Bigger Down There Ch. 15

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If you are reading ‘Bigger Down There’ for the first time, you may like to take a look through Chapter 1 which will put my current situation and lifestyle into some perspective. However, if you are not up for back-tracking, you will quickly get the gist of who I am and what my idiosyncrasies are, and things should fall into place quite quickly.

Thanks are due to my new-found friend (she knows who she is!) for letting me share some of her fantastically slutty vocabulary.


Following our holiday, it took me quicker than expected to get into full-time nursing, so I am now in the happy position of formally commencing my career and bringing some money into the household, having largely survived on some parental handouts, student loans and Helen’s generosity for the last three years or so.

I came back from holiday even more rampant than usual, and it left some lingering legacies causing me to question my underlying sexual leanings. If you have been following me, you will know that I am infatuated by my cunt (and in my world, it’s a cunt, not a pussy. Pussy implies some neat little Barbie slit, and that in no way can be applied to what I am carrying between my very female orientated thighs).

My genitalia are large, meaty and abnormally well developed. I get off on being stretched beyond my limits and playing long and hard with the resultant gape. I aspire to possessing a fuck hole that compares well with that of Helen my partner, but she has had a good 20 plus years longer than me to expand her beautiful and thrillingly slutty anatomy.

On holiday we met a Dutch lady, Sabine, and her partner Anneka. It soon became apparent that Anneka was a sub, (a fact that Anneka openly admitted), and it really got to me the way that she wantonly let Sabine, Helen and I do whatever we wanted with her. We ended up learning quite a bit about each other, and watching her being used was mind-blowingly sexy.

I have never thought of, or classified myself as a sub, but I can’t deny that being put into a helpless situation where I can be used or abused at somebody else’s whim is becoming a little bit consuming, and I have occasionally been letting Helen take more of a lead in our love making since we have been back. I’m not interested in pain, but I am becoming increasingly receptive to being restrained so that my holes can be used and abused without me having any control over the situation.

Anyway, shortly after we had got back, Sam (my best friend from school (as well as being Helen’s daughter), and a girl that has been quite an influence on my sexuality) came home for a weekend with the pleasingly sassy Lizzie in tow.

It was me that first met Lizzie when I had opted for some treatment to my back, and to cut a long story short, she became actively involved in our exploits. To recap, Lizzie is a sports masseur, very lithe, with almost no tits, but with nipples that can only be described as spectacular. It had become quite noticeable that her and Sam were getting on well together, and it’s looking like the relationship is going from strength to strength.

Her sexual play is very much centred on her nipples and when Sam and her arrived on the Friday, if I didn’t know better, I would say that there had been a lot of attention on them before they got to us. Although it was pretty much the end of October. Lizzie just had her ubiquitous polo shirt on and my eyes were automatically drawn towards her very impressive pokies.

After a good chit-chat and some dinner, the four of us, Helen, Sam, Lizzie and myself ended up in our lounge, with Sam and Lizzie commandeering the sofa. Before long, Sam was playing with Lizzies nips through the cotton of her polo shirt, and Lizzie was groaning softly to Sam ‘oooh, you know what that does to me.’

Sam creams up very easily, and the crotch of her leggings was getting noticeably darker, not that that deterred her. Lizzie was moaning more and more, and to my delight, Sam eventually pulled Lizzie’s polo over her head so that her nipples were on full display.

They probably weren’t, but I felt sure that they were even bigger than I had remembered them. I had shifted myself so that I could sit between Helen’s open knees, and the show was clearly getting to Helen because she started massaging my shoulders, her hands periodically sweeping down to brush the side, and then front of my own tits.

I kind of lost track a bit as Helen’s ‘massage’ was starting to stir some raunchy feelings in me, and I wanted to be rid of my outer clothing. I managed to remove my tee, and when I looked towards where Sam and Lizzie had been on the sofa, it was empty. Sammy had got Lizzie on the floor and was in the process of stripping off.

She squatted over Lizzie so that she could feed her mouth with her girl goo whilst still having Lizzie’s nipples within easy grasp.

‘Andrea, can you get me that bag from where we were sitting please,’ I heard from Sam.

There was a small tote bag stuffed between canlı bahis the arm and seat back of the sofa, and I reluctantly moved myself to get it.

If I had known what was in it, I might have done it with a bit more energy. I dropped the bag down where Sam could easily access it, assuming that she was going to pull a vibrator or something from it.

What emerged was something I had never seen before. Sam appeared to be extracting a chain, on the ends of which were two evil looking gadgets.

Lizzie couldn’t see what was going on as Sam was effectively face-sitting her, but Sam carefully attached each of the contraptions to Lizzie’s nipples.

Lizzie’s feet started to kick a little bit as the devices were attached, but I didn’t get the impression that this was something she did not want or hadn’t experienced before.

Once attached, Sam found the middle of the chain and started to jerk it around. The effect on Lizzie was startling. She became extremely verbal, but they were sounds of pleasure, not distress.

The more she yanked, the more physical and noisier Lizzie became. All she had on by now were her panties, and they were getting visibly wetter.

It almost sounded as if Lizzie was struggling to get the grunts out. ‘Oh my God, Oh my fucking God. You fucking know what those things do to me,’ she grunted out. It was as if she was gasping for air and the words were coming out muffled and intermittently due to the fact that Sam was still force feeding her girl jizz into and over Lizzie’s mouth.

There was a huge moan and I swear the cum was actually leaking from the sides of the crotch covering of Lizzie’s panties. I’m not sure how it was that she didn’t actually throw Sam off her, such was the physicality of her orgasm.

Even though Sam had let go of the chain, Lizzie was still writhing and moaning, and her nipples looked like they might explode, and then she surprised me by getting hold of the chain herself and jerking it any which way she could, which gave her another very visceral orgasm.

Unsurprisingly, it took a bit of time for Lizzie to zone out from her thrashing cum. There was another little yelp as Sam removed the malevolent apparatus from Lizzie’s heavily distended nipples, and I put my hand out to get myself a closer look.

Sam explained that these were Japanese Clover Clamps. If you have never come across these (and I certainly hadn’t up until then), they are quite fiendish. They are designed so that once attached, any movement on the chain will just serve to tighten them up. The more they are pulled, the more they squeeze, and I can’t imagine how on earth they must feel, but there was no doubting that this was far from the first time that the two of them had used the tortuous little things, and Lizzie was still panting from Sam’s ministrations, while Sam was disengaging herself from her friend’s face.

Andrea produces a lot of girl grool, and her splat was plastered all over Lizzie’s face. I can’t resist Sam’s gooey cunt gel and moved over so that I could lap up the lovely secretions from Lizzie’s nose, mouth and cheeks.

I was wearing a Tee shirt, and a bit unusually for me, also a pair of shorts, the kind with the sewn in pant. My attention was on cleaning up Lizzies face, but I became conscious of hands around my thighs pulling me into a different position, followed by Lizzies hands snaking up into my shorts.

In an effort to give her easier access, Sam reached across and started pulling my shorts down which meant that Lizzie had to move her hand for a moment or two, but as soon as the shorts were down to my knees, she replaced her hand but in a way that gave her a much easier approach to my very womanly charms.

I might only be in my early twenties, but my cunt is more like that of a very well used milf. As I have said, I am big, loose and lippy, and Lizzie’s fingers were playing havoc with my empty slot and dangling flaps.

I am very used to being fingered and hefted, but Lizzie’s fingering felt somehow different to my regular experiences. I am more than familiar with her fingers, but it was her technique that was new. It was a constant mish-mash of one finger, followed by four then two, then three, then a couple from her other hand. It was finger deep, fingertip deep, knuckle deep – in other words, all over the place. I just didn’t know what was coming next. Every time I thought she was going penetrate me properly and give me what I wanted, it changed again.

I badly needed her hand. I needed to be filled, stretched and just taken physically, and yet, even when I tried to lower myself down onto her complete hand on the sporadic occasion that she had four fingers in me, she moved quicker than I could force myself onto her, and I was left feeling empty again.

The slop was dripping from my wanton cunt. My hips were all over the place trying to get myself lined up so that Lizzie would have no choice but to satiate me, but still she was somehow able to avoid it.

I bahis siteleri was practically whining I was so desperate, and then she started really goading me.

‘What? What’s the matter? Is there something you want? ‘You’re going to have to tell me if there’s something you want. How can I know what you want if you’re not prepared to tell me?’

The bitch!! I was beyond gagging for it. ‘Your hand, give me your hand,’ I was almost screaming.

‘My hand? What do you want with my hand? What do you want me to do with it? Tell me.’

‘Fuck me with it. Just fuck me with it,’ I whimpered.

‘Like this you mean?’

And then it was in me. Straight in, her whole hand, through the collar of my cunt, and pushing against my cervix.

It was all I could do to stop myself from collapsing onto her arm. She was very gently opening her fist in little movements which I could feel against the outermost boundaries of my cuntal walls.

At that moment, my whole being was centred around an orgasm that felt like it was rising up from deep inside me. After 20 minutes or so of the most intense foreplay the cum was building up fast in me.

I don’t think that I actually squirted, but as I was cumming, I could feel myself losing control of my bladder, and as much as I tried to hold it (not that I know why I was even bothering to do that), I was alert to little jets of piss vying for attention with my orgasm.

If I was in a mess, Lizzie was in an even bigger mess. Her face still had some of Sam’s residue on it, and her tits and tum had little pools or patches of the combination of my fuck swill and piss.

To say I was breathless would be an understatement, I could feel my heart pumping a lot harder than normal, and I could see that the top of my chest was very red.

But I couldn’t move. I just couldn’t strike up the energy to lift myself of Lizzie’s fist which was still wrist deep inside me (probably because I was too low down on her for her to be able to pull it out without breaking her arm), and all I could think of was that if I wasn’t extremely careful I would do us both some damage if I flopped down.

I was therefore extremely grateful as I felt Helen and Sam at my side to help me off Lizzie’s well fucked hand.

Personally, I didn’t do a whole lot more myself that evening (I was far too sated), but I was treated to the lovely taboo gratification of watching Sam indulge her Mum in a cunting session that probably lasted a good hour, culminating in a very lustful tribbing session on the floor of our lounge.

I gave myself a much more casual jilling that resulted in a nice little cum puddle that had seeped its way out of my wrecked cunt box.

I was pretty exhausted by the time we called it a night (albeit for the all the best reasons!) and slept well.

Saturday daytime was tame by the standards of Friday night, although there was a good deal of flirty sexual innuendo during the day, and Sam and Lizzie produced a super tasty stir-fry for our evening meal which went down well and didn’t involve too much in the way of clearing up.

I’m enraptured by Lizzie’s almost freaky tit-ends. Her nipples are borderline abnormal in their size and appearance, almost to the point of embarrassment by me as my eyes are automatically drawn to them whenever I am in the same space as her. It is no surprise to me that she is as preoccupied by them in her sexual tendencies as I am by my cunt centric obsessions, and it is for that reason that I was already in a state of arousal as we finished up in the kitchen.

I was so aroused that I am sure I was giving off pheromones. Whilst I was beyond certain that the evening would lead to some physical activity, I felt (probably unnecessarily) that I needed to do something to trigger some action.

I had been wearing some workout gear as I had been to a trial for a new hockey team in the early afternoon and I had put it on after my shower. This simply had to go, so I took myself upstairs and changed into one of my oversized Tees, having removed what little underwear I had on at the same time. I hadn’t bothered with a bra after my shower (didn’t need one with my barely B cup tits and I was only going home after all), so that just left my Sloggi’s. A quick (well actually, not too quick) lick of the suitably damp and sticky crotch added fuel to my sexual energy, and attired as I have described, went off to join Helen, Sam and Lizzie in the lounge.

Worryingly, they were talking about watching a movie. As it happened, they settled on Below Her Mouth, so as compromises go, I could just about live with it.

The trouble was, all that did was to turn me on even more. By the time we got to the bit about an hour in where they are standing up against the wall in the pouring rain, I needed some action.

I draped my right leg over the arm of the armchair, cunt out on full display to anybody that wanted to look, and began a lazy lip stretching exercise. I think it was probably bahis şirketleri that delightful slopping sound that started to draw Sam and Lizzie’s attention away from the film and towards me.

Infuriatingly, they started canoodling together, although I was encouraged by the fact that I kept getting glances my way, and even more encouraged when Helen gave up with the movie and took up a kneeling position in front of me.

Helen took over the massaging and stretching of my twatflaps, treating Sam and Lizzie to what must have been some enticing views of my heavily distended trench like cunt. I couldn’t have got my legs any wider apart without doing myself an injury and relished in exhibiting myself.

By now, Sam was getting fidgety, and Lizzie’s braless nipples were poking assertively out of her ever present polo shirt. Sam, obviously unable to resist getting her hands on her friends’ meaty knobs, set about twisting, pulling and generally tormenting Lizzie’s nippilicious protuberance’s.

I was enjoying Helen’s manipulations of my cunty bits, but I couldn’t just sit there and leave Lizzie’s fun-bumps alone. It took very little encouragement to get Lizzie off the sofa and onto the floor, and I settled alongside her opposite Sam so that I could get a piece of the action.

Lizzie’s nips are big, but through the polo shirt they felt even thicker and a teensy bit longer. Best of all, the snatch patch covering up Sam’s chuff was getting very progressively wetter or perhaps ‘sodden’ would be a better description.

Sam spews cunt slop on a level that I have never seen from anybody else. It is clear-ish, sticky and prolific. I couldn’t really stop myself, and I reached out a hand to capture some of that lovely slime.

Sneaking my fingers under the drenched gusset, I scooped two finger fulls of the glutinous liquid out from her slippery gash and transferred it to the outermost part of Lizzie’s polo.

Feeling the rubbery tip of Lizzie’s left nipple through the impregnated cotton felt both wrong and delightful at the same time, and it was having a great effect on Lizzie.

To help things along, Sam did the same, so that both of Lizzie’s nips were being doctored in the same way. We kept this up for probably about 5 or ten minutes, and Lizzie was getting very excitable, but I wanted to do something more.

I swung one of my legs over Lizzie’s torso, and shunted myself up so that my gaped-up cunt was directly over her left nipple, eased myself down and started to hump her super firm nipple with my mushy cunt through her polo shirt.

The buzz I was getting from the damp and sticky texture of Lizzie’s polo shirt against the sensitive entry to my roomy fuck slot, combined with the erect, fleshy contusion of her outrageously erect nipple and the occasional bumping of my stiff clit against it as well was taking me to paradise.

There was one split second where I must have lifted myself up for a moment more than I had been doing prior to forcing myself back down onto Lizzie’s incredible nipple, that Sam yanked the polo shirt up, and all of a sudden, it was skin on skin, flesh on flesh, and the transformation was instant.

I really began riding the fleshy stump of Lizzie’s nip, and at the same time, started transferring myself from right to left.

There is no other expression for it. I cunted her nipples for as long as we both could stand it, and I exploded. I came a lot – there was cunt sluice all over Lizzie’s chest, and all over my mound and thighs. Lizzies nips looked like little dicks or giant clits, I’m not sure which, and once I had climbed off her, Sam and Helen started a clean-up exercise with their fingers and tongues.

If I had had any jizz left in me, I would have frigged out another orgasm just watching the three of them, but I think my cum tank was completely drained.

Sam was attempting to hold Lizzie’s right nip in between her finger and thumb but it was just too slippery, so she resorted to giving it a good tongue slurping. At one point, just to add to my blood pressure, she actually licked up a tongueful of my cunt jizz and transferred it to Lizzie’s mouth, stabbing her tongue in and around her lips.

I might have been sated, but that wasn’t going to stop me giving Helen some pleasure, not least because I had neglected her the night before.

I sat myself up on the floor and indicated for her to come over to me. I got her to sit down as well, but with the upper part of her legs over my thighs, and pulled her up so that her big milfy fist box was somewhere about level with my navel, but not quite high enough for what I had in mind.

I pulled her up some more so that now, her ankles were a bit above my shoulders so that I could get easy access with my tongue.

The beauty of this position was that I could also comfortably reach Helen’s nipples. As a general rule, we are not too focussed on our nipples preferring our respective twats for our mutual satisfaction, but tonight, following my experience with Lizzie. I thought a little change to our routine might be in order. Starting with a good tongue lashing, and supplemented by some pulling and twisting of Helen’s nips, I soon got her cunty yoghurt flowing.

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