Bobby-Jack Pt. 04

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It had been months and months since Clay and Bobby-Jack had tied the knot. And it had been a blissful whirlwind of time. The pair had honeymooned in a secluded house on the beach, only adventuring away for some sights and the occasional meal. When they returned, life became real again but with a new joy.

Clay was writing and had started a small business with his cousin Izzy. They were promoting local artists and craftspeople and selling clothing and other items with their art on them. He had started to spend more time traveling with his cousin lately and the business was booming. Bobby-Jack (or “BJ” as he was now called – a trend started by Izzy) used his skills to stay busy and began doing some carpentry work around the house. Occasionally, he would do some projects for other people in the area. He had been doing a lot of work at Malcolm’s house lately.

Clay loved seeing his tanned dark body against the pure white sheets of their bed, auburn hair covering his burnished bronze body. BJ ran a hand through his thick copper-colored hair, the sun-lightened streaks of strawberry blond and red-gold shimmering in the early morning light. His arm stretched over to Clay’s cool side of the bed and he remembered that he had spent the night alone. He grabbed Clay’s pillow and smashed it into his face, smelling his scent still lingering deep in it. BJ shifted his leg a bit and felt the cool crispness of the sheets as his temperature rose thinking about Clay under him taking his cock deep casino siteleri inside his round full ass. He ground his naked cock into the sheets; precum flowed out letting the tip of his cock slip easily against their tight softness. He groaned softly as he imagined Clay writhing beneath him as his cock broke past the tight ring and settled into his husband’s warm tight tunnel. He suddenly stopped and lifted his head up when he heard Roscoe bark.

Clay must be back, he thought. That was a quick trip.

BJ pushed Clay’s pillow back to his side. He spread his naked body out on the bed, pulling one leg up so that his muscular ass looked like prime beef on display. He put his arms over his head as he heard footsteps softly and slowly up the stairs. He closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep.

He heard a soft “Mmmmm” and heard shoes and belt being removed. He felt the bed move as Clay pulled up against him in the bed. He felt a hand rubbing along his firm thigh and ass, then up his back. It pushed up into his hair and then down to his neck. BJ felt lips caress his earlobe gently, feeling the hot pulses of breath against his neck.

“Yes, Clay, that feels go good,” Bobby-Jack softly moaned.

There was a gentle chuckle as he felt teeth teasing his earlobe, followed by a lick of a wet slick tongue.

No, not Clay. It’s Malcolm, fucker.”

BJ instantly pulled himself up off the bed, his arm stretching out to grab Malcolm by the throat. Malcolm had been canlı casino ready and pulled away, stumbling off the bed. BJ lurched out again trying to grab at him and rolled off the bed. Malcolm fell on top of him and straddled him. Malcolm grabbed Bobby-Jack’s hands and pinned them down over his head roughly.

“Unlike Clay,” Malcolm grunted, pleased with himself, “I’m just as big and strong as you are.” He pushed his knees into BJ’s s ribs, causing him to make a grimaced face.

“Get the fuck off me!”


BJ spat at Malcolm, hitting the corner of his mouth. The dark-head man stuck out his tongue and licked at the spittle, than ran his tongue over his lips. He moved his head close to BJ’s and ran his tongue over the bridge of his nose to right between his eyes.

“So salty,” said Malcolm with a smirk.

BJ struggled again and tried to pull his hands free. Malcolm laughed and dug his knees deeper into his side. His captive yelped and groaned. Malcolm quickly brought the two hands together and gripped them with one-hand. He grabbed the belt he had removed earlier and wrapped it tight around BJ’s hands.

BJ looked up at his captor. Malcolm’s white linen shirt had been pulled open, exposing his muscular chest covered in jet black hair. His straight black hair hung down almost covering his pale icy blue eyes. Then his eyes met that Malcolm trademark smirk…that contemptible cold smirk. Malcolm wasn’t like his kind, generous, and funny best friend kaçak casino Clay. Malcolm was wild, rough, and tempestuous…and that made Bobby-Jack’s cock hard.

Malcolm, with his hands now free, rubbed them across BJ’s hairy muscled chest before bending down and grabbing a nipple between his teeth. He nibbled it while his wet tongue lapped at it too. He sat up suddenly and removed his shirt, exposing the tattoo that ran over his broad shoulder and down his arm. BJ’s cock twitched at the sight of it. Malcolm reached up and slicked his hair back and laughed out loud.

“You fucking love this tattoo don’t you fucker?” Malcolm turned his head and licked at his inked round bicep. He ground his ass a bit into BJ’s crotch when he felt his captive’s big cock getting hard. “I like my tat makes your cock hard. Maybe Clay needs some ink,” Malcolm mocked as he rose to his feet.

Malcolm stood over Bobby-Jack, looking down at him with a lecherous gaze. The dark stud unbuttoned his trousers and they fell to the floor. BJ raised his head to watch the stud’s thick cock slap audibly against his thigh. The weighty pole was too heavy to stand up on its own. Malcolm kneeled back down on the floor and lifted Bobby-Jacks thick muscled legs into the air and pushed them backward.

“No, let me taste it first. Please,” begged BJ.

“Maybe after I cum.”

Bobby-Jack groaned as Malcolm pushed the head of his fat cock against his tight hole. Malcolm let a dribble of spit drop onto the head of his cock before he pushed it forward.

“So I assume, fuckboy, you haven’t told Clay.”

All Bobby-Jack could do was grab at the carpet and let out an ecstatic yell as Malcolm filled his tight muscular ass.

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