Candy is an Anything Girl Pt. 03

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Everyone having sex is at least 18. This is fiction, I made it all up. Warning: this is a self-edited story. I do use Grammarly to help reduce my ability to murder the English language. Special thanks to goducks1 for his help. Throughout my stories I use many forms of sex. I like variety. There is a passage where the main character witnesses man on man sex. If that is too much for you, you might need to skip this story.


Chapter 16 – Tuesday

It’s Tuesday, a small customer came to see us, we made a good profit on their six items. Only two guys and a girl came along. They had not seen the video. Our people didn’t know them well enough to share. It went about the same way as the day before and again at the second table, the woman asks about it. The difference here is she immediately knows what it is after I mentioned it is a Submission Table. At noon, she hops right on and the fun begins.

The two guys just look at her in shock.

She is shocked, they haven’t moved yet, “Well come on guys, don’t you want to fuck me?”

I explained about condoms but the three have been quite active at home, so I give them an exemption. One starts fucking her mouth while the other takes her from behind. She told him to get below and yells out that she needs someone else. There are plenty of volunteers to go up her ass. When the two guys finish, they swap positions.

When the ten minutes are up she begs for another ten so we all agree. A cute good-looking naked woman on display, yes, go right ahead. Her men could go no more, my guys fill all three holes till she orgasms. Two women take her breasts. They first rub them and then they gently suck on them. The crowd is going insane and she is feeding off the crowd. Guys line up to take a shot at her. When the ten minutes are up, she gets up as her boss taps her on the shoulder.

This will be interesting, I think with a bit of worry. However, a woman gets in and under him for a fucking, a girl also takes the strap on to his ass, and a guy fucks his face. I find out afterword that he thought he might be ‘bi’ so he tried it and loved it. It takes all kinds.

We got 60% of their business on one item and 30% on another three items. Another good sale.

To celebrate I again have all four women in my office. Janice spoke up immediately, “I want to learn to deep throat and be a master cock sucker. Can someone teach me?”

Maggie immediately suggested, “I think Janet is the best of us three, but Candy has a few tricks that also work well. The trick to deep throating is to find a guy with a pencil dick.” They all laugh. “You don’t have that luxury.”

Maggie continues, “Practice helps a lot. You just need to learn to relax and not think too much. If you think of the cock going down your throat, you will gag. Relaxing when you shouldn’t, well, that is hard to do. But once mastered, it’s such a turn on to know how much your man loves it. They all do.”

Janet adds, “You can’t repeat too much or be predictable. Change it up. Anything gets boring after a while. You have two hands, a tongue, and a mouth with teeth. I am not suggesting you bite anything, but a light scratching is a nice variation. The grip you use can change and the strength of your grip can also change.”

Candy added, “Suction is good, knowing the bottom of the mushroom is sensitive, keeping eye contact, not using your hands, and doing it in public are all tricks to use or explore. But the one thing you must do is swallow, no spitting. Even if you hate the taste, you love it. You see girls take it and then spit it out. That’s for videos so you can see it, guys want you to swallow.”

Maggie is having fun explaining, “Lots of practice on a variety of guys will also help. They will tell you what they like and give pointers if you ask. I got a great idea for tomorrow at lunch. Meet me at noon tomorrow. For now, let’s see what you can do.”

Janice moves in front of me. She had never blown me, guess I know why now. She starts with a basic head bobbing, then adds some tongue, rubbing up to the tip of the mushroom, her hands wrap around my shaft and she runs them up and down my shaft. She tries to deep throat me but as soon as it touches her throat she gags.

She is persistent, 45 minutes. We had to stop a few times, so I can calm down. They suggest lots of saliva and some groaning and moaning. She got nine ropes of cum for her effort. She couldn’t swallow fast enough so Maggie and Janet each took two ropes down the throat. Janice is a mess, so Candy cleans her up one lick at a time.

Chapter 17 – Wednesday

Wednesday is a repeat performance other than Janice, Maggie, Janet, and Candy are behind the crowd and talking when we get to the tables. They all came forward after the fucking started and announced that they are available for blow jobs. Immediately each girl had a line five deep in front of them. The customers are fucking each other but eventually get a run at each of the women other than Candy. They know her as my girlfriend, they keep away from casino oyna her. They are a mess at the end and had to wash up but they all had a blast. Janice got lots of practice.

The customers had one guy with four hot sexy women. One woman locked in, one jumped underneath like a sandwich. Two go into the crowd to do blowjobs like my four girls are doing. The guy is fucking alternating pussies while slapping their tits. Two random guys are face fucking the two girls so that each has a cock full time to suck on. Another guy put dildoes up their asses. These girls loved everything.

At ten minutes, all four girls swap positions. The two doing blow jobs are now the sandwich and the two that were in the machine are now doing blowjobs. There are two fresh new pussies for fucking. The guy goes around to their mouths and invites a series of guys to fuck HIS women.

The two girls now have one guy face fucking them and two random guys taking turns fucking the women. The guy is having fun fucking their mouths but has more fun watching his girls fuck. The guy is small, so the girls love having some big cocks fucking them good.

We got 60% of a minor item and 30% of everything else they need. We allow them to come back bi-monthly. That was a nice order for us. I would have let him come back monthly but Janet didn’t want him to get bored. Too much of a good thing and you don’t appreciate it as much.

The guy wants to buy a table, I told him they’re priceless, he agreed. He loved knowing that once in they are stuck, he can do anything he wants to her. We discussed restraints, but he pointed out that the woman is stuck until the guy finishes. The timer means urgency, quickness, and no teasing. For the girls, it meant not being stuck if they didn’t like it.

I explained how some employees only use it when the table is in the room for invited guests or with their spouses. They could just as easily have sex at home but knowing it is there and people are around, makes it more fun.


After the customer leaves I went and got Janet. She had a curious look on her face, like “what am I up to?”

Yet, she accepts my hand and came with me smiling. I take her over to the Submission Table. Her eyes light up.

She smiles, “Guess you want some fun, huh Jack?” I only smile.

She slowly strips naked and set her clothes on a table. Like a cat, she nimbly crawls onto the table, strutting slowly. She put her hands in the balls, pulls the handle, she is now locked in and the all too familiar bell goes off, Ding!”

I start fucking her fast and hard. Immediately she is moaning. A few people stand in the doorway but will not come in. I pull out, she groans. I move around to the front and she deep throat me. She has no idea she is on display. One of the new girls from Marketing came in, points at her ass and is asking me if it is OK without saying a word. I nod my head yes.

The girl gets underneath Janet and starts eating her pussy. Two guys came in, also from marketing. One pulled out his dick, applied lube, and straddled the girl’s body as he fucks Janet’s ass. The second guy gets underneath and mauls her tits eliciting a scream from Janet.

He meekly says, “Sorry, I will be a bit more, gentle.”

Janet shoots back, “Oh no, it was great, just unexpected. Keep it up, I like it rough.”

Someone is slapping her ass, I had no idea who, all my attention is on her face. I pull out, everyone stands up and takes a step back. I lay down underneath Janet but much further forward. Then she gets the idea. She can move her legs closer and she takes me cowgirl style. She squeaks as she lowers herself.

She moans as she says, “Oh fuck, that is soooo good.”

The guy moves over so he is above me and straddling my face, he fucked her mouth. The girl kneels and mauls her tits, remembering she likes it hard. The other guy has his hand near her ass and I can feel his fingers moving around inside. Soon I feel his fist and we are a mere membrane away. Janet is almost screaming now. Maggie and Janice are watching as are a few other salespeople.

Janice queries, “That’s a long ten minutes.”

Janet tries to answer, “Time … Up … orgasm … re-clamp! Can’t … Stop. Oh, Fuck!”

She lets out a loud scream as her orgasm takes her and she falls limp. The time is up, she releases, she lays limp on me as I hold her.

Maggie strips naked, “Next! I need me a turn now! Jack, let them warm me up for you.”

I stand aside, she gracefully gets in position. Click, Ding! She is ready. A new guy gets behind her and starts to fuck her hard and fast, he knows his time is short. The same girl drops her pants and panties and stands in front of Janice. A new guy drops underneath her to suck and massage her nipples. He is new, looks a lot like me.

Maggie stops sucking dick, “Switch! Jack, I NEED you now!”

I go in back, lift her by the hips so I can stand, and start to fuck her standing up. Her hands are still down at the device, so she bends at the waist, canlı casino breasts hanging down and ass in the air. Janet and Janice hold a leg to make it easier as I pound away on her pussy. The guy gets out of the way. When picking her up, we moved about a full step closer to her hands. He now stands in front of Maggie, pulls out a cock that is like mine, and starts to fuck her mouth.

The girl moves behind me and puts her face in my ass and does a rim job. Whoa! With nobody on Maggie’s tits they are swinging wildly, it’s awesome to watch. Maggie ends up having four orgasms. When time is up she is Jell-O and curled up in a fetal position. The new guy Ralph sits down with her and holds her in his arms. In two years, she marries that guy.

I get back to my office and Candy is sitting naked on my couch playing with herself.

She calmly explains, “I only want you fucking me, now get over here and don’t you dare use a condom.”

I gave in to her wishes, who wouldn’t? We have no timers, no need to rush. I gave it to her long and slow. I get three orgasms out of her to my one. I certainly am not complaining. I am tired.

I dress and am on my way to see Bill and check up on the new machines. Janice caught my attention.

Seductively she says, “Oh Jack.”

I walk over.

As she is standing up, “I think we have a plumbing issue.”

She walks over to a small janitorial closet.

She points at something I can’t see, “There is a problem in here, can you look at the pipe up there?”

I walk in and start to reach up when she pushes me in further, she jumps in and then closes the door.

She pulls down her skirt, no panties, puts her hands on the sink and pushes her ass at me. Taking the slight hint, I pull my pants down, pull out my cock, and insert it into her soaked pussy. She lets out a low moan. I take a casual pace, not too quick yet not long and slow. I have work to do. Yet, when a beautiful woman strips and shoves her pussy at you, it’s only polite to fuck it good.

She is moaning and trying to be quiet.

Maggie must have heard us because she opens the door, “Ooops, sorry” and quickly closes the door.

I continue fucking her good, I am in no rush. Maggie must have stayed by the door because someone came looking for Janice and Maggie said, “She will be back in five minutes.”

Ok, so much for casual. Now I am in high gear plowing away at Janice and she is enjoying it tremendously. The moaning has stopped, the squeaking has stopped, now it’s just dirty talk.

Janice grunts, “Fill me up you dirty dog. Use me like a piece of meat. Beat me, fuck me, anything you want but keep fucking me.”

We hear Maggie giggling, “That makes no sense.”

However, Janice keeps on going, “Oh yes Jack, I need this. I need you fucking me. My pussy is calling your name. Fuck me good.”

Maggie starts to sing the theme from “The Love Boat.” I need to finish.

Janice continues through her labored breathing, “Yes Jack, yes. Fuck me good, fuck me into next week. Fuck! Fuck! Oooooooo” and then she goes stiff with her orgasm, which set me off by squeezing my cock.

No idea how much she got because I was weak at the knees and seeing stars. Janice turns around, cleans me off, and looks up at me with a big grin on her face.

She quietly explains, “I always fantasized about this closet.”

Maggie opens the door as I am pulling up my pants, jerks me out of the closet, she jumps in with Janice and closes the door.

I hear Maggie, “We can’t have you out there with cum streaming down your leg. Let me clean you up.”

I hear Janice, “Oh fuck you are good.”

I start singing the theme to “The Love Boat” and they both yell at me, “Shut Up!”

Everyone’s a critic.

Chapter 18 – Thursday

Thursday morning Janice came in my office to see me.

She has a concerned and embarrassed look on her face. “I know this is petty, but we don’t like you fucking all the customers when we are stuck up here listening to all of you. We would rather have you up here with us.”

Oh no, jealousy. Oh hell, what do I do?

I try to explain, “Janice, that’s not me out there. That’s the clients and the employees. It’s worse for me, I see the fun and can’t participate.”

She replies suspiciously, “Yeah right.”

She picks up my phone, “Hi Bill, I need you up here asap with five employees. I am in Jack’s office.”

A few minutes later they all file in. She puts her finger to my lips to shut me up.

She speaks to Beth, “So what do you think of our stud Jack here?”

Beth looks at Janice with a confused look on her face.

Janice continues, “You like the way he fucks those customers? I bet they can’t get enough of him?”

Beth is confused, “Janice, I have no idea what you are talking about. Jack won’t participate. One girl tried to rape him. Only the guys from the plant fuck those guys and women.”

Janice is surprised, “Guys?”

Bill answers, “Yup, some of them are down-right freaks and will kaçak casino do anything. I think Jack, me, and the office staff are the only ones not to get laid. Morale is at an all-time high though. They will do anything for this guy. I know first-hand that even some of the married women would do anything to get a night with Jack.”

He continues proudly, “You see, Janet and Maggie have gotten around some and in casual conversation, they talk about what Bob did to you and then what Jack did for you. Everyone loves you Janice, so when they heard the story about Bob, well let’s just say he didn’t feel too welcome around here anymore if you know what I mean.”

Now Bill understands what this is about, I can see it register in his mind.

Bill isn’t amused at all, almost angrily, he asks, “I am guessing you are jealous about the clients here and want to know how much Jack is involved. I get it, it must be hell on you all because you love him so much. I have seen everything, he helps set up the fun and keep it going. He is the perfect salesman and gentleman. Don’t you worry about Jack.”

Now angry, “I have real work to do. Fuck, I guess I need to talk to three other women because they probably feel the same way.”

Janice cries, “I should have known better. I am sorry Jack. I feel like such a fool. My head is a mess, I can’t think straight.”

She turned on her heels and walks out.

At the door, I call out, “Janice?”

She can’t look at me, “Yes Jack?”

I command her, “Come here.”

She does. I then bend her over my desk, strip her pants and panties off, then fuck her good and hard. She tried to hold in the screams, but it was too good, she just let it out.

After we both replace our clothing, I pull Janice to me. I reach forward and kiss her gently and affectionately on the lips.

I pull her into a strong hug and whisper in her ear, “I love you.”


Today’s group is odd, it is just two women, mother, and daughter. The mother is in her late forties. She is a bombshell. Her small boobs look great on her and she had plenty of curves in all the right places. She has great tan skin and long light brown hair. She is a real head turner with a very outgoing yet controlling personality. At any party, she will be the center of attraction.

Her daughter is even better looking with the typical waist-length blond hair, blue eyes, tiny nose, rail thin, and huge tits. Her clothes are very revealing, yet she is the shiest person I have ever met. She could not make eye contact with anyone and never talked unless her mother asked her a question. Something is wrong with her.

After the typical meeting where we tell them how great we are, she looks around the room at all the people gathered and asks for all to leave but Candy, Janice, Jackie, and Maggie. They do. I find it interesting that she picked out my fuck buddies/girlfriends. Hell, I don’t know what to call them.

Anni (the mother) takes charge of the meeting now.

In a forceful and confident voice, she asks, “Jack, I want to thank you for explaining how you can help my company. I have lots of friends in manufacturing and some have been here already. I can’t wait to see the production floor. However, what I really want to know if you will help Zoe?”

She points at her daughter.

Confused, I look at Anni, “I don’t follow you, I run a manufacturing company.”

Smirking, “Jack my boy. I would bet anything that these four women are in love with you and if the rumor is correct, your packing quite the cannon there. However, I also know you don’t play with the customers which I think is a very good policy. In this case, though, I have my wonderful daughter here that suffers from depression. I have tried doctors, shrinks, acupuncture, drugs, everything I can think of.”

Almost embarrassed, she continues, “My mother came to me recently and told me her mother had a similar issue. The cure for her mother was having a well-hung brother-in-law fuck her fast and hard. I am here to ask you to take both me and my virgin daughter out to your table and fuck us senseless.”

She explains, “I love my daughter more than anything, I am asking your friends here, can I borrow you? I know he won’t do it on his own, so I am begging your permission to ask him for me. Please?”

She has tears in her eyes.

Candy has tears in her eyes, Janice looks a bit more skeptical. Janet and Maggie look indifferent.

I say, “Anni, I don’t think it would be wise.”

She starts to cry. She is devastated.

Candy speaks looking sad, “He will fuck your daughter.”

She looks at me and explains, “This girl is me at age 14. I had nothing to live for, I didn’t care about anything, I just wanted to die. Then you came into my life and well, you have made quite the difference. You have to try.”

Janice speaks up, “Zoe, stand up and come over here.”

She does. Janice pulls down Zoe’s skirt, looks at her panties.

She explains, “No wet spot. With our conversation, having me pull down her skirt, and gently rubbing her pussy, she should be dripping yet she isn’t. That isn’t normal. I am ok with it.”

Janet and Maggie not their heads in agreement as well but don’t look thrilled.

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