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Mrs. Donaldson decided to play a trick on her husband. She made a bowl of butterscotch pudding, and then she went to her bedroom to find something appropriate to wear while serving her man. She decided on the red silk negligee with the black lace trim. As she slipped the nightie over her naked body, she savored the sensation of the buttery soft silk against her skin. She slowly ran her hands up her thighs and stomach and cupped her breasts, feeling their fullness under the material. She took one last glance at her reflection in the mirror as she walked out of the bedroom and smiled mischievously to herself. She couldn’t wait for him to taste her sweet butterscotch.

Back in the kitchen, she picked up the bowl of butterscotch and sprayed whipped cream on top. Honey, I have a treat for you in the kitchen. Once he entered the room, he took one look at her and knew he was in for the best kind of treat on this night. He smiled and came toward her, grasping her hips and pulling her close to his hard, warm body. A treat, you say? he said, smiling down at her. She nodded and dipped her index finger into the cream, playfully putting a dollop on his bottom lip. She pulled him close, put both hands gently on his cheeks and proceeded to lick and suck his mouth teasingly. He responded by grasping the back of her neck and kissing her deeply. He pushed her against the counter and used one hand to slip the strap of her nightie antalya escort off her shoulders, freeing her breast. She felt her nipples stiffen as he caressed and squeezed her with his rough hands before bending down to take her nipple between his lips. She threw her head back and inhaled sharply at the wonderful sensation of his tongue on her flesh.

Smiling she pushed him away from her gently, pulled his shirt up toward his chin, exposing his muscular chest and ran her hands up and down his stomach. Dipping her finger into the bowl, she painted a line down his chest with the cream. She then looked into his eyes while she sucked the cream seductively from her finger before she bent down to lick it from his stomach and chest, caressing his back and thighs with her hands as she worked her mouth up and down his torso.

With one swift motion, he swept everything off the counter with his arm, and lifted her onto it. She leaned back, pushed the black silk down to expose both of her breasts and ran her hands down to wriggle the material up over her bottom, exposing herself to him. She spread her legs, reached around for more of the cream and painted a trail from her navel downward. She leaned back and moaned as his mouth kissed and licked her tummy, working his way toward her eager wetness. She ran her fingers through his hair as his tongue flicked her hardened clitoris. He expertly licked and kemer escort sucked her until she felt like she was about to explode. She became even wetter when he slid his finger inside her while his tongue worked its magic on her clit. She began moaning and moving her hips against his hand. Gripping edge of the counter, she threw her head back as she felt her orgasm begin to build. Her pleasure mounted until his teasing tongue and caressing fingers brought her over the shuddering brink.

But the treat was far from over. On legs shaky from ecstasy, she hopped off the counter and pushed him against the refrigerator. Gently, she pulled down his pajama bottoms to free his beautiful penis. She twisted her hands around his hard shaft as her mouth came down to lick the wetness from his head. She savored how wet he was and how he tasted. Sliding him into her mouth, she continued to twist both of her hands up and down his slippery shaft. Moaning, she took him deeper into her mouth and teased the underside of his shaft with her tongue. Working her mouth up and down the length of him and swirling her tongue around his throbbing shaft, she continued to pleasure him. She loved the feel of him filling her mouth. She slid her mouth off of him and took his sack into her mouth gently as she massaged his cock with her hands. She licked and sucked his balls lovingly before she ran her tongue back up konyaaltı escort his shaft and slid her mouth onto him again. Sucking him and flicking her tongue across the sensitive underside of his shaft. As her excitement grew, she began to work him faster.

She longed to feel his hot orgasm filling her mouth, but instead he grasped her by the shoulders and stood her up. He spun her around to face the counter and bent her over, grasping her by the hips to position her closer to his manhood. She let out a loud moan as he thrust the length of himself inside her. He slowly slid himself in and out of her while his hands caressed her full breasts. He pushed himself inside of her and stayed there while his hand reached around and found her clitoris. She rested her forehead on the cool tile of the kitchen counter as her breath began to quicken. The feel of him filling her up while his finger teased her sensitive tip was pure bliss. She moaned and begged him not to stop. He began moving in and out of her again, her breasts swaying with every thrust. She moved her hips to meet his thrusts, and heard him moan behind her. Oh, god yes, please., she begged. He grasped her by the waist and began to pound himself inside her with increasing passion. Her orgasm tore through her and she could feel herself contracting around him, gripping him with every stroke as she moaned loudly against the counter. His breath was shallow, and she knew he was close. Suddenly he pulled out of her and she could feel his hot come washing over her bottom.

Spent from their passion, they collapse against the kitchen counter. He gently kisses the back of her neck and whispers in her ear, Happy Butterscotch Day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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