Bonding with Mom Pt. 02

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Thank you to everyone for the feedback in part one of this story. There were some negative comments pertaining to asking for feedback before continuing a story. I, and I know other writers as well, do not get paid for writing for YOUR enjoyment. The only way we know how a story was liked are from votes, written feedback, or both. If you, the reader, do not like part 1 of a story, there is no reason to continue.

This story picks up where the last one left off, so I suggest you read part 1 here:




Bonding with Mom – Part 2

I woke the next morning about eleven. An afghan was draped over me, the girls were gone, but the wonderful aroma of bacon and coffee were in the air. I stretched and grabbed my shirt but threw it back down then went to the kitchen to ease my growling stomach. Erin had an apron and nothing else on and Perrin was leaning against the bar with nothing on her lean frame. I stopped in the door admiring my beautiful daughters as they casually chatted about last night. Erin turned to answer a question and saw me leaning against the door frame and smiled.

“Hello sleepy head.”

“Hey babies.”

I walked to the coffee pot and poured a big mug. I added my sugar then set the cup down. I leaned over the cup and squeezed out some milk from my breast instead of getting it from the fridge.

Perrin laughed, “I can’t wait until I can do that. Milk is way too expensive in the store when you can get it free.”

Erin sauntered over bent down to one and suckled a little. “Mmmmm, that is so good!”

I rubbed her back as she fed for a minute then went back to cooking. I walked over and gave Perrin a lovers kiss. “Morning baby, would you like some breakfast too?”

Perrin quickly bent down and began feeding as I drank some coffee. She stopped when she heard my breathing change. Erin also announced the food was ready so we sat down at the table. She had cooked eggs and grits to go with the bacon. Perrin had cut and peeled a cantaloupe to go with it.

“Erin and I have decided that from now on there are new rules for our family. The house is a clothes free zone,” Perrin announced, “We have nothing to hide from each other. If we have company we can wear whatever is decent for that guest. Also your king sized bed is no longer yours; it is ours. This includes any guy you or we may want to fuck. If you could share dad we can share you.”

“Girls, don’t get me wrong, last night was great and you can suckle almost anytime you would like, but this… Us… our lifestyle cannot get out. It would ruin any future you might would have.”

“Perrin and I know the impact this could have on our lives, and we will be careful not to let it out. You and I have some shopping to do today. Perrin is staying here to clean up and arrange the master bedroom as our new room together. Give it a week and then, if you don’t like it, you can move out into either Perrin’s or my old room. The couple or threesome gets the master suite.”

“Well it appears you two have had a lot of discussion this morning while I was sleeping.”

“We have and our plans you will love. So, no more surprises for now (she winked at Perrin), let’s finish eating and get on with our day!”

We finished our meal, cleaned up, and went to the master bathroom. We had a lovely shower with each of us washing the other but stopped short of having orgasms. The girls claimed that would come later.

Erin got out first and left Perrin and I to dry each other off. When I got out of the bathroom she was dressed in a flower print mid-thigh sun dress. She had a similar blue sun dress laid out for me. She allowed me a bra, but she said we would be going without panties. When I put the bra on I noticed it was one of my nursing bras with the opening for nursing removed. I complained I would soak the dress front when the dress rubbed my nipples and the girls consented to allow me to add the coverups for them.

Erin and I left for a shopping trip and Perrin stayed to change the sleeping arrangements. Little did I know what was in store (no pun intended) for me.

Perrin watched as her sister and mom left the house. Once they were gone she set their plan in motion. She ran upstairs and emptied their dressers and rearranged the drawers in the master suite. She mixed all the panties, bras, and socks for all of them into 3 drawers. She then laid out all the nighties and other lingerie on the bed. She found her mom’s hidden sex toys in the back of a sweater drawer. She was surprised though to find a cat o’ nine tails and a riding crop in the back of the closet. The were hanging with some thigh high leather boots and leather corset. She left them hanging there and filed that information for later. Perrin then organized the bedside table with cardboard dividers and grouped the various dildos and vibrators each of them owned by size. She thought about the horny sluts they were with how many there were. Erin had the most, their mom the least, but her’s were the most casino oyna varied. She had several sizes, and a couple of anal bullets as well. She ran downstairs and grabbed the one they used last night to add to the collection. She washed it off in the sink, dried it and put it away. Perrin then went through the “normal” clothes and arranged the closet by dresses, blue jeans, and various types of shirts.

Satisfied everything was in order she laid across the bed and popped another tape into the video player under the bedroom TV.

Her mom was standing there in the corset with the riding crop. Jenny was tied face down on the bed with dad laying under her midsection pushing her ass into the air. She could just make out her dad’s cock pushing up between Jenny’s thighs. Mom was berating them fucking without her. She brought the riding crop down hard on Jenny’s ass and the end of the swat raked Jerry’s hard cock causing him a bit of a sting too. Mom was speaking softly to them but there was an edge to her voice.

“How dare you two think you can fuck without at least telling me it was happening. You could have offered to let me join and give me the opportunity to decline,” she hissed.

“I am sorry, Barb,” Jenny tried to apologize, but the riding crop hit her ass again.

“Shut up slut, and take our punishment.”

Perrin shut off the video as a thought hit her, and before she could get too oversexed. She reached over and grabbed the phone. After punching a few numbers she waited on the call to connect. Four rings in she almost hung up, but a breathless Jenny answered.


“Hi Aunt Jenny!”

“Oh hello, kiddo, what are you up to this morning?”

“Not much. Erin and mom went out shopping and will be gone a while. I was wondering if you could come over and give me a hand with a surprise for mom.”

“I don’t see why not. Bill is gone for the weekend on a golf trip. I can be over there in about a half hour. See you soon, hon.”

Perrin replaced the receiver on the hook and stretched lazily on the bed still formulating a plan.

Erin and I arrived at a little boutique at a local strip mall. Her phone beeped and she almost laughed out loud at the message. She looked at me with the grin of a predator about to devour it’s latest kill.

“Before we go in mom, another rule for you. I am your lover not your daughter. From here on I will call you Barb.”

The signs in the windows hinted at a lingerie shop. We went inside and I was surprised to see a man behind the counter reading a book and looking bored. He looked up, smiled, and offered to help should we not find what we were looking for. He then went back to his book. We looked around the shop. I asked Erin what we were looking for and she said when they found it they would know. She grabbed a few things off the rack and told me to go to the fitting room explaining she needed to talk to the shop keep about a few items.

“Hi, um…”

“Chris, my name is Chris,” the shop keep said with an upraised eyebrow, “How may I help you?”

“Hi, Chris. I am Erin. Barb and I are going to be trying on several outfits and I was wondering if it would be possible to lock the door so you could appraise our choices.”

Chris blushed a bit and tried to tell Erin about store hours and it was against policy to lock them during working time. Erin flashed a smile at him, pouted, and slid a $100 bill across the counter.

“Please? Pretty, please? Is that enough to rent the store for about an hour or so?”

Chris grinned, pocketed the money, and grabbed the keys. After locking the door, Erin asked him about submissive attire and toys. Chris walked her over to a wall near the counter. Erin found a squishy ball gag and opened it.

“This will do nicely, thank you, Chris. How about sitting in the chair near the dressing room entrance. I will be back with my friend, Barb in a minute.”

I had changed into a crotchless panty and shelf bra set, Erin had picked out for me when she walked in with her hands behind her back.

“Barb, I have found a nice surprise for you. Turn around and sit in this chair.”

After I was seated, Erin leaned over and kissed me. I closed my eyes and she put a sleeping mask over my face.

“Open your mouth, Barb.”

I obediently opened my mouth expecting another kiss but my mouth was filled with the gag and Erin quickly clasped it in place. She removed the mask and smiled sweetly. She appraised my outfit and sat on my lap. She bent down and took one nipple into her mouth. Her hand moved to my other one as she suckled my tit. Milk was flowing between her fingers and into her mouth as I moaned through the gag.

“Mmmm, that is nice, Barb. Time for your fashion show.”

Erin pulled me up and forced me out of the changing area. Chris quickly sat up when I came into view. Erin pushed me out of the changing area into full view. She motioned for me to turn around giving Chris a full view of my exposed body. I could feel my face blush as Erin slapped my canlı casino ass to get me turning. When I faced Chris again he was blushing a bit as well. I slurped at the ball gag. I was drooling through a hole in the center of it.

“I see you appear to like what you see in my older friend here, Chris. Isn’t she beautiful? I told her she could still turn a young guy’s head.”

“Yo.. you are stunning, Barb,” he stammered.

“Come over here Chris, Barb has a surprise for you.”

Chris got up and moved closer. Erin told him to take a close look at my tits. As he bent down Erin squeezed them and gave him a mouth full of tit juice.

“Wow!” He wiped his face as Erin had him come get a taste.

Chris was gentle and tentative when he first latched onto me. After a second or two his suckling became full of need. Erin put my hands on his head to encourage him then eased her hands down to my dripping pussy. She softly encouraged him to enjoy the meal from each breast. Chris continued to suckle while Erin dropped down on her knees between us. She lapped at my pussy and reached up to rub Chris through his slacks. I looked down as Erin unzipped and fished Chris’ cock out of his pants. He wasn’t too big, but what he lacked in length he made up for in girth. Erin wrapped her hand around his shaft and kissed his bulbous head. She kissed her way down his veined pole and gently nipped at his balls. Erin then moved to my pussy. I could feel her explore my outer labia teasing me. Her tongue moved down to the bottom of my slit and pushed gently into the gap. She stabbed at my entrance and I sighed as I parted my legs. She slowly jerked Chris off as she penetrated my sex. She avoided my clit as I bucked my hips down and back to try to get her to pleasure my little nub. She patted my pussy with her free hand and chastised me for trying to cum too soon. She took her mouth back to Chris who had allowed me to remove his shirt. I watched Chris disappear into her mouth, and saw her throat bulge with the girth as she took him deep. She helped him take off his shoes, pants, and jockey shorts.

“You want to fuck her don’t you, Chris.” It was more a statement than a question.

Chris groaned his agreement, but Erin slipped off her dress and leaned over the settee beside the chair.

“Barb you straddle me. Chris get your cock in my drenched pussy if you really want to fuck something. Keep up your feeding, and fuck my pussy good. If you make me cum with your cock and make Barb cum with your tit attention, I may let you fuck her after I am done with you. Don’t you dare cum either.”

I stood over Erin as Chris pushed his cock at the entrance to her love hole. After Chris established a slow steady rhythm with Erin I offered him my tits once again. I moaned louder as I reached down to pleasure my sex. Erin was moaning and I could see Chris’ glistening cock slick from her pussy. It wasn’t long I could feel the tightness and tingling as my pussy exploded all over Erin and Chris’ junction providing even more lubrication for their fucking. My knees gave way and I heard Erin cry out as her own orgasm raced through her. Chris pulled out as he started shooting streams of cum over my stomach and Erin’s back. Chris fell back onto the chair after his orgasm had run it’s course. I removed the gag from my mouth and began licking the cum off Erin’s back and rubbing what was on me into my skin.

We all lounged for about 15 minutes before Chris said he needed to get cleaned up because he had another 6 hours left of his shift. Erin and I sauntered arm in arm to the changing room and got dressed.

We were soon at the counter and paid for our purchases. Chris took it out of the $100 after giving us a discount on the items. Erin smiled and assured Chris we would be back and would let all our friends know about the helpful gentleman at the boutique. We took our leave and walked down to the other end of the mall for a coffee.

Perrin waited for Aunt Jenny impatiently. She was pacing like a lioness. It seemed like forever before she heard Jenny pull into the drive. There was a knock on the door. Perrin yelled it was open from her hidden place behind the bedroom door. Jenny came in and closed the door.

“Perrin? Hon… where are you?”

“Up here Jenny in mom’s room.”

Jenny entered the room, but didn’t see Perrin. She walked towards the bathroom thinking she might be in there. When she was halfway to the bathroom the TV clicked on showing Jenny still strapped to the bed with Jerry’s cock buried in her pussy. Barb was still smacking her ass with the crop with each upward motion. Jenny stared horrified at the TV as Perrin slammed the door shut. Perrin had donned her mom’s black corset and red thigh high boots.

“Ppp Perrin, what are y..” was all she got out before Perrin slapped her across the face.

“Silence, bitch.” Jenny’s mouth shut so quickly you could almost hear it. Perrin motioned with the crop at her. “Get out of those clothes, slowly, and make me enjoy it.”

Perrin sat on the padded settee at the end of the bed and kaçak casino watched as Jenny kicked off her shoes. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse as she undulated her body. Jenny could still be a swimsuit model. Age had not affected her body much at all. She easily had DD tits now and as she allowed them free of her front fastening bra, Perrin could see her large areolas and thick rubbery nipples. Jenny’s eyes were still locked onto the TV screen reliving the memory of that long ago fuck session. She had unfastened the buttons on her jeans and turned around as she slowly slid her round ass out of them. She wasn’t wearing any panties and her little star greeted Perrin first. Perrin reached out and ran the riding crop through her ass crack pushing in at her anus. She slapped Jenny’s ass cheeks one at a time and left red marks. She told Jenny to wait in that pose and keep an eye on the TV and enjoy the memory. Perrin came back and poured baby oil over her aunt’s ass crack paying special attention to her puckered star. She could feel her aunt tighten up every time her fingers played over the tiny hole. Perrin popped her ass twice more as she put some vaseline on the tip of the anal bullet. She then popped her aunt right in her ass crack above her anus. Jenny moaned then yelped as Perrin roughly pushed the small bullet quickly into her. Perrin massaged her aunt and whispered how it would be ok in a second just relax. Perrin sat back with the corded remote running to the anal bullet. Perrin hit the button for the low setting and could see her aunt relax her ass as a deep moan escaped her lips.

Perrin instructed Jenny to finish her strip tease. Jenny slowly wiggled her ass as her jeans cleared the last few inches to unhide her swollen pussy lips. Jenny had smooth labia and her inner lips were thick and extended beyond her labia. Perrin stopped Jenny from wiggling and slapped her hands with the crop to get her to let go of her jeans which slumped to the floor around her ankles. Perrin again used the crop to slap ass flesh and then inner thigh meat to spread her legs. She could see her aunt’s pussy glistening betraying her constant objections. She ran the crop again through her aunt’s ass cheeks and inserted it between her nether lips. Bringing the crop to her lips she took a sniff of her aunt’s aroma then licked the crop clean admiring the musky odor and taste of her aunt’s arousal. She snapped a couple of quick pictures of her aunt in her exposed state and sent them off to her sister. She smiled at the earlier picture of herself in the clothing she now wore taken in a mirrored view.

“Ok, auntie, you may step out of your pants and move to the bed.” The TV had stopped and the tape was auto rewinding itself. “Where does Barb keep the handcuffs? I have not found them yet.”

“They are in a box on the shelf beside where your clothes were hanging.”

Perrin quickly located the handcuffs and had Jenny roll onto her back. “Thank you, auntie, let me allow you a simple pleasure.” Perrin increased the vibration to medium on the bullet and Jenny gasped at the sensation. “I take it you have never had your ass violated like this?”


“Good, simple answer.” Perrin moved Jenny to the edge of the bed with her head hanging partially off the side. She straddled Jenny’s head. “Make me cum quick and I may not use the handcuffs, but if you don’t I have more pain in store for you.” Perrin slapped the crop across her aunt’s tight abs. “Spread your legs too. I want to see your pussy gaping open in the mirror.”

Jenny almost had her legs in a full split position opening up her pussy for Perrin’s inspection. She was leaking like a cracked dam. Perrin gently slapped at the top of her pussy making contact with her clit between her swollen lips. Jenny’s head jerked up and buried into Perrin’s soaking pussy. She quickly found the nub peaking out of it’s hood and latched on with her tongue and lips. Perrin hissed at the pleasure and slapped with the crop at the exposed pussy in front of her. “Ohhhh very good auntie. Suck my clit. Push your fingers into my pussy.” Jenny complied and quickly jammed two fingers as far as they would go. She fucked Perrin’s bucking pussy. “More auntie, give me more.” Jenny pushed her other two fingers in and began swaying them back and forth inside her niece. Her thumb experimented with Perrin’s anus as she felt the bullet in her own start vibrating more than she thought possible. Perrin cried with delight as her aunt punctured her ass with her thumb while rubbing her G spot with her four fingers. A last lick to Perrin’s clit and she was almost drowned by the resulting squirting explosion. Jenny pulled out her hand and covered her niece’s pussy with her mouth drinking down her girl cum.

Perrin fell forward over her aunt and licked at the exposed red clit as she came on her aunt’s face. She was soon rewarded with a drenching of her own.

As aunt and niece were laying in the afterglow of their sex, Erin and Barb had finished their coffee and headed home. When they entered the house, they both were assaulted by the aroma of pussy. They crept upstairs to find niece and aunt asleep on a soaking wet bed. Their pussies still glistening. Barb was shocked, but then Erin showed her the pictures Perrin had sent her.

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