Business as Usual

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My business partner is hot lady. Agreeing work with her and forming our partnership was a milestone in my life, the greatest idea I’ve ever had. Her name is Beverly and she’s twenty-four, small and slender, with auburn hair, dark brown eyes, and a shape that makes men’s eyes bulge out. I enjoy watching her, especially looking at her full breasts and sexy hips.

I love to go down on her pussy, while she wraps her slender, shapely legs around my head. We are great together, and we began fucking shortly after we met at a convention, five months before we started our business. You might wonder how we ever get anything accomplished, but we are not all over each other constantly. We work hard at our tasks, and we take care of whatever needs to be done, but when we want to have time together, we take it. We don’t hold back and have coupled almost everywhere in our office suite.

You might wonder why we just don’t get married and keep our hot love life at home. The answer is very simple: we are both married to other people, and neither of us has any desire to give up the current spouse. What we do in the office is partly a joining to affirm our mutual reliance and cement our working relationship. Neither my wife nor her husband suspects anything. We speak of each other with great indifference at home, and whenever they see us together, we are paragons of conservative behavior. None of our staff has any idea that their bosses are wanton, illicit adulterers.

Our sex encounters are both exciting and draining, so we save them for a time when our projects require less attention or when they are completed. All last week we had put in twelve-hour days on our latest venture. Finally, we both came in on Saturday and Sunday, along with our employees, to finish up the details. On Monday we made our presentation. Our hard work paid off, and the contract was signed.

As we drove back to the office, we agreed what to do. Calling our spouses, we sadly informed them that we needed to finish off a small, but vital detail for Tuesday. I promised my wife that I would make it up to her by taking off the coming Friday so that we could have a nice three-day weekend. Beverly promised her husband the following Monday off.

We had spent more than a week slaving away, and Beverly and I hadn’t screwed that entire time. We spent our time concentrating on the work because we knew that our reward would follow immediately upon the completion of our project. Besides, my sweet wife enjoyed sex and made sure she got her share from me almost every night. She believed that she was relaxing me as well as pleasing herself. She was so right! Every time Beverly worked close by me, her personal mix of fragrances wafted into my nose. She smelled great and was ever feeding my lustful brain. Of course, every time I looked at her, I would admire her fine ass, her luscious boobs, and her curvy legs. I needed her hot pussy, and I knew Beverly wanted my cock just as desperately.

That evening, I sat at a table in the restaurant. Across from me sat Beverly. We were supposedly having a supper before returning to the office to finish that small and vital detail. Actually, we were teasing and exciting each other, just like that erotic eating scene in the film “Tom Jones.” Thankfully, the restaurant was not crowded and its staff remained discretely away from our table. As we mouthed our food in sensuous, lewd gestures, we were arousing each other, preparing ourselves for our return to the office. I loved watching the way her pink tongue moved across her lips.

As soon as Beverly and I arrived in the outer office, our hands were all over each other. “Wait a second,” I gasped finally. “Let’s make sure no one else is still here.” We forced ourselves apart and quickly moved through the suite of offices. We had one close call in the past and wanted no others. Just as we were about to merge together again, the telephone antalya escort rang.

Beverly picked up the receiver and said in a weak, tired voice, “Lower Lakes Systems, can I help you?” Her eye gestures informed me that it was her husband. “Yes, darling, I’ll be home after midnight. Yes, I think so. See you later, darling. Don’t wait up for me. Yes, I love you too.” She replaced the receiver quietly and turned to me. “Let’s disable the telephones so that it appears like our lines are tied up.”

I accomplished that small task, and she was in my arms again. I slid a hand up her inner thigh until I touched her crotch. When I started rubbing her pussy through her sheer panties, I found that Beverly was very wet already. I knew that she was as hot as I was and pulled her close against me. She shoved her tongue into my mouth and gave me a long, deep kiss. I responded in kind and started sucking on her busy, probing tongue. Soon, she was on her knees before me, pulling down my zipper. Beverly quickly had my cock out and was rubbing her wet lips along its rapidly swelling girth while making my trousers fall down my legs. When my penis filled out to its six inch length, she stuffed the fat, bulbous head into her mouth and started sucking me in the way only she could do. I placed my hands on her head and started to fuck her face, slowly and softly. Looking down, I could see that she was loosening her clothing as she fellated me.

I felt my balls tingle and knew I would ejaculate right away if I didn’t pull Beverly from my prick, but that’s what we wanted. We needed to take the edge off our need. I pushed my cock in and out of her mouth while she sucked me and pumped my shaft with her slender, cool fingers. Suddenly I came, spurting my semen deep into her mouth, and Beverly gratefully accepted my offering, swallowing it by gulping it down. I almost passed out from the sensation. Not even my wife was so expert a fellatrix as Beverly. Sometimes I entertained jealous thoughts about her husband enjoying her skills more often than I did.

As soon as I could, I picked Beverly up and placed her on a bare table, one that we knew was the right height for our needs. I pushed her back, so she was lying on her back with her legs apart and her bare cunt awaiting my mouth. Lifting her legs and, draping them over my shoulder, I buried my face in her crotch. “Oh yes, baby! My cunt, baby,” she murmured. “Suck my cunt!”

Her warm pussy juice soon covered my chin and lips. I stuck my tongue deep into her to taste the source of her dew. She was like fine nectar. I love the taste of her pussy juice, and I needed to savor more of Beverly’s honeyed emissions.

Using both hands, I pushed her legs farther apart. Beverly moaned in her excitement. Her pussy lips were pink and wet, seemingly swollen in anticipation of my tongue and lips. I pushed in and started licking Beverly’s delicious cunt. I slid my tongue up and down her pink, inner lips, slurping her nectar and dragging my tongue through her soft folds. I then moved my tongue up in order to her tease her love spot. Her small clit, fully aroused, was sticking out visibly. I wrapped it in my lips and started sucking on it.

Beverly started rocking and moaning as soon as I touched her erect clitoris. The more I sucked and tongued her, the louder she moaned. She took hold of my head, grasping my ears and hair like a drowning woman, pulling my face harder into her steaming twat. I was eating her like madman. I was so happy to have my mouth on her cunt that I did not mind her pulling my hair and ears. “Oh god, baby, don’t stop eating my pussy!” she cried. “Oh yes, right there, baby, suck my cunt just like that!” Her ankles locked behind my neck.

Beverly loves to have her pussy eaten. No woman I have had, including my hot, sexy wife, loves to be eaten out more. Beverly is able to reach several orgasms whenever I perform cunnilingus lara escort on her hot cunt. She has confessed to me that her own husband had been able to do that only a few times. Now she was having orgasm after orgasm as I was eating her out and pushing my fingers deep into her vagina. She bucked her hips and grunted each time I made her start to come again. She fucked my face wildly while I licked and kissed her dripping snatch with my head buried between her clenching thighs. I love muff diving and eat Beverly’s cunt for almost a half hour whenever we have one of our sessions. In between, my wife enjoys my predilection too and twists about shrieking with pleasure on our marital bed, with my face locked tightly between her legs.

As Beverly continued to push against my face, I alternated between licking her pussy and sucking her clit. My face was covered in her pussy juice. My cock was becoming revitalized by my pussy eating and her writhing. “Oh shit, baby,” she mumbled weakly. “This is just too much… Oh god… I have to stop!”

She couldn’t take it anymore. We had been apart too long this time. After only twenty minutes of oral sex, she needed to fuck me, and I wanted to fuck her. I stood up and pulled Beverly by her thighs to the edge of the table and them pulled her up onto her feet. “Come on, honey,” I urged, “Let’s fuck.” Just as this table had been our favorite spot for cunnilingus, the floor was a favorite place for fucking. I pushed the head of my cock up against her slippery pussy, and she reached down to help me enter her. She was already so wet that my thick cock slid inside her easily.

“Oh, fuck me hard now,” Beverly moaned. “Fuck me with that big cock!”

I buried my penis deep in her until our pubic curls were mingled together. I leaned forward until my elbows absorbed my weight and paused, enjoying her pussy around my manhood. I love the feeling a woman’s pussy gives me when it wraps snugly around my penis. Beverly pushed her face upward and whispered, “Kiss me, baby. I need your kisses right now.”

I started kissing her and began pumping slowly in and out of my lover. Beverly wrapped her arms around my back for a few minutes, but then started playing with her nipples while we fucked slowly and sensuously. We moved at the same pace with her pelvis rising up against my driving hips. I could control myself now that her quick blow job had relieved the stress inside my loins. We hadn’t fucked in more than a week and needed this mutual, reassuring release to confirm our bond.

I was fucking Beverly with a cool mind. I had her hips under mine, and I was pushing my cock into her pussy without ramming her like a maniac. Her tits shook slowly as I rode her. At times she resumed pinching her nipples, whenever I pulled my lips away from her exquisite breasts. The room was filled with the sounds of our lovemaking, our warm flesh slapping together, her moans, and my gasps.

I pulled my dick out of Beverly and rose. “Come on,” I urged softly and sat down in our special chair. Beverly jumped up from the floor and straddled my lap, seating herself on my cock. She started rising and falling on my erect penis, assuming the active role herself and allowing my hands to roam over her damp, sweaty body. I could feel her cunt tighten on my prick, as if trying to milk me. Beverly was such a good lay. “Damn, Beverly,” I groaned. “Your cunt feels so goddamned good!”

Now as Beverly rode me, I kissed her breasts and sucked her nipples. They were hard little protuberances that I rolled around in my mouth with my tongue. My hands, freed by my mouth, squeezed and kneaded her ass cheeks. Beverly dearly loved this position because, after few minutes of copulating like this, she grabbed me tightly with her fingers digging into my back. I felt her body quiver and knew she was having an orgasm with my cock deep inside manavgat escort her. I felt more of her secretions wash down my cock and drip onto my legs. As soon as I felt her pussy spasm, I wanted to shoot my cum up into her waiting cunt, but I held myself back by slowing the pace of our coupling.

As soon as I saw her eyes open, I lifted her up, and with my cock still deep inside her, I thrust myself into her again and again. I would not be able to do this if she were not such a small woman and I myself were not in such good shape. Beverly assisted me by gripping my legs with her own. Standing, with my hot lover wrapped around me like a clinging vine, I moved rapidly now. She rotated her hips lasciviously. I could feel my balls begin to tingle. Like an animal I shouted as I came inside her. “Ahhhhghhhhhh!” I groaned each time I unloaded another jet of semen into her oozing cunt. I bucked my hips, shoving myself as deep as I could until I had emptied myself in her. It always amazed me afterwards that we never lost our balance during this rather athletic fucking, falling down onto the floor.

When I was done coming, my cock slowly shrank, and Beverly loosened her leg hold. Slowly her feet slid down my legs until she stood before me, looking up into my eyes. I pulled her against me, and we kissed long and deeply. Whenever we came up for air, she looked at me with a such a loving smile that I never wanted to let her go. I knew that she wanted more and she knew I did too, but we had to pause to allow our bodies to recover. I sat in the chair again and she cuddled on my lap. We kissed and touched each other, whispering in the dim, vacant office.

Eventually, I could feel myself rising once again for another coupling. Beverly noticed my state and got up. “Come on, baby, you know what I want now,” she murmured. I rose and lay on my back on the floor. Beverly straddled my face and lay atop me with her pussy at my mouth. When she parted her thighs, I could see the juices of our love dripping from her cunt. I began to lick her with my tongue swabbing her wet pussy.

Beverly liked to have me suck her pussy after we’d fucked and I had filled her with my semen. I had never done this until we had started to make love, but I found that eating her cunt, still hot and flowing with our love juices, was amazingly satisfying. Now we do it every time. It is our concluding sex act, and I could not part from her until we had performed our sixty-nine session. While I eagerly sucked her pussy, Beverly took my cock into her mouth and began sucking me off. Eating Beverly’s pussy with its mixture of our secretions was the most erotic activity I had ever performed. Sadly, my wife had not yet agreed to participate in this act, and Beverly had informed me that her husband likewise had denied himself this pleasure.

Their refusal made no difference because we were not to be deprived. Now I was eating my love’s pussy with its elixir of our juices, and she was sucking my penis, still coated with the same erotic substance of our love. The taste was something I needed, and so did Beverly. I ate out Beverly’s juicy, fucked cunt until she came one final time, signalled by a gentle vibration in her soft body. Then she stroked my cock and sucked me off, taking my last drops of semen. We lay together like that, knowing that it might be some days before we would again be joined in our secret, satisfying rite. Beverly rose, turned, and lay on me so that we could kiss. As she slid her tongue into my mouth, we shared once again our juices. Our private work session on the vital detail was coming to an end.

We lay together and rested. At last we both stood up and walked together to the little shower we had installed in the lavatory. After what we had done, we never could go home without thoroughly removing the signs and scents of our erotic coupling. After an hour of cleaning up, there was no trace that anything improper had occurred that night. We sat near each other, talking of many things. Then it was time to part.

“See you tomorrow, baby,” I called to Beverly as she climbed into her car.

“Yes, my lover, tomorrow,” she said softly before closing her door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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