Benefit Soccer Game

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We, the Highway Patrol, are always trying to improve PR with the community. We were invited to field a team to compete with the local college team. We had enough with a couple extras. We decided on Red shorts with White compression shorts and Red jerseys with White writing. As we walked to the field from the locker room the college players met us, and we walked to the field together.

We started the game and were introduced by the announcer. As we took our positions to start the game someone walked by and asked as he walked by, “Are you sure your gonna be able to do this thing pops?”

I looked and it was Swain Hodge. He was about 5’9″, 170, thin but well built. I replied, “Don’t let me get near you boy, that little boy bun there is the perfect leverage. It’ll be something for me to grab onto.”

He was intentionally playing close, a little too close. I started playing him close, intentionally bumping into him and rubbing his ass and groin. We went on like this during the first time. We were leaving the field for half time and Swain walked up behind slapping my ass and saying, “You are doing pretty damn good pops.”

When we came back neither one of us started so we just stood talking. Swain told me he was 21 and on scholarship. I told him I really liked his little boy bun and he just blushed. His name was called, and he entered the game, during play he wound up on his back on the ground in front of me. I stepped up with my feet on either side of his head and offered a hand to him as I smiled. I said, “Let Pops help you boy, take my hand.”

The game went right to end, and the college boys eked out a win. As we were shaking hands after the game Swain asked if we were going to meet and greet afterwards. I told him we’d be there. We both headed for our team’s respective locker rooms. After we had showered and dressed we headed for the meet and greet. We walked in and Swain walked up telling me everything was on the house.

We worked around the room to the line to get the finger goods. Everyone was talking and getting better acquainted and the photographers were taking photos. People were mingling but Swain never got to far from my side, I thought I felt him caressing my ass a few times. The meet and greet was starting to wind down. I started across the room and my foot slipped out from under me.

Next thing I knew I was waking up in the hospital. Swain was there at my side, he said, “You slipped on some liquid in the floor and was knocked out. Your coworkers had to get the others back. Your friend said he’d come back to get you, all you got to do is casino şirketleri call him.”

“Call him, I need to get home.”

“No can do, the doctor says you got to stay 12 hours just to verify no further issues pops. I got his number and I’ll get him when you can travel.”

“What am I going to do for 12 hours here?”

“I am here to keep you company pops, let’s talk.”

We talked, Swain waited on me hand and foot while we killed the time. I said to Swain, “Call the nurse, I need to take a piss.”

He said, “I’ll walk over to the nurse’s station and ask about that.”

He came back to the room and he said they said if he was here you didn’t need them. He extended his hand and said, “Grab my hand pops, I am here for you.”

I placed my arm on his shoulder steadying myself as he helped me to the bathroom. I asked, “I know we just met but can you pull my gown out of the way please.”

Swain reached across and accidentally bumped my cock as he was pulling the gown out of the way. I saw him look down, glance away and look down again, this time only longer. Swain said, “I bet you can please some ladies with that.”

I replied, “It isn’t the ladies I’d be pleasing.”

When I was done, I told him he could let my gown go and he pulled it across me brushing my cock again, intentionally this time. I asked Swain for a drink of water when I got done and was sitting on the side of the bed. He took my chin in his hand and held the bottle while I drank from it. I was done drinking and helped lift my feet and legs back in the bed. He pulled my gown tight across me and pulled up the blanket.

He sat on the side of the bed, laying his hand on my side. The nurse came in and said, “The doctor is on his way, you will need a ride to be dismissed. You can get dressed.”

Swain called David and he said something had come up, he would find somebody else and let Swain know when he did. Swain just said he’d do it, not to worry. I told Swain, “I can find a ride.”

Swain said, “No I am here, I can take you home, I know you are ready to go. Let me get you dressed.”

He got my underwear, jeans, and shirt. Swain took my feet and placed them on the floor with me sitting on the side of the bed. First, he put my socks on, then my underwear, next came my jeans and boots. He had me stand and he pulled my jeans up all the way, snapping them. Lastly came my shirt. About this time the doctor came in talking to me and saying I completely fine, but I would be sore. He gave me a prescription for me pain killers just in case.

We were on the casino firmalari way to my house, I put my address in Swain’s phone. When we pulled up in the driveway Swain woke me up. He came around and grabbed my hands to help me up out of his Miata. He helped me in the house. I told Swain I wanted a beer and a soak in my hot tube. Swain started stripping me leaving everything in a pile and grabbed the beer escorting me outside.

I climbed in the tub and Swain was just standing there. I said, “Lose those clothes and get your ass in here college boy.”

He was quickly naked, and I handed him my beer. He stood in front of me as I said, “Sit here on my lap facing me, I need my shoulders massaged.”

He placed his feet on both sides of my hips kneeling in front of me. He took another swallow of beer, then he kissed me letting it run in my mouth as he kneaded my shoulders. I pulled Swain to me and told him I needed to get in my own bed. He got out of the hot tub and went to my bed. I lay on my back and let Swain crawl in on top of me.

I placed a hand on his head grabbing his man bun. Swain leaned forward and started sucking my lips, working his way down to my neck, then my nipples, across my abs and down. He finally held my cock up, licked the head and dropped to my balls. As he alternated balls he said, “Pops, I know you got a few years on me, but your big fat black cock and balls are awesome. I think we are going to have a fucking fantastic time.”

Swain went back to my big balls, finally getting both in his mouth, rolling and washing them with his saliva. Swain let each ball come out of his mouth. he started for my cock and I told him to turn around. He placed his knees arm pits and placed my arms over his legs. Swain started sucking and licking my cock, up and down, tracing the veins.

I got the lube and got a gob in my hand spreading it. I placed my finger at his pink pucker and pushed gently. Swain moaned and took my cock head in his mouth. He started bobbing up and down, moaning loudly. He pulled off saying, “I love a big black cock. My last boyfriends were good but your great.”

He went back to sucking my cock, up and down as I worked his ass. I worked his ass with one finger, then added another and spread that hole wider, opening and closing my fingers. Swain had bobbed up and down getting about 7″ of my cock in his mouth. Swain kept bobbing, taking more and more as I pushed down, helping him out.

He finally took it all in his mouth and throat, moaning loudly as he took my whole cock to the root. I got another gob of lube on güvenilir casino my fingers and continued loosening up his ass. Swain gasped with his throat full of my fat black cock. Swain pulled off and I told him to turn around, I wanted some of that tight ass. Swain turned, straddling me, leaned down and kissed me deep. Swain reached down, held my cock and aimed it for his hole.

Swain lowered his hole onto my cock, stopping when it touched his sweet puckered hole. He slowly started lowering ass taking my cock into his tight hole. He got just the head in and stopped. Looking at me he said as he moaned, “I know I can do this, and I will not give up trying.”

He slowly started taking my cock again, lowering his ass further, then stopping to pull up a bit and lowering, again and again, moaning incoherently as he took my cock. He finally took the whole fat 9+ inches and stopped with it fully in his ass saying, “Oh fuck, I cannot believe what your fat black cock is doing to my ass. Oh fuck, it feels so good.”

Swain raised up, rotated his hips a little, and then bent back over kissing my neck. I wrapped my arms around Swain, hugging him tight and rolled us over, me on top and Swain on his back. I pulled out a little, then placed Swain’s ankles on my shoulder. I looked at Swain and said, “I am gonna show you what a hung black older man for can do for a young sweet tight ass.”

Swain said, “Do it pops, do it!”

I started slowly fucking Swain’s ass, rotating my hips slowly when I was balls deep. I fucked his ass slow, then fast, hard then softly, as Swain moaned louder and louder. I started fucking his tight hole faster and faster pushing harder and harder into his sweet ass. I told Swain I was fixing to cum and he yelled out. I started shooting my cum, filling his hole, then collapsed on top of him.

I rolled off Swain, lying beside him as he rolled on his side facing me. He said, “I am so glad we met, I have never been fucked like you did. I might just have to start looking for my men a little bit older.”

Swain said he had to be getting home soon. I asked if he was hungry and he said he had time for a shower and a quick meal. I got up, pulled him up and led him to the shower. We bathed each other, dried off and I fixed us both a sandwich and chips. Swain was dressing himself as I pulled on a pair of shorts too. He had gathered his things and came up to me.

He started kissing me as I dropped my hands to his ass squeezing and working his sweet cheeks. Swain told me he had a fantastic time and if I wanted to do it again just let him know, his number was in my phone and mine in his. I walked him to his car thanking him for the care he had taken of me. I kissed him again. I winked and said, “Pops loves ya little dude.”

I watched him drive off hoping for another time. You gotta love them college boys.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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