Beth in the Bakery

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Big Tits

Beth was horny. There is no way better to describe it than she was horny. At 8 months pregnant she was not getting what she needed from her husband Troy because he was “afraid he would hurt the baby.” What a load of crap! She knew better but it didn’t matter, in a few months she could get to firming up the body that she took such pride in. Even pregnant she looked good, she thought as she walked into her favorite chain bakery. So what if Troy didn’t like her belly, she’d make him pay for that later.

Mike was late. He was always late. But today he just didn’t feel like going to work. His tie was too tight, he was exhausted, he just needed a break. His call into the office was short and sweet, his throat was sore and he didn’t want to pass what he had on to anyone else. Top that off with a bagel and coffee and his day was already getting better. As he walked up in line he noticed the beautiful curves of the woman in front of him. Mike was no chubby chaser but he liked his women with curves, skinny just wasn’t hot. As she turned to walk down the line Mike caught his breath. It wasn’t her pretty face or cute glasses that stopped him in his tracks. It was her belly. It was beautiful and sexy all in one heart stopping moment.

Beth couldn’t help but see the man in line behind her stop in his tracks when he saw her belly and she got a little pissed off at his staring. Its a baby moron, she thought to herself but then she noticed that the stare was different. He wasn’t being rude. Was it a look of longing? For a moment, Beth had the urge to touch herself, and felt the warm sensation of nether regions getting wet. Jeez, how little it took to get her turned on. Beth giggled to herself as she thought how stupid she was being for thinking that some guy at the bakery was turned on by her fat self.

Mike blindly adjusted his growing erection. He had not been able to take his eyes off of the pregnant lady and didn’t really care what anyone thought. He bumbled through his order to the chagrin of the girl at the counter and made his way to a table that faced the pregnant lady. Mike didn’t know what it was about the lady, he wasn’t turned on canlı bahis by every pregnant lady that he saw. He had fantasized before about being with a pregnant woman but it didn’t preoccupy him like she did. Mike was like any other guy, he fantasized about EVERYTHING. Rarely did a woman of any shape or size mesmerize him like she did.

Beth noticed him staring. He was being discreet but it was obvious he was staring. She had a feeling his thoughts were as impure as hers when she saw him adjust himself for the umpteenth time. The problem wasn’t that the guy was a perv, which she thought he might be. The problem was that she was horny and with his eyes on her she was now on fire. Her sun dress could not hide the leaking that her pussy was doing and most of all she knew that she couldn’t resist if he offered. Even worse, she had begun to slowly hike her sun dress up, little by little to tease the man. It was working. Working too well.

Mike was a little more self-conscience now. Maybe it was the coffee or the food but he was now aware and a bit afraid that his staring had made the woman uncomfortable. He thought about leaving but had noticed that little by little her sun dress had been moving up and up and even if it was nonchalant, he was getting a great view of her legs.

Beth was willing to pull her sun dress all the way up, she was that horny and pregnancy had made her a big believer in wearing no panties. She wasn’t sure if the view was that great because she hadn’t had a chance to “wax the floors” in awhile but she didn’t care. She was getting off on the exhibition and the endorphins were whittling away her inhibitions. The bakery was empty except for the two of them and the girl at the counter who was much too engrossed in her magazine to care one way or the other. With that in mind Beth did something that she would never have dreamed of doing in her life. As she raised her leg to put it up on the chair, she felt the cool breeze flow over her pussy sending a chill throughout her body.

Mike just about came in his pants. The gorgeous pregnant lady had been slowly raising her skirt but he thought he had just been getting bahis siteleri a lucky show from an unsuspecting woman. Now he was staring at one of the wettest pussies he had ever seen. He had been hard for awhile but his cock was bursting through his pants now. As calmly as he could, he stood up and walked slowly towards the exhibitionist pregnant lady. Her table was well out of view of the door or the counter lady and without notice or thought he knelt down in front of her and began to drink in her wetness with long wonderful licks.

Beth’s eyes rolled back in her head as the strange man took long licks of her long neglected pussy. He was in no rush but it didn’t matter, her first orgasm hit fast and hard. She wrapped her leg around the back of his neck and squeezed him into her as she shook with wave after wave. When she could finally pry her eyes open she noticed that the counter girl had come around the corner and was now watching the show. She didn’t look mad, in fact she looked envious. The man had not stopped licking and Beth couldn’t hold back the next mind-shattering orgasm or the guttural moan that came with it. It was like her eyes were sealed shut and electricity was coursing through her body. The police could walk in and haul her away and she wouldn’t even know it, or care.

Mike’s long licks had turned into a focused attack on her clit. As he rolled his skilled tongue around her bud he worked a finger into her sopping wet whole. He had no intention of leaving it in there long, he just needed a wet finger for what he was about to do. He began to run the lubricated finger around the pregnant woman’s asshole and then slowly slid a finger up inside her.

Beth felt the man rubbing her asshole and knew she was in trouble. If there is one thing she loves it is a tongue on her pussy and a finger up her ass. This guy was good, so good. Then he entered her and she came apart. She no longer cared what the counter girl thought, or if someone outside the store heard her. She screamed with pleasure and cursed in a sexy deep tone. When the counter girl’s mouth covered hers and she felt the tongue of a woman in her mouth for the first bahis şirketleri time she began to cum again, moaning loudly into the girl’s mouth. She opened her eyes to see that the girl had taken off her work pants and was busily working her own clit. “Don’t worry, I locked the door and put a Closed Sign up” is what the counter girl said before she began to kiss her way down Beth’s neck.

Mike’s cock was raging hard and needed to not only be set free but it needed relief. After the pregnant woman had finished orgasming for what seemed like the hundredth time, Mike pulled back, shocked to see the pants-less counter girl making out with the pregnant woman. Mike’s cock was a gem. Eight inches and very thick. Few girls could take it and like it at first. For some reason he knew the pregnant lady would do just fine.

As the counter girl began to suck on the dark brown engorged nipples of the pregnant woman Mike’s eyes met Beth’s. He moved closer with his cock in hand and gently placed it at the opening of her pussy. Beth was breathless. Despite having many orgasms from his wonderful licking she had been waiting for this for too long. If Troy couldn’t provide it, fuck him. No, fuck the stranger. He sunk into her fast and she was taken aback by the size. Again, within seconds she was orgasming over and over again. The counter girl was sucking milk out of her tits while this gorgeous man was fucking her silly. She reached down between the counter girl’s legs and began fingering her pussy. She had never done this before with another woman but she knew what she liked. She slid the finger in and out and then slowly eased her thumb up the girl’s ass. The counter girl shuddered and almost fell over as she came once, then twice whispering “You bitch… ahhhhh… fuck I’m coming again…”

Mike began to pound Beth’s pussy, moving him closer and closer to what he wanted. He rubbed her swollen belly and his pounded harder and harder. Finally, he pulled his cock out and stroked rope after rope of cum out of his cock. The cum went everywhere and on everyone.

Beth shuddered with an orgasm as her fantasy of the guy across the bakery and the counter girl faded into memory. No one seemed to notice as she got up and started for the door. When the counter girl winked at her she blushed. Maybe the girl had seen her, maybe not. Maybe next time the fantasy could be more.

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