Birthday Skirt Chapter Ch. 01

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It was my 18th birthday, and my older brother who moved away last year had sent me a gift. When I opened it I saw the most beautiful pink skirt. When I tried it on it came just above my knees, and had a vary loose fit to it.

My family had never been able to afford such luxuries before; we were one of the poor families in this region. My parents sent me to school in what I thought was the worst school this state had to offer. We never ate out, and often never bought new clothes for years.

At school I’m the best of the best, I manage to keep my grades higher than everyone else, not that it shows much. I keep my shoulder length red hair pulled back in a bun, and I always have my reading glasses on. At school I was known as the red haired girl, and nobody ever paid me much attention. Few guys ever hit on me, and since I knew their motives I simply stayed away. I was the good girl at school.

The morning after my birthday I went to school wearing my new dikmen escort skirt, I even swayed my hips a little as I walked. It felt good to know I was looking at my best, and a lot of guys noticed the difference.

When I went to close my locker after retrieving my books, I accidently shut my locker right on the corner of my dress. I was trying to tug it loose, oblivious to my surroundings, when one of the teachers accidently bumped into me. Startled I dropped my books.

“I’m so sorry Kelly!” He stammered quickly

“Please don’t worry about” I didn’t care much; he was my favorite teacher MR. Blake.

I had momentarily forgotten my skirt was caught, and bent over to pick up my books. My skirt lifted up over my round cheeks, revealing it too plainly to my teacher. I heard of few people behind me laugh, and my face went red. I also noticed that MR Blake seemed to be trying to cover something in his pants. He walked away.

Even elvankent escort though I was embarrassed by what had happened, I felt a tinge of joy at knowing I had given the teacher whom I had a crush on an erection. But it didn’t seem like my class mates would be letting me forget they had seen my ass any time soon. This also meant that everyone at my school would soon learn about my secret, I never wore underwear. It’s not because I’m a slut or anything, but my family can’t afford it. I’ve got away with it for years now, but it seems I’ve run my race now.

The next day in class I wore my skirt again, but I didn’t feel all that great about it. Students where laughing behind my back. I tried to avoid their eyes and went straight for my locker. I was working the combination on it when I suddenly felt a vary cold hand touch my lower chest. I came rigged and couldn’t move. Suddenly I felt my skirt being lifted up every so slightly, emek escort and another pair of cold figures slide their way deep into my pussy.

I closed my eyes, not believing what was happening. The fingers continued to slide in and out of my clit, rubbing it. I was scared. I closed my eyes, well aware that everyone, the school geeks, as well as the football team, they were all watching my getting fingered.

But I realized I was starting to enjoy it. I let out a soft moan, and grinded my pussy against his fingers. My classmates around me started to laugh. I turned around and saw that my capture was a member of the football team, though I didn’t know his name.

I turned around to face him, and stuck my hips out, giving him a smile. I had never felt such a sensation before; being watched was the best part. I even hiked up my skirt a little to give everyone a view of the happenings. I found my self losing control over my body, but I couldn’t help loving it.

The bell rang and the students began to scatter, even my captor left me to head to class. I stood there for a moment, alone in the school hall, my wet pussy burning for more. It was the first time anyone, even myself, had ever touched me there. And I was eager for more.

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