Beyond the Ordinary – the Devil

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is another story in my “Beyond the Ordinary” series. It is not sequential to any other story in the series.


Life had finally returned to normal for Rhonda . . . or at least, it had finally become more normal. She wasn’t certain it had ever really been normal. But now, her divorce was finally final, ending a really miserable chapter of her life, and that enabled her to finally move in with her boyfriend, Tim, to hopefully start a new and exciting chapter. She had been living with her brother, Ron, and his significant other, Jenna—who was really more significant than other—and she was sure they were happy for her to move out. Although she was certain they would miss her cooking and the other “extras” she did for them. In addition, she’d been able to put her culinary skills to great use as a part time chef at a fine dining restaurant, working two or three nights a week, or more often as needed. All in all, things were good and getting better.

Tim was her attorney, and while handling her divorce, they’d hit it off and started seeing each other.

The other thing to know about Rhonda was that she was an extremely sexual woman. She loved sex, male or female, it didn’t matter. It almost caused her relationship with Tim to end before it began. He had not been adept at sex and she had come on strong. But in the end, she’d licked him into shape—not to mention licking other things—and now, their relationship was filled with glorious sex, which also included some foursomes with Ron and Jenna. Most couples got together with other couples and went out to dinner and/or shows; Rhonda and Tim and Ron and Jenna did all of that and usually ended up fucking.

The only thing that had taken some getting used to was all the time Rhonda now had on her hands. She of course, had taken over all the housekeeping duties, which were really minimal since it was just the two of them and they generally tidied up after themselves. That left her with a lot of cooking time, particularly since Tim’s condo had a true gourmet kitchen, both in preparing exquisite meals for her and Tim, as well as, experimenting with new dishes for the restaurant. The executive chef allowed her to submit recipes for him to try, and while he’d pronounced all of them as excellent, a few had even become specials on the menu.

It was the task of working on a new dish that Rhonda was about to embark on. Along with her overactive sexual libido was her enjoyment of wearing little to nothing around the house. She particularly loved to be topless, and could frequently be found wearing skirts, jeans or just underwear with nothing on above the waist. When cooking, she often wore only an apron to cover her breasts and genitals from accidental spillage of hot liquids.

Rhonda had just donned her favorite apron when the doorbell rang. The sophisticated condominium building that Tim’s home was in had more than just peep holes at the door. There were tiny video cameras to not only show who the visitor was, but it could scan the hallway to see if there were more than one. The woman at the door was extremely beautiful. Rhonda wondered if she was maybe one of Tim’s clients, but she knew he never gave out his home address. Then the woman turned, and Rhonda immediately recognized her.

It was Tim’s cousin, Corinne. With no regard for her attire, Rhonda yanked open the door, but the look of shock on the visitor’s face caught Rhonda off guard until she realized what she had on. Doing her best to cover herself, Rhonda greeted, “Corinne?”

Her expression changing to a frown, Corinne said a hesitant, “Yes. Are you Rhonda?”

“Yes, come in and let me go put something on.” Rhonda ran to the bedroom and threw on the first thing she could find in the closet, which was a short, flowered, low-cut, sleeveless dress and quickly returned to the living room. She found Corinne sitting on the sofa, and now noticed the woman to be wearing a fairly tightfitting long sleeve, low-cut, short dress. With her legs crossed, a great deal of very shapely leg was showing, which the ever-horny Rhonda found enticing. “I’m sorry. I frequently cook in only an apron.”

“I understand. I like being comfortable around the house also.”

Rhonda wondered how comfortable that meant. She took a seat further down the sofa drawing her legs up to reveal quite a bit of her own thighs. “Did Tim not tell me you were coming?”

“No. I just had an impulse to get away for a few days. I’m an attorney also and I just finished a really difficult case,” Corinne explained. “Wanted to clear my mind. Had no destination in mind, and then I remembered hearing that Tim now had a girlfriend, and all due respect, I thought that might be something to see.”

“No offense taken.”

“How did you know who I am?”

“Tim has talked about you a few times,” Rhonda explained. But what she didn’t say—yet—was that he had a fixation about fucking her. “I’ve seen a couple of pictures of you. You’re quite beautiful.”

Corinne nodded and smiled. “As are you.”

“And you’re ankara escort bayan surprised that he could be with someone like me,” Rhonda surmised.

“No, no, not at all. I’m surprised that he would be forward enough to—”

“I get it. You’re going to see a new and improved Tim; quite possibly someone you won’t even recognize.”

“So, you’ve changed him?”

“I would prefer to say that he wanted to change, and I helped him.”

Corinne smiled at the thought. “Well, I’ll be anxious to see that. So, what has he told you about me?”

“Not much, really. I think you are his favorite cousin. He just mentioned some things the two of you did as kids.”

“Oh, well that has the potential to be embarrassing,” Corinne said with a grimace.

“Not to me.”

“So, what did he tell you?”

“Something about playing you show me yours and I’ll show you mine.”

“That is embarrassing.”

“No, it’s normal. What’s interesting is what he didn’t tell me.”

“What do you mean?”

“What I was able to surmise; that he was very attracted to you, and very likely, still is.” Rhonda watched her closely for a reaction.

“Our parents were close and did a lot together. Tim and I are both an only child, so we spent a lot of time with each other, and in some ways, we were the sibling the other never had.” Corinne chuckled. “We even helped each other through those awkward dating years.”

With a nod, Rhonda asked, “Is that where ‘you show me yours and I’ll show you mine’ came in?”

Corinne merely nodded in embarrassment.

“Did you ever want to do more with Tim?”

“Wow! That’s really personal,” she said, squirming a bit.

“I’m sorry. The only reason I ask is because I sense he would have liked to do more with you, but as you know, he used to be very timid around women.”

She raised her eyebrows at the news. “Our families were fairly prim and proper, so neither of us would have done that.”

Rhonda nodded her understanding. “But did you want to?”

Corinne squirmed uncomfortably. “Does it really matter?”

“No. But if you did, it wouldn’t bother me. Wouldn’t bother me even if you still wanted to. And just so you know, we’re very open-minded about such things.”

“The thing is, I am somewhat like Tim, or from what it sounds, like Tim was. I didn’t date much, haven’t had many relationships. Tim and I were so close as cousins and he was very handsome, so to some extent, he was my ideal guy.”

“He still is very handsome,” Rhonda reported. “And you’re very beautiful. It’s hard to believe you haven’t had many relationships. I can see why he would be attracted to you. Hell, I’m attracted to you.” She paused to see how that played.

After a beat, Corinne asked, “You like women, too?”

“I do.”

“Tim knows?”

“He watches Jenna and me.” Rhonda noticed Corinne breathe a little heavier. “You like women, too?”

Corinne shrugged, ill-at-ease. “I had a roommate in college who was as shy around guys as I was. We fooled around a little. At one point, I thought it might become a preference, but I never had any other opportunities. I do still like men.”

“Men are my preference also. Nothing like a good hard dick.”

Corinne giggled.

“But it can’t always beat the tenderness and affection of a woman.” Rhonda saw Corinne looking at her differently, perhaps admiringly? Under the guise of adjusting her position, Rhonda eased closer to Corinne. “You really are beautiful, you know.”

“Thank you.”

“I love your hair,” Rhonda complimented, touching a few strands. “Wish I could wear mine like that.”

“Thanks, I—”

But she shut up when Rhonda drug her hand across Corinne’s shoulder. Rhonda leaned her arm on top of the back of the sofa, resting her head in her hand. Rhonda then ran her hand along the rim of Corinne’s low-cut dress, her fingers skimming a portion of Corinne’s breast. The lawyer merely looked on in wonder, and when she didn’t stop the chef, Rhonda let her fingertips dance on the other woman’s tits.

Corinne sucked in her breath.

Rhonda leaned in as though to kiss Corinne but halted very close. “Want me to stop?” she whispered.

With a curious expression, Corinne offered a single shake of her head.

Rhonda used her forefinger against Corinne’s chin to tilt her head into position for their lips to connect. It was a brief, tentative kiss. Corinne leaned back and raised her feet to rest on her toes, which allowed her dress to ride higher and expose more leg. Rhonda’s arm that had been on the back of the sofa went around Corinne’s shoulders and her other hand padded Corinne’s breasts as they kissed again.

When Corinne kissed back, Rhonda knelt on the sofa facing the other woman so their lips fit together better. Rhonda became a bit more aggressive, moving her hand down to Corinne’s bare leg and enjoying its smooth, soft feel.

A moment later, they stopped to catch a breath. Corinne noted, “You move fast.”

“Want me to stop?” ankara bayan escort Rhonda again asked.

Corinne smiled. “No, it’s actually kinda nice.”

“Want to go further?”

Not sure what that meant, but willing to find out, Corinne merely nodded.

So, Rhonda reached around and unzipped the back of Corinne’s dress and peeled it off her shoulders letting it settle around her waist. She wore a lovely yellow bra that revealed nicely rounded breasts. Their lips together again, Rhonda took Corinne’s hand and placed it on her breast. Corinne’s eyes widened at touching another woman’s boobs, but she then went so far as to push the slinky material away to expose Rhonda’s tit. They kissed again with Corinne still feeling Rhonda up, and then Rhonda lifted one of Corinne’s breasts out of its bra cup. She licked the woman’s nipple, then sucked it, eliciting moans from the attorney.

“Oh, that’s nice,” Corinne purred.

That told Rhonda that Corinne was now fully a part of what they were doing so she pulled the woman to her, sitting her in her lap facing her, Corinne’s dress gathering around her waist. Rhonda sucked her nipples some more while running her hands around the elastic of the woman’s panties. Rhonda was in full horny mode now, but she cautioned herself to keep their pace moderate.

However, Corinne was moaning heavily, suggesting that she was ready for much more. So, Rhonda laid her down on her back on the sofa and pulled her bra down to her waist. She held both of Corinne’s delightful breasts in each hand and continued to enjoy sucking and kissing them. When Rhonda stopped for a moment to admire Corinne’s boobs, the other woman reached up to push Rhonda’s dress down baring the chef’s tits. The two hugged to press their breasts together and even rotated them around each other.

Ever the aggressor, Rhonda sat up on the backs of her calves and pulled Corinne up to a similar position removing her bra and lifting her dress up and off, leaving the woman in just panties. Rhonda pulled Corinne’s back to her, wrapping her arm around the lawyer’s breasts and letting her other hand find her pussy. Corinne cried out in pleasure when she felt Rhonda’s fingers dancing between her legs. With her other hand, the chef reached around to pull the elastic leg aside so she could slide a finger between the other’s labium and rub her bare, wet and juicy clit.

Rhonda then pushed Corinne over onto her back and removed her panties. Rhonda moved between Corinne’s legs in a missionary-like position and their lips came together. Sliding down, Rhonda grasped each of Corinne’s breasts, holding them up to again suck her nipples. With Tim’s cousin now breathing heavily and purring continuously, Rhonda was ready—and was sure that the lawyer was ready—for the aggressor to ease further down.

Rhonda’s first swipe of her tongue against Corinne’s pussy drove the latter wild. Rhonda used thumb and forefinger to pinch and flick Corinne’s clit while giving her a fierce tongue-lashing. Corinne was thrashing about, but Rhonda managed to keep her mouth affixed to the other’s inner section. Rhonda then drove a digit from her other hand into Corinne’s hole, finger fucking her also.

Whipping her head from side to side, Corinne didn’t know how much more she could take. Her previous forays into girl-girl sex had never been so intense, and she knew the orgasm she felt coming was going to be a massive one. And so it was. She felt warmth spread through her body, felt her nerves electrifying. She couldn’t keep still. She had to squirm around, her body trembling. And then it gradually subsided.

As her breathing slowly recovered, Rhonda came in for a kiss, and with their lips locked, she sat up as the other sat back on calves. When they parted to catch their breath, Rhonda stood to remove her panties.

“Who’s your guest?”

Rhonda looked up to see Tim standing behind Corinne, obviously unable to identify her. Rhonda was not the least bit surprised by his appearance, but it caught Corinne off guard and she whipped her head around to see who it was.

With her face smeared with pussy juice, Rhonda grinned and said, “Just getting to know your cousin.”

By then, Tim was able to recognize their visitor. “Corinne?”

“Hi, Tim,” Corinne greeted as though they had just been sitting there talking. For a second, she thought that she should cover up, but from her earlier conversation with Rhonda, it probably wasn’t necessary. She stood and stepped toward her cousin with arms outstretched to hug him, but she noticed that he seemed fixated on her body. “What’s the matter? Never saw a naked woman before?”

He snapped out of it. “You’ve grown into quite a woman. When we used to play show me yours and I’ll show you mine, we never used to show this much.”

Corinne hugged Tim, but it felt like he was not leaning his body into it, as though he didn’t want to feel her naked body against his. This didn’t seem like the new and improved Tim Rhonda had boasted about. “I’m sorry. Does this make you uncomfortable? ankara escort bayanlar Want me to cover up?”

“No, no,” Tim answered, somewhat nervously. “Just getting used to it.”

“Well, Rhonda said you’d come out of your shell.”

“As, apparently, have you.” He glanced at Rhonda. “You give a whole new meaning to getting to know someone.”

Rhonda merely shrugged and grinned. “You know me.”

“Yeah, guess I shouldn’t be surprised,” Tim said. “But I guess I am surprised at you, Corinne. Didn’t know you did girls now.”

“Don’t usually. Had a few little flings in college—”

“And of course, once Rhonda found out—”

“It was mutual,” Corinne said in both hers and Rhonda’s defense. “Does that bother you?”

Tim thought about it for a second and then snapped out of it. “No, not at all. Just didn’t know you were coming—”

Corinne grinned. “I actually already did, but Rhonda hasn’t.”

“Well, I was actually starting to work on a new dish when you arrived, so I’m going to go make us some dinner,” Rhonda said, toddling off naked.

“Can I help?” Corinne asked.

“No. You and Tim visit for a while.”

“So,” Corinne said. “I hope dropping in unannounced is not a problem?”

“No,” Tim said. “I’m thrilled to see you.”

“Are you sure?”

“The reason I seemed so the aloof when I first saw you was because I was in awe of how beautiful you’ve become. I mean, you were always beautiful in my eyes, but now, you look incredible. And just so you know, it’s not because you were naked. Although, that was a real treat, a bonus.”

“Awe. I’m really touched. That’s so sweet. And here we are sitting here with me totally naked. But I must tell you, it feels quite liberating. Not to mention also just having had one of the best orgasms of my life. Your girlfriend is really something.”

“Yes, she is,” Tim agreed. “You almost never know what to expect from her.”

“She’s just so totally different from the kind of woman I would have expected you to be with.”

“Well, you know what they say. In all things opposites attract.”

“So, is that how she greets all of your guests?” Corinne asked, tongue-in-cheek.

“No, no. She’s actually very loyal. She obviously recognized you. She would have never done that with a total stranger.”

“But I was a stranger to her.”

“No, you’re family. Even though she’s never met you before, she knew who you were.”

“She said you watch her and her brother’s girlfriend together.”

“And her brother.”

“Her brother and his girlfriend together?”

Tim didn’t answer right away. He considered what he wanted to tell his cousin, and finally decided to come right out with it. “Her and her brother.”

There was definitely surprise in Corrine’s face. But beyond that Tim couldn’t tell what else.

“Are you saying that she and her brother have sex?” There was no denying the incredulity in her voice.


“And you’re okay with that?”

“It took a little getting used to, but I’m Okay with it now.” Tim paused for a moment, then asked, “What do you think about it?”

Corinne shrugged. “Well, I guess I’m not naïve to think that incest is not real. I’ve never known anyone who has done it.”

“The way you have to think of it,” Tim pointed out, “is it’s between consenting adults.”

“So, if you and her brother’s girlfriend watch her and her brother, does that mean you’ve also done it with her brother’s girlfriend?” Corinne wanted to know.

“Yes, it does.”

“Wow! You really have changed. Have you ever wanted to do it with a family member?” Corinne asked.

Tim hesitated, but then finally said, “You know I have.”


He merely nodded.

“Do you still want to?”


“Well, that’s going to take some getting used to.”

“Did you ever want to do it with me?”

“The short answer is yes, but I knew it was taboo, so I never expected it to happen. Not sure I’m ready for something like that.”

“Well, I would never force myself on you.” Tim decided it was time to change the subject as it seemed to be getting a bit awkward for her. “So, what brings you here?”

Corinne gave him the same answer she had given to Rhonda.

“Well, you’re welcome to stay as long as you like. As long as you don’t find it too awkward. I think I can safely say that Rhonda will not have a problem with it.”

At about that time, a still naked Rhonda peeked her head in and announced that dinner was ready.

As Tim and Corinne arose, his cousin said, “Should I dress for dinner?”

“As I think you will find here, clothes are optional.”

Corrine couldn’t get over the delicious meal and Rhonda’s skill as a chef. From Rhonda’s perspective, the smells of the wonderful meal in the air took a back seat to the sexual tension that hovered over Tim and Corrine. Even though, Corrine had expressed apprehension over a potential tryst with her cousin, she was definitely preoccupied with him during the dinner, if her hard nipples were any clue. And for his part, Tim seemed to be doing his best not to be too obvious in staring at them. Rhonda would have bet real money that a glance under the table would reveal a massive erection filling Tim’s pants.

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