Chase Cooder – Bush Pilot! Ch. 01

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Welcome to the exciting Adventures of Chase Cooder – Bush Pilot! This offering is far different from my other stories. The kernels of a thin plot took hold, character development took shallow root and…Chase Cooder – Bush Pilot! was born. But before we depart, I want to give a heartfelt thanks to Stella Omega for her early support and encouragement, to AsylumSeeker for his invaluable editing advice, and to Teschan for his insightful fine tuning. Are you ready? Well, climb aboard, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

* * * * *

Three thousand feet above the majestic pines, the only sound was the rush of air along the fuselage of the 1967 DeHavilland Beaver. Two-thirds of the way to the Snapper Lake Lodge, deep in the Canadian wilderness, the Beaver’s engine belched, coughed, sputtered – and stopped.

As he watched the propeller’s slow rotation, Chase wondered if this could be another one of Ruane’s little messages. His beautiful red haired mechanic and lover was prone to letting him know directly or indirectly when he had managed to piss her off.

But Chase dismissed the thought as soon as it occurred. No, Ruane had pulled some crazy ass stunts before when she got a head of steam built up, but she would never shut down an engine in mid-flight. She was far too competent a professional for that. Chase began to mentally run through a procedural checklist.

Chase and Ruane were business partners and together owned Busy Beaver Bush Tours. They had lovingly restored their old DeHavilland workhorse and Chase knew every rivet and washer on his beloved Beaver and every little quirk; like how she wanted to climb when banking right, and to dive when carving left. He knew the old Beaver had it in her to deliver them safely. Ruane was among the best of mechanics and Chase trusted her skills implicitly. Ruane loved her Beaver as much as Chase did, maybe more, and kept her in pristine condition.

“What the hell’s wrong with the engine?” demanded Parker Dill, the chubby and balding academic sitting in the seat behind Chase. Being a full professor and department chair, Dill was used to being in charge and getting his way. But, of course, that was back in civilization where his boorishness was tolerated out of fear of retribution.

“No worries, friends, all part of the Busy Beaver tour. Just look around. Beautiful, isn’t it? The sky’s so clear you can practically see Vancouver.”

Chase cocked his head to the side. Maureen’s stylishly short blond hair, her voluptuous figure and ample breasts involuntarily drew his eye. He thought he saw her legs part slightly. “I’ll restart in a minute. In the meantime, enjoy the unspoiled view.”

Chase turned his attention back to the engine. Just before shutdown the dials had looked good, the oil pressure was holding, and the engine sounded strong.

He felt an unusually strong updraft rock the Beaver. He feathered the flaps, nudged the yoke, entered a shallow dive and then pulled up, taking advantage of the strong wind to climb. Repeating this maneuver, he skillfully scalloped the Beaver several hundred feet higher. When the updraft passed, Chase pushed the yoke forward and the Beaver gracefully arced into another dive.

Before takeoff, Maureen watched Chase closely as he inspected the Beaver, and his confidence was comforting. She’d met the dashing pilot just prior to the flight, and as the Beaver descended she thought back to when she first saw him. She was immediately attracted to Chase as he strode out of the hanger to greet her and Parker.

She liked his rough hands when they shook, holding hers a beat too long. She recalled his ruggedly handsome face. He had an easy sexy smile, and a barely chipped tooth added to his appeal. Maureen guessed Chase was a few inches over six feet tall. With broad shoulders tapering to a narrow waist, Maureen wondered what he looked like with his shirt off. She imagined he would be hard and muscular, not at all soft.

As the Beaver dove toward the trees, Maureen had the odd urge to run her manicured fingers through his tousled brown hair. She imagined what kind of lover he would be. Maureen became wet and wondered if Chase could sense her arousal in the confined space of the cockpit.

She watched Chase check the instruments, toggle this switch and tap that dial, never appearing concerned that they were plunging ever downward, ever closer to the magnificent pine forest rushing at them with increasing speed.

Chase let the Beaver gather airspeed and pressed the ignition switch. With the wind aiding propeller rotation, the engine sputtered to life, coughed several times and – went silent. Chase took a deep breath while thinking, Uh oh.

He angled the Beaver into a slightly steeper dive, adjusted the choke, pressed the ignition switch and the updated Pratt and Whitney PT-6 turbo engine roared to life and held. That’s my girl, Chase thought. Under the engine’s drone he heard Maureen’s soft moan when he pulled the Beaver smartly beylikdüzü escort up, barely a hundred feet from the wispy tops of the giant pines.

Maureen glanced at Parker, who held onto the seat and side handle with white knuckles. Moisture glinted off his shiny crown. She looked away with mild disgust. Back at altitude, the passengers watched the landscape passing below them, the Beaver’s shadow dancing across the tops of the trees. Descending, Chase guided the Beaver around a mountain, between two ridges, and then straightened. Maureen gasped in awe at the view.

Steep pine-covered mountains capped with snow surrounded a wide, long, glassy lake: Lake Snapper. Maureen watched the lake rise to meet them as Chase skimmed low across the water. Maureen felt the water’s drag slow the plane as it touched down. Chase taxied to the pier where a huge, barrel-chested man with weathered skin and a bushy black beard anchored the plane to the dock with ropes.

As the engine spooled down, Chase opened the door and shouted, “Box! What the hell are you doing here! You told me you were headed to Alaska!”

“Naw, I decided to stick around a bit longer, eh,” Box replied and a reddish bloom spread under his thick beard. Chase smiled inwardly.

“Well, good. Help me get the gear out of the plane, then.”

“Aye, aye Cap’n,” Box said and snapped a salute.

Chase laughed and climbed out of the cockpit. The two old friends embraced and clapped each other’s back before Chase opened the bay door and Box set about getting the gear off of the plane.

The pilot extended a hand to Maureen, waiting at the cockpit door. Taking Chase’s hand, she poured sensuously out of the plane, onto the float, and then glided up to the dock.

Chase wasn’t immune to her charms and didn’t even try to be. He thoroughly enjoyed this little moment and stared appreciatively at her firm and healthy figure. As Maureen stepped on to the dock, Chase noticed she was looking at him with a small, amused smile.

“Thank you,” Maureen said.

“No, thank you,” Chase responded with a smile and a courtly nod.

Parker, oblivious to Maureen and Chase, was 15 pounds beyond graceful and clumsily lurched out of the plane. His leather-soled shoe slipped on the wet float and he squawked while scrambling to maintain his balance. His arms waved wildly, hoping to snare a strut, as his right foot plunged into the frigid water.

Chase gracefully reached down and caught Parker’s sleeve, preventing him from toppling into the lake, and effortlessly helped him step up to the dock.

“My fault, Parker. I should have warned you about the slick floats,” he said and thought, But that’s what you get for wearing leather-soled shoes, like I told you not to.

Chase and Box walked ahead of Parker and Maureen, carrying the luggage and gear while talking and laughing. Parker grumbled to Maureen about his ruined Manolo Blahnik, while her eyes admired Chase’s cutting figure and taut derriere. Suppressing a laugh, she thought back to Chase’s quick reactions, athletic agility, and graciousness as he helped the sputtering Parker off the plane.

The four walked up wide steps onto a covered porch surrounding the Adirondack style lodge, through oversized double doors, and into the main reception area.

Chase’s gaze swept past the three men sitting in front of the fireplace. His practiced eye noted the tension despite their apparent nonchalance. Chase caught Box’s glance, nodded slightly towards the men and raised an eyebrow. Box nodded and gave a small shrug.

“Hello, Willy.”

“Chase,” said the weathered and elderly man standing behind the registration desk, “How the hell are you? You’re looking pretty fit for a man who hasn’t spent much time in the wilderness.”

“Not your corner, that’s true. I haven’t had a charter here for a few weeks. But hey, don’t you go thinking I haven’t been in and out of that Beaver several times a day, though,” Chase said with a wink.

“Still giving the Beaver a workout, eh?”

Both men chuckled at this version of their ritual. Box rolled his eyes. Willy slid a key card across the counter and said with a wink, “Your usual lake view so you can keep an eye on your Beaver.”

Maureen looked around the beautiful lobby, taking in the high ceiling and huge chandelier made of antlers, the comfortable brown leather club chairs and upholstered light pine chairs scattered about in cozy conversational arrangements, the colorful loom rugs, the crackling fire in the oversized stone fireplace, the rough hewn oak walls, rustic paintings, and the many large windows that overlooked stunning vistas.

Though accustomed to the admiring looks of men, the glances from the three sitting in front of the fireplace bothered her although she couldn’t have said why. Maybe it was simply because their smiles didn’t reach their eyes. She briefly locked stares with the beyoğlu escort pale-eyed, hawk-nosed man, the one with an air of authority, but he made her uneasy and she turned away.

Registration completed, the guests settled in their rooms. Chase tried to call Ruane, but couldn’t get through. Around 6:00 p.m. Chase and his passengers, Box, Willy, and an attractive woman he didn’t know met in a private dining room for dinner.

“Everyone, this is Anna,” Box announced. She was tall, curvy and had shoulder length hair the color of honey.

“Hi, everyone,” the woman said cheerfully and placed large bowls holding an assortment of food on the table. “Box, you don’t have any vegetables on your plate,” Anna noticed while watching him spoon food onto his dish.

“Uh, second serving.”

Seeing the red stain spreading upward from Box’s neck, Chase couldn’t help himself. “Don’t give up, Anna. He can’t get healthy food in him on his own. Somebody needs to get this mook to give up some of those carbs, especially that liquid bread he loves. I bet he’d live 10 years longer with you taking care of him!” Everybody laughed and started talking all at once.

“Have you tried these dishes before, Maureen?” Chase asked.

“Not the meat. It’s delicious. Everything is.”

“The meat is elk, Maureen. We bake the bread here. And the fruit and vegetables are flown in daily,” Anna explained.

“It’s wonderful.” Turning to Box, Maureen wondered, “So why do they call you Box?”

“Ha. Old story. Tell her, Chase,” Box said.

“His real name is Jimmy Chuff. We met in Delta Force and inseparable. Anyway, when we went on missions, Jimmy always took way more ammunition than everybody else. The magazine on our main weapon was called a box. So we started calling him Box and it stuck. Tell them what you used to say to us.”

“Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it,” Box said with a smile. “Saved our sorry asses a few times, didn’t it.”

“That it did, my friend. That it did,” Chase agreed and raised his glass in Box’s direction while noticing Maureen fill Parker’s glass with single malt scotch again.

The group talked and laughed until well after the food was cold. Chase stood and stretched his stiff body before announcing, “This has been fun. Always is with friends old and new. I’m flying out in the morning and I need some shuteye. Thank you all, and especially you, Anna. It’s been a pleasure to meet you.”

Once back in his room he took a long, hot shower, firmly washing the thought of a helpless glide into the pines from his mind. He emerged from the bathroom with a towel around his waist. Belle and Sebastian filled the room, softly flowing from his iPod loudspeaker set. He heard a light knock on his door. Chase crossed the room and opened it. Maureen stood at his threshold wearing a white terrycloth bathrobe and holding a bucket of ice.

She smiled, edged her way in and shut the door. She cocked her head to one side and explained, “Oh, Chase, wouldn’t you know it. Parker passed out and I have no one to talk to. I want a bedtime drink, but hate to have it alone. Do you mind?”

“No, of course not. I’d love a bedtime drink with you,” Chase decided.

He closed the short distance between them and looked down at her from inches away. Maureen’s breath quickened as she looked into his deep green eyes and felt his fingers touching the front of her robe, finding and uncoiling the belt. He dropped the soft fabric tie and the front of her robe parted slightly, revealing a slice of skin.

He leaned down slowly and gently kissed her lips, placing small pecks here and there. Chase moved slowly, letting desire build. When Maureen raised a hand to his chest he let his tongue slide slowly along her lips, barely parting them.

After feeling a small contraction of her hand on his chest, Chase slid his tongue slowly back across her lips, then pressed inside. Maureen closed her eyes and reached for his towel. He blocked her hand and moved her arms up and around his neck. When he caressed her face with the back of his hand Maureen sighed from the tender gesture.

Chase pushed her hair back and pressed his face to her neck, leaving behind light kisses and said, “You smell wonderful, so sweet and fresh. I knew you’d be this way. I knew it today on the flight.” He kissed her neck and ear before returning to her soft lips.

“I wondered if you could tell… I was terrified, but so turned on… Especially when we started to come out of the dive,” Maureen whispered between kisses.

“I’ve found that danger and sexual desire often go hand in hand,” Chase mumbled and moved a calloused hand to Maureen’s stomach. The back of his hand slowly slid up, then down, before parting the robe and holding her waist. Chase pulled her to him.

“Honey, in my world everything and sex go hand in hand,” Maureen murmured.

She felt his bostancı escort bayan hard member pressing against her and moaned. Chase slid his hands up, thumbs grazing over her nipples as his rough hands moved up her shapely body. He pushed the robe over her shoulders and Maureen let it slip to the floor. Chase appraised her in the softly glowing light.

“You’re beautiful.”

Maureen smiled, drowning in his stunning eyes. She kissed him and chewed his lips. Moving lower with sweet kisses, pinching and biting his nipples as the hair on his muscular chest tickled her nose. She licked and kissed her way down his flat stomach until she was on her knees. Her hands rubbed him through the towel and she was pleased with his size.

Looking up at Chase, Maureen peeled the towel from his waist and closed her mouth around the head of his cock. She licked the soft, pliable ridge, and swirled her tongue around the crown. Maureen stroked the shaft with her hand while she teased the sensitive underside with her tongue. She was pleased to hear Chase moan and at that, plunged down, her soft, hot mouth taking him in deeply.

Maureen adored the velvety hardness. She loved the texture, the veins and ridges sliding over her tongue. She lost herself in the act and Chase marveled at her uninhibited pleasure. Moments before he came Chase pulled her up, eliciting a small whine. He kissed her, tasting his pre-cum. He led her to the bed. She lay on her back and Chase slipped between her open thighs.

Chase kissed and nibbled his way down her body. Toying with the heft of her breasts, he bit and gently chewed on her nipples. Maureen cradled his head as he worked his way down. She sighed as Chase gently licked her hood, then exposed her and gently nibbled her pearl. He moved lower and with lips over teeth, gently sucked and chewed her lips.

“You taste amazing,” Chase whispered and slid a finger along her inner lips.

He worked her clit and slipped a finger into her slickness. Maureen sighed as Chase’s rough tongue licked her and she moaned with pleasure when a second finger entered her. He moved faster with fingers and tongue as Maureen grabbed his hair and pulled him tight to her. With a sharp groan she went rigid, came hard, and released him.

“Oh, my god,” she groaned, pulling him up and kissing him. “So good.”

Chase knelt between her legs as Maureen arched her lithe body and guided him into her with a sigh. He slid in easily and remained still, buried deep inside of Maureen, kissing her, but not moving. Finally, she rocked her hips gently and he swayed side to side without withdrawing, taking his time. Maureen put her hands on his rear and pulled him hard to her, grinding against him. She was breathing hard when Chase pulled almost all the way out and slammed against her.

“Ugh! Yes!” Maureen grunted as Chase began to fuck her.

He placed his arms under her legs, and pushed her legs back and up. Maureen looked at him with desperate eyes as he thrust into her over and over. She pinched his nipples while he slammed against her.

Chase released one leg, reached his hand behind her head and kissed Maureen hard. She hooked an arm behind her leg, keeping it up and her thighs spread wide. She tensed and groaned into his mouth.

“Come for me, baby… Give me your cum,” she panted.

Chase thrust into Maureen and groaned. When she felt his seed jet deep inside of her and his hard body grinding against her, she came again. He collapsed on top of Maureen and thrust slowly and gently until he slipped out.

“That was wonderful, Maureen,” Chase said softly as he slid to her side.

“Oh, I definitely second that,” she cooed.

Maureen woke up shortly after three. Chase woke to Maureen’s touch and they leisurely made love, the bright moonlight softly highlighting their united silhouettes. Afterward, Maureen showered. Standing before Chase, she picked up her robe from the floor and slipped it on. She approached the bed, leaned down and gently kissed Chase while caressing his face. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply.

“Thank you. It was better than I dreamed.”

“It was perfect. I’ll be pleasantly distracted my whole flight back. I’m glad you stopped by for a drink.”

Maureen smiled, kissed Chase again and said, “See you at breakfast.” Chase was almost asleep when Maureen gave a little wave before shutting the door behind her.

Up early, Chase inspected the engine. Everything checked out; fuel lines, fuel pump, fuel filter, electrical components. He powered up the engine. It rumbled to life and stayed strong. He was baffled by the engine’s stall on the flight the day before and would take it up with Ruane when he got back to Busy Beaver’s headquarters. He shut the plane down and headed back to the lodge.

Breakfast in the main dining room was far more subdued than dinner the previous night. Parker, suffering from what was clearly a quality hangover, didn’t notice the brief but warm look and smile that passed between Chase and Maureen.

The group made small talk and before long Chase excused himself, saying he needed to get back to Beaver base.

Before he started the engine, Chase opened the cockpit window and said, “See you in a couple of days, Box.”

“You bet,” Box replied and cast off the plane.

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