Best Friends Ch. 1

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Kathy threw the minivan in park and came to a stop in Gina’s driveway. She felt a little guilty. Gina was her best friend at work and they had known each other for a little over a year. Gina had asked her to visit many times in the last couple months since her and Dave had bought their new house, but Kathy had two kids she was raising alone and when she wasn’t working, she was at a school function or just playing taxi driver. It was hard to get away, but with the office shut down for the week and both kids in school, she finally had the chance for some time just for herself, and today she had promised Gina she would take some time for the much promised visit.

Whatever Gina had said about the new house couldn’t begin to describe how awesome it looked. As her eyes scanned the landscaping and the two stories of red brick, she could only wish to someday live in a home like this. She wondered up to the door and shuffled the small housewarming gift she had brought from one hand to the other. Even the doorbell had a classy, rich sound to it.

Gina answered the door and flashed a big smile. “Come on in!” she laughed. “I was hoping you wouldn’t come up with an excuse to get out of our date. I even picked up some of that flavored coffee cream you always hide in the fridge at work so no one else can use it all, just for this morning.” Kathy slipped through the door and took in a deep breath at the vaulted ceilings and rich wood trim. “This place is so nice! Your description’s didn’t do it justice.” Gina smiled a sincere thank you, and pulled Kathy off to the breakfast nook for some coffee.

After sipping coffee and trading office gossip, Gina asked Kathy if she wanted the “tour”. “Heck yea! Lets see this place of yours” she replied. Off they went, Gina leading her from room to room and glowing with pride as she showed off her home. “And finally, my favorite room in the house” she said as she opened a door leading off the back of the main floor hallway. Inside was the most complete gym Kathy had ever seen, outside of a regular health club. Three machines were spread out across the floor, one of them Kathy didn’t even recognize and the two of the others she wasn’t even sure how they worked. Lined up against the wall, were pull up bars and sets of weights and barbells. What really caught her eye was in the far corner. A large, redwood sided Jacuzzi was steaming as the hot water slowly bubbled and spit.

“Holy shit, Gina!” Kathy gushed. “Do you guys actually use all this stuff?” Gina laughed. “Dave uses it. At least he says he does, but I use the one simple machine and then climb in the hot tub.” Kathy just whistled a low whistle.” I always wanted to get a membership at a gym, but with work and the kids, I wouldn’t be able to use it enough to justify the cost.” Gina just smiled. “Your welcome here anytime, but you already knew that. Wanna try some of this stuff out as long as you’re here?” Kathy shuffled her feet a little. “I don’t think your supposed to work out in jeans and a blouse, besides, I’m sure you have things to do, besides coach me on gym equipment all morning.” Gina smiled again. “I have the entire day free, and besides, you’re about the same size as me. I can loan you some shorts and a shirt. What do you say? Wanna give it a try?” Kathy laughed and nodded her head. “What the hell. Where do I change?

Kathy pulled the shorts on Gina had loaned her. They were shorter than she was used to, but baggy enough that she didn’t feel too uncomfortable. The tank top was another thing. Kathy had fairly large breasts and the way the top was cut, her bra straps just plain looked güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri stupid sticking out over her shoulders. She shrugged and thought what the hell. It was only the two of them and unhooked the bra, tossing it on top of her other street clothes. Slipping out of the guest room, she wandered into the gym and found Gina already peddling an exercise bike, her long blond hair swinging from side to side as she peddled the bike at a brisk speed. She had on shorts much like the ones she had loaned Kathy, and much to her relief, had also forgone a bra. The tank top was a little baggy on Gina, and her small breasts jiggled against the fabric unlike the way Kathy’s stretched the cotton to it’s limit.

Gina looked and smiled. “Hi! Everything fit ok?” Kathy giggled a little. “they don’t fit me quite the way they do you, but I’ll manage.” Gina paused a moment and let her eyes wander down to Kathy’s breasts. “I think everything fits you just fine.” Kathy caught the long gaze and turned a little red. “Gee, thanks I think”, she stammered in a kidding tone. Gina spoke up again. “I’d give anything to have breasts like yours.” Kathy broke the tension by wandering over to one of the machines and looking it over. “How the hell does this thing work? She asked.

The next hour or so was spent with Gina helping Kathy change tensions on the machines and showing her the proper ways to use them. Kathy enjoyed the exercise and the time spent just on herself for a change, but she found her mind wandering back to Gina’s gaze when she first walked into the gym. It had been a long time since anyone had complimented her on her figure, and even coming from a woman it was flattering. Several times during the workout session, Gina brushed against her and she was surprised at the way her heart beat a little faster. Once, while Gina was showing her the proper way to use the hand grips on the stretch machine, she brushed right across Kathy’s left breasts with the side of her hand, and the way her nipples reacted caused her to turn red. Especially when she noticed Gina staring at them for more than a few moments.

Finally, both women had had enough and Gina suggested some time soaking their tired muscles in the hot tub and letting the bubbles do their thing. Kathy said that sounded like the best idea all day and asked if she could borrow a swimsuit. Gina just laughed. “Come on, Kath. It’s just the two of us. It’ll do way more for those muscles if we do it minus the suits. There are robes in the bathroom off the gym. I’ll be back in a second with some refreshments.”

Kathy nervously stripped off the shorts and tank top and slipped into the thick terry robe. “Come on” she thought to herself. We are two adult women that are going to soak in a hot tub after exercising. The absence of clothes is no big deal. Of course, if that were true, then why was her tummy doing flip-flops and her heart pounding like crazy? “Oh well” she shrugged, the thought of the hot water and bubbles over came any confusion she was feeling, and she knotted the robe and wandered back in the gym.

Gina returned at almost the same time Kathy came back into the gym and was caring a bottle of white wine and a pair of wine glasses. “It might be a little early for wine, but what the hell, we earned it on those machines, right?” she laughed. Kathy simply nodded as Gina set the bottle and glasses on the small deck around the tub. She tried to act non chalant as Gina loosened the sash to her robe and let it fall to the floor, but she couldn’t help but let her eyes wander across the body of her friend that had caused such güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri confusing feelings within her all morning. Her breasts were small, but full and the nipples looked almost as large as her own. But when her eyes fell across her friend’s pussy, her mouth almost fell open. It was shaved completely smooth. She had thought about doing her own like that years ago, but never had, and this was the first time she had ever seen one so smooth and bare. Realizing she had stared for way too long, she glanced up and saw that Gina had been watching her reaction. Again, she turned red, but Gina simply gave another of those big smiles.

Kathy followed Gina into the water and let herself settle into the hot bubbles. “My God this feels awesome” she mumbled out loud. Gina replied with a comment about it being her favorite place in the house. After passing Kathy a glass of wine, Gina slid around on the seat and giggled to her friend. “Did you find the “spot” yet?” Kathy looked puzzled. “The spot” she replied. Gina laughed again. “Yea, the spot. If you get in just the right spot on the seat, the water jets can make you feel VERY good!” Understanding, Kathy smiled and slid herself over a jet. Opening her legs a little, she let the jet blow the bubbles between her legs and found out what Gina meant. She took a long sip of the wine and closed her eyes. The water and air mixed together, added with the sexual tension of the morning shot waves of pleasure through her entire body. She let the jet do it’s thing until she accidentally let out a small moan. Embarrassed, she opened her eyes and again saw that same smile on Gina’s face, only this time, instead of turning red, she smiled back.

“Bring that glass over here and I’ll give you a refill” Gina said, picking up the bottle and topping off her own glass. Kathy slid across the tub and held out her glass. “There’s an other jet right next to mine, if you wanna stay closer to the bottle” Gina hinted. Kathy settled in next to Gina and wiggled onto the jet until it felt as good as the other had. The two woman chatted and sipped wine for the next hour. Kathy became so relaxed that she didn’t even flinch when halfway through the bottle, Gina let her hand rest on Kathy’s thigh and left it there, occasionally squeezing for effect during conversation.

Finally, the bottle exhausted, Gina explained that since it was her first work out, she deserved the “full treatment”. When she saw Kathy’s puzzled look, she laughed and told her to get out of the tub and dry off. Kathy did as she was asked and Gina led her to one of the padded benches used for sitting while lifting the barbells. Gina then grabbed a bottle of oil and had Kathy straddle one leg on each side of the bench and promptly sat behind her.

Kathy felt the oil drip onto her shoulders directly followed be Gina’s hands. As Gina worked the oil into her skin, she felt her muscles relax and she closed her eyes and enjoyed the attention. It had been a long time since anyone had made her feel this good. The fact that it was a woman added to the excitement. Gina was working the oil into the small of her back and Kathy didn’t think she ever wanted the feeling to end. Gina followed by working Kathy’s upper arms and then returned to the shoulders. Gina’s hands stopped for a moment and soon she felt the oil being dripped onto her upper chest. Gina asked her to raise her arms and as Kathy did so, she felt Gina reach around and gently work the oil into her upper chest. Soon Gina’s hands started hitting her nipples and Kathy glanced down to see that they were standing out straight güvenilir bahis şirketleri and very hard. As she was looking, Gina let her hands drop lower and she took both of Kathy’s full, large breasts in her hands. As she kneaded and squeezed them, Kathy started to breath deeper and closed her eyes, falling back against Gina not being able to ignore the feeling of Gina’s own nipples pressing into her back. She closed her eyes and let Gina’s body support her as she let herself go.

Gina twisted the nipples between her thumbs and fingers, causing Kathy to moan even louder. She reached up with one hand and brushed Kathy’s hair to the side and gently started to suck her neck, her mouth open and wet, her tongue dancing against the warm skin. Kathy whimpered and squeezed Gina’s thighs with both hands, her fingers digging into the flesh and her heart pounding harder. She could feel her nipples grow puffy and swollen in Gina’s fingers and the feel of her mouth only added to the pleasure.

As she leaned back harder into Gina, Gina let one hand lightly slide down Kathy’s tummy, until her fingers combed their way through the thin hair. She found Kathy’s clit and gently started to massage it with two wet fingers. Kathy let her mouth fall open and moaned to Gina “Oh my god, that feels good. She turned her head around to look into Gina’s eyes. Gina smiled a little, and then pressed her open mouth against Kathy’s, slipping her tongue in deep and kissing her hard. Kathy moaned into her mouth and Gina replied by burring two fingers deep into Kathy’s wet pussy. Kathy arched up off the bench as Gina began to fuck her faster with her fingers, probing and twisting them as she brought Gina close to orgasm. Kathy sucked hard on Gina’s tongue and pushed her pussy against her fingers. She was so close. Gina felt her squeeze and held her fingers as deep in Kathy as she could reach. Kathy screamed out and arched even higher, coming violently. The waves of orgasm started to pass and she fell back against Gina, her heart still pounding and her breath short. “My god, that felt so damn good” she moaned. Gina softly kissed her and whispered into her mouth “Turn around, honey”

Kathy spun around on the bench, her legs shaking and her heart still beating hard. Gina reached up and touched her face. “You OK, honey?” Kathy simply smiled and nodded. Gina leaned down and softly kissed her again, then took the bottle of oil and squeezed some on her own breasts and looked Kathy straight in the eyes. Kathy reached out and took both breasts in her hands and gently kneaded them, causing Gina to close her eyes and moan. Kathy could feel the nipples swell and rolled them in her fingers. Gina’s breasts were much smaller than hers, but they felt good in her hands. She liked the reactions she got and let Gina’s moans guide her. Kathy leaned down and snaked her tongue out flicking it across one of the nipples while she pinched and pulled the other, then taking it in her mouth and sucking hard. The more Gina reacted, the more she sucked and licked, going from one breast to the other.

She laid Gina back and licked her way down her friends tummy. Tracing her tongue lower, she could smell the wetness between Gina’s legs. She was about to do something she had never even thought of doing and she couldn’t wait any longer. She parted Gina’s pussy lips with her fingers and leaned in close, taking her clit in her lips and gently sucking while her tongue massaged it at the same time. Gina opened her legs further and moaned loudly, at the same time slipping her fingers into Kathy’s hair and arching into her face. Tasting the bare, smooth wetness was driving her crazy and she sucked and licked so hard, Gina couldn’t help but arch off the bench and scream when she came. Kathy crawled up her friend and pressed her open mouth to Gina’s, feeding her tongue and pressing the two pounding hearts together while catching her breath.

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