Becoming a Playboy

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Let me first introduce myself briefly. I am 32 years old very horny and sexually active male. I moved into the world of pleasure and sex at the age of 18. When I first felt a girl for whom I had feelings from my childhood (my cousin). It’s an other story I will post it some other time.

This time I am writing one of the real experience with one of my cousins daughter, I will call her Jennifer. I was 26 at the time when it happened and she was 19. I was very much a playboy type ever since my first experience with a girl. Jennifer and one of her friend sally came to stay at my home for few days. I have observed a strange attraction and cravings in the eyes of Jennifer’s friend sally from the day they have arrived. Whenever we talk I saw sally looking into my eyes and it made me feel like she wants me. Well what else I could have dreamed about. I was having other opportunities at my work place and girl friends but here a young girl at my home is also making me come to her. Night after night I started thinking about sally and one night I got into her room and started feeling her. She was sleeping when I started feeling her. At first she was hesitant illegal bahis when she came to know what is happening but later she stopped protesting. I was feeling her all over. Her young 18 year old body was very sexy and seductive. I was messaging her boobs from under her shirt when I heard someone waking up. I got afraid and left the room. The other night same thing happened but this time sally was waiting for me. She told me that her friend my cousin’s daughter Jennifer saw me at her bed last night and she fully guessed what was going on. Anyway I asked her to forget about it as I knew it was dark and I can easily get away. I also did not want to spoil my fun with sally that night.

Anyways the morning after that night they left back for their homes but me and sally started having regular get togethers when I visit her place or pick her from her school and hire a motel room. I will write about it in detail at some other time.

One day when I was working at my office, the phone rang and it was Jennifer on the other end. She asked me how I am and other casual talk. Before we hang up she told me that she wants to talk to me about something very important illegal bahis siteleri but she don’t know how to explain it. She said she loves me and she wants me to love her too. No matter what type of a guy I was but she was my cousins daughter and I had never thought about her in that way. So I told her its impossible as I am her uncle and much older than her. I feelings for her are only as an uncle can have for her niece. She said she don’t believe me and she will do anything to get my love. When she saw that she can’t get me she said she had seen me with her friend sally on that night and if her friend can have my attention why not her. I tried to explain to her that there is nothing between me and her friend and she said good but she wants me for herself. Anyways I hung up the phone but started thinking about what she said and what if she will tell someone about that night.

Jennifer started coming to stay at our house regularly. I used to stay with my parents that time. My parents were very happy for her visits as she helps my mom to look after the house. During her stay whenever she gets the chance she talk to me and tell me about canlı bahis siteleri her love and cravings for me. For a long time I successfully ignored her but one night when she was at our place I woke up with a hard on and the only thing that was coming to my mind was her. I was not been able to decide what should I do. If I take the opportunity or not. My playboy thoughts tell me she is a young girl and its her choice so take her. I got up from my bed and my feet automatically started moving towards the room she was sleeping. I saw her sleeping, she was wearing a trouser and shirt. My devil feelings made me get into bed with her.

I started by placing my hand on her left boob. She was still sleeping and I got the courage and as the taboo had already broken with my hand on her one boob, now there was no return. I placed my other hand on her other boob and started feeling them good. My hands got into her shirt and under her bra on her boobs. Her nipples were hard. She had 34c breasts. I hear very low moans from her mouth. I was thinking about sucking her boobs and feeling her young pussy when I heard someone in my parents room. I left for my room and thanks God as I was not caught. I masturbated myself and then slept. I was not sure if Jennifer was awake or she thought it was a dream. I will write to you what happened later in my next post. Do reply me with your comments. Thanks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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