Christine’s Second Anal Intrusion

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This is a continuation of my story “Christine’s First Anal.” You do not need to read the first part to enjoy this story but if you are interested in how it all began, check it out.

Christine was driving her white Civic down Lincoln drive toward her best friend Maria’s house. She picked up her iPhone and dialed her.


“Hey girl, you coming over yet?” Maria answered.

“Yeah, Im on my way. Do you want to do anything?”

“I wasn’t planning on it, Im just lounging around in my pajamas still.”

“That’s cool, I’m in my sweatpants.”

“Eww… You sloppy bitch,” Maria teased.

“You used to be so funny. What happened?” Christine replied.

“You want to go to Walmart and show off your sweatpants later?”

“Shut up.”

“It’s okay baby, you’re so very pretty,” Maria mocked.

“Im here, bye”

Christine hung up her phone, parked her car and headed for the front door. She walked in and sat on the couch by Maria.

“Is anyone else here?” Christine asked.

“My parents went to my uncle’s house and Manny was here but I don’t know if he left or not.”

“So we’re alone? You mean we can hang out topless and have pillow fights!”

“Yeah lets do it!” Maria said over-enthusiastically then rolled her eyes. “You’re so special.”

“Guess what I have in my hip pocket right here? I gots a juicy little joint sucka. You got a light my sexy brown princess?” Christine asked playfully.

“Yes! It’s about time you start pulling your own weight in our relationship hoe.”

Christine and Maria headed to the back yard and sat on some lounge chairs. Christine grabbed a lighter by an ash tray and lit the joint. She took a couple of puffs and passed it to Maria.

“Hey Chris…”

“Yeah Mar?”

“Roberto called asking for you yesterday.”

“He did? What did he want?” Christine sat up in her chair and listened intently.

“What do you think he wants dummy? He wanted me to give him your number cause he wants to hook up with you again.”

“Did you?”

“No… Did you want me too?”

“I don’t know…”

“Are you serious? You really want to see him again? He totally took advantage of you.”


Manny, Maria’s older brother who’s home for the weekend, woke up from his afternoon nap. Manny is a 24 year old 245 pound running back for San Diego State. He got up and walked over to the window facing out to the backyard. He was about to close it but hesitated when he heard Christine and his sister talking outside. He ducked under the window and listened in…

“I know but I haven’t been able to stop dreaming about it since. It was so intense. I’m getting wet right now just thinking about it,” Christine vented.

“Jesus, really?”

“Yeah… Like this morning when I was in the shower I kept day dreaming about some guy surprising me and shoving his dick up my ass.”

“I don’t know how canlı bahis you can take it. Some guy tried to put his finger in my ass once and it hurt too much to keep going.”

“That’s what I thought at first too. I mean it hella hurt but then I started to crave it and now I’m going crazy for it. Every guy I see I imagine butt fucking me hardcore. Like I just want to get bent over and have my ass pounded. It’s just so naughty, you know?”

“Oh my God Christine! That’s crazy… I mean It hurts so much I can’t imagine someone’s cock in there, much less fucking and ramming and all that shit Roberto and Juan did.”

“I know but it feels better than it hurts. Does that make any sense?”

“I guess… Are you hungry? I’m craving like a deli sandwich or something.”

“I’m too high to go to a deli Maria,” Christine whined.

“Oh Lordy, I’ll go. What do you want?”

“Ummmm… A bagel with butter please.”

“Alright, stay put. I’ll be right back little one. Please don’t wonder off okay? can you do that for me?” Maria said in a voice you would use to talk to a baby.

“Can you get me a Vitamin water too? The grape one.”

“Yeah, I’ll get you your purple drink.”

Maria changed into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt then left to the deli. Christine walked down the hall toward Maria’s room. She was almost to the door when she felt a massive hand cover her mouth and a huge muscular arm pick her up by the waist and carry her into Manny’s old room. The massive man behind her tossed her on the small bed in the corner. Christine turned around quickly…

“JESUS CHRIST MANNY! You scared the hell out me!”

Christine put her long blond hair into a ponytail and sat on the edge of the bed. Manny walked right up in front of her and placed his crotch right by her mouth.

“If you don’t suck my dick I won’t stuff it up your ass,” Manny coldly stated.

“Oh my God I forgot how hot Manny is. Did he really just say he’d stuff it up my ass if I suck his dick or did I just imagine that? I’m getting so wet now. Fuck I’ve been waiting for this. I wonder how long Maria will be? I hope there’s traffic and a long ass line at the deli. I bet Manny has a fat dick. Fuck, this could be really fun…” Christine’s mind raced.

“Well Bitch?” Manny said as he lowered his thin pajama pants and boxers and started to stroke his large flaccid cock.

“Uh… Um… What?” Maria gulped and stared at Manny’s dick.

Manny grabbed the base of Christine’s ponytail with his left hand and placed his cock by her mouth with his right.

“I can’t put my dick in your ass if it’s soft right? So start sucking.”

“Fuck yes, he did say it. This is really gonna happen. I cant believe I’m about to suck Manny’s cock. Me and Maria have always looked up to him… And now I’m looking up at his huge dick…” Christine thought.

Christine opened her mouth and let Manny enter.

“Oh yes… Good girl. bahis siteleri I haven’t seen you in such a long time Christine. How old are you now?”

“I’m 18 now, my birthday was last month. I invited you to my party but…”

Christine was cut off by Manny’s dick re-entering her mouth.

“Thats nice girl but keep sucking.”

Manny’s cock started to get really hard. Christine couldn’t resist reaching into her pants and rubbing her clit. Manny started to move Christine’s head back and forth a little faster and his dick a little deeper with each thrust. Christine’s started to gag and Manny pulled his fully erect cock out of her mouth and let her catch here breath. He then forced Christine to look up at him and he dropped his heavy cock down on her face. He smacked her face a couple more times then shoved it back in her mouth. Christine started to glide her head along the length of Manny’s shaft, on her own now, while furiously rubbing her clit.

“Stand up baby and bend over the bed. I want to taste your sweet little ass.”

Manny stood Christine up by her ponytail and flung her over the bed. He grabbed the waistband of her sweats and pulled them down along with her panties. He spread open her young cheeks exposing her pink butt-hole.

“Mmmm… Goddamn girl you have such a small little hole.”

Manny put his face in Christine’s ass and rubbed his tongue all around her tiny entrance. He felt her clenching and unclenching her anus so he inserted his tongue in.

“Holy shit that feels good… I wish this could go on for hours. Manny’s hands feels so big on my hips. His tongue feels so crazy in my ass. His dick felt so heavy when he smacked my face. He is so strong and hot and he’s going to fuck my ass. Maria would be so pissed If she knew. How long has it been since she left…” Christine thought.

Manny stood up and and put the head of his dick between Christine’s smooth cheeks. He pushed into her hard and started to slowly wiggle into Christine’s clenched anus.

“Come on baby let me in now… Come on loosen up girl…”

Christine felt intense pressure on her asshole now and knew that Manny’s cock will come ramming into her tiny hole the second she eased up.

“Oh shit, this is it. Fuck it’s going to hurt. I wish we had more time to take it slow. Maria’s going to be back soon. I better hurry before she gets here. Fuck it, I can take it…” Christine decided.

Christine loosened up and felt Manny’s massive head stretch her open and enter.

“OH… OH… Oh fuck… Fuck… Hold on a second…” Christine panted, struggling to adjust to the intense pressure in her ass.

“You okay girl? Cause I want to fuck.”

“Wait… Shit… O… Okay… No wait…”

“Fuck bitch, come on lets go,” Manny demanded.

“Okay Okay Okay… Fuck it, put it in…”

Manny pushed into Christine until his balls met her pussy . He reached down, grabbed Christine’s bahis şirketleri ponytail and pulled her head back. He placed his other hand on her hip gripping her tightly. He slowly pulled his cock out about half way then pushed it back in quickly and repeated. Each stroke slammed into Christine’s ass harder then the last sending christine into a loud frenzy.


Manny moved his hand from Christine’s ponytail and covered her mouth. He pumped furiously until he felt like cumming but stopped. When he felt his orgasm subsiding he picked Christine up by her waist and sat down on the bed with Christine now on his lap. Manny’s dick slid further up Christine’s tight ass and she began to moan intensely into Manny’s hand.

Fuck thats too much. He’s so fucking big. My poor fucking ass. I guess it hurts the second time too. Oh shit, he just bounced me up and down. Oh fuck again. Fuck, again! Again! Holy shit that’s awesome. Oh fuck yes…

Christine reached between her legs and started to rub her clit again. She rubbed counter clockwise while Manny bounced her on his lap. A few minutes went by and Christine began to cum squeezing her ass tightly around the enormous shaft up it.

“Oh shit I’m cumming… Oh my God this is the best orgasm I’ve ever had… Holy shit… That dick up my butt feels so great…” Was running through Christine’s mind while she had the biggest orgasm of her young life.

“Fuck bitch Im gonna cum… I want to cum in your mouth,” Manny let out through heavy breaths.

Manny hoisted Christine off his dick and pulled her head down to his cock. He began to cum and Christine struggled to gulp it all down.

“That’s a good hoe, swallow it all.”


“Shit! Its my sister. Pull your shit up and go sit at the computer,” Manny quickly whispered.


Maria walked down the hall opening all the doors until she got to Manny’s room.

“What are you guys doing in here?” Maria asked suspiciously.

“I was just checking my e-mail and saying hi to your brother,” Christine responded quickly.

“Why was the door closed?” Maria asked.

“I don’t know. I didn’t even realize it was closed Maria,” Christine shrugged.

Maria stood silent for a moment staring at them and slightly squinting her eyes. She put the food down on the desk and sat on the bed.

“Why didn’t you use your iPhone to check your mail like you always do Christine?” Maria continued her line of questioning.

“Why you got to be such a bitch all the time Maria? We don’t know why the door was closed. She wanted to check her e-mail on the computer cause her phone was dying. Now you girls are annoying me. I just want to sleep today so get out already,” Manny snapped.

“Come on Christine lets leave this dick alone, I got your bagel and the peach Vitamin water. They didn’t have grape.”

Damn my ass is burning but that was fucking fun… Christine thought as she followed Maria to the living room.


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