Breeding Lynn Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: Lynn’s First Step toward Breeding

I picked up 19 year old newlywed Lynn off the commode and carried her to my bed. I gently laid her out on the king size mattress and then set out a bath towel under her ass in case her flow resumed. Then I moved on top of her and kissed her hard on the lips. There was a strong taste on semen on her lips.

You’re a Catholic, aren’t you, Lynn? I asked.

Yes, she answered, which means I can ask and get forgiveness for anything we do tonight, no matter how degenerate it is, she gigged.

What I was really wondering was, are you on birth control? I asked.

No, of course not. That’s a sin, she answered seriously not seeing the irony under the circumstances.

Never taken the pill or used a rubber during sex? I asked.

No, never, she said.

Aren’t you afraid of getting pregnant? Not tonight of course, you’re in your period, but at other times? I asked.

No, you goofus, of course not. I’ve made my husband use the rhythm method. Of course, I want to have babies, but we’re in no hurry. We’ve only been married and been getting fucked for three months, you know. And no accidents yet, Lynn giggled.

Not worried at all? I asked again.

Nope. I’m more worried casino oyna whether or not that monster hanging between your legs is going to fit in my pretty pussy without splitting me in two! Lynn squealed in delight and then shivered in fear.

I laughed at her. Don’t worry, I’ve screwed hundreds of different women with this old shaft and while it hurt everyone of them at first, they all came back for more.

How big was it when you were growing up? Lynn asked curiously.

I held my hands apart to indicate its size and said, It was this long until I reach puberty. That’s huge any standard. Then it suddenly the thing grew to its current size in a couple of months!

Lynn must have been feeling particularly horny because she brazenly continued to quiz me about my sex life.

My husband was the first man I screwed, she said. Who was your first fuck? she quizzed.

Well, word of it got around when I was in school, and our hunky, good looking art teacher Miss Thompson, who had the reputation of sleeping with all the male teachers, made me stay after school one day because she said I was naughty. Turned out she was the naughty one, if you get my drift, I replied and Lynn laughed in her cute little embarrassed way.

All the while canlı casino I was vigorously fingering Lynn’s pussy and it was getting wetter and wetter by the second. I found her tiny aroused clitoris and rubbed it roughly. She let out a series of high pitched squeals and without warning she had one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever known a woman to experience.

My turn at 20 questions, I said. Have you always had orgasms this easy and that quickly?

Yes, she answered breathlessly. Ever since I was…well, ever since I discovered that I enjoyed touching my own pussy.

I kissed her gently and moved down between her splayed legs. She had been spotting on the towel I laid out. I put both hands on her vulva and spread her hairy pussy apart. It’s foul odor turned me on and made me even harder. Holding her open wide, I positioned the head of my cock up against the fleshy opening. Then with one forceful push, I rammed half my cock into her belly.

Lynn screamed out in pain and pleaded for me to stop. NO, NO, NO! she cried. IT’S TOO BIG! GET IT OUT OF ME!

It’s not even all the way in you yet, my love, I stated and began to work more and more of my lengthy manhood into her sensitive young hole.

Lynn again screamed in pain and kaçak casino then pleasure. She was having her second furious orgasm of the night. I could feel her gushing vaginal fluids which were coating my cock. The extra lubrication allowed me to sink deeper into her body until I hit bottom. All the while, she was convulsed in multiple orgasms. I pumped in and out for several minutes. Her climax continued the whole time. Then I felt my balls swelling and my sperm poured into her unprotected belly.

I laid on top of her until my dick softened and her sexual pleasure subsided. Then I withdrew, leaving her pussy hole gaping. Cum oozed out of it, down her leg and onto the towel.

Lynn laid there with her eyes shut and she was panting softly. She was limp, like a worn out rag doll.

I kissed her lightly on the forehead and a smile stole across her lips.

Is it sore? I asked.

A little, she replied. I can’t believe you got the whole thing inside me. That was the best sex of my entire life! she exclaimed.

Stay with me then, I said. Divorce your husband and live right here with me and I’ll show you what sex is all about.

Only if you promise to make a baby in me, she replied.

I’ll see to it that happens and soon, I promised. Not just one, but one right after the other.

Lynn kissed me long and hard. Then we fell asleep in a tight embrace.

We sucked and fucked all weekend and early on Monday she filed for divorce.

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