Black Men Who Love Black Men

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Peter Black comes home, tired from a hard day at work. He was a tall, large black man in his early forties. A police officer with the Plymouth police department. Lately, things had been tough, even for a strong man like himself. Recently, Peter’s wife Jennifer Ambrose Black discovered that he was bisexual. That discovery ended their marriage, and brought his carefully crafted secret life crashing down around his ears. The wife didn’t take it too well. Most women wouldn’t. Jennifer felt betrayed. Peter left the house.

Peter went to stay at his mother’s house. His mother, Ellen Black, had always known that her son had secret desires. She urged him to be true to himself. Peter met the lovely Jennifer Ambrose (back then a tall, slender, brown-skinned beauty) during in his college days. He was a Criminal Justice major and she was a computer programmer and part-time model. They became friends and eventually fell in love. Three years after their first meeting, they were married and living together. Peter began working for the local police department and Jennifer took on the corporate world. Everything seemed fine, until Peter’s urges resurfaced.

Ever since Peter could remember, he felt sexual desires for other men. He kept this from his hard-working fireman fighter, Matthew Black, and college professor mother Ellen Black. They simply wouldn’t understand. Peter had been with a few men during his college days but he thought he put this life behind him. He loved Jennifer and liked the life they built together. They lived in a nice house in the oldest town casino siteleri in Massachusetts. He was a cop and she was a corporate executive. Peter’s life changed when he met a man named Raymond Smith.

Raymond Smith was a tall, good-looking young man with dark brown skin and curly black hair. This half-African, half-Puerto Rican stud was a rookie down at the Plymouth County police department. A rookie fresh out of the police academy. Peter was a patrolman and took Raymond under his wing. Raymond was a cool cat. He had it made. Fresh out of the police academy, he was the first among his buddies to find a job on the force. He was also a third-generation policeman. Raymond was dating a young woman named Laurel Patterson at the time. Peter had met Laurel, a tall, porcelain-skinned, foxy redhead fresh from Ireland. They seemed like the perfect couple.

One night, while they were off-duty and having drinks at a club, Raymond put the moves on Peter. Peter hadn’t been with another man since he met his wife Jennifer. How he longed for that special touch which only a man could give him! He was helpless to resist Raymond. That night, they went into a motel room and got it on. Peter recalled kissing Raymond with a passion he didn’t know he had. They rolled around on the bed, laughing as they undressed. Soon, they were both naked. Raymond licked Peter from head to toe before sucking his cock. Peter groaned as Raymond pleasured him. Damn, how he missed doing it with men! When Peter came, Raymond drank his seed.

The fun was just beginning. Peter climbed canlı casino on top of Raymond, who held him by the hips and began fucking him like there was no tomorrow. Peter felt Raymond’s hard cock thrust into him, spearing his ass. It hurt but also felt so damn good at the same time. Peter cried out in pleasure. Raymond passionately fucked him. Peter screamed loud enough to wake the dead. He hadn’t done anything like this in a long time. Raymond barked some cuss words as he fucked Peter’s ass like sodomy was going out of style. They sucked and fucked the night away. Afterwards, both of them lay there, tired. When morning came, they realized what they had done. Everything was changed between them.

Peter Black was a devoted husband. He had a wife. He had a family. Yet he desperately craved sex with men. Raymond Smith was a good-looking black stud whom all the ladies at the department seemed to have their eye on. He was dating a beautiful Irishwoman. Yet he was also Bisexual. He had been exploring his bisexuality since college. Life as a bisexual black man was not easy. They carried on their affair, and kept it a secret. Three months later, Raymond left the department and went to Boston. He got better pay as a police officer in the big city. Lots of opportunities for a young man like himself. Peter was sad to see him go. They stayed in touch. Unfortunately, Jennifer discovered one of their emails one day. And that was the beginning of the end for Peter Black’s secret bisexual lifestyle.

To say that Jennifer Ambrose Black flipped out when kaçak casino she found out her husband was bisexual would be an understatement. They separated, and even tried couples counseling but it didn’t work. Jennifer no longer trusted her husband. And, to be honest, he no longer wanted to be with her. They were soon to be divorced. Jennifer had told all of her lady friends about her husband’s bisexuality. The news spread like wildfire around Plymouth. Detective Peter Black, once a decorated member of the Plymouth County police department was now seen as a weirdo by many of the cops he worked with for years. Oh, well. He decided to do this all the way. He came out of the closet.

For a time, Peter Black stayed at his mother’s house. Tonight, she was in Boston with her sister and he was home alone. When he gets to his room, a surprise awaited him. A surprise in the form of a good-looking young black stud. It was none other than Raymond Smith, of the Boston police department. Peter stared at him, shocked. Raymond smiled, and told him that he got off the train earlier and came for a visit. He heard what happened and couldn’t stay away. Peter smiled at his former lover, and the two black men sat down and talked.

Raymond quickly filled Peter in on some of the details of his life since they went their separate ways. Raymond had broken up with Laurel. It wasn’t because of his bisexuality. She had a job offer in Galway and went back home. They were still friends. Peter looked at Raymond. The young man was so handsome. How he missed him. A burning question melted through his mind. Was Raymond single? As if reading his mind, Raymond leaned forward and kissed him. Peter smiled. Raymond drew him down on the bed, and closed the door. That night, after making love countless times, they slept peacefully.

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