Building Supply Store

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A few weeks ago I went to the building supply store to get some home repair supplies. I was basically wandering around to see what they had in every aisle (an inventory I may taken a hundred times before) when I heard a very sexy female voice ask if she could help locate something. The voice came from the next aisle over, and when their brief conversation ended I went over to see the body that matched the voice. I was totally stunned.

There stood a beautiful young woman, with long dirty blond hair, about 5’8″, a gorgeous body, and wonderful breasts. I stood and gawked for about a minute as she moved some cans of paint. Then I went to another aisle to figure out some stupid question I could ask her for help with.

When I finally approached her and had her show me where to find heat registers, I realized that she was not only very attractive but was especially friendly and had a smile to die for.

I admired her for the next few minutes as she told me about the stock situation and found out when more would be in. She had a dark bra underneath her flesh/pink colored shirt, both were thin material and allowed me to enjoy the shape and movement of her breasts while she talked.

Not being very confident, I left the store and figured I would come back and try to pick her up some other time.

Now I have to tell you that this kind of thing happens to me a lot. I find an attractive woman, talk with her for a while, and leave without ever making a move. Usually I will think about them once or twice while jerking off and never go back.

This woman was different, I could not get her out of my mind. I thought about her every day for the next two weeks, playing a million different scenarios of how I could get with her.

I went back to the store a few weeks later and found her in back by the paint, helping an older guy find the right sandpaper.

When they finished she asked me if I ever got the floor registers and I made up some crap about how the heat system wouldn’t work with those kind and started asking her about prepping concrete for waterproofing.

This was great, she didn’t know too much about it but was trying to be helpful. We had to spend a lot of time looking up stuff and consequently got to talking about different things.

Eventually, one of my pre-rehearsed scenarios came up in the conversation. We started talking about photography and I told her I loved to take pictures and wanted to find a girl who would try modeling for me.

She told me she loved the idea of having her picture taken but never felt antalya escort like she was model material.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, she didn’t dress like a model but she had everything else going for her. This young woman would look fantastic in pictures, and I was going to prove it to her.

The next thing was to make it comfortable, and private so it could progress as I had imagined it would. I told her we should do this alone and explained that I could not bring her to my place as my wife was not prepared to let me start photographing young beautiful women in my home.

My wife knew I wanted to sleep with other women but didn’t want to know about it when it happened.

Anyway, she told me her roommate was planning a trip next week and we decided that I would come over then and take a bunch of pictures of her.

I arrived at her place on Tuesday afternoon as we had planned and we got right to work. She looked great, wearing a short dress and a blouse that looked like they were right out of some business woman’s catalogue. She grabbed us a couple of drinks and I moved a bunch of her lights around to make the fewest shadows. When it came time to start taking pictures she really got cold, her smile disappeared, and she got very stiff.

We stopped for a little while to see if I could make her more comfortable. Not knowing why she was so weirded out, I was thinking this was going to go nowhere. I told her how cool and sexy she was in the store, then suggested she put on some really casual clothes, pretend we were back at the store, and tell me about prepping hardwood floors.

It was amazing, she lit up like a Christmas tree after she threw on a pair of Dickies and a t-shirt. Her smile and her glow returned instantly.

I started taking pictures of her while she told me how to get a floor ready for polyurethane. After about fifty shots, I pulled out the computer and put a few of her nicer shots on the screen. She really loved them.

I explained that she really looked great in the pictures and pointed out the poses that made her look really sexy. Then I had her get into a more sexy outfit.

She changed clothes in another room and emerged in a gorgeous outfit that just about had me creaming in my jeans. She told me her roommate was kind of slutty and loved to go out picking up guys, and that these were her clothes.

We took some more pictures, checked them out, and saw that the outlines of her bra and panties were really obvious. After she got rid of those, we took more pictures and I was lara escort totally out of control, she could tell that I was very excited, and I could see that she was too.

Her nipples were as hard as frozen peas and made for some dramatic images when she was turned at the right angle. Showing her the pictures got her even more fired up. I knew I had to get her into less clothing soon.

I asked if she wanted to do some lingerie shots, knowing that her roomie must have some really hot stuff. We both went to her roommates bedroom this time and found lots of nice things for her to try on.

I also discovered that her roommate had a four poster bed with a canopy so we decided to stay in there and take some pictures on and around the bed. I had to bring in some lights and fumbled around with them quickly so as to not let her excitement fade.

I snapped another fifty or so shots and when we stopped to look them over I saw that she was as wet as could be. I asked if I could rub some lotion on her to give her skin a different sheen, and she readily agreed.

I knew I was in now. I have always been told that I have strong hands and give an awesome massage. I started rubbing the lotion on her back and shoulders,. Then I had her rub some lotion on her chest while I kneeled in front of her and rubbed some on her legs. By now my dick was so hard it hurt.

When I approached her most private region I slid my thumbs between her legs and looked up to see her really massaging her breasts with the lotion. I sensed that her legs parted just slightly so I made a closer approach, still looking up at her really working the lotion in. She looked down into my eyes and we both knew it was time, her legs parted a little more, and I leaned closer and kissed her pussy for what seemed like hours.

Her hands finally left her breasts to grab the back of my head. Somehow we wound up on the bed and she began running her fingers through my hair and eventually really kneading my scalp before she started trying to shove my entire face inside her.

After some time I pulled away just long enough to look up into her eyes which were glazed over with raw lust by this time. I slid my way up her body, kissing my way up to her breasts where I lavished plenty of attention on each one. Kissing and licking her breasts, sucking and gently biting her rock hard nipples. Meanwhile, my rock hard dick was really needing some attention by now and she knew it. I hopped out of the bed just long enough to tear my clothes off and climbed back in manavgat escort next to her, finally taking the opportunity to kiss her lips.

We kissed and played a little before she started working her way down to my aching dick. She was petting and licking it while massaging my nuts, rolling them between her fingers and taking them into her mouth one at a time. I knew I was going to lose it at any minute, finally she put my cock in her mouth and began slowly sliding her lips up and down the shaft, she was almost able to get it all in.

I told her I was ready to cum and that she should get off or get ready, and she just started sucking harder while gently jacking me off. I couldn’t hold back anymore and sprayed her tonsils with what seemed like the largest load of cum I have ever produced.

She continued milking me for a short time before my cock was ready for more fun, I was really surprised, normally it takes me a little while to get it ready for a second run, but she kept me hard with no down time. She crawled back up to me and said she wanted me to be inside her.

I wasted no time in hopping on top and placing the head of my cock at her entrance. I like to really tease women for a while before jumping right in and this was no different (the truth is I get so excited that I am afraid I will blow off in 30 seconds, so I have to go really slow and practically get them off before I go in). I slid the head up and down across her lips, then would just ease the head in and leave it there for a short time, then I would pull it out and start over. All the while I was paying extra special attention to her lovely breasts.

I began to twist her nipples a little more forcefully and she started frantically fucking me. I rolled her on top and continued tweaking her while her hips were trying to grind me into the mattress.

Her roommates bed may have never seen this type of workout, the four posts were swaying all over as she rode me, and I never let go of her tits. She looked absolutely magnificent with her hair falling in front of her face as she rode me for what seemed like an eternity.

We were both nearing the ultimate eruption when she leaned forward and planted a firm liplock on me and started moaning into my mouth, she broke the kiss and told me she was going to cum and I did the same.

Our bodies convulsed together for the next minute as we came down from our peak, so sensitive from the experience that any touch triggered shudders and electricity like I’ve never felt before. We just laid there for about a half an hour before either of us could move.

Finally, we straightened out her roommates bed and packed up my camera and computer for another day.

I told her that I would love to be with her again, and I would like to try some more risqué pictures and she agreed that we should.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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