Bad Girl makes Good Boy Bad

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I had been eyeing Adam for a while now but he confessed, he had noticed me first. Since then we’d fantasized about one another and I had even managed to seduce him into stealing a few kisses. The problem was of course that Adam was married which isn’t a hindrance in itself save for the fact that he was a good guy. Married to his high school sweetheart, a newly minted daddy and all well before his prime. Naturally he was restless. But as mentioned, much to my frustration (and his some days, I’m sure) he was a good guy. Now, I’m into bad boys but everything about him drove me wild. He was such a sweetheart, not shy but not the aggressive type either. A good guy, a charmer.

On a lark one night, I texted him from my hotel room, giving him directions and room number. I smiled, thinking nothing would come of it but it made me laugh to try. I turned my iPod on letting the music scroll seductively down the room and into the bathroom where I drew my bath, undressing slowly to the pulsing beats of an old R&B tune. I sunk into the warm water, humming with pleasure. I looked over at my phone checking for any answer from him. Nothing. I shrugged and reached over to pour myself a glass of white. I didn’t begrudge the boy anything. For a while I lay in the heat, lulled by the stroking of my own hands down my stomach, over my thighs. Eventually the wine and steam did their work, soothing my senses and body into a state of smoothed euphoria. I slipped into a terry robe and hit the lights, intending to watch some TV and knock off for the night when there came a soft rapping on the door. I paused frowning.

What in the hell?! Who the hell could that be?

I was a bit annoyed about the interruption and frankly didn’t intend to open the door anyway. But curious, I crossed the murky hallway and peeked through the peephole. No one. Someone had made a mistake. Fine. Suddenly a face loomed into focus and my heart hit my throat.


For a moment panic set in. I hadn’t really meant it when I’d sent those texts. Christ, and now he was here. My heart reeled. Should I let him in? Of course! Hurry up! my mind screamed. I guess the casino siteleri wine and hot bath had dulled my senses more than I imagined as my fingers fumbled with the lock. The door opened, a cold front of outside air pushed in and he silently along with it. I stood dumfounded against the wall as he quickly turned the lock, still cocooned in the arms of a slight stupor. This was crazy. My body leaned back, my skin still glistening from the water, my robe gaped slightly revealing a glimpse of my breasts. He stood still in the shadows without a word, looming over me, I couldn’t make out his face except for where the light etched along his mouth. It was the most seductive thing I’ve ever seen and I can still see it every time I close my eyes. Something hot and curling swirled inside my pussy. I felt helpless, weak with lust.

Suddenly I was in his arms and he was carrying me across the room. Oh my God, he carried me like I was nothing. I felt the soft impact of the bed beneath me and he had his arms inside my robe, his breath running heavily with mine. The slight stubble along his jaw grazed against my neck making me gasp in reaction. Then his mouth was on mine, sucking hungrily at my flesh, growling deeply within his throat. The heat was overwhelming me again, suffocating the air from out my lungs. He pulled my limbs out of the robe and wrapped them around himself, cursing with need when his hard cock met the soft place between my thighs. I reached down, fumbling with his belt, when he suddenly stopped and gripped my wrists.

“What is it?” I breathed, my body soft with sweat, my long blond hair dishevelled, fanned out behind me.

“I want to look at you.” he said, lifting my arms gently above my head. He kept me locked in place while his eyes took in the sight of my poised body beneath his. Thin arms, rounded breasts with large pink nipples, a small ribcage, flat stomach, hips that bloomed out into long lean legs.

“You’re unbelievable.” he whispered, his voice deep, grainy.

I felt a great lazy bloom of heat settle in my stomach at his words. My hips rolled in a seductive circle beneath his, the instinct canlı casino directing us both to share that oldest dance between a man and a woman. His blue eyes dilated and a nerve ticked in his jaw. I saw the pulse in his neck jump hot and fast, his blood was up. The heat his body expelled burned down over me like a mighty sun. I lifted my body slowly, putting soft hands against the strong column of his neck. He shuddered, nostrils flaring, like a bull penned in and about to charge. It felt dangerous, as if I was taunting an animal on a very tether. I could taste the adrenaline and my body shook with electricity. He was so much bigger than me. His biceps strained, the various veins scouring his tanned flesh. I touched my lips softly against his clavicle, catching the smell of a light cologne. I unbuttoned his shirt revealing slowly the hardened planes underneath, I held him and breathed his masculine scent deeply into my lungs. Impatient now he threw his shirt off and took my hands in his, crushing my fingers around his belt.

“Take it off” he growled. His grin was purely masculine and then his warm tongue was lapping hungrily against mine, his perfect mouth slanting over mine. I did as he asked, opening his jeans and pushing them down his hips. He kicked his pants off and now clad only in black boxer briefs gripped my ass in both hands and drove his thick erection against my centre. Oh my god! The pressure was becoming unbearable and his hot, hard pole slid against my agitated skin, wetting the front of his underwear with my running juices. We both gasped, straining together. His big square hands moulded my breasts, palming them, circling his thumbs against the nipples. His kisses moved down my neck, between my tits and finally, finally he was sucking my nipples in hot, wet pulls, using his tongue and teeth, sending sharp pricks of pleasure into my gut with every love bite.

“Ah, fuck.” he groaned, lost in the hedonistic pleasure of feasting on female flesh.

“Adam, Adam, Adam” I cried flying some where high in the stratosphere of this amazing fucking.

I suddenly snapped in shock like a bow when his mouth touched kaçak casino my thigh.

He looked up, grinning lazily and as I held my breath he licked his lips and bowed, pushing his tongue forcefully over and around my clit. He ate me out so deeply and hungrily it seemed he was of a mind ruin me for anyone else. I rode his mouth slowly, letting him drink as deeply as he liked. The muscles in my pussy, shuddered and tightened, raced towards that heady edge and over. He drank my climax in, lapping all of it, moaning in satisfaction as I squirmed and squirted.

“Christ, I need to fuck you” he groaned pulling his boxers off. He was bigger than any man I’ve ever had. Mighty length, mighty girth. He gripped my hip, and in his other hand his hard cock, posing it like a battering ram at the pink entrance to my slit.

“God, I can feel the heat from you sweet pussy.”

At that, he pushed the head in, moaning loudly.

“Oh Christ. Jesus Christ.”

My pussy was already swirling with pre-orgasm excitement. He slid the rest of his dick in, stretching my sheath. It opened around him like a small mouth, sucking deeply on his dick. He pulled out then thrust fully back in, balls deep in my heat, bathing his shaft in my cum. Oh my god, it felt phenomenal! He swung his hips, working his cock like a piston, fucking me so nice and deep I lost my fucken mind. He kissed me, both of us gasping for air. He was an animal, an absolute fucken beast in bed, plowing himself as deeply as he could get inside me. My juices were so thick they ran sopping down my thighs, over the bed sheets, wetting his balls, making soft, sucking sounds between us. I licked the sweat from his biceps that rippled with effort as he worked between my thighs. I felt his ass tightening and knew he was close. Flushed and drunk with lust I pinched my nipples, hard. The painful jolt caused my cunt to snap and grip tightly around him. The hard squeeze send him over the edge and he bellowed in pleasure, cumming forcefully again and again, until the thick white juice seeped out in over abundance, staining the sheets.

He stayed poised over me, trying to catch his breath, speechless and a little glass eyed.

I let him be, memorizing his face as it looked then, tracing his features lovingly into my mind.

Adam. Until that next time, my dear heart.



Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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