Bonnie , Clyde

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The excitement builds as we near the bank entrance. Even though we’ve done this before, the rush of adrenalin always kicks in. The grey, ominous clouds and light drizzle of rain falling on us gives us perfect cover for wearing our trench coats, which hide our surprise for the unsuspecting people inside that bank. You reach over and give my hand a quick squeeze as we pause, and take one final look around before we enter the bank. I pull the door open and we step inside in unison.

We immediately pull out our guns and hold them over our heads.

“This is a robbery-nobody move!”

All heads and eyes turn towards us in shock and surprise. You move with feline quickness to the tellers at the front of the bank. Our faces concealed by masks, our hair color concealed by wigs, we feel totally anonymous and in control. It’s a pretty small town and there are only a few customers in the bank, making the situation easier to manipulate. I keep an eye on the people out front as you get the bags filled. Your lithe body moves with dexterity and quickness collecting from all the tellers and getting access to the vault.

I survey the people out front and collect wallets from the customers in line. Within 2 minutes our pillaging is complete. We walk backwards slowly towards the door, and as we look directly into one of the security cameras, you give a quick curtsy and I a quick bow, and we walk out of the bank.

As you walk out in front of me, the view of your swaying hips to your sexy saunter, and the fact that we just made loads of cash, is already getting me aroused. We pull off our masks and stuff them in our trench coats, just in time as some stranger on the sidewalk nonchalantly passes us. We make it into the car and quickly-but not too quickly-drive away and into normal traffic.

We simultaneously let out a howl of joy and then look each other in the eye, with huge, shit-eating smirks on our faces. We take off our wigs and throw them into the back. You squeeze my hand in excitement as you tap your heels on the baseboard. WE MADE IT!!

With your hand still on mine, I deftly move it over to your leg, and start sliding it in the slit in your trench coat. My fingers encounter the smooth skin of your thigh, and now your hand is starting to push my hand closer towards your nether regions. I let you push it a little, but then I resist as my hand rests mere inches from your sweet spot. You try and push harder but I resist.

“Baby, I’m getting SOOO turned on!” you moan.

I glance over, looking deep into your eyes, and you feel my sexual power flow into your body. You actually shiver as my stare heats you up and tingles your skin. Your hand has moved over and is now resting on my knee, your fingers painting lazy circles on it. I start kneading the flesh of your inner thigh, feeling it warm under my touch. My eyes soak in your beautiful essence, but I return my concentration to the road. escort kartal However, my hand has a mind of it’s own!

As I caress your leg under your skirt, I feel an unexpected surprise-you’re wearing lace garters! As my face lights, I say,

“Baby, you never cease to amaze me!”

My fingers finally reach the edge of your panties, and they are already SOAKED! The touch causes an immediate reaction of you parting your legs-almost as if my fingers unlocked the key to the hidden treasure vault.

An audible moan escapes your lips. One of your swollen pussy lips is protruding from the edge of your panties. My fingers gently rub the moist flesh at your panty line and your hand instinctively grab my hardening cock through my pants. You throw your head back as you gasp in pleasure and anticipation. It is SOO hard to keep my focus on the road! Right now, I am so turned on, I wouldn’t care if the police caught us, just as long as they let us finish first!

After making sure we are on a straight road with no cars around us, I lean over so we can kiss. Your hands clutch the sides of my face as our tongues passionately entwine. Our lips lock as we both moan our pleasure into each other’s mouths. I break the kiss to look back at the road. We are almost home!

My fingers slither under the panties and plunge into your slick, wet pussy. You gasp in pleasure as your legs lock around my hand with the surprise of sudden penetration. Your hand nearest me is fumbling with the buttons and zipper on my pants, while the other slides underneath your bra to cup your heaving breast.

You free my cock from its cloth prison and devour it between you lips. Road head!!! SOOO NAUGHTY! I let out a moan of pleasure as your tongue bathes my dick with your saliva. Your soft, velvety lips, tongue and mouth combine to make the ultimate in pleasurable sensation. I am forced to slow down because it is next to impossible to concentrate. I believe I’m starting to swerve a little on the road.

My hand runs through your hair and caresses your scalp as your mouth performs its magic on my member. I run my fingernails down to the small of your back, where by leaning over they can finally reach your soft skin. I hear the sucking and licking noises coming from your mouth, making me even hotter.

“You are an ARTISTE at head, baby!”

Your fingers my cup my balls, swollen with cum. Your tongue swirls around the head of my penis and I force myself to hold back from cumming.

Up ahead, it looks like an abandoned dirt road and I pull off as quickly as I can. I can’t wait to make it to the hideout, even as close by as it is. The location is perfect because, after about a hundred yards, it bends back and is hidden from the road by a grove of trees. I pull the car to a stop and, as difficult as it is, I lift your head off my cock and look into your knowing eyes. We mash our mouths together maltepe escort bayan for a sloppy, wet kiss and then we, in unison, both open our car doors so our passion is no longer confined to the restraints of the car’s interior.

We head around back, each frantically removing clothing(except your sexy garters) with each step, until we are naked and free in front of the trunk. Our bodies collide, my hands cupping your face as our tongues explore the depths of each other’s mouths. As our hips meet, my cock is pushed up against your taught midriff between us. Your hands grab and squeeze my ass cheeks as I feel your beautiful, bouncy breasts mashed against my chest. The light drizzle of rains feels invigorating on our skin.

I break our kiss, lift you at your hips and sit you on the back of the trunk. My hands grab each of your thighs and spread them wide. I normally like to tease, but my passion has no patience at this moment, and I bury my head in your exquisite pussy. I lick your pussy lips and kiss the hood over your clit. My eyes meet your yours, and you lean back on your elbows and cup your breasts.

Your juices are like an oasis in a desert, quenching my thirst for you. The rain is falling a bit harder now, leaving droplets on your beautiful, soft skin. Your head rolls back and a cry of passion escapes your lips, which fuels my passion for you. I lick your sweet little asshole and slide it back up to your pussy, my tongue thrusting inside you. You start to push your hips forward to match the thrusting of my tongue.

I slip a finger in, under my tongue and I push it up towards the roof of your pussy wall to your G-spot.

“Oh. My. God.” you moan.

My cock is rock hard and your words and sounds make it even harder. I pull the hood of your clit back and swirl my tongue around it, bathing it in my saliva. My fingers are coated in your juices. Your body shudders in pleasure.

I break my lip lock on your pussy and pull you down the hood of the trunk, so I can finally enter you. First I rub the underside of my shaft on your outer pussy lips, lubricating it with your juices. I stroke up and down outside your pussy, letting the throbbing head of my penis rub against your exposed clit. Finally I can take no more and I thrust my shaft inside your welcoming vagina.

We both grunt in pleasure. My first thrust goes all the way in-I am actually on my tip toes so I can get maximum penetration-and your juices bath my pubic hair. I put your legs over my shoulders and your feet lock behind my neck. I start thrusting in and out of you like a piston in an engine. Your breasts bounce each time my thighs smack your ass.

Your body is a visual wonderland. I take my hand and cup your neck, pulling your head towards me. With our foreheads touching, we look deep into each other’s eyes-we are overflowing with passion. There is no where I would rather be in the world pendik escort bayan right now than with you. Our bodies, hearts and minds are intertwined, we are weaving our own beautiful tapestry.

We kiss deeply, as our moans are muffled by our locked mouths. I break our kiss and my hands grab your ass cheeks so I can lift you off the hood. Your legs wrap around my sweaty back as I lift and then lower you back onto my cock. Your hand reaches under us and plays with my balls.

“You are so fucking SEXY and BEAUTIFUL, baby!” I grunt.

“I can’t get enough of you!”

You start kissing my neck and earlobe as your heaving breasts mash against my chest, slippery with the sweat and rain between us. Your arms are wrapped around my neck and then one reaches down and slowly scratches my back. You are marking your territory.

I lift you off my cock, and set you down, this time turning you around, as I place your hands against the trunk. I slide my raging hard-on in the crevice between your gorgeous ass checks. I grab the base of my cock and slap those sumptuous cheeks with my shaft, before sliding it back into your sweet, drenched pussy. As I slide back out, your cream is coating the base of my cock, sticking to my pubes. I love that sight!

“You are creaming all over my cock, gorgeous!”

“I can’t get enough of you!” you reply.

I grab the hair at the base of your head and pull back so your are arching your neck.

“I’m gunna make you explode on my rock-hard cock!!”

“Do it baby!” you gasp.

I am rotating my hips as I thrust in and out of you-I want to hit every inch inside of you. When I plunge fully inside, I rotate my hips in a circular motion, like we are on the dance floor. The hot, wet friction between pussy and cock is getting almost too much to bear.

I lean over and one hand grabs a swollen, bouncing breast, and my other hand meets yours at your clit. We are both rubbing frantically.

“I can’t hold back much longer-this is too good, sexy”

I bite your shoulder and kiss and lick down your back. You turn your head and our eyes lock in passion and longing. I can feel your pussy walls as they tighten around my shaft in a vise-like grip. I am so close. My hands grab your waist and lift your legs off the ground, your hands on the trunk balancing you and your legs locked around my hips for support. I pull your body horizontal to the ground and start jackhammering your pussy. There is no turning back now.

“Cum inside me, baby!” you moan.

Our bodies slap together at cock and pussy, hips and ass-the collision causing droplets of sweat and water to fly in the air. I pound my last several thrusts inside you, you looking back at me with those big beautiful eyes, and I clench my toes as I cum inside you. My body spasms as we cum together, our love juices intermingling, creating our own special nectar. My body spasms several more times, as I set you down and gasp for breath. You lean back into my chest, and my cock slips out of your and you squeeze it between your legs. You rest your head on my shoulder and my hand caresses your neck as I kiss and nibble your ear while the rain cools our passions…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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