Bed of Rose’s Ch. 03

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Disclaimer: The characters in this story are entirely fictional, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. The following story involves graphic descriptions of sexual encounters. If such things offend you, please read no further. Also, this is the third part of an ongoing story. For this to make more sense, I advise reading “Bed of Roses” parts one and two. I hope you enjoy the story.

————- —————–

Part 3: Counting Flowers on the Wall

————- —————–

Rose McGuire was still somewhat amazed by the simple things that captivated her those days. She had been staring at a series of green vines and assorted flowers that had been painted on the wall of her cellar-apartment by the beautiful blonde girl sleeping next to her. It was hard to make out details by the ghostly light emitted by the television and its electric snow. Charlotte had thought it would be a great way of “livening up” the place, and Rose had discovered that there were very few things she would refuse the young woman. She glanced down and softly kissed her lover on the forehead after brushing her hair out of the way. Charlotte was curled up with her head on Rose’s chest, snoring lightly. It had only been four months since the young woman who she had known in high school had come looking for her. She and Rose had played high school soccer together until Rose got kicked off the team when it was discovered she was a lesbian. Apparently, the young woman was also gay, and had wanted Rose to be her first “experience.” But Rose had switched schools, and Charlotte had lost track of her until a casual sighting of Rose wandering the woods above the college soccer fields. Charlotte had contrived the situation under which the two of them had been reintroduced. Charlotte had discovered that Rose was a tow-truck driver (at that time), and had arranged for her car to have problems where Rose would be the person most likely to be called. They had quickly bonded as friends, and became lovers shortly after that.

While fairy-tale like in many respects, their relationship hadn’t been without its problems. After outing herself to her parents, Charlotte had been asked to bring Rose over for a family dinner, which Rose left in tears. Charlotte’s mother had been as friendly as a starving hyena. While Rose had received a written apology, it had been empty and everyone involved knew it. Rose got along great with Charlotte’s father though. He had helped her get a job at an upscale auto garage and sales lot where she got to restore custom cars. She was earning good money at it and loved her work. She had even put off the idea of opening her own garage for a while. She wasn’t in a rush anymore.

Charlotte had come over that evening (she came over most evenings when she wasn’t on the road with her college soccer team) and had insisted on doing the painting. She had painted one set of vines in an outline of a human body and had used Rose as her model. She insisted on Rose being nude. That particular session of painting hadn’t lasted long before the two were in bed together. They were physically quite different. Rose was definitely the “butch” of the two, though she was still highly feminine. She was muscular and toned with bright red hair that she had traditionally kept in a flowing mohawk. She had let her hair start growing out again and had trimmed down the mohawk, moving towards a more business-acceptable look. Charlotte had medium-length blonde hair with were always kept in pigtails. She had big blue eyes and an angelic face. She had well-rounded curves and warm, smooth skin. She liked cute clothes, whereas Rose went for practical denim or tight leather. In high school, Rose had been seen as the “discontent” or “troublemaker,” while Charlotte had been the “good girl” and the “all-American sweetheart.” Well, the sweetheart belonged to the troublemaker, and she wasn’t always a good girl. They had made love several times that day, causing the painting to go slowly. And with each vine and flower Rose looked at, a moment of that day flitted across her memory.

“You should be sleeping,” came a voice from beneath a mop of blonde hair. “You have to work tomorrow.”

“I thought you WERE asleep,” responded Rose.

“Your breathing isn’t as smooth when you’re awake. Make’s it harder for me to sleep. If you couldn’t sleep, you should have woken me up. We could have talked . . .” said Charlotte, holding Rose closer, ” . . . or snuggled.”

“Snuggling leads to other things sweetie, and you have class in the morning.” But Rose’s heart wasn’t in her argument. When Charlotte had started stirring, the sheet got pulled back and her beautiful, large breasts came into view.

“Class doesn’t start until 9:30, and I’m fairly close to campus already. And since I’m awake now, I need you to tire me out.” She started kissing Rose’s neck.

“Goodness girl, do you ever think about anything else?” Moan.

“Yes, but I’ve been trying to cut back.” Her lips made their canlı bahis way up Rose’s chins until they in were in place for a long, slow kiss. “C’mon, just a quickie? I promise I’ll be good after that.”

“Don’t you dare,” responded Rose as she grabbed the warm flesh of one of Charlotte’s breasts.

“I thought you’d see things my way.” Her hand drifted down to Rose’s sex garden and a finger slipped between the two lips. She just let it work its way back and forth as Rose’s mound started swelling and her moisture level increased. Then she brought a second finger into the picture, fucking Rose with her miniature cock. Rose had no choice but to reciprocate, and soon they were just lying next to each other and humping on another’s hand while kissing each other’s faces, necks and lips.

It was one of those rare situations where they felt no need to break into Rose’s bag of sex toys. They weren’t rushing anything. They simply loved the feeling of being with each other and in each other, even in that small way. The tempo of their respective fingerings increased, as did their kissing rate. It only took five minutes before they brought each other to simultaneous orgasm. They were both so spent from the days activities that they didn’t have much left, but they enjoyed the sensation just the same. The were pressed tightly together, almost as if wanted to share their pleasure with their partner and wishing some of it could be transferred through their skin.

“Now go to sleep,” said Charlotte, placing her head back on Rose’s chest.

“Whatever you say,” whispered Rose. And finally sleep took them both.

———————– ——————————

As is the case in many peoples lives, things got complicated at the very moment they seemed to be perfect. Such was the case in Rose’s life. When she got home from work the next day, there was a sheriff’s car in her driveway. She recognized Deputy Smith right away. He was a good cop who checked in periodically to make sure she was okay. Initially it was because he had hoped to get her into bed, but he had quickly transitioned into the role of ‘friend’ when he found out she was gay. He was one of her only friends, besides Charlotte, who wasn’t involved in the automotive industry.

“What’s up?” she asked, noting the somber look on his face.

“I’ve got some bad news, Rose.”

Panic flooded her mind. She was afraid something had happened to Charlotte.

“Your father is dead.”

Rose felt a sense of elation, followed by guilt. While she didn’t think much of her father, she didn’t mean to downplay his death. She was just happy it wasn’t her girlfriend. “What happened?” she asked calmly.

“Single-vehicle drunk driving accident down in Florida.”

“Doesn’t surprise me. Anyone else hurt?”

“No.” The officer looked confused. “You don’t seem to upset.”

“Dan,” she started, “I haven’t seen my father in over six years. He ran off with some bimbo and stuck me with my mother.”

“Has she been told?”

“I have no idea. I haven’t seen her in three years. My family has a tendency to run off.”

Dan was stunned. “Well, I’m sorry anyway. Let me know if you need anything.”

“Thanks, but I’ll be okay.” At that moment, Charlotte’s little blue Volkswagon Beetle pulled up the drive. She approached Rose as Dan got back into his patrol car.

“What happened?” she asked.

Rose recited the conversation, and Charlotte listened sympathetically. The blonde girl didn’t get all gushy like Dan had apparently been tempted to do. Charlotte was one of the few people who knew Rose’s family story, and she knew Rose wouldn’t be too devastated.

“So,” she continued, “what does it mean regarding the house?”

“I don’t know. He didn’t have a will or anything. But I’ve been the one paying taxes and paying bills here. I guess I’ll get a hold of a lawyer and see what I should do.” Rose was hesitant to ask the next question, but she knew she had to. “Do you think you could talk to your dad and see if there is anyone he would recommend?”

Charlotte understood the trepidation in her lover’s voice. Charlotte’s father was a judge, and would have lots of connections. It would be easier to ask her mother, a defense lawyer, but Rose would rather crawl across a bed of broken glass before asking for help from Mrs. Webb. Charlotte promised she would ask.

“Want to go bowling or something? I figure you aren’t much in the mood for our other favorite activity?”

Rose smiled. The girl may have a one-track mind, but she was at least willing to stop the train every now and then. “Actually, let’s just get some groceries and stay in tonight. Maybe watch “CSI” or something.”

And that is exactly what they did. The two of them curled up on the floor in front of the television with a bag of heavily buttered popcorn and some sodas and watched their shows. Charlotte actually decided not to stay the night. Her father left for work early in the morning, so it would be easier to catch him if she slept bahis siteleri in her own bedroom. Rose missed the presence of her body that night, but knew it was the best course of action.

The next day, Charlotte came by and told Rose that her father would look into finding Rose an attorney, but it might take a while. Things started to return to normal. Rose went to work, Charlotte went to school, and then they came home to each other. It was a few days before Rose was in the right frame of mind for intimacy, but Charlotte’s saturating cute-ness wore down her defenses without the girl even trying. A week after the deputy had dropped by, Charlotte was over and had insisted on making breakfast burritos for dinner. The burritos were delightful, but they weren’t as nice as Charlotte’s outfit. She was wearing skintight terrycloth shorts and a pink tube top. This was what Charlotte liked to wear when she was over at Rose’s, and Rose never objected. She looked good enough to eat. As Charlotte did the dishes, Rose went over to her bag of toys and quickly removed her clothing before snapping on her favorite harness and strap-on. It was a seven inch red-jelly dong, and was good for all occasions. She crept up behind Charlotte and place the dong between her legs and up against the crotch of her shorts. She wrapped her arms around the girl’s waist so she couldn’t turn around.

“Ooh, what do we have here?” asked Charlotte as she reached down and felt the head of the dildo between her legs.

“I just thought that since you’ve been so patient the last few days that I’d reward you with a good, hard fuck.” She was kissing the nape of Charlotte’s neck, something which she knew drove the young woman wild. It worked.

“Are you sure? I mean I could . . . Oh God . . . we could wait . . .”

“Do you want to wait?” Rose returned. “Do you want me to do something besides stick this bright red cock into your wet, pink pussy?”

“Nuh . . . No. Please.”

“Then ‘shh!'” Rose reached over to the sink and made it so that the water was running cool. She had one of those hose attachments, so she grabbed it and proceeded to soak the front of Charlotte’s shirt, and the cool water helped the blonde girl’s nipples stand out against the cotton tube top. Rose released the hose and grabbed Charlotte’s tits through the shirt. “That’s more like it.”

“Great,” moaned Charlotte. “Now you’ve gone and gotten me all wet.”

“And that’s just for starters.” Rose retracted one hand so she could push her lover’s shorts down past her ass, and was delighted to see she wasn’t wearing any underwear. “Now grab the counter, ‘cause I’m taking you to town!” As Charlotte gripped the edge of the sink as if her life depended on it, Rose slipped the head of the dong into Charlotte’s inviting slit. She pumped gently at first until her lover was good and wet. Then she grabbed the girl’s hips and started pounding away. She scrunched the back of Charlotte’s tube top in her fist and used it as a handle. She released the young woman’s hips completely and ran her hand around the girl’s body, rubbing her clit and mound while she rammed that tight little pussy with her plastic dick. Charlotte pushed her shirt up above her tits in the front so she could tweak her own nipples while she got drilled from behind. Rose decided that Charlotte must have really been aching for sex, because it didn’t take long before the blonde girl was cumming all over the plastic invader. She arched her shoulders backward and her arms were actually trembling as she gripped the edge of the sink. Rose wrapped her arms around the beautiful girl’s waist to keep her from falling forward. She actually felt the girls juices creep down the dildo and onto her own legs.

“I really don’t think you could have waited much longer,” whispered Rose into her lover’s ear.

“I was about ready to burst. Which I have now done. But it’s my turn now, so take that thing off and get on the bed.

Rose turned toward the bed and, after receiving a slap on the ass, moved towards it while removing the harness. She lay on her back, enjoying the feeling of the fan circulating air over her already sweaty skin. Charlotte sauntered over to the back of toys and carried it to the side of the bed. Rose’s legs were draped over the side, and Charlotte placed herself between them. She started by kissing and licking Rose’s now-swollen mound before moving her tongue down the great divide. Rose had been with women before Charlotte, but none of them could do what the blonde girl could do to her body.

Charlotte licked and sucked for a while, then placed two fingers into Rose’s flowerbed, spreading her open and wiggling around. “Now what to do with you?” she murmured. She leaned in a licked Rose’s clitoral hood. How do I fuck you while still getting to eat your goodies? I know!” She reached into the back and grabbed another dildo. This one was only six inches long, but it suited her design perfectly. She took one end in her mouth, leaned in and pressed the head between Rose’s pussy lips. bahis şirketleri She pushed inward and when the length of it was inside, she released her mouth’s hold on it and licked her way around it with her tongue. Then she grabbed the end with her teeth and pulled it outward.

“God,” moaned Rose. “You’re the most creative lover I’ve ever heard of.”

“Thmph mvoo.” She kept it up for a few minutes, then pulled the dildo out, grabbed it with her hand and positioned the head at Rose’s asshole. Rose was an anal fiend, and Charlotte planned on using that. The dong was nice a slick, so she pushed it slowly inward. She loved watching Rose’s rosebud spread to accommodate the toy. They had done this often enough that it provided little pain to the redhead, and that pain quickly turned to pleasure. Charlotte left started pumping the dong in and out of her lover’s ass while she returned to her oral pleasuring. She concentrated on Rose’s clit, but took several opportunities to tease the tender area around the asshole every time it the dildo was on an outward stroke. Then, with one hand working the toy, she brought her fingers from the other hand to bear on Rose’s pussy while continuing to tease her clit with her tongue. Rose was completely at the blonde girl’s mercy, but there wasn’t any place she would rather be. When her orgasm rocked her body, she wrapped her legs around Charlotte’s head and held on for dear life. Her lover tried licking up as much girl-cum as she could handle, but she still wound up with her face coated in the stuff.

Rose looked down, and all she could see were those big blue eyes and blond pigtails popping up between her legs. As Charlotte crawled down the length of the bed, she left a drip-trail of Rose’s own juices all along the way until Rose was able to taste them on the blonde girl’s lips. Then Charlotte looked her straight in the eyes.

“Say it. Please.”

Rose pulled the girl’s head close until her lips were touching Charlotte’s ear. “I love you.” Charlotte’s body seemed to flush even more and her skin lit up with goose bumps. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” The two of them headed to the shower for their typical post-sex activity, which was to have sex again while in the process of getting cleaned up. But when they were drying off, they heard voices upstairs. Rose looked alarmed. She threw on a pair of sweat pants and t-shirt before grabbing her shotgun (loaded with rock-salt) and headed upstairs. On her way up, she told Charlotte to call the police. Charlotte had put her shorts back on, but was naked from the waste up.

Rose slowly opened the door at the top of the stairs. She saw a man in a three-piece suit standing next to the door, and there seemed to be someone on the other side of him. They were the only ones up there. She moved towards them and leveled her weapon at the man in the suit.

“Hold it. You are trespassing on private property and the police have been called. Get the hell . . .” She stopped in mid-rant. The person on the other side moved around. It was a very tackily dressed woman in her forties. Rose knew that woman.

“Sweetie!” she said with a voice that reeked of alcohol and venom. “Is that any way to greet your mother?”

———————– ——————————

The stand off had been tense. Her mother had apparently found out about her “husband’s” death and had come up to claim whatever she had coming to her. The man who had come with her was her lawyer, a sleazy man named Robert Jones. Her mother felt she was entitled to everything her husband had left since they had never formerly gotten a divorce. Unfortunately, that meant she had a legitimate claim to the house and the tow-truck, along with other assorted odds and ends.

The police arrived and attempted to diffuse a tense situation. Luckily, Dan Smith was one of the officers who arrived at the scene. Eventually, Rose’s mother and her pet rat were told to leave. As far as they were concerned, Rose was the only one who had proof of residency, so if Mrs. McGuire wanted the house, she would have to go to court.

“I plan on doing that.” The bitch looked at Rose. “See you soon, DEAR.”

Soon, everyone had cleared out except for Deputy Smith and Charlotte. Charlotte had come up the stairs after making the phone call and finishing getting dressed. Rose’s mother, Beatrice, had obviously wanted to make some crude comment about her daughter having a woman in the house, but had decided against it. Rose still had her gun in hand at that time.

Dan spoke up first. “Listen, as soon as she proves she is who she claims to be and shows proof of marriage, she’ll go to court. At the very least, she’ll probably be able to get at least half of anything that technically belonged to your dad.”

Rose was sitting on her workout bench, staring at the front door with a blank expression. “All he had, to my knowledge, was this house and that truck. How do you take half of that?”

Dan looked apprehensive. “I’ve seen some family squabbles over inheritance. One thing that could happen is the court could order his assets be liquidated and the profits be divided somehow amongst surviving family. Particularly since he didn’t leave a will.”

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