Caught at School Ch. 1

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Then I heard the bell ring. Senior Lit class was over. I decided to go watch the cheerleaders practice (one of my favorite pastimes). When I got there, I realized cheerleading practice had been canceled due to the sudden heatstroke that had overtaken the November Minnesota. I guess it made sense; I mean they did work it hard and get very sweaty ;).

So I went down the halls in search of the front entryway. On my way there, I noticed the Algebra II door was still open. I looked in to see Ms. Pelvicthrust was still there.

Ms. Anna Pelvicthrust was about 5-6, shoulder-length black hair, one of those innocent-type faces with bright green eyes. I had Ms. Pelvicthrust during sophomore year, and everyone enjoyed beholding those beautiful buttocks while she wrote things high up or low down on the blackboard. Her tits were at least a large C, and maybe even into the Ds.

She had her thin white tee-shirt lifted up, exposing the bottom half of her breast, apparently she had just gotten done breast-feeding her baby and was putting him to sleep.

I had realized in junior year, that if it wasn’t illegal, I could say or do lots of stuff after school that I couldn’t do during school. Now this was one of my rare opportunities, so i blurted out, “Got any left for me?” Now I expected to get slapped, it had happened many times before, but all she did is lower me to a slouch. With both hands she forced my mouth onto her now erect nipple. While I was sucking on her and she was breathing heavily, she began to undo my pants. I did the same to her skirt, rubbing and pinching as I unzipped it.

Soon we were both naked from the waist down, and she pushed me back onto the teacher’s chair. She mounted my erect penis. By her size, she had obviously had sex with many men. I began thinking of STDs and… but then all that went out of my head as she lowered her sopping cunt onto my penis taking in the full 8inches.

After going up and down on me a dozen or so more times, I was ready to blast her away. But just as I pulled out to shoot my load on her fat titties, the door opened. My heard skipped a beat and went in fast forward as the cranky old principal sidled inside to see spunk shooting all over one of his teacher’s tits. I never saw Ms. Pelvicthrust ever again.

As for me, I was sent home with a note and a slap on the wrist. Lectures from principals went on for hours. When I got home, I wasn’t very scared. I knew my mom very well, since It was just her, me, and my sister. I knew exactly what would happen. I had mastered the art of fooling my mom into thinking I was the victim and that I was sorry.

In reality I was only sorry of 3 things. 1: that I hadn’t casino siteleri done it sooner, my second sexual adventure turned out great! 2: that I got caught, cause I could have shot my load probably two more times for Ms. Pelvicthrust. And 3: That Ms. Pelvicthrust got fired, I would never see that shapely ass in front of a blackboard again.

I sat down next to my mom on the loveseat in front of the TV and gave her the note, a perfected look of innocent sadness in my eyes. She took the note, read the first few sentences and dropped it in the garbage bin under the end table. “You tell me what happened, I don’t want to hear it from the bad handwriting of a cranky old man.” With that I told her everything in full truth, but using descriptive words and expressions, pitch and volume of my voice to my advantage.

While I was telling this story, my mom was rubbing my leg in a consoling way. She rubbed throughout the story, moving more and more up my leg, unconsciously probably. She then touched my balls under my pants. I shuddered in an aroused way, while she seemed to not have noticed, doing that same thing with every next rub. Soon she was touching the base of my cock. I was becoming uncomfortably aroused by the way she kept toughing me. Nearing the end of my account of things, she was doing something that resembled stroking my hard cock. By now I was rock hard, whether it was from mom’s accidental hand or because of the erotic story I was telling.

After the story, my mom rose to her feet and said, “Okay, I guess I can see that. Boys need pussy once in a while that’s all, and women need cock. I don’t think they should have fired Ms. Pelvicthrust, but I guess it comes from being a slut.” I was shocked by my mother’s words, even though she seemed calm while using them. Then she continued, “You’ve had a hard day, why don’t you and I change into our suits and go swimming.”

Unlike most moms, mine wore a string bikini. It was light blue and a couple sizes too small. Whenever I went swimming with friends, I always caught them staring at my mom and had to punch them in the arm. She had bought me a pair of swimming trunks that were white and a size too small, but I didn’t want to do anything to waste her time, so I just kept them.

My mom was changing in the bathroom. The door was semi broken, so it wouldn’t shut all the way and sometimes it opened on it’s own. I had to go past the bathroom on the way to my room, so I caught a glimpse of my mom wearing a bra and panties through the door. This is when I realized, mother or not, that…

My mom was hot! She had around the same size breasts as Ms. Pelvicthrust, maybe a little smaller. She had an ass canlı casino that could bypass even Ms. Pelvicthrust and she was thinner. Ms. Pelvicthrust had a child not much before my experience with her, and I guess that could account for her extra baby fat. My mom had longer hair than Ms. Pelvicthrust and it was fiery red, almost hypnotic. Her lips were luscious and shiny, and her eyes were a soft caring blue.

I waited for a while as she unclipped her bra, exposing her amazingly firm tits, with medium-sized pretty pink nipples. Then she seemed to look straight at me through the mirror, but seemingly didn’t notice me. I left, fearing I’d get caught, just as my mom was dropping her thin lacey panties.

I put on my white swimming trunks and went out to the pool. As I was walking past the bathroom, my mom just got out of it. She bumped into me. Her had rubbed against my penis, causing me to shudder and bend forward, causing my head to brush against her 1inch-protruding nipple. A lame “Excuse me” was all I got out.

I went out to the pool and jumped in the water. It wasn’t too warm or too cold. My mom got in to and we raced a few laps. Then mom got out and lay boob-first on the pool chair. As she did so, I noticed her bikini was now almost completely see-through!!! But I looked down at myself and noticed almost the same effect taking part on MY bathing suit. She undid her bikini top so she wouldn’t get tan lines. I stayed in the pool for a while. Then my mom says, “Rub some oil on my back will ya hun?”

Because of my recent realization that my mom was better looking than Anna Pelvicthrust, I jumped at the opportunity. It was hard to oil up all of my mom’s sweet body. I started at the left shoulder but it was tough to get all of it from one place. She noticed my difficulty and said, “If it’s hard for you can sit on my back.”

So I positioned myself on mommy’s thighs, and started on the lowest point of the back I could find. Her butt crack was lightly exposed. I had practiced myself fully in the ways of getting some bootae, so I knew how to get a woman aroused. It usually didn’t lead anywhere, but it was always fun while it lasted. I rubbed the top of her butt cheeks and low of her back, letting a careless finger slip between the butt cheeks a couple times, and feeling my mom tense up.

I worked my magic hands up, always rubbing, caressing. As I got higher, I had to incline myself so I could reach further. As I did so, I began to notice that my shaft sort of sank into the gap between her butt cheeks. By the time I reached her neck, I was completely horizontal, and she was supporting me with her ass. My penis was fully sunk in and I could feel kaçak casino the juicy roughness of her asshole against my rock hard cock.

I could feel her shuddering with sexual delight as I worked my hands up and down her back, making a humping movement. Then I was done with her back and about to get off, but she reminded me to do her sides. I looked at her sides and almost drooled when I realized that it was mostly boob leaking out. I caressed her sides and massaged her shoulders; I was saving the best for last.

When all I had left was pure tit, I began on her left mound, working my hands in circular motions so more boob would come out-it was kind of like a love tester that you win wonderful prizes from! I worked her breasts, sliding fingertips under and caressing, massaging. I could hear her breathing hard and letting out soft whines and moans.

Then she told me to do her legs. I did the outsides, slipping foolish thumbs into her bikini, working my way slowly to the back. I got up the back of her legs and reached the bottom of her gorgeous ass. Looking at it, I actually did let out a bit of saliva. It dripped onto her calf, her muscular calf. Then I cupped her butt, rubbed it in a rough sort of manner, but in a way so mom thought I was still putting lotion on her.

After I was done playing with my mom’s beautiful ass, I did the inside of her legs, again starting at the feet. Up and up I worked, and then at the top, I was sure to do the parts of flesh just outside her–wet spot!! A big soaking wet spot was there, and I knew it wasn’t water because the rest of the water had dried by now. When doing her wet spot I recklessly let multiple of my fingers brush against it and sometimes push into the actual hole.

Then I got bold, and I knew she wanted it. I was way too horny to let an opportunity like this pass me by. I didn’t even think of her as my mother. So I slipped a finger under the fabric and against her pussy lips. She let out a half gasp half moan, but didn’t say anything. I pushed the thong strap aside and began fingering her.

She was just breathing heavy and sitting there, but after about the fourth finger thrust, she began to push back! I replaced the finger with my tongue. I held her sweet ass in place with one hand while my other fell down into my trunks and began stroking my beast. She was moaning loudly and pushing back in rough motions. Then she arched her back, let out a wail, and her juices flowed down on my face.

I knew she could come a few more times, so I kept licking her. Then, I myself got horny and pulled her back so that her legs were hanging off the chair. My cock was throbbing so I replaced my tongue with my throbbing member and began hammering my cock into her sweet pussy. She was moaning and groaning and pushing back. She was grunting and kept on saying “Fuck” over and over and over…

And that is how Peter landed his mom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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