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Covid 19 and the preventative measures of curfew, lockdown and social distancing were still in effect, keeping us practically under house arrest, so to speak. And my younger brother Sidney, nineteen and horny as a goat, was still harbouring a permanent lift, that is, always moving about the house in front of me and mommy with a hardon of varying proportions. Like me, mommy was well aware of Sidney’s seemingly uncontrollable libido. I know, for I’d observed her over and over, taking furtive glances at the little horny fucker’s mid-section. I couldn’t help wondering if the constant viewing of puffed up cock had finally got to her in the right or wrong way, depending on how you viewed such things, for she was definitely displaying certain uncharacteristic changes.

She had started putting on subtle make-up even though going nowhere. moving about briefly in the early morning or at night for longer periods in almost sheer nighties and during the day wearing very short, figure hugging, stretchy, shorts and similar leotards that she must have bought on one of her once monthly trips out of the house, for I had never seen her in these things before the lockdown. They all hugged or in some other way, showed off her well-conditioned fifty year old body.

Was it just my dirty mind or was mommy actually sending signals to her horny, final year as a teen, son. Was she trying to lure him to her bed in these lonely and scary times? Dad had passed away five years ago and to my knowledge, based on observation, mom had been chaste since then. If she was horny – by now she should be – and pondering what I suspected she was pondering, then I found it hard to blame her. Under the circumstances, one could only chose from available options – I did – and there weren’t many. I vowed not to get involved. My lips were sealed and my eyes closed to any transgressions on her or Sidney’s part. She was my loving mommy. And Sidney my more than loving brother.

I lay on my bed in the semi darkness, my pussy pulsating as my hands gently massaged my brown breasts, pulling at the long stout nipples. I saw my bedroom door open and my baby brother Sidney, slip in and close it behind him. He was stark naked, his big hard cock pointing upward. I breathed a deep sigh of relief, for I knew now that in a few minutes my brother’s hard cock would be pounding away in his sister’s pussy. It had been an hour or more since we all retired and I had started to doubt that he was going to visit me as usual that night. I’d thought that maybe while waiting to make sure that mommy had gone to sleep, he had himself fallen asleep. He climbed onto the bed and an after tongue kissing me deeply, went straight to my bubbies that he loved so much. His hot mouth latched onto a stiff nipple.

I quickly stretched out my hand and clutched his hard meat, stroking it softly and feeling up his balls, squeezing them a bit every now and then. After a while I abruptly spun around and straddling him, my ass in his face, took his cock into my mouth. The bubbies so rudely removed from his mouth, he now had no other option but to replace them with my twitching pussy. He did so arduously. In the sixty-nine position, we ate each other’s privates like they were gourmet meals, taking time to enjoy and savour taste as we licked and slurped, and probed and sucked. He rose and pulled out from under my straddling form. I felt and heard him reach for an object on his bedside cupboard and shortly after, felt his fingers applying Vaseline to my anus and its surroundings. I had already assumed a position on my elbows and knees.

I felt him spread my luscious cheeks and position his cock, without a hand for guidance. As if saying ‘look ma, no hands’ he pushed forward and began gently entering my anus. Since we first did it about a month ago, it had soon become a regular item of our love making. I loved being buggered by my little brother. I moaned softly and clenched my buttocks as he went deeper, not in an attempt to keep him out, but to hold him closer and to lock in the sweetness of his cock in my ass hole. He moved with a steady in and out rhythm careful to loosen me up a little bit at a time before stroking more passionately. He moved his legs and thighs from behind to the sides of my body, placing him high in a saddle-like half sitting position with his cock pointing down as it moved up and down in me.

I wriggled delightfully as he increased the speed and pleasured my ass hole. He reached under and grabbed my firm, downward-pointing thirty-sixes and felt them up beautifully, bringing them into participation. As usual, when he was buggering me I would torment my clit with my fingers so I would come while he was still inside my ass. I had grown to love that feeling. So I began moving my fingers rapidly over the stiff clit while he was pounding my as from above. It didn’t take long for me to cum, and I shuddered mightily as my nerve endings were assaulted by pleasure. Sidney held me tight until I relaxed. He resumed fucking my ass, after flipping me over onto my casino oyna back. I looked at him from between spread legs as he stood on the floor with me perched on the edge of the bed, getting ass-fucked and enjoying it. He suddenly pulled out, lifted me up into a sitting position and after pumping his tool half a dozen times, spurted cum into my open mouth. I swallowed it all.

I lay on my back, my satisfied twenty-five year old, slim-thick brown body flushed a shade of red, goose bumps spread out all over it, and my long dreadlocks also spread out on the pillow and on my damp bosom. I was not surprised when mere minutes later, Sidney began licking my bald pussy, and a few minutes later slipped his cock into it and began riding me hard and fast. He was insatiable, I’d soon found out after our first time. I lifted my legs high and whispered encouragement to him.

“Fuck me bro … give it to me hard … let me feel yuh power,” I cried.

He gave it to me in good steady doses of sharp deep thrusts. Just as he started cumming he placed his hands under my back and lifted me as he got onto his knees and deposited me on his lap, still connected. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he shuddered and flooded my pussy hole with young cum juice.

The next morning I was sitting at my computer marking the on-line work some of my students had sent when I noticed that mommy was parading about longer than usual In a shorter and sheerer than usual new nightie, her fifty year old slim-thick body, slighter fleshier than mine, sending out invitation, judging from body language. I noticed Sidney eyeing her up and his shorts front lifting and falling as it lurched repeatedly between his legs where he was sitting on the sofa. I felt my own pussy twitching as I looked on at the obvious sex play between the two. I just knew that something was going to go down between them that morning – if it hadn’t happened already.

Mommy stood in front of us with the nipples of her breasts, which were slightly smaller than mine and less high, sticking out against the thin nylon. She announced that she was going back upstairs for a little nap because she hadn’t slept well the night before and was feeling a little drowsy. Half an hour later Sidney announced that he was going to his room to get some work done on his computer. He came over and kissed me, poking his tongue briefly into my mouth.

“Should I come up? … we could take a chance … she might be sleeping already,” I said.

“No, let’s not chance it, she might get up back … and also I really need to finish this assignment I’m working on.”

I smiled inside, and strangely didn’t feel any jealousy or enmity although I felt sure he was going upstairs to fuck mommy, if she let him.

Five minutes later, I shut down my computer and crept up the stairs. I opened Sidney’s door. He was not there. I went to the bathroom. That was empty. I headed for mommy’s room. I knew that a section of the wall of her bedroom wasn’t paneled like the rest. When it was being done years ago the money had run out and it was never attended to again. Mom had it painted nicely in white and used the four foot wide enclosure to hang some art work and craft pieces. I knew where a couple of cracks were. They could be seen at nights when light was on inside her bedroom. I found one crack and put my eye to it.

Mommy was standing at the side of the bed, the big brown eyes on her pretty face twinkling as she stared agape at her naked son’s big hard cock bouncing before her. In spite of the twinkling eyes there was a look of indecision and some worry. She was clearly having conflicting emotions. Sidney stepped forward and reached for her and she stepped back slightly, looking steadily into his eyes. His hands clutched her shoulders and she grimaced and closed her eyes as she looked up to the roof. Sidney took hold of the hem of her short nightie and lifted it. Mommy raised her arms and let him lift the nightie over her head. When she opened her eyes and looked at him, all reservations had disappeared. Her eyes blazed with sexual longing for her baby boy, and when he lowered her red panties she gasped and stepped out of them willingly. He gave her a little peck on the crotch, which had, surprisingly, more grey patches than black.

Sidney straightened up and pulling his naked mother into his arms, kissed her tenderly, but long, with probing tongue. I watched in awe as mommy broke the kiss and dropping to her knees, took Sidney’s hard cock into her mouth and started sucking it voraciously while cupping his balls. She was bobbing up and down so hard, her soft mature bubbies bounced about. Sidney held her head and began fucking the full lipped, wide mouth with careful short strokes. He reached over and down and scooped his mother up. He placed her on the bed edge and gently pushed onto her back. He knelt, and spreading her wide began eating her mature pussy. At first she tried pushing his head away, but he stuck to the task and as she became overtaken by the pleasure of his canlı casino tongue in her private part, she relented. Throwing back her head and spreading her legs wide she let her son feast on her grey pussy.

Sidney stood up, crouched, and put his cock to his mother’s pussy. She quickly grabbed it and put it in starting position. Sidney’s hips pushed forward and mommy screamed in delight as the cock pierced her. Sidney reached over and placed his hands under her big butt and lifted it off the bed. Mommy was left with her ass suspended in the air in her son’s hands and her legs wrapped around him, her head and shoulders on the bed, as he pounded her pussy. I don’t know when it happened, but as I watched my mother and brother fucking, I suddenly came to the realization that I was furiously finger fucking myself. In that position, mommy somehow managed to work her hips in a rhythm to match Sidney’s thrusts.

He climbed onto the bed and let her down. He leaned over and began sucking her bubbies, alternating between them every few seconds, drawing squeals from her that I could hear. After a while she lowered her legs flat and straight and Sidney rose up. Arching his back, he took balance on his hands, and began fucking her as she lay in that flat position, her bubbies bouncing about on her chest. It was then I came, hard. I sank to the floor with my hands between my legs, my body trembling. When I regained my senses and strength in my legs, I got up and went to my room. I took out a maxi pad and fitted it over my pussy. My periods was two days away, but I put the pad there with a purpose.

Two hours later when Sidney came downstairs and mommy was still upstairs, I went into the kitchen where I found him getting juice out of the refrigerator. When he turned around I grabbed his slightly puffed up dick through his short. He used his free hand to reach for my crotch.

“Whoa, Shirley, seems like yuh got a visitor, girl.” He exclaimed

“Yeah, she dropped by today while you guys were upstairs sleeping and studying … I’ll be out of action for about a week or so, sometimes it lingers a bit.”

I wanted him to go to his mother’s room again, later that night. Mommy finally came down after a four hour absence. She looked fresh and bubbly, full of smiles. I had already prepared lunch after realizing she was not going to do it. She ate, smiling most of the time.

“You had a nice sleep and dream mommy … you keep smiling to yourself all the time,”

“Yes baby, a nice dream … with nice memories.” She said, glancing quickly at Sidney, who smiled softly.

That night we all went to bed early, at the same time. I let fifteen minutes pass and like I did that morning, I checked Sidney’s room and the bathroom – same result. I went to the crack in the wall. The room was only dimly lit from moonlight, but from what I could make out, same result. Mommy was riding her son’s dick rapidly, while he was in a half-sitting position sucking her soft bubbies. She was really going for broke. The old girl was no pushover. Her hips moved like a porn star. And then to my surprise she spun around without severing contact and began riding with her back to him. Go mommy go, I thought. I rubbed my pussy briefly, before I moved away from the crack and left them to their hectic lovemaking.

I went downstairs and picked up the land line. In a little book near the phone were the numbers of other persons in the street and neighborhood, who we talked to. I dialed the number of Sidney’s friend Tom who lived just a few houses away, hoping he would answer. He did and my heart lurched.

“Hi, Tom, this is Shirley. It seems like everybody’s gone to bed except you.”

“Yeah they all probably snoring by now. How are you Ms. Persico?

“Fine … Tom there is something I have to tell you … I accidentally read a text message conversation between you and Sidney, in which I was mentioned,” I said.

I heard the sudden, sharp intake of breath, followed by heavy breathing.

“I was flattered to find out that you’ve been carrying a torch for me for some time, and that you wanted to have sex with me. I’ve always liked you too, Tom … if you can manage to slip out the house and come over here, you and I could … you know … fuck … I told Sidney I’m having my periods, which is a lie, and he’s gone to bed … he won’t be coming to my room … like you know he does. So if you want …”

“Shit Shirley, Ms. Persico you know I want. I’ll be there,” he said, excitedly.

“Give me your cell number and I’ll double check and send you a text if all’s clear. But Tom, you have to promise me, as a man, on your honor, that this and any other time we fuck will remain our secret. Not a word to Sidney or anybody else, or I swear I’ll tell people about you and your sister and mom. I copied the text, so I have proof.”

“It won’t get to that, I promise … this will stay between you and me, and we’ll be very careful. Waiting on your text.”

By the time I put down the phone, my pussy was kaçak casino dripping wet. Ten minutes later I let the excited Tom into the house and my bedroom.

“We have to be silent, baby, Sidney is right next door,” I said.

He nodded. I undressed him, biting both of his nipples and sucking on them as I removed his T shirt. He gasped, quietly. I lowered his boxers – he’d come over in boxers and T shirt alone. With the curfew on nobody would have been about to see him – and remaining on my knees, I pushed back the stiff cock against his belly and gripped his balls in my free hand. I squeezed them gently and then began licking and sucking them. He hissed softly. I lowered the cock and took it into my mouth, and my head began a busy bobbing. He ran his fingers through my locks, massaging my scalp.

I stood up and we kissed, then I stepped back and admired his well-sculpted, muscled, but slim body. Like Sidney, he lifted weights. In the dim room it wasn’t hard to make him out because he was very light skinned, being the product of a light-skinned Indian father, and light-skinned black mother. He was also handsome to boot, and an A student. The kind of guy that an entire school of girls would drool over. Now he was here to fuck my older brown pussy.

We climbed onto the bed and he immediately went to work on my body, expertly kissing and licking me all over, from head to toes, spending time sucking my toes individually. I was so wet, the sheet was soaked under my ass. He turned me on my belly and licked the length of my back, starting at my neck, then he fastened his face in my butt crack and tongued my butt hole, sending shocks through my body. He turned me back over and expertly ate my pussy, making me cum in only a few minutes. The expertise of this guy and my brother was amazing. They must have been fucking like, forever.

He led me off the bed and took me to a window, where he made me sick out my head as he entered my pussy and began fucking me fast and hard. His hands gripped my bubbies as his hips drove his cock into me. And surprise of all surprises, without me realizing the moment of switch, I suddenly became aware that my ass hole was filled and under pressure. I was being buggered by my brother’s friend while looking out through a window onto a dark street. As the sweetness of my newly acquired habit over took me, I began to wine my fluffy ass and hips in appreciation of the probing stick making my butt hole happy. He pumped my ass hard and fast, just like he’d done my pussy. I moaned and groaned into the night air, wondering how far the wind was taking the sounds of my pleasure.

“Oh, fuck, yuh batty hole feel so good … I been wanting to do this to you for a long time, Ms. Persico, I really love yuh batty.” he cried, as his hands gripped my bubbies tighter and his body shook in ecstasy.

He began spurting hot, young cum into my ass, and biting into my shoulder.

I’d forgotten to mention that Tom had been one of my chemistry students two years ago. That is how I got to know that all the girls in school crushed on him, and that he was an A student. I’d missed his sparkling personality and weird humor after he’d left for university. I’d never entertained any sexual feelings for him during his years as my student, though I admired his good looks.

After cumming he continued pumping back and forth in my ass until with a mighty shudder, I got my second orgasm for the night.

Back in the bed, Tom rubbed me up all over, and after asking for some oil which I provided him with, he massaged my shoulders, my back, my butt cheeks and the backs of my thighs, relaxing me pleasurably. I took over, and returned the favour, massaging him in the very places he’d done me. I made him turn over and I straddled him and sat down hard on his stiff tool, letting it travel all the way into my pussy until his hairs was tickling my lips. I gripped his sides with my inner thighs and knees and began to ride him hard, letting myself go, knowing that Sidney was out of hearing range, likewise occupied with his mother. At that moment, our house was probably the kinkiest house in the street, son fucking his mother while his friend was fucking his sister who happened to be her student. I bucked and bounced and jerked, and wined to my heart’s content.

Tom held my ass up and began thrusting upward into me with a pleasing vigour. I heard the thwacking sound of each contact and it was like music to my ears. I leaned over and sucked on his hard pecs, nibbling the nipples firmly, but not enough to bruise. He was alternating between half a dozen sharp short thrusts followed by a couple of deep dives, never missing the rhythm for the two or three minutes he kept it up.

I remembered mommy’s gymnast twirl that I’d witnessed earlier, and did the same, riding him with my back to him, while he kept up a steady, slow, soothing, stroking of my back, starting from shoulders and coming to end at my butt where he would linger and softly caress the full cheeks, before starting all over again. After a while he stopped the long stroking, and concentrated on just kneading my butt cheeks. That prolonged touch excited me and I quickened my pace, which in turn made him grip my hips and began cumming.

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