Cindy’s Awakening

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With thanks to my editor Iberia, without whom this piece rambled far too much.


Cindy Rice is the only daughter of Peter and “Sandy” Rice. She had always been a bit of a tomboy having had an idyllic childhood with her two brothers – Robert older than her and Alan her junior. To outsiders this trait was made more so by her slim and seemingly out of proportion frame. The frame she carried forward to her high school years – at least until the last one. It was then things changed very rapidly when she had her growth spurt. Within six months she went from an ungainly girl, all legs with a rather skinny body on top, to a really stunning woman with curves in all the right places and legs to die for. She had never been interested in dating but was surprised when boys started to notice her. Although she was prepared for this and went on a couple of dates, all she was really interested in was getting good grades so she could go to college to study law. After graduating (at the top of her year as she expected) she applied for her preferred school and was accepted. Deciding to go into halls of residence for the experience she was allocated a room with another girl also studying law.

Her room-mate Becky, turned out to be a short pleasant looking girl. It was not long though before she started to bring boys back to the room for parties and worse. Even though Becky tried to find her someone it didn’t pan out so she decided that at the end of the semester she would find herself some off-campus accommodation so she could choose her own room-mate.

At the beginning of her second year Cindy rented a small apartment away from campus and advertised for a flat-mate. After seeing several applicants she settled on a tall, well dressed girl called Josephine. As Cindy gradually got to know her she found her to be quiet and studious as she had promised – the complete opposite to Becky. The best part was Jo (as she liked to be called) never came home drunk or invited men back to the apartment.

Over the next few months they became firm friends, feeling so easy with each other they could walk about the apartment semi-clothed even showering together without embarrassment. They were dressing for an evening out when Cindy noticed not only did Jo have a great body, she had shaved her pussy as well. When she asked why, Jo said because it always felt good afterwards. Cindy had always kept herself waxed to give a clean bikini line, but had never considered shaving.

Cindy dressed in her favourite clubbing outfit – a push up bra, sparkly low cut top with a short flared red skirt, no panties with a black garter belt and black stockings. Jo chose a low cut black top, no bra, a striped mini skirt, pink high-cut panties and black hold up stockings.

During the drive over to the next town the girls discussed how they saw the evening going, all they wanted was a few drinks, some dancing and if they found a man they liked, a quick fondle and perhaps to let him have a quick grope. Looking for a student-free bar, they found Jack’s Pub and Grill, a local favourite, or so the front window said.

Walking in arm-in-arm they found two empty barstools and sat down.

It wasn’t long before a tall, tanned, long-haired blond man and a shorter, leaner red-headed one walked up to the women.

“Haven’t seen you here before,” the blond commented, leaning on the bar next to Cindy.

The shorter of the two leaned next to Jo, still standing a head above her. “Yeah. Not from around here, huh?”

“I’m Ty,” the blond announced. “That’s Rick.” Rick nodded as both women turned their heads to look at him. “Can we buy you ladies something to drink?”

Cindy looked back and forth between the two men, a little overwhelmed. But this was what she and Jo had gone out for, right? Two good looking men coming onto them was exactly what they wanted. “Yes. Yes, we would love a drink,” Cindy said, inching closer to Ty.

Jo, following her friend’s lead moved closer to Rick. “I’ll have a dry martini” she said, just as the bartender walked up to the group.

Cindy turned to the bartender, saying, “Gin and tonic for me.”

“And we’ll have two Buds, Ben. Thanks,” Ty told the younger man behind the counter.

Rick asked “So, where are you two from?” very interested in Jo’s cleavage on display.

Jo looked back at Cindy, who was looking Ty up and down like she was going to eat him for dessert. “Uh, we’re from a little north of here. Not too far.”

Ty said, looking at Cindy with a smouldering gaze, “I live very close to here. It would take less than five minutes to get there, if you’re interested.”

Cindy, shocked by Ty’s forwardness, glanced back at Jo who looked slightly panicked too. “Oh, uh, wow. You know, I can’t leave Jo here all by herself…” Cindy trailed off.

“Oh, you wouldn’t need to worry about that. Rick and I do everything together. So, if you are both interested in a foursome…” Ty suggested.

Cindy looked at Jo again, whose panicked expression had grown even more obvious.

“No, No. We are casino oyna not interested. Sorry” Cindy said, grabbing Jo’s hand, both girls making for the door of the rapidly filling bar. Ty and Rick looked disappointed, but with two younger women replacing them at the bar, the two men would still have another shot at their pitch.

It wasn’t until the girls were halfway across the car park Cindy realised she was still holding Jo’s hand and neither one seemed eager to let go…

In the car Jo said “That was a close thing.” and both girls giggled nervously.

“Shall we find somewhere else or just go home?”

“Let’s go home.” replied Cindy.

Driving out into the traffic, both girls were lost in their own thoughts. Getting to the open road Jo spoke.

“I have a secret.” She paused for a second as if unsure of what to say, staring at the road ahead: “While I like men – not the two we just met though – I actually prefer the company of women. Men always want to look down your cleavage or jump your bones, whereas women are more interested in you as a person. Women are usually warmer, softer, and much more caring. They think not only about their pleasure but about yours as well. With men it’s all about them and how they can get into your panties or try to persuade you to give them a blowjob. Afterwards it’s always “I had a great time and goodbye.” Women are more nurturing and gentle I have found. I know a place where people like me go, both men and women, and wondered if you would like to come along sometime?”

Cindy was stunned: She was stunned, not because of what Jo had just said but because she was not revolted by it. She was also stunned with herself because it hadn’t shocked her. Finally she answered. “I, I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it. I’ve had a couple of bad experiences with men and thought I was going off sex altogether. I have to admit since you moved in I have felt more comfortable with you about than ever I was with Becky, I just couldn’t quite understand why.”

The rest of the journey was quiet as each girl thought about what the other had said.

Back at their apartment, sitting at the table drinking a cup of hot chocolate both were still lost in thought, still pondering on what had gone before. Jo finally broke the silence. “I’m going for a shower.” and with a twinkle in her eye “Want one too?” Without waiting for an answer she went to her room and closed the door.

She came out a short time later clad in only a white see through thong and clutching a bottle of shower gel. Cindy thought ‘those weren’t the panties she was wearing when we went out.’ She also noticed for the first time Jo’s breasts were really quite beautiful. Small, well rounded cones, with tiny pink aureole topped by darker nipples standing firm and proud. After Jo’s bombshell of earlier – or perhaps because of it – Cindy had an urge to reach out and touch them. This surprised and worried her slightly as she felt herself trembling but the urge would not go away.

Confused, Cindy retreated to her room and found herself undressing. Having had no panties on the whole evening she was taken aback to see in the mirror how moist her pussy had become! She reached for a tissue to pat it dry but instead, like a zombie, she found herself walking stark naked, toward the shower. She stepped in just as Jo was washing the soap from between her legs. “I thought you weren’t coming. Turn round and I’ll soap your back.” was all she said.

Jo started to liberally soap Cindy’s back and shoulders then moving her hands sensuously she continued down to the small of her back, kissing the dimples just above her butt saying “You have a lovely butt, so round and firm” all the while tracing little circles on it with her finger-tips, then tentatively she slid her hand between the cheeks. For a fleeting instant she felt Cindy freeze, then instead of moving away in indignation Cindy pressed herself closer as if she was enjoying the attention.

Not being rebuffed as she half expected and feeling Cindy moving closer and lightly clenching up, Jo continued moving her hand down towards Cindy’s rosebud. Taking great care to not touch her pussy she slid her hand to the inside of her leg and then taking her thigh in both hands, on down to her ankle. Going back to Cindy’s butt cheeks she started to do the same on the other leg. To her amazement when she reached her foot, Cindy turned round and said, in a husky voice “You might as well finish the job properly.”

Jo moved her hands up the front of Cindy’s leg to her hips again avoiding her pussy; then back up to her shoulders where she soaped the neck area. Letting her hands drift lazily down her front to the top of her breasts she rested, waiting for a sign. When none came she started to ‘wash’ her breasts, sliding round the sides and paying special attention to the undersides. Moving up and through her cleavage she continued to massage them in the pretence of washing, noticing for the first time how firm they were with no aureole to speak of but with a pert, pink nipple seemingly canlı casino perched on top. Circling the nipples very lightly she started to caress them lovingly.

After playing with Cindy’s breasts for a short while, Jo took one of the nipples into her mouth and rolled her tongue round it. As the nipple stood even prouder than before, Jo started to bite on it very gently and to rub the other one with her hand. She then moved over to the other side doing the same thing. Jo’s other hand was moving slowly down the centre of Cindy’s body and started to draw little circles just above her Mons. It then slid down one side of her pussy and back up the other, down again to her rosebud and up the parting but not venturing inside. At the top it started down again but this time just inside the lips until it reached her most secret place where she stopped with her finger at the entrance, gently teasing it.

Something exploded in Cindy’s head. Never, when playing with her ‘friends,’ had she had so intense a reaction. Her pussy was on fire and her whole body felt weak. She heard herself say “let’s go to bed” in a low voice and as they dried each other off, her feelings just kept getting stronger.

They walked hand-in-hand into the bedroom where Cindy was gently eased down onto the bed. Taking both hands in hers Jo kissed the tips of Cindy’s fingers sending tingles of pleasure shooting up her arms and on to her brain. Kissing her palms, wrists and up to her elbows Jo moved across to her torso. Lightly trailing her tongue over her warm, fragrant body she stopped between her breasts. Cindy moaned “Don’t stop.” Jo kissed up the rise and, swirling her tongue round her nipple, clamped her lips round it, sucking and gently pulling away at the same time. “Bite me, bite me” was all Cindy said. Jo took the nub in her mouth again and this time lightly clasping it between her teeth and her tongue she started to pull away. “Ooh that’s sooo good, do the other one” Cindy whispered, holding it up for attention. Jo then trailed her tongue down to between those wonderful breasts, stopping only to suck each nipple into her mouth again to give them some more attention before continuing downwards to her goal, Cindy’s belly button. Just before Jo reached Cindy’s pussy she stopped. Reaching over to her bedside cabinet, she took out a vibrator and twisted the base.

By this time Cindy was going to let Jo do almost anything she wanted as she felt a mass of raw emotions and feelings she had never experienced before.

Cindy heard a low buzzing and felt what seemed like an electric shock as it touched her at the bottom of her “Girl”. The feeling got more overwhelming as Jo moved it ever so slowly upwards, never letting it slip between the folds. By the time it reached the top, Cindy was thrusting her hips, trying to get the vibrator between her now soaking lips. As she thrust forward, uttering moaning sounds, Jo kept it lightly touching the outside. At her still shrouded clit, Cindy felt the vibration even more deeply, even though the vibrator had still not nestled inside.

Panting and sweating now, Cindy finally felt the head of the vibrator slip between her pussy lips and the feeling intensified. Jo twisted the base again and the vibrations increased and she swept it round Cindy’s clit until it left its shroud. This drove Cindy insane and she started to cry “Yeses, Yesss, Fuck me Fuck me, it’s wonderful.” As Jo moved the vibrator to her most secret place her moaning just got louder and louder. Jo moved the vibrator down until the tip was circling Cindy’s rosebud then moved it up again. At Cindy’s entrance, Jo eased the tip in, only to find that it was so wet it almost swallowed the vibrator whole. Cindy was silently screaming, beating the bed with her fists and feet while trying to take in more of the pink invader. When her first orgasm came she squirted all over Jo’s hand. This had never happened before. She didn’t even notice no sooner had the first one passed, a second was building.

As they lay in the afterglow, gently fondling each other, Cindy placed a kiss on Jo’s forehead and sighed “I could stay here forever.” Jo replied “I know, so could I.” and with that they both drifted off into deep contented sleep.

Cindy woke with a start as she felt the warmth of a strange body. She had not slept with anyone all night since she was a child. Suddenly she remembered last night and gingerly moved over to spoon, putting her hand on Jo’s thigh and then moving it up to cup her breast. Jo stirred and turned over. Before Cindy realised it Jo was kissing her and nibbling at her ear, her kisses soft and experienced. Cindy lay there savouring every moment, eventually her hand found its way to Jo’s butt gently caressing it.

Drawing her closer Cindy felt a shock-wave in her pussy as their nipples rubbed together. She started to plant butterfly kisses on Jo’s neck, moving down until she was circling her aureole with her tongue. Lightly running her hand up Jo’s leg she didn’t stop until she was touching her pussy. Jo was moaning with more and more passion kaçak casino for her not to stop. This was the first time she had touched another girl in this way and it felt so good: far better than a penis. It was soft, warm and so smooth, not all hard and throbbing. Jo was now moving her hips so Cindy could find the right spot. Lightly and ever so slowly she ran her fingers up and down the outer lips, until they parted and her finger was engulfed in the warm folds. “Do it, do it” Jo was saying in a breathless voice so Cindy slipped a finger into Jo’s welcoming tunnel, quickly following it by a second.

She found Jo’s clitoris with her thumb and started to slowly rotate it as she moved her fingers at the same time. Jo was now bucking, getting wetter and wetter. Her pussy was convulsing, seemingly trying to pull more of Cindy’s fingers inside while all the time, she was holding Cindy’s head on her breast and wailing “Fuck, fuck, fuck, make me cumm” like a banshee. Shuddering to a climax she finally recovered saying huskily, “Now that’s the way I like to wake up.”

Cindy found it difficult to concentrate on work for the rest of the day. She had a new-found resolve to ask Jo shave her pussy as soon as possible, so she kept running over in her head what she was going to say. In the event, Jo was only too happy to help. After they showered Jo sat her on the counter-top.

“Are you sure about this?”

“Oh yes, completely.”

Reaching for a small pair of scissors Jo started to trim the longer hairs, smiling as she said “Let’s start by mowing the lawn then.” Both girls giggled at this, breaking the tension. Jo then took a new razor and shaving soap from the cabinet and proceeded to lather up the area. Cindy started to squirm as Jo applied the soap with a brush.

As she did all Cindy could say between giggles was “Stop it, Stop it, it tickles.”

Jo stopped.

Slightly flushed now she said “Don’t listen to me – carry on please” because she was beginning to enjoy the effect the tickling was starting to have inside her pussy.

Swiftly, the deed was done and the the soap rinsed off. As Jo dried her pussy Cindy felt an unfamiliar chill between her legs as well as the feeling of being completely naked. Jo moved her head to between Cindy’s legs and before she knew it she felt Jo’s tongue licking from her from rosebud to clit. The touch of a girls’ tongue on her now smooth pussy was totally erotic. She leaned back on the counter as Jo did it again. Cindy wanted more – it was heavenly. Finally Jo, between tender kisses on the slit said “See, you have such a pretty pussy.”

As Cindy’s room was the largest, for the rest of their time at college they moved in there. When the girls graduated, they went their separate ways. Cindy became a junior corporate attorney with a law firm in Chicago, while Jo took three year posting at the US embassy in Brazil.

The girls managed to stay in touch by letter and telephone. After about a year Jo invited Cindy down for a short break. She accepted and they arranged the time. Meeting at the airport they both felt all the old feelings returning. After coffee at the airport they headed for Jo’s apartment in a fashionable part of town, a short walk from the embassy where she worked.

The girls started to catch up but as it was quite late they decided to retire for the night. Cindy’s room had a great view of the city and she suspected it was actually Jo’s. She woke next morning to the sound of the shower so poked her head in to be greeted with “Come in, the water’s great.”

The girls started to soap each other and Cindy said “I’ve really missed this” as they kissed. “So have I” said Jo and moved her hand to Cindy’s breast which made the nipple stand up rock hard. After their shower they returned to Cindy’s bedroom and Jo reached for the bedside cabinet – it was Jo’s bedroom after all – taking out her vibrator as they lay on the bed. Cindy sat upright, straddled Jo’s hips and started to move, rubbing her pussy on Jo’s thigh and resting on her elbows, moved up to Jo’s pussy. By this time hers was soaking. Cindy kept a small triangle of trimmed pubic hair above her Mons, pointing to her clean shaven slit. Jo said it tickled and as she moved her hand to part the folds it gave Cindy had that old erotic feeling. They continued rubbing and kissing for a short while until Cindy turned round and moved until her pussy was over Jo’s face. Jo reached up as Cindy leaned forward until she was between Jo’s thighs.

Tasting Jo on her tongue she realised this was what she had needed all this time: ‘doing herself’ was good but this was better. They turned on their sides and she felt Jo’s finger moving between the folds of her pussy and the vibrator tip pushing into her anus. When it was about half way in Jo turned it on to its lowest setting and inserted two fingers into Cindy’s wet, receptive hole. Cindy dived in licking and kissing Jo’s inner lips and circling her clit with her tongue. Jo was thrusting forwards so Cindy had her nose near her innermost place and she could smell the ‘all woman’ aroma she had missed so much. She thrust back onto Jo’s fingers, sending another jolt of ecstasy coursing through her body. They spent the next hour just pleasuring each other before getting up for the day.

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