Bubble Bath

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We had been seeing each other secretly away from our co-workers in the hope we would not stir up any rumors and we both wanted a night to ourselves. So Karen set up a plan for us to have a night alone to indulge in our sexual desires, as she put it.

We met early in the day before I had to go to work, she had it all worked out and to give me a card key to the room in a hotel close to where we worked, I was to meet her there. I had taken a half days vacation just to be with her.

I drove to the hotel and let myself in not knowing what to expect. The room was dark but for a few scented candles so it took a few minutes for my eyes to adjust. I sat my bag on the floor and looked around the room. It was a large room with a couch and table in one section and king size bed in the other. It had a small kitchen area with a sink, fridge and microwave.

It took a few seconds to view the room before I saw the note, picking it up I read these words, “Bring the wine and the glasses into the bathroom, and be naked!”

Well that explained where she was so I did as I was told stripping off all my clothes then I pick up the wine from the fridge and un-corked it. Picking up the two glasses that were set out I made my way to the bathroom, my cock was growing hard at just the thought of seeing her. I slowly pushed the door open to the bathroom to find it lite only by candles burning everywhere making the room glow brightly, and the aroma was a mixture of scents from the candles and the steamy bath. The bathroom was very large with a huge Jacuzzi tub in the corner and that was when I saw her. She was sitting neck deep in the tub which was full of bubbles heaped up like mountains around her head.

“It looks as if you are happy to be here!” She said looking at my growing cock.

“Do you have enough bubbles”, I asked?

She started laughing, and then explained what happened as I sat on the edge of the tub as I poured the wine. It seems that as she was filling the tub, she dumped in a good bit of bubble bath stirring it into the water to create bubbles. Settling into the tub she turned the jets on and that was when things got crazy. The jets of water made the bubble bath go into over drive, the bubbles grew at a tremendous rate rising like a column around her and up the wall and over the tub onto the floor so much so that she could not even see. She fought her way through the bubble wall to find the controls shutting them off. It took her some time to clean it up and get ready for me to join her.

Handing her a glass of wine, I asked, “So what are you hiding under the bubbles?”

Karen replied, “Come in and see!” as she gulped down the wine, then the glass setting aside.

With that I slid into the tub with her, I could feel her naked wet body near mine as our lips meet in a hot passionate kiss, I felt her hand work up my leg to find my cock as she wrapped her fingers around it stroking it gently under the water. That was when she whispered into my ear, “I want this so bad!”

Before I could speak Karen, dove her head under the water and took my cock into her mouth sucking hard. I thought I was going to cum right away, until she pulled off and came up for air splashing wildly.

As she wiped the water from her eyes I said, “Dam honey, that felt great but we have all night!”

“Your dam right” she said, “Now, Give me some wine!”

I reached over the side of the tub to grab the wine and both glasses, pouring us both a glass full. We both settled back into the tub and drank our wine, enjoying the relaxing warmth of the water.

Karen flipped open a panel beside the tub, I could not see the controls, but she seemed to have it all worked out. She pushed a few buttons and music started playing, it was soft and slow, just what we needed to help us relax. Then the water jets started, massaging our bodies. We sat close together basking in the warmth as antalya escort we sipped our wine. I did not think it could get any better then this. I was wrong!

We sat in the tub kissing and playing with each other, it was more like teasing, a touch here, and a pinch there. We were just having fun.

That was when Karen asked, “Are you ready for more?”

I was very ready, but I did not know she had more tricks up her sleeve. She asked me to go get another bottle of wine, so I stepped from the tub grabbing a towel to dry just enough to not soak the floor then headed to the fridge. When I returned Karen had a smirk on her face, more like a shit eating grin. I poured the wine then settled into the tub beside her. Before she took her glass from my hand, Karen reached over to the control panel then pushed a few more buttons. A panel opened on the opposite wall from where we were seated to reveal a large flat screen TV. Karen looked at me with the same grin as before, but bigger, and then pushed another button before settling back into the tub with me. The screen flashed a few times then the movie started, and to my surprise it was a porn movie playing on the screen.

Karen had outdone herself on the set up of the hotel and this setting; I was impressed to say the least! As she slid closer to me she hit the switch for the jets and heater to keep the water warm. I poured us more wine as we settled into our bubble bath to watch the movie. It was a very good porn movie with a lot of action as well as a good plot, but then who pays attention to the plot? During the whole movie Karen was stroking my cock and playing with my balls while I played with her tits and pussy, keeping each other on the edge of coming.

It felt so good in the tub we did not even realize just how long we were in there, but then the movie ended and we were out of wine so we decided to get out of the tub, but we did not just jump out. I suggested we stay in the tub and let the water drain out as it licked our bodies and Karen found this exciting. We both sank our bodies up to our necks then started to drain the tub, holding as still as we could the water slowly drained. The feeling was exhilarating as the warm water drained off of our bodies and the cool air hit our skin. We sat there until the water had drained out completely before we stood up, then Karen turned the shower on so we could rinse off. We let the shower pour over us as we kissed, letting our hands explore and tease each others bodies until we could not wait any longer. Turning off the water we quickly stepped out and dried each other briefly before running to the bed, both jumping onto it giggling. We rolled around on the bed together kissing as our bodies caressed each other while our hands explored each other.

It was Karen that could not take anymore of the games; she rolled onto her back grabbing her legs bending her knees upward and apart spreading her opening pussy.

She looked deep into my eyes, as if possessed and said, “FUCK, FUCK ME NOW!”

I loomed over her as I lined my cock up to her wet hole pushing in hard and fast making her scream, I did not ease up either, I just started to pound her pussy hard and fast. She was breathing heavy between grunts and moans. Releasing her legs she gripped her tits, twisting and pulling on her nipples. She let a hand move down to her clit, beginning to rub it hard and fast.

I felt Karen’s body tense just before she screamed, “Oh god, I’m gonna gush!”

I pulled out as I felt her pussy clench and was greeted with a blast of cream from her. That was a first for me and I loved it, scooping up some I licked my fingers, and each time I scooped more from her pussy she spasmed more. I even feed her some of her cream and she licked it off my fingers as if possessed.

I was amazed that I had not come yet, but I guess I was so intent on satisfying her I was able to hold kemer escort out. But that changed quickly as Karen filled around gripping my cock, stuffing it into her mouth. She went after my cock as if she needed it to survive, sucking, stroking, and cupping my balls until I emptied my load deep into her throat. Karen pulled back and continued to suck and lick me until she had every last drop.

Karen and I both collapsed onto the bed breathing heavily in sexual bliss. We cuddle dozing off for at least an hour. After waking we cleaned up the bed, then ourselves in the shower, readying ourselves for the next round. The shower felt good on our bodies as we soaped each other up between kisses and roaming hands, it did not take long until we were ready to play some more.

As we walked back into the bedroom I smacked Karen’s ass hard making her squeal, she likes it nasty and hard.

Karen turned and said, “So, you want to play hard now, huh!”

She did not say anything else; she just walked over to her overnight bag and pulled out a bag bringing it to the bed. I was already sprawled out across the bed watching her as she walked naked across the room, her body was so nice, firm round ass and large natural tits, yes they may hang down a bit but dam they we great for sucking and fucking, and she really gets off when I give her tits the attention they deserve. Opening the bag Karen pulled out a small personal vibe, this was nothing new we had used it on other occasions. Then she dumped the bag and all the toys came out, she had lube, dildos, a small leather fanny paddle, and something new, it was a vibrating cockring.

I picked up the paddle, it was all leather and had three flaps that smacked loudly when I hit the palm of my hand, I liked this and Karen saw the look on my face then turned her ass to me, without a thought I smacked her ass with it with a loud crack. Turning back around I could see she liked it as I did too, but now it was time to play. Karen laid back on the bed with the lube in one hand and a jelly dildo in the other, as she lubed the toy and her pussy I gave her tits the attention they needed. I watched as she rubbed the toy along her wet lips before pushing it into her folds, I found it very exciting watching her fuck herself with the dildo. I took the time to use my hands and mouth to heighten the sensations she had by touching, rubbing and kissing her all over.

I rolled her nipples with my fingers as well as sucked them in turn. I worked my way up and down her body not missing any part of her making her body tinge as she worked the dildo in and out of her pussy. I could hear how wet she was by the sound’s coming from between her legs, that was when I slipped my cock into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around me and started sucking hard and fast, I knew then that she was on the edge of coming. Her hand was a blur as she rammed the toy in and out of her pussy as she rubbed her clit hard with the other. Her lips were sucking me in deeper and harder right up to the last second, I knew she was going to come. I pulled my cock out and gripped her tits with both hands pulling and twisting her nipples.

Karen screamed, “Oh Fuck, Fuck, Fuck! I’m coming!”

I saw her grit her teeth as her whole body tensed and shook as her orgasm swept over her entire body. I quickly positioned myself between her legs and began licking her pussy savoring her cream this only set her of again in several after shock orgasms, and she taste’s so good! Her pussy was so wet that her sweet juice was running down between her legs soaking her ass so much so I just could not help myself, I slid a finger into her tight little asshole while I had two inside her pussy and my mouth clamped over her clit. That did it, Karen gripped my head pulling it harder and deeper into her pussy, and I barely heard her scream as she gushed all over my face. I lapped konyaaltı escort away as fast as I could, trying to drink all she offered to me, I knew I did a good job.

Karen released my head allowing me to come up for air, good thing too, I needed it. When she caught her breath, Karen looked up at me and started laughing uncontrollably. I began to think she was crazy or just drunk.

She finally managed to say, “You look like a wet dog!” Then burst out laughing again.

Ok, she was drunk. I went to the bathroom to look into the mirror that was when I started to laugh also and knew Karen was not drunk.

My hair and beard were soaked, and it was all from Karen’s sweet juices. I could not help but to start to laugh also, that was when Karen stepped up behind me, turning me around she began to lick me clean, my cock went to full attention. Karen sent me off to the shower again while she cleaned the bed, before joining me. We did not spend much time in the shower this time because Karen knew I wanted to come and she wanted me inside her walls.

We made our way back to the bedroom Karen led me to the bed. As I sat down on the bed Karen handed me a glass of wine, holding her glass up she made a toast.

“I am glad we are together and I hope I can make you feel as good as you have me feel!”

With that she downed her glass of wine and I followed her lead emptying my glass. Karen had that evil grin on her face again as she yanked the towel from my waist pushing me back onto the bed. She went straight for my cock taking the whole length deep down into her throat then just held it there. I could fell her lips around my shaft and her tongue working the underside of my shaft as her throat worked the head of my cock, it felt so good. It seemed as if she was down on me forever until she finally came up for air, my cock popped from her lips and a string of saliva hung from her lips to my cock, she was quick to lick it up with a loud slurp.

Karen sat back on the bed wiping her chin and licking her lips before she reached for the lube. Pouring some into her hand she warmed it by rubbing her hands together before applying it to my cock. Reaching over she then pulled out the vibrating cock ring, now this was different, I did not know what to expect. I have used cock rings before, but never one with a vibe attached, I thought to myself, this was going to be fun.

Karen stretched the ring around my cock to the base with the vibe on top of my shaft she then put a little dab of lube on her fingers applying it to her pussy. As I lay on my back I watched as she stood over my working her fingers over and into her pussy, she is such a tease. Karen looked into my eyes and could see I wanted her now! She knelt down over me and positioned herself above my cock slowly sinking onto it letting it slide deep within her hot wet walls. I felt like I would come right then but Karen clinched her pussy and helped control me, this woman was so good.

Karen began to rock back and forth on my cock working it deep inside of her pussy, that was when she hit the switch on the vibe, I was amazed at how it felt and even more amazed at how it set Karen off. It was positioned so it was working her clit when she took my cock deep inside of her, she began to bounce up and down pressing harder on the down stroke, and it was a race to see which one of us was going to come first. I always did like it when she was on top of me riding my cock and with the vibe it made it more exciting, I knew I was close, I reached up and gripped her bouncing tits firmly and pinched her nipples hard.

She screamed with pleasure, I could not take anymore, my cock erupted inside of her pussy spurt after spurt, she ground her hips down rubbing the vibe harder against her clit and came also while I continued to spurt in her. Our orgasms seemed to last forever. Finally Karen collapsed on me as we both breathed heavily as she slid of to one side she pulled the cockring from my spent cock laying it aside. We lay together holding each other until we fell asleep.

We woke and hour later and the first thing Karen said was, “Let’s go take a bubble bath!”

This woman was incredible!

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