Car Wash Quickie

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Please enjoy this new short story. It is a work of fiction, intended for adult readers. All characters are adults, eighteen or older, and unusually horny.—Taylor VanCannon.

Fred wheeled the big SUV into the carwash. The place was a little tacky, and well past its prime. The same could be said of the attendant that approached his car.

In a pleasing southern drawl, she asked, “What’ll be Darlin’?”

“Just an exterior wash. Nothing extra.”

“Honey, you want our Express Wash. It’ll be $8.”

He handed her a ten dollar bill. “Keep the change.”

“Thanks sweetie, just let me get your receipt and we’ll get you nice and clean.”

She opened the door and handed him the receipt. “I’ll take it from here, dear. Just leave the keys in the car.” She waited for him to get out.

“Listen,” he said, “do you mind if I drive it myself. I like to keep an eye on my car.”

She stepped back and smiled at him. It was late in the day, and the last thing she needed was some asshole telling her how to do her job. “I’m sorry, sir, but our insurance doesn’t allow any customers inside the carwash.” It was a lie, but it usually worked.

He returned her smile. “I understand, and if you want me to sign a waiver, I’ll be happy to.”

“Listen pal,” she said, dropping the southern drawl. “This ain’t exactly my dream job, so don’t fuck with me. Especially not today.”

Undeterred, he said, “I don’t mean to be a bother. Can’t we work something out? I’ll double the tip.”

There were two cars in line behind him, and she needed to get things moving again. “Fine, but just do what I tell you to.” She walked around and got into the passenger seat. “Pull up, and drive around the vacuum station, you didn’t pay for that.”

He did as she asked and drove around to the back of the building. There were two cars waiting to go into the carwash.

“Sorry we got off on the wrong foot. My name’s Fred.” He extended a hand to her.

“Charlene.” She took his hand, warmly touching it with her fingers. The southern drawl was back.

“You look a little frazzled,” he said. “Tough day?”

She stared at him, trying to decide how to respond. It was none of his fucking business. She ignored his question and asked her own. “Are you retired?”

Fred laughed, “Do I look that old?”

She gaziemir escort bayan smiled. “Not old, just retired. And yeah, this has been one fucked up day.”

“Sorry,” he said, “anything I can do to help?”

Without thinking, she said, “Not unless you’ve got $500 to spare. My landlord is all over my ass for back rent, and he’s calling me every hour, threatening eviction.”

Fred gave her a sympathetic smile. Her face looked weathered, with at least one wrinkle for each of her forty years. Her scraggly blonde hair was pulled back into a poorly tied pony tail. The loose fitting khaki work pants were stained, and did a good job hiding whatever figure she had left. Same thing for her bright green shirt, emblazoned with the carwash logo. She was a touch on the heavy side, with big tits and a big ass. All in all, nicely proportioned.

“Maybe I can brighten your day.” He pulled five crisp one hundred dollar bills from his wallet and laid them on the center console.

She looked at the money, then back up at him. “Hey, I was just kidding… I mean about sparing the money. You rich or something?”

He gave her a warm smile. “Something like that,” Fred said. “What difference does it make, I want to help?”

“I can’t take your money.” There wasn’t a lot of conviction in her voice. It was money that she could really use right now.

“Consider it a loan.”

She looked at the money. “No strings?”


She picked up the money. “I can’t promise to pay you back.”

“I’m not asking you to.”

She looked at him skeptically. “You married?”




She tucked the money into her back pocket. “Pull up,” she said, pointing to the the empty spot in front of them. She was grateful for the money, and God knows, she needed in. She felt a sudden desire to return his kindness. “How about I brighten your day?” She squeezed his thigh with her left hand.

“That’s not necessary.” Fred said.

She reached into his crotch and squeezed his cock. “Are you sure? You won’t be disappointed. I give great head.”

He chuckled, not entirely surprised by his good fortune. “Well, maybe just a quick one.” He unbuckled his pants and got them unzipped.

She pulled his soft cock out and gently stroked it. She escort gaziemir glanced over her shoulder to see if anybody had pulled up behind them. With the coast clear, she leaned over the console and took him into her mouth.

“You weren’t kidding,” he said, “my day is brighter already.”

She wasted no time getting him hard. He reached around and squeezed her large breast.

He looked into the rear view mirror. “Don’t look up now, but a car just pulled in behind us.”

She lifted her head off his cock, just enough to speak. “Just follow the instructions on the lights. When you turn into the carwash, we’ll be out of sight.” She returned to sucking his stiff cock while he pulled the car forward.

“Okay,” he said. “I just turned in.”

She sat up, keeping her left hand wrapped around his cock. “Put the car in neutral and take your foot off the brake.”

He placed his hand on the back of her neck, gently massaging it. “Done.”

She leaned in and switched hands on his cock. “Ready for a big finish?”

He looked at her and licked his lips. “I can’t wait.”

She started down, and then hesitated. “Honey, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a decent fuck. Do you mind?”

He gawked at her in disbelief. Head was one thing, but a fuck, here in the car? He managed a brief stammer that he intended to be “No, I don’t mind.”

The spinning brushes and spraying water gave them privacy as the car inched along the track.

She unbuttoned her pants and slipped them down around her ankles, along with her panties. “Put your seat back as far as it will go.” She pulled her right foot free of her clothes and flung it over his lap, climbing over the console and wedging herself between him and the steering wheel.

He couldn’t resist reaching up between her legs. He rubbed her thick thatch of coarse hair, and wiggled all four fingertips between the large lips of her slippery gash.

The rush of warmth in her loins forced out a soft moan.

She lifted her shirt, along with her bra, and spilled her large tits into his face. He removed his fingers from her wet pussy and guided his cock to her entrance. She lowered herself, engulfing him with her moist warmth.

He moved his hands to her breasts and massaged the massive globes. He licked her hard gaziemir escort nipples, and tugged on them with his lips.

Her legs were wedged along the side the seat, and of no help when it came to fucking him. She reached for the hand grip over the driver’s door, and used that to raise and lower herself on his cock.

“Four minutes,” She announced, keeping a steady rhythm, up and down on his cock. “Are you going to make it in time, sweetie?”

Fred laughed. “Yeah, keep this up and it won’t be a problem.” He was sucking air on each up stroke, and grunting on each down stroke. “How about you?”

“Oh honey, you better believe I’ll make it. But, better give me a little boost… just to make sure… “

He let go of her breast and reached between her cheeks, probing for her tiny hole.

“Oh baby, you’re reading my mind. Three minutes…”

She gasped when he wiggled a finger up into her asshole. The muscles in her arms were doing a slow burn, carrying all her weight as she fucked him. She fought through the pain, and increased her pace.

“Two minutes…” The brushes retracted, and the final rinse started. Their privacy was slowly vanishing. Up ahead he could see the shapes of the workers waiting to wipe down the car.

He forced a second finger up into her ass.

She bit down on her lower lip to muffle a cry of pleasure. “One minute…”

“Oh fuck!” Fred shouted. “I’m going to…”

She kept pumping. So close. She grimaced as the pain seared her arms. “I’m almost there… wait for me…”

The rinse cycle finished, and only a light mist of finishing spray blocked the view of the workers. Luckily, they were all busy with the car in front of them.

He grunted loudly as his first shot blasted up into her.

She was right there with him. The roar of the air dryer drowned out the screech of her orgasm. Her arms gave out, and she jammed a hand down between her legs, rubbing out for a few more moments of intense pleasure.

The buzzer sounded, warning him to put the car in gear and drive forward.

She dove into the passenger seat just as the workers turned to approach the car, leaking a trail of goo across the console.

After getting her foot back in her pants, she pulled them up and got out of the car. Someone tossed her a towel, and she helped finish drying the car.

He was about to drive off when she motioned for him to roll down the passenger window. “Don’t forget to ask for Charlene when you come back, ya hear?”

“I’ll definitely do that.”

She glanced down at the center console. “Next time you better have the interior cleaned too.”

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