Chronicles Of Nicky: Long Haired Lucy

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It was a long hard sunny day and Nicky was happy to see the clouds covering up the sun as the watch in his hand indicated the time as 5:45 PM. The breeze was cool as he was leaning on his scooter outside the beauty parlour waiting for his sister, Jasmine.

It has been 30 minutes and still his sister has not turned up. It has been a hard day for Nicky as he was working the whole day at the gym as it was being repainted and repairs also had to be done. Nicky Mitchell owns a gym which was passed onto him from his late father Johnny Mitchell and he has been working hard on it to run it successfully. Ever since his parents had passed away in a car accident 2 years back, he had to take care of his sister, Jasmine. Jasmine had been studying in college by staying in hostel and she graduated quite recently and now she has returned to their home.

After ten more minutes, Jasmine showed up and Nicky was very much tired by then. Jasmine was looking prettier with her new hairdo and a facial. She was tall at five foot 8 inches and has blonde hair that goes past her shoulder blades. Nicky was twenty six years old whereas his sister twenty two years old. Nicky and jasmine never really grew up together even though they were on good terms with each other. So, it was never the same sister-brother relationship that you would find at your everyday life.

“You look tired. Want me to drive?”, Jasmine offered.

Nicky was more than happy and let her drive the scooter. This is actually the first time they are riding the scooter together and it somehow felt bizarre for Nicky. Jasmine started the scooter and Nicky got behind her and they took off.

“So, how was work?” Jasmine asked.

“It was bad. I had to watch each and every work that was done. Really worked my ass off today” Nicky Chuckled.

He could see Jasmine smiling through the Side mirror of the scooter. As the wind blew towards their face, Jasmine’s long blonde hair covered Nicky’s face all of a sudden. Nicky was intoxicated by the scent of her hair. She had pulled her hair from the front and clipped it at the back of her head where it flowed freely past her shoulder blades. Nicky did not know what to do as the wind made her hair brush his face constantly and she didn’t notice what this effect was doing on Nicky. Since they didn’t talk much during the ride to the home, Nicky just inhaled the scent of Jasmine’s hair and loved the feel of it brushing his face.

As they reached home, Jasmine offered to make something for them to eat and went to the kitchen. Nicky couldn’t believe himself that he was thinking about his sister in a different way. Certainly she has grown big since they had been on more cordial terms and he could not resist her beauty all of a sudden.

Jasmine was tall and had a voluptuous body and her breasts have grown bigger. It could fit perfectly in casino oyna his palms and being a bodybuilder, his palms were a little bigger than average. Her face was plump and something about her face made her look sexy and the way she carries herself confidently adds to the effect also.

Nicky was sure she must have a boyfriend and several guys who must have chased her but he was ashamed of thinking about her sister like this. He went to his room to change and then they had breakfast where they started talking properly with one another for the first time since their parents had passed away.

Things moved normal for the next few days and everything was smooth. Nicky was busy at the gym most of the time and Jasmine got herself a job at the beauty parlour near their house. They talked to each other and Jasmine took care of the cooking and all other works around the house since her job at the parlour bought her a lot of free time. So, they fired the Housemaid who used to do the daily chores at the house. Many days passed and life was normal for them.


One evening, Nicky came early and found the house locked from inside. He rang the bell and waited outside impatiently. The door opened and he looked in amusement as the door was opened by someone he did not recognize. The stranger was a Lady who was in her early thirties and she asked Nicky who he was. Nicky chuckled and told that it was his home.

The lady smiled and introduced herself as Lucy, a client of Jasmine’s. She said that Jasmine was in the bathroom so she opened the door. Nicky introduced himself and they both went inside. When Lucy turned her back to him to go inside, Nicky’s heart did a somersault.

Lucy had an amazing mane of Jet Black hair that went past her knees and she seemed even taller than Jasmine. Nicky always had a thing for long hair and seeing this woman with her super long hair made his jaws drop. Lucy had her hair in a single braid and it was so thick till its end. Nicky followed Lucy with his eyes glued to her Lustrous braid. He simply could not take his eyes off her braid.

They entered the living room and sat on the sofa. Nicky was sitting opposite to Lucy and asked her if she wanted something to drink. Lucy told that she just had coffee. Then she said,” Jasmine always does my hair and she is very good at it and lately we have become very good friends. She said she could give me a scalp massage at the house more comfortably. So, we came from the parlour since I was her last client for the day.”

“Oh! That is good”, was all that Nicky could manage. He couldn’t keep his eyes off Lucy or her voluptuous hair. She had pulled her hair all the way from the front and has braided her hair. It was too much for Nicky to handle. All he could manage was to stare at her face and her gorgeous hair.

There was a moment of uncomfortable silence between canlı casino the two of them since there was no sign of jasmine. Lucy started the conversation by telling Nicky that she was working at a Law firm and that she has two kids. Nicky inquired about her age and she told that she was thirty three years old.

Her body was perfect for a Thirty three old, thought Nicky. She was plump and a little chubby but not what you call as fat. She was just perfect with her flesh plump in all areas such that she had that voluptuous curves all at the right places in her body. She was wearing a white shirt which was tight and made her breasts stand out. Even if he cupped them, they wouldn’t fit perfectly in his palms. In other words, she is a perfect MILF with Long black hair that anyone would die for.

Finally, Jasmine entered the room. She apologised for making Lucy wait longer and then sat next to me by the sofa. They started chit chatting about this and that and all Nicky could do was to stare at Lucy from hair to toe. Nicky felt stupid sitting there while the two women kept on babbling about things which he does not bother about. So, he bid them goodbye and went upstairs to his room. His head was whirling and he could not take Lucy out of his mind. He badly wanted to lock his door and masturbate but restrained himself from doing it. He needed self-control. He knew Lucy was here for the scalp massage and he so badly wanted to see Lucy’s hair being pampered.

Nicky put his ears against his bedroom door and listened quietly. He could hear them talking and laughing downstairs. Suddenly, a thought crossed his mind. Jasmine’s room was adjacent to his room and he was sure she will bring Lucy to her room for the scalp massage.

Nicky silently opened his bedroom door and tip toed to jasmine’s room and opened it quietly. He waited for a second listening to their voices. It seems they are drinking coffee and so he has a little time before he could finish his work in Jasmine’s room. Nick entered Jasmine’s room and it did smelt very good.

The whole room was painted pink and there were many stuffs scattered here and there. The dressing table and the mirror was towards the right of the bed where he spotted a chair. Towards his left there were many dolls and toys decorated. Nicky quickly took his mobile phone and opened the video recorder application and switched it on and kept it in a position so that it could cover the dressing table. Thanking himself for the big memory card he had in his phone, Nicky quickly departed to his room.


Nicky heard the ladies enter the next room and his excitement began. He heard the door close and quickly he came out of the room and went downstairs to get a bottle of beer so that he could have something in his hand while voyeuring. He again tip toed to Jasmine’s room with a two bottles of budweisers in his hand kaçak casino and stood outside her room. He could hear them talking. So, he kept his ears to the door very silently in stealth mode and listened.

Lucy was telling Jasmine, “Your brother looks hot. Any of his girlfriend’s stay often at your house?”.

Jasmine replied, “No, I don’t even think he has a girlfriend. Never seen him with a girl so far”. “You know something Lucy, your hair looks amazing. Can you tell me why you keep it this long? I mean it is super sexy and all that but, I know it is very hard to maintain this much long hair. That’s why asking you”.

“Well, Mike loves my long hair and he wouldn’t let me cut it and after a while it became a habit maintaining my hair and I started loving it myself”, said Lucy. “Ever since Mike left me, I do have a difficult time looking after the kids and managing my hair”, said Lucy.

On hearing that Lucy was single, Nicky’s heart skipped a beat. Lucy had two kids, very long hair and she is single. Now they stopped talking and Nicky couldn’t do anything. He could hear Jasmine on work with Lucy hair as little sounds of Jasmine’s hands caressing and Massaging Lucy’s hair can be heard.

After a while, he could hear Lucy moaning a little and wondered what is really happening inside. Nicky’s member started getting erect as he heard Lucy gentle moaning and he started stroking his fully erect cock with his hand without opening his pants. He could imagine how long Lucy’s braid looked from behind and how the braid swung from her left ass cheek to her right ass cheek while she walked from the entrance to the living room. Her long braid came even below her knees and it was so full and thick.

Nicky kept on stroking the cock and had a moment of ultimate pleasure with Lucy’s moans and his imagination of her Long hair along with his strokes. Suddenly he heard the latch snap and the door opened. Nicky got a shock as he took his ears from the door at the nick of time and his heart skipped a beat as Jasmine’s face came into view.

“What are you doing here?”, Jasmine asked.

“I thought I could bring you ladies a couple of beers”, said Nicky with a worried face.

“I heard a noise so checked and no we don’t want your beer, brother”, said Jasmine with a smile.

“Oh! Ok then”, replied Nicky and started to depart.

On the way he glimpsed a view inside the room and that was enough. Lucy’s long tresses flowed freely and were shining due to the oil that was massaged in. Nicky couldn’t take it anymore.

He ran to his bathroom and took off his pants and started stroking his member with an unusual velocity. His face gave an expression like an uncontrollable wild beast and kept on pumping his cock. Suddenly he stopped with all his might and said to himself to wait a bit longer so that he could watch the video that is being taped at the moment of Lucy’s scalp massage.

To be continued…

[Hello guys! This is my first story and if you like this, please do comment so that I get motivated to do more stories ;-)]

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