Chance Encounter

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I have usually been pretty good about meeting women at bars. It seems like you get a few drinks in people and it just kind of happens. Outside in the real world, though, it seems women just aren’t as open to meeting or at least aren’t “on the prowl” like they can be at a bar or club and like most men are constantly.

Whenever I am out, basically anywhere – a coffee shop, the movies, a store, I am still looking. Looking for that little glance, that smile, that nod of recognition that means it’s on. I have to say it doesn’t happen often outside of a location that is recognized as a pick-up joint. But it does happen.

I went to the mall the other day to look for a couple things. I wasted some time picking through the used movies at Newbury Comics. I checked out a couple books at the Borders. I grabbed some coffee. And yes, I am here to admit that the whole time, I was really looking, as I always am, hoping to see that one woman who would recognize that I was looking.

I bought the couple things I needed and gave up for the day. I walked out to the car. But as I walked down that long hall next to the theater, the one leading to the entrance where I had come in, I saw her. And more importantly, she saw me. She opened the door as she entered the mall and I was a few doors down, heading out. As our doors shut with me on the outside and her on the inside, we both turned, keeping that eye contact and sly smiles crept onto our faces.

And then it’s over. She kept walking into the mall. I took that next step out and the moment was gone. But as I walked, I got hard thinking about her. with each step, all I could see was her face as she smiled at me. Then her ass as she turned and started to walk away. Oh, that ass. The things I would do to that ass if I could just…

Why couldn’t I? I put my things in the car and headed back in.

I stepped back into the mall and started walking. This could be a complete waste of time. What if she just went into a movie? What if i even happened to walk into the right store at the right time but she was in a dressing room? Well, I might as well be optimistic and just start looking.

The food court is right inside the entrance. I took a quick look around but didn’t see her anywhere. From there, I could go into a Macy’s, a couple little stores, or just start walking down the length of the mall. I took a quick look in the stores, then started walking. I walked swiftly, hoping that I could catch up somehow. I could see into most of the stores and as far as I could see, she wasn’t in any of them.

Looking ahead, I saw her again. She was just coming out of one of the Gap stores, I think it was Gap Body. She didn’t see me this time, just exited and walked further away from me. I was finally getting a good look at her. Dirty blond hair, a little past her shoulder. She was wearing a blue short, not exactly tight kadıköy escort but a close enough fit to hug her body and show the curves in just the right way. Close fitting jeans. Short heels, lifting her legs just enough.

I walked a little faster. I wanted to somehow get ahead and come back the other way. I had to see if that eye contact moment we had was just a one-time thing or if it was real. As I walked closer, I could get a glimpse of hoop earings, swinging beneath her hair, the swell of her breasts under her shirt, her profile, a small smile on her face.

She stopped and looked into the window of a store. This was my chance. I sped up and walked around the next kiosk where they were selling cell phones. I circled it and headed back towards my mystery woman. She was done looking and started walking again. Right at me.

She was lost,of in her own world, somewhere. She was going to miss me. I kept looking directly at her eyes, her blue eyes, so that if she looked up, there’s no way she could miss me. I was getting my first real look at her now. She looked incredible. I was undressing her in my mind, imagining her shirt sliding up over her breasts, her jeans sliding down over her hips, thighs and off over her feet. I would make her keep the shoes on. I knew that already.

I could see she was a little older that I was but I had been with plenty of older women before. I knew what I could look forward to if this ever happened. I could tell she would be a LOT of fun in bed. And I could see she would look unbelievable with her clothes off.

Then she looked up at me.

“Hi,” I said.

“Hi,” She said back and smiled.

But she kept walking. I stopped to look back at her again. She turned the next corner and looked back over her shoulder. Still smiling and staring right at me, she disappeared around the corner and was gone.

She kept walking. And I followed. She walked slow, swinging her hips, taking long slow strides. I had to really try to walk slow to keep behind her. From time to time she would glance behind her to make sure I was there.

We back tracked, through the mall and right back into the parking lot. I kept following but now no one was around. I thought I should just catch up and talk to her. Why doesn’t she stop?

But then she did. She started digging through her purse for something. I kept walking, now getting really close. I reached her and stopped.

“Did you lose your keys?” I asked her. She looked up and gave me that same sly smile. She lifted up her keys.

“I found them.”

“Good. Where are you headed?”

“Well, I finished my shopping. So I was going back to my place. Unless you have better idea?” She put that out there for me. Did she want to go for a drink? Coffee? I don’t think so. I knew what she wanted. I looked down into those blue kağıthane escort eyes and knew she was asking me to tear off her clothes, lift her against the nearest car and fuck her. I realized my cock was growing harder by the second, throbbing against my jeans with the thoughts of ravishing her in the middle of the parking lot.

“Well, I have a few ideas but they all start with going back to your place.”

“I’m in the red Toyota. Right over there?” She pointed.

“I’m right over here. A white Bronco. I’ll follow you.”

We drove. I followed her car the best I could, but my thoughts were somewhere else. It is really tough to drive with a raging hard-on. So I unzipped and released my erection, letting it breathe little. I was wondering if she was turned on while we drove, if she was wet, maybe even letting her fingers slip down into her pants.

Before I knew it my hand was wrapped around my cock and I was stroking it up and down. I just went with it, thinking of what I would do when we got to her house. My hand moved faster and faster. Stroking up and down. I tried to picture her naked body. I imagined my cock in her hand, in her mouth, in her pussy.

We stopped at a red light. I stroked as fast as I could, tension building in my thighs, blood flowing to my cock. In an explosion of cum, I shot my load all over the steering wheel and the carpet at my feet.

I finished and tucked my dick back in my pants. I was still hard, wanting to get to the real thing as soon as possible.

We made a couple more turns, and then she pulled into a driveway. I parked on the street and stepped out slowly, hoping she wouldn’t notice as I pressed down on the front of my pants, trying to make it less obvious that I was hard as a rock.

I walked around the front of the car to see she was already walking to the front door. I followed her up the steps and waited while she unlocked the door. She seemed a little nervous, fumbling with the keys. I glanced around at her neighbors’ houses as if anyone would notice or care. We both smiled at each other, both a little nervous with anticipation.

“I’ve never really done this before, ” she said.

“Done what?” I tried my best to sound confidant, like I did this all the time, or like I didn’t know what she was talking about.

The door opened and we stepped inside.

I shut the door behind us and couldn’t wait any longer.

I grabbed her from behind, kissing her neck, placing my hands on her hips. I let my fingertips enter the tops of her pants. Her left hand reached back and grabbed a handful of my hair. Her right hand reached between us and cupped my cock. I reached with my right hand and slipped it under her pants, over her panties until I felt the wetness between her legs.

“I don’t even know you’re name,” she struggled to say.

My kartal escort middle finger was between her pussy lips, my other finger to each side. I could really feel how wet and ready she already was. I pulled my hand out. I grabbed a handful of her hair with my left hand and pulled her back against the wall, turning her to face me.

I told her, “Stop talking.” I reached between her legs with both hands now, unbuttoning and pulling down her pants. And her panties all at once. She tried to reach down and take off her shoes. “Stop. Keep the shoes on.” I lifted her feet one at a time and slipped her pants off. I slid may hands back up her naked legs, letting my face trace right with them, my breathe licking at her thighs. Finally I was face to face with her pussy. I could see just looking at it how wet and engorged with blood it was. She was ready to go.

I looked up at her. I knew she wanted me to eat her pussy. She wanted my wet tongue to lick at her and taste her. “Take off your shirt.” She did. “The bra too.” She did what I asked. I now had her completely undressed, leaning against the wall.

“Turn around.” She started to move but it wasn’t fast enough. I grabbed her by the hips and spun her around. I placed my left hand between her shoulder blades and pushed forward, bending her over. In the same motion, I reached between her legs from behind with my right hand and slid my middle finger straight into her pussy.

She moaned and arched her back, spreading her legs to give me access. I took my left hand and unzipped, taking my cock out and letting it pop up under her. The head of my cock brushed against her pussy and felt the wetness there. I used my right hand to spread her pussy lips and thrust my hips forward, entering her slowly but firmly. I kept pushing forward with my hips and pulling back on her hips until the full length of my cock was inside her.

I slid back out, then back in, each time allowing her to get wetter and wetter, each time allowing me to thrust harder and harder. We reached a rhythm, fast and hard. I stood up straight behind her, enjoying the view before me, the view I had imagined that first moment of eye contact at the door. Then I remembered. SMACK! I slapped her ass. She squealed with delight and moaned with pleasure.

I had wanted to do that since she first turned around and walked away. I SMACKED her again. I picked up the pace, really pulling back and thrusting into her hard. I could feel I was about to cum. This first time would be quick.
I pushed her away from me and started to turn her, but she was too fast for me this time. She spun and got on her knees, shoving my cock in her mouth. She stroked me with her right hand and sucked my cock, bobbing her head in the exact rhythm I had been thrusting into her. My cock throbbed with the coming explosion.

“Look up at me.” She did. That’s when I came, looking into those blue eyes and letting my cum blast into her mouth. She took every drop, knowing to slow down and let me orgasm. I pulled slowly out of her mouth and stepped back.

I slipped my shirt off. “Let’s go to your room.” She smiled and started walking. Once again. And, once again, I followed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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