Birthday Treat

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In my last company, I worked in a large open plan office, with very few staff.

I remember the day that I arrived, I was captivated by the girl who I was to sit next to.

Over the coming months I got to know Sally well in the day-to-day of an office, but it never progressed any further.

She always turned up for work looking immaculate and always stunning.

She invariably wore a suit with a short skirt, which just exaggerated how long her legs were – they always looked as if they went on forever! This was made even better by the fact that she always wore heels of some shape or description.

She had wonderful eyes, and the rest of her figure was slender and firm; she would spend every lunch break in the gym doing aerobics or swimming.

This story is surrounding her birthday party last year.

She invited most of the people in the office to join her for her birthday, and we all went out to a restaurant in the town.

We all had to wear fancy dress, but there was no set theme.

I turned up as a mad Scotsman, kilt and all, and everyone had also gone to town on their fancy dress.

We had all been milling around in the bar, when finally Sally arrived. To say that the room went silent is an understatement … that was just before all the wolf-whistling started (myself included!)

Sally had come in her version of a St Trinian’s schoolgirl, and looked tarty, but very sexy with it.

She wore a loose white blouse, unbuttoned the whole way down, exposing her filled black lace bra underneath. Her tie was loosely tied around her neck, and fell limply into her cleavage.

Her midriff was bare, and her skirt couldn’t be called a skirt. It was a simple black skirt with a split up her left leg, all the way to her belt. However, it’s length was the eye-opener; it was so short that even when she stood in front of us, her skimpy white knickers were visible under it!

She wore hold up stockings which started about 4 inches below the hem of her skirt, and she was also wearing some knee length black leather stiletto boots.

Sally bowed to the applause, and the skipped up to us all at the bar, saying “hi” to everyone, whereupon she gave me a big hug, and kissed me square on the lips.

I was a bit taken aback, but wasn’t going to miss an opportunity! I picked her up and twirled her around in a circle, whilst giving her a ‘birthday kiss’ in return.

The evening progressed, and we all had a great meal – party poppers going off at regular intervals, and everyone letting the alcohol get the better of them.

I was having a laugh with a colleague next to me, when Sally bounded up and sat on my knee, joining in the conversation. We all had a few laughs, before Sally got up again. She leant forward to kiss my colleague on the cheek and in the process bent right over in front of me. The view I got was incredible! I could have leant forward just a matter of inches and kissed her bare backside, there and then!

But, as she stood back up, she turned to me quickly and winked.

But this point, I was concerned that I was getting a tent in my kilt as my animal instincts took their toll!

For the rest of the evening, I could hardly take my eyes off her, escort dikmen as Sally walked around having a laugh with everyone.

By midnight people were starting to leave, and I decided that I had to get going before I did something I may regret

I got up and said goodbye to a few people, before finding Sally and telling her that I was off home. Sally asked me to stay for a couple more minutes and she’d come with me.

She went around and thanked everyone for coming along, and then she and I left together. As we walked out into the cool air, we linked arms and started walking.

“You certainly made an impression this evening!” I joked

“Do you like my outfit then?” she quizzed

“Well, I certainly wouldn’t be complaining if you wore it into the office!” I replied.

“It makes me feel a little too sexy for wearing in the office though” she laughed

“I do know what you mean; I wouldn’t be able to work if you’re were to wear that next to me in the office; well, not without the desk lifting anyway!” I joked.

Sally laughed.

“So, are you pretending to be a real Scotsman under that kilt?” she quizzed, pretending to lift up my kilt.

“I might be – that’s for me to know..”

“Yes, and me to find out!” Sally interrupted

Sally then led us down an alleyway between two houses. I knew that the alleyway led towards her house, so didn’t think much of it, until she stopped. Saying nothing, she lifted her ‘skirt’ slightly, and then peeled down her white knickers. She stepped out of them, and then casually undid my sporran and put them inside it.

I was speechless, and stood there open mouthed for a second. Sally came up to me and kissed me on the lips, her tongue searching for mine in the space between us.

She pushed me up against the wall and we melted into each other. As we broke off kissing, gasping for breath, she looked into my eyes.

“At which point in the evening are you going to realise that I dressed like this just for you, and that all I want for my birthday is to have you screw me senseless?!”

I was stunned; happy, but stunned!

“What, you just want me to bend you over and bang you here in a dingy alleyway?” I asked.

Sally paused for a second “Do you have a better idea?”

I took her hand, and carried on down the alleyway until we got to the main road. I turned left, and walked down the street. Soon enough we were at the destination I was thinking of. It was the town’s park. It was all locked up, but we soon found a gap in the fencing large enough for us to squeeze through.

Arm in arm we walked towards the garden area of the park, where I knew that there were benches surrounded by trees and shrubbery.

Soon enough, we found a bench, and Sally was positively rampant. I sat down, and she pulled my kilt up immediately, my cock now thick and pumped up, waiting for her.

Sally straddled me, and with one hand on my cock, and the other on my shoulder, she sat down slowly, guiding my solid organ inside her.

She closed her eyes, gasping loudly as her soaking pussy slid over my cock. She was tight – tighter than expected, and in moments she sat there, looking deep into my eyes, escort elvankent her body impaled on my solid cock.

We kissed again, but more tenderly this time. I could feel her hot pussy pulsating around me, and slowly Sally started to rise and fall on me.

“J-Jesus” was all she could gasp. I held her buttocks firmly, helping her motions on me, and Sally closed her eyes.

It seemed like a matter of seconds, but in no time Sally started panting heavily and I felt her fingernails dig into my shoulders. She arched her back, and tilted her head right back, before she let out a long, deep and throaty gasp. Her whole body quivered, and I felt her pussy squeeze my cock even more.

As she caught her breath again, Sally sat back up and kissed me again.

She looked deep into my eyes and smiled “Now it’s your turn – how do you fancy standing up?”

Sally stood up, and my cock slid from between her legs, making us both gasp. She then went around behind the bench, and bent right over, resting on the back of it.

“How do you fancy screwing me as hard as you can” she groaned “I just want to be FUCKED!”

I slowly stood up, and walked around behind her. I gently put my hands on her waist, and moved my hips to guide my throbbing mass inside her again.

As the tip of my cock touched her swollen labia, she gasped. With one hard thrust my cock slammed into her, my hips smacking on her firm buttocks.

Sally suppressed a gasp, and I held her waist more firmly as I started hammering away into her.

I thrust as hard as I could, and Sally’s body shuddered every time I slammed into her.

It was not long, before I too felt the sensation growing, when suddenly I jolted. The sensation welled up in my balls, and in moments, my thick fluid was injected deep inside Sally’s sodden pussy, and I gasped for breath.

I slipped from inside her, and she turned around quickly. Yet again she gave me a huge hug, and we stood there, silent but in heaven!

After we’d both got our breaths back, we headed for the exit – or at least the way we’d got into the park in the first place.

Just before we got out, Sally slipped her knickers back on, and we waited at a bus stop for the night bus.

Soon enough we were both back at Sally’s house, and she let us both in. As the door closed behind us, Sally walked slowly through to the kitchen, dropping clothes behind her as she did. First was her skirt, then came her blouse, then her bra, then she paused momentarily to slip her knickers off again. I followed her naked body through to the kitchen, where she turned to face me, in her glory.

As my eyes scanned over her delicious body, I noticed that she had more than just pierced ears. She had both nipples pierced, and there was a small ring in her clitoris.

“How long have you had those?” I asked.

“You like them?” Sally smiled “I had them done about 7 weeks ago, and tonight was the first time I’ve been able to see what it feels like to have sex with it.”

“And..?” I prompted

“Let’s just say that I have never cum that quickly, and if it always feels this good, I could well become a sex addict!”

Sally then reached down over her shaven escort emek mound, and stroked the small ring.

Her eyes closed, and she spread her knees, letting her lips part.

I watched as she slowly fingered herself there in front of me, and I started to get undressed myself.

By the time I’d got completely naked, Sally was holding onto the side for support and I watched as her body twitched as she neared another climax. In moments Sally let out a loud, deep groan, and her body shuddered as her climax swept through her gorgeous body. Slowly she came down off her peak, and her breathing slowed back down to normal.

I moved over to her, and took her hand, leading her through to her lounge.

Sally fell limply into her soft leather soft, and sighed as she did so.

She writhed her gorgeous body around on the cool surface until she was comfortable, and beckoned me to kneel down in front of her. Very slowly she parted her legs, and I moved slowly between them. Sal looked at me with a really sleepy, sexy smile, and raised her legs until her calves rested on my shoulders, either side of my head.

As she pulled me towards her, my solid cock touched right at her entrance. With a gentle push, I slid very slowly into her again, and she closed her eyes. She was soaking wet, and I effortlessly slid completely into her.

Sal bit her bottom lip as my solid member filled her completely. I felt her sharp fingernails rake gently on my buttocks as she held me deep inside her.

Her eyes opened sleepily, but she said nothing – she just smiled again, as she looked down at her crotch, looking at her pussy full of me.

Very slowly I started to move in and out from between her legs, and Sal groaned, closing her eyes again. She rocked her head back, and she used her hands on my buttocks to pull me deeply into her, and each time my cock reached her cervix, Sal let out a deep throaty gasp.

I kept going very slowly, sliding almost completely out of her, then sliding in until my cock was to the hilt inside her. Sal was getting very worked up by the slow rhythm, and started to grit her teeth as her body quivered.

Very slowly I kept going, and she started to pull more forcefully on my buttocks, but I just kept at the slow, firm pace. Sal’s breathing got sharper and I watched her chest rise and fall as she panted, obviously getting near another peak.

I then slid deep inside her again, but rather than pulling back out, I stayed there, letting my cock throb inside her. Sal opened her eyes, and I watched as her stomach tensed, and she shuddered for sometime, and then jerked at her orgasm hit.

I stayed inside her, tensing my cock and Sal quivered for ages, her climax rolling on and on. Her fingernails dug into my buttocks, and she groaned sexily as she lost control of her gorgeous body.

Finally Sal slowed down, and came off her peak, her eyes looking at me in almost shock. I simply started back up, moving in and out of her, and she relaxed again.

It did not take long for me after this, before I too tensed, and as my climax came storming in I shuddered, letting my balls contract and my cock inject my warm, thick fluid deep into Sally’s depths.

After I’d caught my breath, I slipped gently from inside her, and Sal fell limp. I got up and cuddled in next to her on the sofa.

We had both obviously fallen asleep, as we both awoke in the same position in the morning.

“Is that what they call a ‘Fucking Birthday’?” Sal said in a whisper!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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