Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 03

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Melinda is at it again. This six-foot, blonde-haired, blue-eyed sex freak can’t keep her strap on dildo to herself! So, what’s a gal to do? Melinda hits the bar scene and goes looking for sex partners. It’s hard for her to find a man who’s willing to take it up the ass without being gay. Melinda also has a thing for black men, but most of them don’t share her particular brand of anal eroticism. So what’s a freak to do? Well, she decides to go to the bars to meet someone.

Melinda arrives at the bars. There are lots of good-looking black men there. She looks at them. Her preference is for rugged, manly black men who are very dark. Finally, she sees the one who interests her. Melinda goes and meets this tall, good-looking black man named Ajax. He’s a real sexy guy who works as a real estate agent. They go back to her place for some fun. First, Melinda strips and the brother admires her sexy body. He kisses her and starts to suck on her breasts. She moans in pleasure. He fingers her pussy and makes her scream. Yeah, she’s loving every second of it. Then, he shows her his cucumber-sized dick and orders her to suck on it. Melinda is not used to casino oyna being bossed around but her mouth salivates at the sight of this huge black dick so she does as she’s told.

Melinda sucks on Ajax’s big black dick. He thrusts that big cock of his in her mouth. She even licks his balls while she’s at it. Once she’s done, it’s time for the main event. Melinda straddles Ajax. He places his hands on her hips and thrusts into her. He shoves his big cock into her pussy. He fucks her hard. Melinda screams in pleasure. Having a big black dick up her white pussy feels pretty good. Ajax fucks her with all the energy he can muster. Their screams of passion fill the night. Melinda gets fucked like she deserves, and at least half of her desires are sated.

Still unsatisfied, Melinda wants some more action. Ajax smiles and obliges. Melinda gets on all fours and spreads her ass cheeks wide open. He comes up behind her and shoves his cock into her ass. Melinda screams as he begins to fuck her in the ass. He has a really large dick like all black males and he really knows how to use it. He starts to pound his cock deep into her ass like there was no tomorrow. canlı casino Melinda screams as Ajax buries his cock deep into her asshole. Her asshole, once tiny and tight, is now being stretched to the limit. She screams loud enough to wake the dead. Her black lover continues to fuck her up the ass until she finally surrenders and takes it deep without complaint. Finally, he came, sending a load of sticky cum deep into her ass.

The party is not over yet. Melinda tells Ajax what she has in mind. He doesn’t seem to be into it. What’s a freak to do? She laughs and tells him that she was just joking. They go to sleep. While he sleeps, she ties up his hands and feet. She takes her large strap on dildo and greases it up with lubricant. She also applies lubricant on his asshole, and then wakes him up. Ajax wakes up, and is very surprised. What’s going on? Melinda smiles nastily and tells him that she’s going to sodomize him with her big strap on. Ajax struggles but he can’t escape his bonds. Looks like Melinda’s going to have her way with him.

Melinda spreads Ajax’s ass cheeks and shoves the dildo into his ass. He screams and struggles but she holds kaçak casino his ass wide open and continues to pound the dildo into him. He screams and it’s music to her ears. She loves to fuck black men in the ass with her large strap on dildo. In fact, it’s her favorite way of passing time. If only she could find more willing partners more often. Oh, well. She does what she has to do to satisfy her sick twisted needs. Ajax struggles and she loves that. She loves looking into his eyes as she fucks the life out of his ass. Finally, he gives up. after giving his ass a serious pounding, she uses chloroform to render him unconscious.

Melinda sits down, stroking her strap on dildo and feeling victorious. Ajax is the hundredth black man whose ass she fucked with her big strap on. It’s a great day for her. How she wished she had someone to celebrate with. She puts his clothes back on and then drops his unconscious body at a shelter before taking off. It’s been a good day. She had lots of fun. Tomorrow, she will head to the bars to look for some new prey. A tall, macho black man to fuck her pussy and ass until she’s sore. Naturally, she will make him the offer to fuck his ass with the strap on afterwards. If he’s down with it, then all is cool. If not, then she’s going to do it anyway because she’s a sick person with a fetish and she can’t help herself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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