Band Parents Ch. 08

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In the few weeks since I’d taken Linda’s anal virginity, Lily and I had gotten together with Charles and Linda a couple of times, both together and separately. One Saturday, I took my son out of town to see my parents. We told them Lily had to work on a big project, but she was actually in our bedroom most of that weekend, letting Charles fuck her in the ass several times. When I returned, Lily and I made love as we watched the video of it together and we both came so hard that we collapsed into a sweaty sticky mess on the bed. I awoke a few hours later and the TV and all the lights were still on. Lily didn’t even stir as I turned it all off and rejoined her in the bed.

Charles finally got to take Linda anally a week or so later when they came to our house and had a four-way tryst much like the first time, except Charles and I ended the evening anally fucking our own wives as they knelt side-by-side on the bed. Charles came over the next day with a bottle of very old and expensive single-malt scotch as a thank-you present.

Presidents Day weekend, Charles and Linda decided to take the long weekend for a getaway. Since Lily had agreed to accompany our son on a trip to some video game convention he wanted to attend, I was left to my own devices from Friday evening until Monday afternoon. To say it was quiet would be an understatement. Nothing at all was going on until fairly late on Saturday afternoon when, while I was checking my email, I heard the video system kick in. I figured Abby was up to something. Part of me (mostly my dick) hoped that she was up to some fun with her boyfriend Chris — possibly even including her pal Melissa like they did over New Year’s. I loved jerking off to that video. No such luck, however. It was merely Abby returning some of her mother’s panties to her lingerie drawer and some other stuff to the closet, which was out of view of the cameras.

It was just after sunset when I got a call from Abby. She told me she had heard a noise and wanted me to investigate. When I arrived, Abby was dressed in tight jeans and a midriff-baring, very tight t-shirt. Her flame-red hair was braided into pigtails. She looked a little nervous. When I asked where she had heard the noise, she led me to her parents’ bedroom.

When I asked what kind of noise it was, she told me, “It sounded like my mom, moaning like crazy while you fucked her from behind, because that’s exactly what it was.” she told me. Oddly though, she didn’t really seem angry. “A few weeks ago, I forgot my flute and came home during lunch hour to pick it up before we had band practice after school. When I walked in the door, I heard Mommy groaning. I was scared for a second, but then I heard her say, ‘Fuck me, baby’ in the middle of all that moaning, so I was curious. I thought that she and Daddy might be ‘doing it’ but Daddy’s car wasn’t here so I had to see who could possibly be fucking my mother.”

“The bedroom door wasn’t quite shut,” Abby continued. “When I peeked in, there was mom with her butt in the air and her face down on the mattress with you fucking the shit out of her. She was pounding the mattress, clutching the sheets and begging you to fuck her harder. I will say, Mr. B., it must’ve been good. She’s not usually that loud with Daddy.”

I suppose I looked a little surprised, because Abby said, “I hear them all the time, especially lately. It’s a little weird to hear your parents fucking, but anymore it really turns me on. I finger my pussy and try to time it so I come with them. Some nights they’ll go two or three times.”

“That’s a little more information than I need to hear, Abby,” I scolded, trying to maintain some adult demeanor.

“Too much information is watching some guy fuck your mother, pull out of her, tear off a condom and shoot spunk all over her back and down her ass,” Abby countered. “Are you going to deny it or even try to explain it?”

Abby had to be telling the truth. casino siteleri She described the action exactly as it had happened, and I knew that she had seen me cum after taking Linda’s anal virginity. I began to wonder what was this girl up to.

“It’s kind of hard to deny, and I don’t know that I necessarily owe you much explanation, Abby,” I said calmly. “About all I’ll say is that I’m sorry you had to witness it.”

“Well, I guess I could always have my Daddy ask you explain it,” she said slyly, “or maybe you could explain it to your wife?”

I was beginning to comprehend what Abby wanted from this conversation. Blackmail is an ugly thing, even though it really wouldn’t have worked in this case. After all, Charles knew I was fucking Linda. Lily knew I was fucking Linda. And we all knew that Charles was fucking Lily. Abby didn’t know any of that though. She had no clue that the four of us had been swapping and sharing sexual adventures together since October, and I wasn’t going to tell her if I could help it. If she thought seeing me have sex with her mother was too much information, where along the scale would be the idea that her father and I both enjoyed licking the other’s cum out of one of the ladies’ freshly fucked pussies?

I quickly decided to play dumb and nervous. “So what do you want from me?” I asked cautiously.

She grinned. “I want what Mommy got, Mr. B.,” she said, slipping closer to me. “I want you to fuck me, and fuck me good, or I tell my dad and Mrs. B everything that I saw.”

“You want me to fuck you right here? Right now? On your parents’ bed?”

Abby looked up at me with a devious smirk on her face. “Of course. If you fuck me good enough, I’ll wash the sheets and spray a little Febreze around the room and nobody will ever know. If it’s not good enough, though, I’ll just have to say that you broke in and raped me…”

I smiled to myself, knowing that four cameras and a couple of very sensitive microphones were recording this whole conversation. Embarrassing as the video evidence might be, no jury would ever convict anybody once that was shown. Still, the path of least resistance would be to give the girl what she asked for while knowing that she didn’t hold all the cards like she thought she did.

“Well,” I pretended to stammer. “Since you put it that way, where do you want to start?”

“I knew you’d see it my way,” Abby chuckled as she lifted the t-shirt over her head, revealing a black bra with pink polka dots. The shirt was quickly tossed aside and Abby reached behind her to unsnap the bra, which also was quickly discarded to reveal her breasts. As the bra floated to the floor, I caught a glimpse of the size tag on it that proclaimed her to be a 32B. Abby’s conical little tits stood firm, proud and high on her chest, lightly covered with freckles just like her face. Her puffy nipples, so similar to her mother’s, were pulling into hard knots as the cool air of the room touched them.

Abby cupped her tits and glanced up at me, as if to gauge my reaction. I simply smiled. I suppose that was enough approval, for she reached for the button at the waistband of her jeans, and soon had them undone and started to push them down. As the jeans cleared the widest part of her slim hips, she turned her back to me. Her pert little butt was soon exposed, the round cheeks framed by the black and pink matching thong wedged deep in the cleft of her ass.

As she finished pushing the jeans down her slim legs and kicked them away, I stepped back slightly and began to unbutton my shirt as I admired the view. Abby stood straight and turned back to face me wearing only the black and pink thong. She stepped closer, then dropped to her knees and began to unbutton my jeans, her hands moving quickly, as if she was in a hurry to get to my cock. She roughly pushed my jeans down to about mid-thigh, then reached through the fly of my boxers to fish canlı casino out my erection.

I wasn’t fully hard yet, but that wasn’t going to slow Abby at all. She pounced on my dick like the early bird jumps on the first worm of the day, trying almost immediately to take its full length down her throat. I think she was trying to do a blowjob like she’d seen in a porn video or something. There wasn’t a lot of tongue action involved, though she did slip down and lap at my balls a little now and then. Mostly she just tried to suck me down her gullet and most of the time she managed it, at least for a moment or two. Then she’d pull off, gasping for breath, only to catch her breath and dive again. Occasionally she would gag and pull away coughing.

To be totally honest, I’ve had better blowjobs, but when a hot little 18-year-old redhead is naked on her knees and sucking on your cock, she can do it however she wants. What Abby wanted to do was to take my entire cock in her mouth as deeply as possible. She didn’t use her hands on my cock at all, using them instead to pull my hips toward her as I stood there, quite literally fucking her face.

Her blowjob method was sloppy and noisy. She gasped loudly when she came up for air. She drooled so much saliva down her chin so that it dripped on her chest and slid down her flat stomach. The gagging and grunting sounded almost like a rooting hog. It wasn’t romantic, but then this wasn’t about romance. It was obvious she wasn’t trying to prolong my pleasure. There was no teasing me and then backing off. Abby was hell-bent on sucking me off as fast as she possibly could. Maybe she figured this old man wouldn’t be able to get it up again, I don’t know, but I wasn’t going to chance it.

I yanked on Abby’s red ponytail, pulling her off my dick and onto her feet. Then I forcefully pushed her onto the bed on her back. Hooking my fingers in the waistband of her thong, I yanked the panties roughly down her legs and threw them behind me. Then I grabbed her hips, stepped between her feet and pulled her to the edge of the bed, forcing her thighs wide apart and positioning my cock at her shaved pussy lips. I could see that she was extremely wet already, and with her saliva covering my hard-on, I knew there was no real need to go slowly. I was not in a mood to be tender anyway. The little tramp was using sex as a weapon and trying to blackmail me, and the more I thought about it, the angrier I became. I decided that if sex was going to be the weapon in this contest, then I’d outgun her to the best of my ability, and that meant giving her the hardest fucking I’d ever given any woman in my life.

I pushed my cock into her completely in one fast stroke and then began to fuck her with all my strength. There was no tenderness, no taking it slow. I pounded her furiously and, oddly enough, she was getting off on it. I counted at least three orgasms – big ones – before I felt my own cum starting to rise from my balls.

“I’m going to cum, Abby,” I grunted. “I’m going to cum deep in your tight little pussy.”

“Do it, Mr. B.,” Abby grunted. “Fill my pussy with your hot cum!”

With a loud groan, I plunged deep into her canal and unloaded my sperm against her cervix, which made her cum one more time. Not giving her a chance to rest or catch her breath, I spun her around into a 69 position with my temporarily deflated, cum-covered cock dangling in her face. She struggled to get away from my tongue as I begin to probe her pussy. “No, Mr. B. I’m all messy down there now!”

“You wanted what your mom got,” I reminded her. “And what she got was eaten out after I’d fucked her, just like this.” Then I ran my tongue through her slit and drank up the jism that was pouring from her tight little teenaged pussy.

“Damn, Mr. B!” Abby groaned as I buried my face in her cunt. “Nobody would ever believe my mom was that kinky.”

As I licked up all the juices kaçak casino pouring from Abby’s pussy, I’d occasionally chase a few smears of the white goo down the crack of her ass. After a while, she got into the whole dirty scene and started sucking on my gooey cock. Next I started working my index finger all the way up in her rectum while I sucked viciously on her clit. She stiffened and released me from her mouth, then screamed as her biggest climax of the evening crashed over her. As she came, she squirted an absolute flood of her juices into my face. As I came up for air, I could tell that even my hair was wet with her juices. The sheet underneath her was soaked, as was a big patch of the bedroom carpet.

Experiencing her incredible climax was all it had taken to bring my second erection to full strength, but Abby was nearly comatose after her squirting orgasm. “Let her rest,” I thought to myself, “I’ll fuck her some more when she wakes up.” I wandered into the bathroom for a washcloth so I could wipe off my face. Stroking my cock gently to keep my hard-on going as I strolled toward the master bathroom, I could see that the closet doors were ajar. Even before I got all the way to them, I could see the telltale red light of a video camera.

“So the little minx is recording this for blackmail,” I chuckled to myself as I stepped into the master bathroom and washed my face. My cock hardened completely as reached in the closet and retrieved the small video camera and its tripod. Already my mind was racing ahead to incorporating the footage from the closet into the edited video of this night with Abby. I also had plans for grabbing some point-of-view footage of what I was going to do next.

I set the camera on the by the bed, making sure it was aimed where it got a good view of her face, then I grabbed Abby under her knees, spreading and lifting her legs as I worked my hardness into her juicy pussy. Again, there was no tenderness involved as I fucked her. She was still unresponsive. I guess that I’d fucked her out. This time when I was ready to cum, I grabbed the camera from its tripod and knelt beside Abby’s head to stroke myself off. Two huge spurts of cum pasted both of her eyes, and the last few, less powerful, jets coated her lips.

That managed to rouse her to near consciousness. “Damn, Mr. B.” she exclaimed as she tried to wipe the cum out of her eyes. “You cum by the bucket!”

“Thank you.” I replied, still focusing the camera on her cum-plastered face as I continued. “Just so we’re clear, Abby. My wife and your father know that I’m fucking your mom. In fact, your dad is fucking my wife. Sometimes we all do it in the same room. Everything is open and above-board between the four of us.

Abby sat bolt upright in bed, her eyes wide with shock as my words sank into her brain. “You mean my parents are swingers?” she squealed. “Holy crap!”

“Yes, they are,” I replied. “And just so you don’t get any other wild ideas, Miss Kowalski, I’m going to take this video with me, and you will never mention any of this to your parents.”

Abby never told anyone, but her experience with me made another impression on her. A week or so after I fucked her on her parents’ bed, she took her boyfriend Chris in there and fucked him. I saw her wink slyly at one of the cameras when she turned away from him to strip off her skirt and panties. It was a marathon fucking session that ended with Chris blasting a huge load into Abby’s tight pink pussy as she rode him reverse-cowgirl style. Before he could catch his breath, the little minx shuffled back on her knees, planted her oozing cunt on his face and took his slime-coated cock in her mouth. It didn’t end well. Chris threw her off him, yelled at her for being ‘a sick bitch’ for thinking he was gay and wanted to eat cum.

Abby contented herself in the arms, and pussy, of her friend Melissa after that, regularly giving me a show from Charles and Linda’s bedroom. Melissa brought her boyfriend once, and he fucked both girls, who lovingly licked each other clean after he filled them up. Abby always found a way to wink at one of the cameras during these sessions. She knew I was watching.

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