Black and White Ch. 05

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Miki slipped off him and said, “There you go, White boy.” She stood up, and even in the gloom he could see her stunning body. Aviva, next to him and smushed up close, reached down and stroked his cock, wiping the come and Miki’s wetness around, trailing little designs on his belly.

Aviva moved in close and said, “If you can get it up one more time I’ll suck you off.”

He sucked in a huge, excruciating breath and half-mumbled, “Give me a minute.”

She laughed out loud, laughed in his ear, then nibbled at his earlobe and twitched a nipple. “Yeah, you think about it.” She flipped out of the bed and stood up, stretching and raising her arms over her head. He heard a series of small joint pops and Aviva made a face. She swiveled her head around, said, “Where’s that wine?” and walked out of the bedroom. He heard music start up again, softly, a thrumming, driving dance tune of some kind.

He sat up and breathed deep, trying to think about whether he actually, honestly had it in him to get it up again after all the preceding sex. Then he stood up, flexed a little, and walked out of the room, to see if there was some of the wine left. When he got into the living room the girls were moving around to the muted music, and both of them were stark naked. He noticed for the first time Aviva had tattoos: a tramp stamp kind of design on her lower back, and swirly names across her shoulders, three of them. When he got closer he noticed they were Miki, her son, and a woman’s name, probably her mother. He also noticed again that Aviva was mostly carrying some mom fat and wasn’t really bad looking at all. She was muscular and well-proportioned, and more than half pretty. She had a big, round, happy, heart-shaped ass. She wasn’t bad at all.

Miki, on the other hand, was absolutely, ridiculously, stupid hot. He couldn’t believe it. She literally looked like something out of a magazine. Crazy.

They both turned to look him over, and when Miki winked at him, he knew he could get it up one more time. He watched Aviva sway around, and after a cursory glance around, he sat down in a thrift-store chair that had a blanket thrown over it, and sat down to watch two naked chicks dance in front of him.

The girls gyrated for a while, and Lee amused himself simply watching, until Aviva bounced and wiggled over to him and straddled him over the chair. She looked down at his crotch, smiling, but didn’t lower herself.

She explained, “I’d sit on you, sonny boy, but I get knocked up way too easy and you got come all over you.”

Behind her, Miki burst out laughing and had to sit down, bending over and spreading her legs. The girls didn’t seem to know anything about the concept of shyness, that was for sure. Aviva flinched and stiffened, then turned around and said to Miki, “Shut up.”

Miki froze, looked angry, then guilty, then very carefully shook her head and said, very quietly, “I’m sorry.”

She said it again: “I’m sorry, sissie.”

Aviva pressed her body up against Lee, and said, “It’s cool. It’s cool.” She huffed through her nose. “I’m sorry too.” Then she smashed her tits into Lee’s face and grabbed for his cock. She stroked and fingered and cupped, casino oyna until Miki got up and came over, sitting on the chair arm, pressing her silky skin on him, rubbing and touching his head and hair. She hesitated, then touched Aviva’s face gently, stroking her cheek and chin, fingering her hair. Aviva did the same, touching Miki in gestures of affection, which Lee chose to selfishly interpret as a girl-on-girl show, even though he knew it wasn’t. He felt his cock stir. Aviva stood up.

Aviva dragged him back into the bedroom by the wrist, giggling, looking down at his slowly growing hard on. He felt obligated to tell her the truth:

“Uh… I don’t know if I can come again, really…”

She laughed and said, “We’ll see about that.” He thought a little, following along, and figured if it was going to happen these two could make it happen. He had a sudden thought that it was likely they’d done this before; they didn’t seem to have any inhibitions at all about sharing a guy. Bizarre. Or maybe not.

Aviva shoved him down, back on the bed, and he felt a slight wet spot where he’d fucked her a few minutes earlier. She dropped to her knees and slipped his cock in her mouth, licking and sucking. She put both her hands on his balls, at the base of his cock, and cupped him while energetically sucking him. He closed his eyes while the girl mouth-fucked him, feeling his cock get harder, feeling dreamlike and weird. When he opened his eyes Miki was in the room, sipping the last of some white wine from a glass. The music from the other room was still on, and as the one sister sucked him, the other knelt on the bed itself and scootched behind him, touching his chest with her hands and pushing her incredible breasts against his back.

Miki started whispering dirty things in his ear, nibbling and talking in a smooth, steady rhythm, a voice he recognized after a while as more or less a female version of Barry White. Aviva sucked him and Miki talked.

He listened to the words.

“Fuck that beautiful girl. Fuck her mouth. Go ahead, she likes it, come right inside her. Get that come right in her mouth. Do you like her beautiful mouth?”

He moaned out a nearly incoherent “Yes.”

“…you like her pussy? You like fucking her beautiful pussy?”

That he couldn’t really answer, because he was getting dizzy. He reached behind him and put a hand on Miki’s thigh, stroking and pressing; he put the other on the side of Aviva’s face, touching and caressing her while she expertly and firmly sucked his cock.

Miki murmured again. “…you like fucking me? You like fucking my pussy? You like coming in me?”

At that point all he could do was weakly nod his head: he was actually, impossibly, going to come again. He couldn’t believe it. Miki lowered both her hands to his lower belly, feeling the base of his cock along with Aviva; both the girls cupped and felt his cock and sac while Aviva kept sucking and Miki whispered filthy things in his ear. He lasted, he figured, a few more seconds at best.

He grunted, hard, and couldn’t stop himself from thrusting his cock deep into Aviva’s mouth. She backed off and pushed against his belly, and Miki wrapped her canlı casino arms around his torso, holding him firmly, putting a slender hand under his chin and nibbling on his ear while he came desperately in Aviva’s mouth. She was whispering again.

“Come in her mouth, boy, come right down her throat. Fuck that girl. Fuck her. Go on, come right in her mouth while she sucks your cock. Go on, let it go, let it go.”

His cock managed a couple of violent, painful spurts and that was about it; his body was about spent in the semen production department. He really couldn’t wrap his head around what was going on, or what had happened, or anything else. The sisters were ridiculously good at this; it was absurd, something out of a porno movie. He got really, seriously dizzy and had the wacky thought the whole thing was a bizarre dream, he was delirious and making it all up.

Then cold air hit his shrinking cock as Aviva sat back, wiping her mouth and smiling. Miki retreated and hopped past him to the floor, picking up a crumpled white cloth off the floor. She walked out of the room.

Aviva smoothed her hair back and stood up on her knees, arching her back and poking out her average tits; in the light and in that position she didn’t look average any more: she looked hot and sexual. She stretched out her arms and said, “Okay, get off my bed.”

When he didn’t move she smacked his leg and repeated the order: “Get off my bed.” This time he did it, unsteady on his legs, and suddenly feeling extremely naked. Aviva thrashed at the bedclothes, dug herself in, and flipped pillows around. She said, “Miki can drive you home.” Then she rested her head on a pillow and closed her eyes. He heard a very loud huff and a sort of groan; he realized he’d been dismissed. Gathering up his clothes, he headed out into the living room area; behind him he heard Aviva say, “Oh, hey man, thanks. That hit the spot.”

Lee had to shake his head in bewilderment, but answered, “No, thank you.”

Aviva said, “Whatever.”

Out in the living area Miki was putting wine glasses in the sink, clad in the white thong again, and that was all. She was drop-dead gorgeous, fantastically beautiful. The contrast between her dark, dark skin and the blinding white thong was something to make anyone’s blood pound. While he watched, frozen, she put her ugly, dirty clothes back on over the panties and transformed herself into a dowdy, dumpy, thrift store mannequin. The change was shocking, almost like a magic trick: now you see her, now you don’t. He had to shake his head in disbelief.

Then he had a thought. He asked, “Do you do that on purpose?”

Miki flipped her lopsided ‘fro around and asked the obvious: “Do what? And put your clothes on, I gotta drive you home.” She walked into the bedroom, and he heard murmuring; then Miki came back out. Miki said, “I told you to put your clothes on, boy.”

He started: he’d actually forgotten he was naked. While he threw his clothes on he asked her the actual question. “Do you dress down on purpose?”

Miki looked at him with a thoughtful expression. “You’re smarter than you look.” Then she said, “Yes. Yeah, yeah, I do. I look like shit on purpose.” kaçak casino She flopped the dirty coat sleeves. “It keeps the boys from fucking with me. That shit gets old. It’s my, you know, urban camouflage.” She laughed. “Let’s go.”

In the car, on the way back to his place, he asked a few questions, but didn’t get much in the way of answers. Yeah, she worked as a model, yeah they were sisters, yeah, Aviva had a four-year-old. Miki didn’t ask him anything at all, just drove.

When they were almost to his apartment, Miki finally shared something.

“Thanks for helping out my sister; she gets frustrated and all pissy and all that. She’s a really good person, and she deserves to have some fun and feel good from time to time.” She turned her head around, watching for traffic. “I’m always glad to help sissie out with that.”

Miki almost said something, changed her mind, then changed it back. Then she spoke.

“You know, the fucked up thing is, anybody who gets with sissie gets me, too.”

Lee kept his mouth shut, listening.

“Dude, I can’t seem to date without the man going batshit jealous, and I just don’t have the time for that. I mean-” she looked squarely at him- “I KNOW I’m hot; I know it. People wouldn’t pay to take my fucking picture if I wasn’t, you know? But it can be a pain in the ass, too. I gotta dress all shitty to go to the grocery store, or I got men fucking with me from the time I get out of the car to the time I get back in: ‘Hey girl, hey girl’. It’s fucked up.”

She turned to look at him. “I was dressed nice last month, little black dress and good hair, and I had some banger motherfucker with his pants cuffs in rubber bands follow me home from the gas station. He popped out of the pitch dark in my fucking parking lot at 3 AM, and he’s like, ‘Baby girl, I just gotta get your number’, and I’m like, ‘Get the FUCK out of here, motherfucker!’ I almost pepper sprayed his ass just to teach him a lesson.”

Lee filed away the information: ‘Do not make Miki angry’.

She huffed. “Yeah, I’m public property, and fucking stalking me back to my fucking HOME in the middle of the night will get your dick in my pussy.” She shook her head. “It’s just easier with sissie.”

She sucked in a huge breath. “I get lonely too, and it’s like, sissie knows that, and I slip her some dimes and stuff when I can and when she’ll take it, for Connor and gas money and school money, and ’cause I keep having fucking relationship trouble it’s hard for me to do much of anything in the, you know, fucking department.”

Lee noticed her car was a newer model of a fairly pricey German brand, and sparkling clean. He started noticing the contrast between Aviva’s thrift store life and how Miki apparently lived; the sisters had completely different lives, but… they were sisters.

They were at his apartment.

Miki turned and said, “Take care, White boy.”

Lee got out of the car into the mild night, thinking. Miki’s car swirled around the lot, headed out. Then it looped around. He waited while the little German coupe came back. Miki pulled up and the driver’s window rolled down.

She said, “You’re nice. Give me your number.” He hesitated, then spoke his phone number while she entered it into her phone. She said, “I’ll call you; we’ll go do something cultural.”

Miki sped off, leaving him standing on the sidewalk, alone in the dark.

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