before we started?”

Out of breath and still panting against my hand, she moaned, “…no… fuck… oh god, don’t stop… why wait?… harder… I’m your whore tonight.”

Now it was my turn and I pulled her into me and kissed her deeply. Her tongue threatened to knock my teeth into the back of my throat. I don’t think I’ve ever kissed a woman harder before in my life. Bill was behind her tearing the robe off and ripping the sheer top open, as her perfect D cups were on full display in a white bra that actually reminded me of something Tammy brought with her on our honeymoon.

That quick memory only heightened the experience as I was sure to use my left hand to pull her thong to the side and bury two fingers in her, making very sure that my ring finger was one of them. I was sure she could feel as my wedding band bumped against her clit and caught her juices on it’s way.

She screamed into my mouth and put her nails into my scalp, pulling me into her harder. I felt her free hand reach down and grab my aching cock through my pants. God she was hungry for this. Almost as hungry as we were for her. I ground my fingers into her all the way to the last knuckle, I felt her dripping down my fingers, soaking my hand. I pulled my fingers free intending to taste her when a wicked idea came to mind. I ceased my kiss.

“Have a lick, make sure they’re good and clean.” and offered her my fingers, my wedding band, all soaked with her cunt cream.

Even Bill stopped what he was doing to watch. She turned away from me so she could face us both and dragged her tongue from the bottom of my fingers to the top and then slurped them deep into her mouth, eyes closing and savoring her own taste off of me. Opening her eyes and watching us both, she proceeded to bob her head up and down on my fingers for a moment.

Time for this to get a little more interesting. I reached down with my free hand and opened my belt and the top button of my pants, Bill doing the same. We watched as Candi slinked down to her knees, hair over one shoulder, her gold jewelry jingling on her way down. She released my fingers and extended her own hands to Bill and my zippers, pulling kaçak casino them down together.

“Is our naughty little slut hungry baby?” Bill asked.

Her face morphed to the face of an innocent little 19-year-old trying to convince Daddy to lend her the car keys as she nodded.

I reached into my boxer briefs and fisted out my thick shaft, already hard as a rock as I pointed it at her mouth and waited. Candi licked those perfect lips and leaned forward.


It was so HOT being in this swanky hotel with these two hot married guys from the bachelor party, Tom and Bill! I was so fucking turned on at this point. I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around Tom’s rigid dick and twirled my tongue around it hungrily! His hard cock felt so good in my mouth. Tom let out a low moan of pleasure as he grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my face closer, shoving his erect member to the back of my throat, gagging me a little in the process.

At the same time, my right hand reached for Bill’s massive penis and I started to stroke it slowly. He leaned his head back, closed his eyes, and just whispered, “Fuck, Candi, you are so FUCKING hot!”

All I know is somehow whenever I am around these two men I turn into such a filthy nasty whore for them to use. I absolutely LOVED it! Bill had removed my bra and ripped off my V-string so now I just had on my white garter belt, my white lace-top stockings, and my white Pleaser 5-inch platform heels with an ankle strap.

I pulled my face to turn my attention to Bill’s huge dick. I remember it being the biggest one at the bachelor party and it looked delicious then as it did tonight right in front of my face. I licked the tip which had pre-cum on it and Bill groaned lustfully. I let my tongue wander up and down the shaft as I appreciated how hard it truly was. I finally let it slide in my mouth and Bill gasped out loud, “FUCK, that feels good, Candi!” I bobbed my head up and down on his shaft in time to the music (the song on now was Britney Spears – Work Bitch). After a few minutes, he grabbed my head and tried to slide his cock all the way down my throat. It was too big and I gagged hard on it so he had to pull out. My eyes were watering from it gagging me but that did not deter my lust at all.

I got up from my kneeling position and motioned for the guys to follow me to their nice large balcony. On my way there, I grabbed my Bose portable speaker and iPod. There was a little table on the balcony, a few chairs, and two long lounge chairs. I put the speaker on the table and started dancing for Bill and Tom. The night air felt good on my hard nipples. I swayed my hips, shook my ass, grabbed my tits, and pulled the men in to dance up close to me. They had by now taken off all their clothes. They told me to keep what I had on. I could feel their hard dicks rubbing on me from the front and back – SO FUCKING HOT!

I pushed Bill down on the chair and climbed on top to straddle him. I reached under to grab his cock and guided it into my wet and waiting pussy. FUCK, his enormous dick felt good inside my tight cunt! I bounced up and down on his dick as he sucked my nipples. I was feeling so good. Tom got behind me and pushed me forward a little as he positioned his hard member at my asshole. He had put some warming lubrication on his dick so it went in so smoothly as his dick entered my anal love canal. FUCK, that felt good! These two hot married guys were screwing the hell out of me, totally forgetting about their wives, and I LOVED it! They started thrusting into me harder and faster, grunting loudly. I was moaning aloud with pleasure. None of us gave a shit that we were outside on the balcony either!

Bill was sucking my left nipple and Tom was pinching my right nipple. FUCK, I loved being fucked like a slut! It felt so FUCKING good! I loved their hard married cocks in my cunt and ass! I screamed out loud, “FUCK me hard guys! FUCK me like the whore that I am!”

At that behest, Tom and Bill slammed even harder into me, if that was even possible at that point. Bill was french kissing me and grabbing my ass while Tom was squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples. Our lustful sounds filled the night air on this balcony on the 24th floor of the Ritz downtown. If anyone were out on their balcony at this hotel or on any neighboring hotel, they would be getting quite the pornographic show!

All three of us were moving in rhythm like a well-lubricated sex machine – my pussy juices flowing and our bodies slamming into each other with loud slapping noises. I could feel Bill beginning to tense up and I told him to slow down a bit so Tom could get to the same point. I then asked, “Where do you boys want to cum first?”

Tom answered, “I want to shoot my load right up your ass, baby!” Bill replied, “And I want to cum deep inside your wet cunt, hon!” “Perfect,” I answered, “Keep on fucking me then, I want us to all cum together!”

Hearing me talk dirty always made men harder and they just went to town on my pussy and ass at that point! Faster and faster my hung married studs fucked me as I screamed out in pleasure, “Oh, yeah, FUCK me! Oh, yeah, c’mon, guys! FUCK me hard! CUM deep inside my ass and cunt!”

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