Candledim Ch. 03

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Warning — Some scenes may be disturbing.

June 12th, 2004

Jamie looked down at Kelly’s waiting body. Beside her, Robert reclined on scented pillows. Rose approached Robert, took his thin cock in her hand, and bent to lick at it. Robert grinned and patted Kelly’s cunt. “Come on, boy. I haven’t got all night.”

“Call the lawyer first.”

Kelly’s eyes gleamed with gratitude, although she remained silent.

“No. Fuck her first.”

Jamie handed Robert a cell phone he’d retrieved from his jeans pocket. “Call now, or I’ll walk out that door.”

“Then Evan inherits and you can go to the devil.” But he took the phone.

“Call him, Bob. Now.”

“Put your prick in her.”

Rose continued to tease the head of Robert’s dick. The cell phone remained in his hand, unused and seemingly forgotten.


“Do it,” Kelly said as if the words tasted bad. Her eyes stared up at the ceiling as if the last hope of mankind had disappeared through the nicotine stained paint. “It doesn’t matter, Jamie. He always gets what he wants.”

“Someone should stand up to the son of a bitch.” Jamie gestured to the cell phone. “Call, old man.”

Robert touched Rose’s shoulder. “Take care of Kelly.”

Rose gave Robert’s cock one last lick, then crawled sinuously over him to kneel between Kelly’s legs.

“Jesus, Bob, haven’t you hurt her enough?” Jamie retreated to the doorway, which wasn’t far enough away. “Just let her go.”

Robert ignored him. He stroked Kelly’s thigh with gentle fingers. Rose leaned forward and ran the tip of her tongue through Kelly’s cunt lips. Kelly closed her eyes and clenched her fists.

Robert’s voice took on the tone of a lover. “Come for Rosie, darling.”

“I can’t.”

“Kelly, you loved me once,” Robert said. “Stop crying now, and think about how good her tongue feels in your oversized cunt. Evan will enjoy the pleasures of home ownership if you remain such a frigid bitch.”

For once, Kelly rallied instead of crumbled. She opened her eyes. “I did love you. But you stole my son, and destroyed him. You took everything but my life, and laughed at me. I hate you now. And I hate my son.” Tears trickled from large eyes down her chubby cheeks. They pooled in the crease of her neck. “You don’t have any intention of leaving Candledim to Jamie. You want my son to destroy anything I have left. Why do you hate me so much?”

“I do love you. You were everything to me your mother wasn’t. I’m sorry if it seemed so bad. I loved your son, too, casino oyna as if he was my own. I tried to help him the best I could, but he’s too stubborn.” Robert smiled. “He’s too much like his mother. He fights against everything he thinks is wrong, and sometimes he gets hurt.”

“Stop this.” Tears continued to stream from Kelly’s eyes. “If you care about any of us, stop it now. It isn’t too late.”

“Just let me see you come one more time, then I can die. Please, Kelly, Sweetheart. You used to smile and tease me. You used to love me.” His voice sounded so sad.

Rose increased the motion of her tongue, now using her lips to suckle Kelly’s clitoris. Her ass stuck out, drawing Jamie like a magnet. He fought the urge, but his feet moved toward the bed.

Kelly’s hips moved slightly.

Robert’s cock stirred and he put a hand on it. “That’s it, Kelly, my little girl. Forgive me by coming for me. Forgive all the hurt I’ve caused you. I love you, and I’m sorry.”

Jamie forced his feet to remain planted on the carpet. Kelly must have waited for Robert’s apology through her entire life. Jamie remembered her as a young girl. She’d been so vibrant, so intense. No one could handle her but Robert. No one wanted to try to deal with an emotional, overly talkative girl. She’d been too much trouble.

“I was angry when you left, and I did some unforgivable things,” Robert went on, stroking slowly. “But I took Evan because I wanted a son, not because I wanted to hurt you. I wanted your son, because I loved you.”

Was it true? Jamie stared at the old man’s face, doing his best to ignore Rose’s jutting posterior.

“I had to leave,” Kelly whispered. “I felt so guilty, and everyone said I was wrong to love you.” Her voice almost disappeared in the sounds of Rose’s slurping and Robert’s wheezing breath. “And no one believed me when I told what happened.”

They hadn’t believed her. The rest of the family accused her of making it up to get attention. They’d gone so far as to put her in the psych ward up at Rose Mercy, and the doctor, a friend of Robert’s, verified that she was schizophrenic. She wasn’t, but the label stuck, so no one, not even the county social workers, believed her.

“I forgive you for leaving me before I could make it right.” Robert leaned and kissed her arm, straightening to arch his cock into his hand again. “Can you forgive me for my anger?”

Jamie felt like hitting the old man. He was lying, and Jamie thought Kelly knew it, somewhere deep where her self-hatred lived. But even after canlı casino all these years, she still wanted to believe Robert loved her.

Robert’s voice cajoled. “Come for me.”

“But Evan, and Candledim…” Kelly was already lost, moving to the rhythm of Rose’s mouth, but she gave common sense one last try.

“Jamie will inherit.” Robert smiled again. “Don’t worry, Kelly. Just let yourself go.”

Warning bells went off in Jamie’s head, but Kelly closed her eyes. Rose’s head lifted and she pushed two fingers into Kelly. Her thumb circled Kelly’s clit. “Fuck me from behind, Jamie,” Rose whispered in the most sensual tone Jamie had ever heard. Rose’s eyes were intimate, pulling at the strings of Jamie’s lust. He crawled onto the bed. Rose leaned over, presenting her ass. Jamie thrust inside, amazed again at the tight wetness of Rose’s cunt.

Kelly mewed. Rose had her clit pinched between two fingers, and stroked it like a tiny penis.

“That’s it, Kelly. Come for me.” Robert’s voice sounded dim and far away.

Jamie closed his eyes. He’d lost to Rose, not Robert. Black light, shot through with red streaks of passion, played in front of his eyes. His body responded only to Rose, and he forgot where he was, who was with him. Sweat dribbled down his ribs. His lower belly slapped against Rose’s jiggling ass. His hands curled into her hips, tugging her back and forth in time to his thrusts. Sounds intruded, and he dimly thought the soft mewling belonged to Kelly. Harsh lust bubbled and burned, and he shot his load in quick, wrenching contortions.

Jamie sat down on his haunches. His breathing eased before he opened his eyes again. Kelly’s face had disappeared under Robert’s kiss. Rose’s tongue lashed Kelly’s clitoris, and her fingers thrust in and out of her wide open cunt. Robert’s hand pinched Kelly’s breast. Jamie felt sick to his stomach.

Kelly arched her body upward, and Robert pulled away. Her lips, shining wet with Robert’s saliva, opened in a silent, round exclamation. Jamie could see the quivering in her belly that announced her orgasm.

Robert’s voice intruded. “Come on, Rosie, get on top of me.”

Rose climbed over Kelly’s legs and settled on Robert’s waving erection. Turning her head, she grinned at Jamie.

Robert’s attention focused on Kelly as Rose slowly moved up and down. “You caused me a lot of trouble, you big-mouthed bitch. I know what you did, and who you told. I had to resort to murder to keep my good name. And money? You cost more than you’re worth, you refugee kaçak casino from a trailer park. Your son is a half-breed dog, and he’ll die like one.”

Tears pooled in Kelly’s eyes, and she climbed off the bed. She gathered her clothing and left the room.

Rose began to pump Robert’s cock without mercy. Her body slammed down, and both of them grinned at Jamie.

Sick to his stomach, Jamie grabbed his jeans and ran out the door. He vomited against the wall, heaving with emotion.

– – –

The cool air of night bathed Jamie’s sweaty face, and he lowered himself to sit on the porch steps of Candledim. He put an arm over Kelly’s shoulders. Recovered from his bout with his stomach, he’d decided his own emotions didn’t matter at all. Kelly was about to face her worst fear — her son would have both money and power in his young, monstrous hands. Evan would destroy everything Robert left intact.

“We’ll fight the will, Kelly. At least it’ll be tied up in probate for a while. Maybe, without Robert’s influence, he’ll straighten up.”

“He isn’t dead yet. He’ll never die, Jamie. He’ll never leave us alone.” Her shoulders shook with weeping, but her voice sounded clear.

That hadn’t occurred to him. Could this have been another of Robert’s sick games? He didn’t seem that ill, but the doctor seemed certain he was close to the end. Adrenaline almost pulled him upward, but he forced himself to remain seated. “If he doesn’t die soon, I’ll do it for him.” He meant it. Enough was enough. Robert had destroyed more than Kelly’s childhood. He’d destroyed an entire family.

“No,” Kelly said, and still she wept. “I want to kill him. It doesn’t matter if I go to jail. I don’t have anyone who loves me. You have Aria.”

The thought of Kelly in jail for murdering Robert made Jamie shudder. “Aria doesn’t love me. She just wants to fix me. Put it out of your mind, Kelly. We’ll do something else if he doesn’t go soon.”

Together, they stared into the starlit night, waiting.

A soft whisper in the wind felt like relief. Jamie patted Kelly’s shoulder. “I’ll check on him. Stay here.” Far down, he’d expected Robert to die. Certainty flooded him with anxiousness, restlessness, and a need to finish the night. He climbed the stairs with a mixture of dread and fascination, knowing Rose would be waiting, whether Robert was dead or not.

The door remained open, and the puddle of vomit curdled against the opposite wall. Jamie hitched once from the smell, then peered into the door. Rose stood, naked and smiling, beside the bed. Robert’s cock gleamed with moisture, shriveled on his wasted thigh. He still wore his grin, pompous and smug.

But his eyes had fixed on the ceiling, lifeless.

To be continued…

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