Bi-Curious Erotic Massage

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A few weeks ago I met up with a good friend Casey for a few drinks. We usually get together once every two to three weeks to catch up. I am straight and Casey is my only gay friend.

Casey and I met several years ago before I knew he was gay and we became great friends. He eventually came out to me and although I was a little uncomfortable at the time, our friendship never suffered. Over the years I learned a lot and supported gay issues, and I became very comfortable just by hanging out with Casey and his friends on occasion.

While we were at the bar after having several drinks the conversation turned to relationships, and Casey asked me if I had ever considered living out my fantasy.

“I don’t think that will ever happen,” I said. “How could it?”

I confessed to Casey about a year ago that as a teenager I would notice an attractive man’s chest. I wasn’t really attracted to men, but for some reason a man with the right chest caught my attention. Now, I have always adored women and I have been married for about ten years, but I told Casey that I was curious about touching a man’s chest and body and seeing where that led. I wasn’t sure I wanted to have sex with a man, but the idea of running my hands over his chest, getting his nipples hard, and maybe seeing or touching other parts of his body was a fantasy that likely would never be fulfilled, and probably shouldn’t.

“Well why not,” he said. “You should at least try it once to get it out of your system. You said you think about it frequently, so why haven’t you thought of at least trying to meet someone?”

“I wouldn’t have a clue how to do that, and I’m married! I can’t just go to a gay bar! What if someone that I knew saw me? I’m not even gay and I would be labeled as such and who knows, word may get back to my wife!

“That’s not what I meant,” Casey said. “I can help you if you want it to be discreet. I happen to know a guy that gives erotic massages. He’s gay, extremely nice, very attractive, and he lets some of his clients touch him as he gives the massage. All you have to do is set aside about 90 minutes and you can at least give it a try. If you don’t want to do anything, the worst you will come away with is a good massage or be out a few bucks.”

“I don’t know,” I said. “What if I don’t find him attractive? And what do you mean by erotic? What does he do?”

“John, all he will do is give you a massage. He explains everything before you start and you are free to walk at any time. If you don’t want to be touched erotically, just let him know. He will let you know if you can touch him. It’s as simple as that. Here is a picture of the guy. His name is Jack. I’ll even call for you to set up the appointment.”

I took the picture, although I was a little suspicious that Casey carried it around with him. Jack was in jeans with no shirt or socks. I must say for man he actually was pretty attractive. Jack had a strong hairless chest with larger than average nipples like my own. I not as strong as Jack, but I’m reasonably trim and have been told that I’m good looking. As I looked at the picture, I realized that this was probably my only chance to get this out of my system. Jack was good looking, and I didn’t have to do anything if I didn’t want to. It seemed easy enough. It’s just a massage.

“OK,” I said. “Make the call. I can do it next weekend. Michelle is going out of town to meet up with her friends from college, so it’s now or never.”

Casey called me early in the week and told me it was set up for Saturday afternoon. I was to go over to Jack’s apartment which is where he did his work. Casey said to just dress casually and Jack will take care of me, “And don’t worry!” he said.

All week I was in turmoil. Could I really go through with this? I tried to keep myself calm and not think about it, but as Friday night came I began to think of my fantasies again and the anxiety was high. I dropped Michelle at the airport, and then went to the gym to get my mind off it. After a relaxing evening at home alone, Saturday came in a hurry.

I played basketball with some friends in the morning, came home and showered and then got ready to go. Between the basketball and gym, I was feeling a little stiff and sore and was looking forward to the massage.

Jack lived in a nice part of downtown. When I arrived, I knocked on his door and he appeared almost instantly with a smile on his face and wearing a nice black robe. We said hello and he invited me in. Jack told me to leave my shoes by the door and to follow him to the back room.

When we arrived I noticed a large massage table in the middle of the room, chairs and a couch on the walls, and some tables with various oils, rocks, and other stuff that I guessed was used in massages. Soft soothing music was playing and Jack asked me to take a seat.

We chatted for several minutes and I quickly became at ease. Jack was very good at getting me to loosen up and relax. Eventually he began to explain how things worked.

“Just like the bahis firmaları massage you might get a day spa, you take off your clothes, lay face down on the table, and you can put a towel over you if you want. It’s completely optional here. I’m usually undressed as well unless that makes you uncomfortable, and I’ll start with a nice soothing massage of your legs and feet. I’ll then move up to your back. After we are done with your back side, you will roll over and we will do your front. It’s very similar, but hopefully a little more erotic and sensual.

By the way, it’s completely OK if you get aroused. I know most men fear this the most and end up being tense the whole time. For an erotic massage, it’s natural that you may get aroused. Just don’t worry about it at all. You are supposed to feel that way. Also, since I may be unclothed as well, you may notice me being aroused. If that bothers you, just let me know. It just happens sometimes as part of the erotic mood I try to create.

Also, if you want to touch me, go right ahead. I’ll let you know if there is anything I don’t like, and you should let me know if there is anything you don’t like or any areas you want me to avoid. How does that sound?”

“That sounds simple to me,” I said.

“Great. I’ll leave you for few minutes to get undressed.”

Jack walked out and I started undressing. I felt really comfortable with the whole thing and was kind of excited about how the massage would feel. My wife doesn’t really give massages, so this was going to feel good, I thought.

When Jack came back I was on the table face down with nothing on but a towel over my ass. I couldn’t see Jack but felt him grab my feet and lower calves and poor warm oil on me. He gently began massaging my feet and toes and I must say it was the most wonderful foot massage I have ever had.

After he did both feet, Jack moved his hands up to my calves and began to stroke them evenly with both hands. The pressure was more firm initially to get my muscles relaxed, and then he began to lightly stroke my legs in a sensual way.

As Jack leaned forward to reach up to the back of my thighs I felt Jack’s body for the first time. He obviously wasn’t wearing any clothes because I felt his penis touch my feet. Jack poured more oil on my legs and began to work the backs of my thighs, and has he pushed forward and back, I felt my feet brush against his cock and balls. “Interesting,” I thought, but not really a problem. I was really enjoying the rubdown.

Jack then came around to me left side and asked me to spread my legs a little and asked me how I was doing. I said, “It feels great,” and moved my legs. Jack helped me to spread them a little further than I would have, and he began massaging again.

“Is it all right if I remove your towel,” Jack said. I thought for second, and then said, “Sure.” Jack must have already seen my balls with my legs spread, so what difference did it make?” I thought.

After a few moments, Jack lifted off my towel so that he could get further up my legs. He worked my upper thighs to relax my muscles, then moved up to my ass. This actually felt good even though it was weird that a man was touching me. Jack eventually went back to the sensual touching and lightly stroked the back of my thighs and then moved to my inner thighs. As his fingers moved up and down he occasionally brushed up against my balls. This caused a slight stir in my cock, but I was face down so it didn’t matter.

Jack then moved up to my lower back. Before he started, he placed my arms at my sides and told me this was a more relaxing position. He then worked my lower back with more oil, and moved up my spine and then to my shoulders. As Jack worked, I felt his penis again. This time it touched my arm and then as he moved back and forth, his penis and balls brushed up against my open hand. I just stayed there and didn’t say anything. The back massage was great. He ended it with the light sensual touching which was very relaxing.

Jack moved to the front of me now and I could see him for the first time as I lifted my head. Before he placed my head back down in the hole in the table, I noticed Jack was very well built. He had a strong chest, no hair, and he was glistening a little possibly with sweat. His cock seemed big to me. It wasn’t hard, but seemed like it was about 5 inches long and somewhat thick.

As Jack began to massage my temples and run his fingers through my hair, I just relaxed and enjoyed the wonderful feeling. Jack was sitting on a chair now and I was looking at his thighs, crotch, and feet through the hole in the table. He then grabbed my left arm and rolled the chair around and began to rub it down. As he did it, he placed my hand on his chest and shoulder to rest it.

Jack rubbed oil on my arm and lightly stroked my arm and then underarms and sides. This got a little arousal out of me and it felt incredible. As Jack rubbed my arm, I felt for the first time another man’s chest. Jack’s felt as strong as he looked. kaçak iddaa I wasn’t sure what to do, and as he had control of my arm, I just let it go where he wanted it. At one point he placed my hand on his thigh and I just let my hand rub the top of his thigh as he moved my arm about.

After Jack did both arms, he said it was time to roll over. As I scooted around with my back down I quickly remembered my towel was gone. “Oh well,” I thought. Jack then moved back down to the end of the table and began rubbing the tops of my legs with oil and sensually stroking my feet and toes. This felt great, except my cock began to stir a little more and was now lying on my right thigh. I wasn’t hard, but definitely getting aroused.

Jack then leaned forward and began rubbing the tops of my thighs, and as before, my feet found Jack’s penis and balls. I could see him more clearly now and he was mostly shaved with only a little hair at the base of his cock. I keep mine trim as well but have more hair around my balls. Jack’s balls may have been shaven.

As he moved his fingers further up my thighs, Jack was almost laying on my legs. He would push forward for more reach and then come back. All the while my toes were wrapped around his penis and getting it harder. When Jack was done with my lower thighs, he came around to my right and continued on my upper thighs.

Jacks hands went to my inner thighs and lightly stroked me, just brushing up against my balls again. As he did so, my cock began to fill and straighten a little more. Jack then said, “Let me know if any of this is uncomfortable, OK?” I didn’t say anything as he moved his hands up my thighs and brushed my swollen cock. Jack seemed to focus there for awhile and brushed my cock several times. Each time it got a little harder and began to straighten up toward my belly.

Jack then stroked my balls a little and ran his fingers very lightly up my shaft and back down. As he did this I became rock hard and could tell I had pre-cum oozing out. Jack continued to stroke my balls and shaft lightly with both hands and then moved them under my cock to my belly. My belly was wet at this point and Jack lightly ran his fingers under my cock and then up my sides along my ribs. As he did this, he asked, “If you want to place your hands on me at any time during this, it’s OK. It’s totally up to you.”

Jack then came closer to my side and began to rub my chest lightly with oil. As he did, occasionally he would let a finger rub across my nipples which felt sensational. My nipples are particularly sensitive and quickly became hard. As Jack was rubbing me, I noticed my hand had moved up to his rib cage and I was moving my hand up and down. I’m not sure how this happened, but it just did.

Jack’s body felt great. He had very smooth skin. As he reached forward I placed my hand on the side of his pectoral muscle and lightly rubbed his chest and nipple. “That feels great,” he said. “How do you feel?”

I replied, “Wonderful,” and he kept going.

As he continued to rub my chest, I noticed Jack’s cock was also semi-hard and was pushed up against my ribs and sliding up and down in the oil on my body. Jack then came around behind my head and continued to rub my chest and move lower toward my belly and aching cock. As he reached forward, his fingers found my cock and he began to stroke it lightly once more. Jack’s cock was now resting on my right shoulder as he leaned forward, and I placed both my hands on his ribs and began rubbing up and down.

Jack moaned a little at this and continued to rub my belly, chest, thighs, and cock. I then flipped my hands and place both on his chest and began to slightly rub his nipples with my thumbs. Jack moaned lightly some more and told me how good that felt. All I could think of at the time was how much my cock was aching because it was so hard. Jack’s touch was just magical.

After a little while longer, Jack stood up slowly and said, “Well, this usually is the end of the massage. We can go a little longer if you like. I’m really enjoying it, so it’s no problem if you want to stay longer. You should know that Casey told me you hadn’t been around men before and that you had an interest exploring a man’s body, so if you want to continue with that, I’ll be happy to. It’s totally up to you.”

I thought for a second. My cock was aching it was so hard and I was really enjoying touching Jack. So I said, “Let’s go a little further then. I’m really enjoying this and I would like to touch you a little more if you don’t mind.”

“Excellent,” was his reply and he moved over to my side again. “What part of my body would you like to explore more?” he said.

“Well, I like your chest a lot. I wouldn’t mind exploring more there and possibly moving down to your belly.”

“Do you want to touch me below my belly today? It’s OK if you do or don’t. I would like to touch you more if you don’t mind.”

“OK,” I said. I don’t mind you to touching me more, but while I’m feeling as aroused as I am, I would kaçak bahis rather concentrate on you for awhile if that’s OK.”

“All right; I would rather you stay on the table though,” he said. “Do you mind if I get up on the table with you to give you better access to my chest?”

“No,” I said. Jack then got up on the table and lowered himself into a sitting position on my stomach with his legs folder under him and along my legs. He didn’t place much weight on me, and my hands were now directly in front of him. He took my hands and placed them on his chest and then began to rub my chest and nipples. This made my cock twitch and ooze some more.

I gently began to rub Jack’s chest. He was strong, but not overly built. Hi nipples had softened some so I began to lightly stroke them again. Jack then reached over and got some oil and placed some in my hands. I continued to rub Jack’s chest and he closed his eyes as he rubbed me.

I was so turned on; I didn’t realize that Jack’s cock was now resting on my belly and lower chest. I looked down and saw it was not fully erect, but definitely was a little stiff. As I rubbed Jack’s chest, I moved my hands slowly down to his belly. It was also somewhat hard with muscles. It wasn’t a total six pack, but definitely sculpted a little. Jack moaned with his eyes closed and I felt him squirm a little and move his hips forward and then back.

I then placed my hands on his hips and dared myself to touch the top of his cock. I reached a few fingers over and placed them on top and began to slightly rub it as Jack had done to me. Jack’s cock was circumcised and I could see it getting harder before my eyes. Jack let out a few more moans and reached back and lightly stroked my cock a little as I continued to rub.

It was such an erotic moment; I was considering whether or not I wanted to lick it just once to get it out of my system. Jack must have seen me staring at it and reached under the table for cushion and placed it under my head. I was now staring at his cock several inches away with my chin resting on my chest. Jack then slowly shifted forward a little so that his cock was about 3 inches away from my mouth.

As I looked up into his eyes, my mouth parted a little and Jack slid forward so that his now fully erect shaft was in front of my lips. I stuck out my tongue and Jack slowly moved his cock up and down letting me lick the entire shaft. He then went a little higher and stuck his balls toward my tongue and I licked each one before he lowered again. I continued licking his shaft for a minute or so and raised my hands back up to his chest and nipples. Jack just moaned a little and said how good it felt.

As Jack continued to rub my nipples and chest which had me insanely horny, I looked up again at Jack’s face and he was looking at me with lust. He then lowered the tip of his cock toward my lips and I opened my mouth. He inserted the tip of this cock and then pulled back. I opened a little more and he pushed forward again so that about a third of it entered my mouth. I think Jack was about seven inches long and his cock seemed thicker that I expected. I had to really stretch my mouth open to fit it inside.

I closed my lips around his cock and he then slowly pulled out and then pushed forward. With each thrust a little more of his cock entered my mouth until we got a little over half way. I used my tongue on the underneath side of his cock as he pulled out and then wrapped it around the head has he pushed forward.

Jack was moaning and saying “Oh my God” as his eyes were closed and he enjoyed me sucking him. I enjoyed it too, interestingly. I was so fucking horny and was caught up in Jack’s ecstasy. After several minutes of Jack slowly fucking my mouth, his strokes became a little more pronounced. I looked up and saw the lust in his eyes and then realized he was getting close to cumming! I hadn’t thought this thing through. I was enjoying sucking his cock and seeing his pleasure and didn’t want to stop, but I wasn’t sure about how to handle him cumming.

Jack must have noticed my look, and slowly pulled out. He then said, “I’m so sorry! I got caught up in how wonderful it felt and forgot this is probably more than you bargained for! We can stop if you want.”

I looked up and said, “No, let’s keep going”. I couldn’t believe me ears! I was so fucking horny; I guess I just wanted to experience it all. Jack then placed his cock back in my mouth and I began to suck him and rub his nipples at the same time. Jack again moved his hips and began to fuck my mouth with his eyes closed.

After a few moments, Jack’s pace quickened again and he leaned forward, placing his hands above my shoulders on the table to get leverage and more height. He then drove from a higher angle into my mouth with his sighs and moans coming more often now.

I found myself wanting his cum. This man made me feel so good today and I wanted to return the favor. I also had a curiosity about the taste of cum and wanted to satisfy it. Jack then said, “Oh my God,” and I could tell that this was it. Jack body tensed up and he pulled up slightly with just about a third of his cock in my mouth, stopped thrusting, and let go a burst of hot cum into the back of my throat.

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