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This story is dedicated to the many girls and women who chat to us online and then perform acts of a sexual nature for our gratification. Some of those girls and women do this out of necessity, others just for the thrill, and sadly, some out of sheer greed. Many of the ‘models’ cam for a mixture of reasons, including but not restricted to those mentioned above.

To Gracie… Paige… Gemini… Alison… Dawn… and Andromeda… I love you all.

Names and circumstances changed to protect identities. All characters are over 18. There is no actual Incest in this story, just a taboo subject explored.


Bernadette shivered slightly despite the heat as she crossed the road, the blare of the car’s horn shaking her out of her distraction. That was the second time in less than five minutes that she’d walked in front of a moving vehicle, if she kept this up she wouldn’t get home at all.

Home, the place at which her mother would no doubt be waiting for her; home, the place she would no doubt be kicked out of. Her father must have told her mother, surely he had, it was the end of her life with her parents, it was over. Would they tell the rest of the family? Would her former life be totally destroyed?

She thought about the previous evening as she kept on walking. Her life, tough at times but nevertheless good and mostly enjoyable had been brought crashing down, by one little oversight.

Bernadette had forgotten that her father was over in Germany on business, she had forgotten to block Germany from her cam broadcast.

Bernadette was a cam model. At nineteen years old she was in her first year at university, the local university, not her first choice, but the one that was most convenient and the one that logistically speaking she could most afford to attend. Her parents had done their best, they always did, but with two younger sisters and a baby brother Bernadette knew that they were hard pressed at times to fully provide for her. So, she found work at the local burger place, just a couple of shifts during the week and an occasional one over the weekends. Then she met Anna.

Bernadette’s sexuality had never come into question, until she met Anna, then it quickly became clear that she was attracted to her, and so she accepted that by any standards she was bisexual. She’d had boyfriends, a couple, and she was no virgin, so she certainly wasn’t a pure lesbian, but when she got a little tipsy one evening and found herself first kissing and later having oral sex with her newest friend she accepted her sexuality with no questions or regrets.

One evening while she and Anna were sharing a bottle of wine they turned the internet to a cam show, Anna admitted that she enjoyed watching other girls and couples performing and that she had even broadcast a few times herself. Anna had made about £30 from her first show, and a little more from her second and subsequent shows and said she’d enjoyed the attention given her by some of the viewers and wouldn’t mind doing a few more broadcasts. For Anna it wasn’t the money, it was for the thrill! At first shocked by her friend’s admission, Bernadette was persuaded that it was worth a try herself, she could use the money, if only to lessen her reliance on her parents for those ‘little extras’.

“It’s not as though the viewers are in the same room, not like being a stripper, they’re remote, almost not real, and you filter the broadcast so no-one local can watch!” Anna explained.

So that was how it had started. Bernadette watched a lot of broadcasts before making the decision to do it herself, there were some things that she just couldn’t imagine herself doing, but she went through the acceptance procedure and did her first broadcast from Anna’s flat.

That first broadcast was a flop, nervousness and a reluctance to actually show her body to her audience brought her very few tips. She persevered, and within a few weeks she had gotten over her initial shyness and was pulling in about £50 to £60 for a good show. Not every show payed as much, on occasion she was lucky to make £10, or indeed anything at all. There had been some expenses to cover, she needed to buy some props, a couple of dildos, in various sizes, and some lingerie that was suitable only for her shows, open crotch panties, open nipple bras. Still, it had started to make decent pocket money, it eased her reliance on her parents for funds, but she knew she could do better.

Bernadette’s relationship with Anna had changed from simple good friendship to one of a deep sexual nature, and so after some discussion they decided to broadcast together.

At first it didn’t really attract that much attention, the two girls had simply talked, kissed, and fleetingly touched each other in a playful way, it hadn’t worked, it was just too ‘vanilla ‘ to attract the sort of tips they wanted.

It was Anna that suggested they buy ‘wands’, rechargeable vibrators for purely external use. Their joint broadcasts became a little more popular as they used their wands on themselves, but it became obvious that there was more that could be done. casino oyna

It was during such a joint broadcast that a viewer finally told them what he really wanted to see, and was prepared to pay a lot for. They’d had such requests before and ignored them but on this occasion they had had a couple of glasses of wine before going ‘On air’ so they gave in and complied.

As her friend opened her vulva and licked up across her open vagina Bernadette forgot all about the webcam that was attached to the end of the bed. She writhed around as Anna’s fingers found her soaking hole and pushed in, her orgasm, so real this time rather than the many faked ones in the past, had her gasping for breath. It was only when they reversed their positions and Bernadette looked up at the computer screen that she saw the way the tips were coming in, ten or more times faster and more plentiful than ever before.

By the time they went off air that evening they were not only completely sexually sated, they were nearly £200 each richer.

Bernadette’s broadcasts with Anna got more and more explicit, and her solo shows followed suit. Her finances improved, she wasn’t rich, but she could now afford those little luxuries that she had previously so missed.

But there was a problem, Bernadette could only broadcast from Anna’s apartment, and even though Anna offered to give her her own keys, she didn’t like taking advantage of Anna’s generosity, it just didn’t feel right. Besides, both Bernadette and Anna had their own lives to lead, Bernadette was at university, but Anna had a full time job and needed her own space at times.

It was a friend’s birthday, both Bernadette and Anna had been to a bar with the gang and then gone back to Anna’s apartment. Their joint broadcast that evening had been going great, tips were coming in better than ever, the fact that they had been drinking earlier relaxed what inhibitions they had, and they were using not only dildos on each other as well as themselves but anything they were asked to use, no limitations.

For nothing more than their own enjoyment they had bought a couple of strap-on dildos, but after using them on each other on one broadcast hadn’t used them for quite a while, tonight they brought them out, and used them with gusto. Anna had fitted just a slightly smaller dildo than usual to her harness and was penetrating Bernadette in her anus by request to a huge number of tips, Bernadette loved it this way.

Then Bernadette’s world came crashing down, the private message was attached to the largest single tip they had ever received.

‘Bernadette, Anna, I never thought you had this sort of relationship, Bernadette, you and I need to talk when I get home!’

The fact that the tipper had used both their real names, and that he would see her when he got home told her that this was her father, she had always been so careful in the past, the UK was filtered out always, but when her father made one of his trips to the continent she always filtered out those areas as well. She’d forgotten. Being quite drunk they had both forgotten.

She stayed at Anna’s that night, she had no classes next day, just home study, but she couldn’t stay away forever.

As she walked up the road towards her home she could only imagine the scenario that would probably take place. Her mother had never been the most understanding of women, she had frowned upon just about every decision Bernadette had made since the age of about fourteen. She didn’t like her hair, and when she’d dyed it she didn’t like the colour. She hated her daughter’s fashion sense, her choice of colours, everything. Fortunately she didn’t know about the tattoos but that would change now, her father had certainly seen her tats, along with the rest of her body, in great detail. She felt sick, nauseous, her mother’s reaction was bound to be volcanic!

And what about her father? He had seen her naked, in very intimate close-up, and he’d seen her having no holds barred sex with Anna, what the hell was he going to say?

In the event, nothing happened. When Bernadette walked into the house she was simply greeted as usual and asked to put the kettle on! The day went reasonably well, but Bernadette was unable to do the study that she should have been doing, she still felt sick at the thought of what would happen when her father got home the following day. The fact that her father had obviously not told her mother about the previous evening didn’t escape her, her mother would never have been this normal if she knew about it.

The following day, Saturday, went much the same until late afternoon when David, Bernadette’s dad arrived home. Much to her surprise her dad greeted everyone the same way as usual, kissing her on the top of her head as was his habit he simply whispered that they would talk later, in private. Other than her own fears and worries, everything was absolutely normal.

Later that evening David suggested that he and Bernadette’s mother go out for an hour, but pleading tiredness her mum suggested that he take Bernadette instead. She couldn’t come up with any canlı casino reason not to go so half an hour later she was sat in a pretty noisy bar with her father. There was a football game on the large tv over in a corner so most people’s attention was on that. The elephant in the room had to be addressed so it was Bernadette that brought up the subject.

“So, are you going to tell mum?”

“No, I can’t do that without explaining how and why I was watching in the first place!”

“So how come you were watching?”

“A few of us guys were at a house having a drink, the host is a frequent visitor to that site so we clubbed together to get a bunch of tokens to watch with him. I almost choked on my beer when I saw you on there!”

This was definitely going better than expected so Bernadette kept the conversation going.

“Did you like what you saw, did you let on that it was your daughter you were all watching?”

“I’m a man, of course I liked what I saw, I was just shocked to realize it was you I was watching, and no, I definitely did not let on that it was you, fortunately no-one else there has ever met you and I was able to send the message without them noticing.”

“So now what?”

“Now you tell me what the hell you were doing on there, apart from the obvious!”

Bernadette shivered, then explained.

“It’s money really, at least that was how it started, I don’t like taking from you and mum all the time and I don’t get that many shifts at the burger place, so I decided to try camming. It was hard the first couple of times but it gets easier. It’s like the people watching aren’t really there, they’re not real.”

David just looked at her, he was a man, and like many men he enjoyed seeing a pretty girl doing the things that she’d been doing, but he still had difficulty reconciling himself to the fact that it was Bernadette, his daughter that he had witnessed having lesbian sex with her friend. Then there were the dildos, and the masturbation.

David knew that his daughter would masturbate, hell, everybody does it at some time or other, but watching his own daughter doing it in close up had come as a bit of a shock, even so, he had jacked off to the memory of it a couple of times since.

“So, you’re an exhibitionist!”

“I guess so. I do get a bit of a kick out of it. But it’s more than that, I think people my age just look at sex differently to you.”

She paused and then went on.

“Sex and body art and showing off your body just seems to be a lot easier for my generation, we are not hung up so much, the Victorian era is long gone Dad, we are just happier with our sexuality than in previous generations.”

“So, how long have you been doing it?”

“A few months, we usually do it after we’ve been out for a drink or something.”

“What about the lesbian thing, how long have you…?”

It was a question that Bernadette knew would come, she had told herself that she should lie, that she shouldn’t admit that she was either lesbian or bisexual, she could claim it was all just show acting, but she couldn’t do it, David had reacted differently to her expectations, so she decided to just come clean.

She told her dad everything, how she had met Anna, when their relationship had become sexual, when they had started camming, and about her reluctance to take any more advantage of Anna’s generosity.

This time it was David’s turn to ask

“So, what now?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean what are you going to do now, are you going to continue camming, either on your own or with Anna, or at all?”

It wasn’t really a question she was fully prepared to answer, she was quite prepared to keep on camming, she had made some friends, even if they didn’t even know her real name, they supported her, emotionally as well as financially. She didn’t want to lose them. Her dad looked at her quizzically as she explained that, and told her she was being naive,

“Do you really think they are friends, if you stop showing your body they’ll soon disappear, believe me!”

He could be right, probably was, but she said that she would continue unless he told her specifically not to.

“You’re an adult, you must do what you believe is the right thing for you, just take care and protect yourself. I won’t stop you.”

Bernadette’s father seemed to take everything in his stride, not at all the reaction that she’d expected, they ended their evening out on the agreement to talk more about it at a later date.

David, as a father, blamed himself for the circumstances in which Bernadette found herself, she had performed sexual acts in front of a camera in order to bolster up her finances, he felt inadequate, unable to fully support his own family. On the other hand, his daughter was an adult, she should be able to manage her own life by this time, and she had admitted that the money she made from camming was used for her ‘little extras’, clubbing, drinking, and whatever else she thought of as luxuries. There was also the fact that she seemed to enjoy what she was doing, kaçak casino and he had to admit that he had enjoyed seeing her do it. Daughter or not, she was an attractive young woman doing things that most men would be very happy to watch, he was torn, how was he supposed to react to what he had witnessed other than the way he had!

The telephone conversation between Bernadette and Anna later that night was much more light hearted than either of them had expected. Anna had been just as concerned as Bernadette, she accepted that as a sex worker she was running the risk of being recognised by people who knew her in her everyday life, and of being ostracized by some of those people, including her employer, but with the precautions that they normally took she had never really thought it would happen. Being recognised by Bernadette’s father seemed such a remote possibility that it had never even crossed her mind, until it happened. The only good thing about the situation now was that there were no hysterics, Bernie’s mother still knew nothing about it and her own mother would probably just want to go on cam with them if she knew about it, which she didn’t, and she had never known her father.

Anna blamed herself for getting Bernadette involved in the sex business, at nearly ten years older than Bernie she told herself that she should have known better, she loved her relationship with Bernie, this could have destroyed it.

There was another factor, one that she considered she may well have to live with. In order to keep the girl’s secret it was very possible that David would demand certain concessions, from her or even both of them. Anna didn’t know David that well, she’d only met him on a couple of occasions, he seemed like a decent guy, but you never know do you? It wouldn’t bother her that much, he was a nice looking guy and had always been very pleasant to her. Back in her Uni days Anna had provided ‘full escort service’ on quite a few occasions as she bolstered up her meagre finances, facts that only now she discussed with Bernadette.

Anna made the offer that Bernadette only reluctantly accepted, and then only because she thought she had no real alternative. If it came to it, then Anna would offer herself to David, no holds barred, in exchange for his continued discretion.

Over the following couple of weeks things went on much as before, Bernadette went to Uni, Anna went to work and David did the same. Carol, Bernadette’s mother, looked after the younger members of the family and things all appeared normal.

To a certain extent things were normal, Bernadette and Anna continued their relationship, but missed their next two scheduled cam shows, they were somehow just too nervous to go online. When they did eventually get the courage to go ahead they took some time to get started but eventually got back into it and all was well. The tips were good, if anything better than usual.

After one particularly good show Bernadette went home and encountered her father in the kitchen before going up to bed. This was fairly unusual as in order to get the largest audiences Anna and Bernadette usually streamed their shows in the early hours of the morning (UK time) in order to get US viewers. To find her dad out of bed was odd at this time of day, she thought maybe he was just getting a drink. They passed the usual small talk and his parting words were

“That was a good show tonight!”

She said “Thanks” and went to her room. It was only as she closed the door behind her that she realised what her dad had just said. He shouldn’t have been able to watch her show, the UK was locked out, WTF?

A call to Anna answered her question. Anna had been aware for a while that geographic location blocking no longer guaranteed local privacy. VPN’s, virtual private networks, give the user the ability to mask their location, some even give the user the choice of apparent locations.

She needed to talk to her dad. This time Anna insisted on talking to David with her, it seemed only right.

The following evening in a local pub Bernadette sat with David and Anna and brought up the subject of VPN’s.

David admitted that he did indeed use a VPN, it was installed on the laptop that only he used so there was no danger of Carol reading his browser history and discovering their shared secret. With that out of the way the conversation turned to a subject that David seemed quite concerned about, payment.

David explained that over in Germany a conversation had ensued about how much of the money sent to the ‘models’ actually ended up being paid to them? The girls explained the process, saying that they usually ended up with about sixty percent of the tips, although there was a sliding scale which meant that if they had a poor show then they made a lower percentage, it was a pure rip off, but was something that all cam show models just accepted. Anna went on to explain that there were a few models who didn’t even accept tips at all, they did it purely out of exhibitionism, just for the thrill of it. That was her main reason when she had started, and even now when they did joint streaming she insisted that all the tip cash went to Bernie, she did the odd solo show but it was now very rare, she was much more interested in the interaction and the thrill than in the money.

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