Clarissa’s wish in granted

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Clarissa decided that she had a new job. She was going to reach the biggest, strongest and the longest orgasm possible, no matter how difficult it was or what she had to do. It was not allowed for a human to assign missions to herself especially if it was to a demon, but she had decided that, either she got what she wanted or she would fuck her way to the top, thus getting what she wanted either way.

The curvaceous female put on her sluttiest clothes and walked to a club a couple of blocks away. In this neighborhood everything was allowed except killing each other. Clothing was optional and so was sex, anytime, anywhere, and as long as it was under the protection of the law. Slavery was also common but it operated outside the law.

“This is it. Here I’ll find what I am looking for.” Clarissa said, standing at the entrance of a bar named ‘The Palace of Eden’.

Taking a deep breath, she stepped into the bar. Her pussy was already dripping wet.

The music was loud and there were plenty of customers inside. Different species mingling with each other, some talking, some mating. This place was perfect. After a quick scan, Clarissa spotted a table that had exactly what she wanted.

That’s my table.

She walked with determination. She wouldn’t take no for an answer. Not that she expected any resistance. Human females, were a delicacy regarding sex. Soft skins and warm bodies to fuck were coveted by many species.

Clarissa approached a table where there was one big Asmodeus demon was sitting drinking a red liquid. His type were called humanoids with very muscular, dark bodies, and huge dangling cocks the size of a horse’s. As she encountered the big figure, his head turned and met hers, his eyes filled with lust.

“Hello handsome. Do you want to have some fun?” Clarissa said.

Vinichas found it very odd that this human was talking to him. Because of the Asmodeus’s vicious nature, females never approach them willingly to make small talk.

A human female! What does she want? She wants to fuck?! Vinichas thought, trying to figure out if this was a setup from one of their many enemies.

Without waiting for an answer, Clarissa removed her leather top and her panties. The heat between Clarissa’s legs was unbelievable and she realized that she lusted for the big creature that was standing in front of her more than she knew.
Vinichas was caught off guard for a second but then an idea came to him, If she’s so eager, why not go get some of the other demons that had been waiting for a chance with Clarissa. She was in fact the most beautiful and submissive one of them all.
“Oh you’re going to love me after this.” Vinichas promised.

Sending a silent message to his comrades, it wasn’t long before they arrived ready to fuck the living daylights out of the small human.
Once she saw his friends appear in the bar, Clarissa immediately, sat down on her knees and engulfed the tip of one cock and was barely able to fit it in her mouth. It was huge! She wondered if she was up to the task. Clarissa had had sex thousands of times but mostly with humans and occasionally with smaller demons but she had never mated with Asmodeus’s before. God! It’s too big!

“Not just the tip. Swallow all of it!” The demon said, grabbing the back of her head and pushing her head violently up against him. The huge appendage passed forcefully through Clarissa’s throat and sank deep into her casino siteleri throat. “ohhh yes! Just like that! Now I can feel your warmth.”

“This human is hot!” said one of them as he watched this mate’s cock disappear inside of Clarissa’s body.

“Yeah! She is a good cock sucker!” said the other one watching.

Clarissa could feel the girth of the cock stretching her throat to the limit and reaching deep inside of her. She wondered if the Asmodeus’s realized that a normal human female couldn’t do this without chocking to death. Apparently they didn’t care. To them she was just a subject of flesh and blood willing to fuck. Strangely enough, this thought made her pussy twitch, lucky for her though, she had been upgraded to not needing air to survive.

The beast fucked her mouth for a few minutes while the other two started to get impatient, “Don’t take her all for yourself. We want to fuck her too.”

“She is so tiny. How can she swallow all that?”

“She is squeezing my cock with her throat. This one is an expert.”

Clarissa was getting a pleasant sensation coming from her pussy while nothing was touching her crotch.

One of the other demons got tired of waiting and lifted Clarissa’s hips from the ground until she was leveled with his crotch. His huge phallus rested on her ass and lower back, as if he was measuring how deep he was going to penetrate her.

“Yes, my cock will fit just fine,” he said, pulling back and aiming at her pussy.

“Don’t damage her. The night is just beginning.” Vinichas said.

A moment later, Clarissa had two enormous cocks impaling her slim body from both ends, one of them was Vinichas. She could actually picture them bumping on each other at the middle. “She is so tight! Human females are the best!”

The demons retrieved their cocks from Clarissa, giving her a break; not that she needed it. One of them laid on the floor and instructed her to sit on his cock.

“Sit on my cock until it is completely inside of you.”

Looking down at his stiff phallus, Clarissa was more excited that even before. Her pursuit for getting a stronger orgasm was definitely on the right track.

“I want you to suck my cock. All of it!” said the one that had been fucking her pussy.

Clarissa did as commanded, moving down slowly and enjoying every centimeter of the fat cock as it penetrated her insides until her knees touched the ground. This feels so good…

Clarissa felt Vinichas poking at her anus and she bent forward, enticing him to go forward.
But the other beast pumping wildly from below made the task a bit difficult.

She tried to steady herself until Vinichas found the right spot and pushed his cock mercilessly into Clarissa’s tight cavity. The woman screamed with true bliss. She could feel both thick members fighting for space within her slim figure and driving her closer to the first orgasm of the night.

The third demon was anxious to feel the warmth of Clarissa’s body. She had her mouth wide open and this was an opportunity he was not going to waste. “Yes, open you mouth just like that.”

Clarissa’s moans were silenced by the thick member passing through her lips and smashing the back of her throat. The woman opened her eyes wide while considering the possibility of another huge cock invading her body. This was by far the wildest sexual thing she had ever done and her pussy twitched hard from the canlı casino overwhelming arousal.

“You are going to swallow all of it,” the demon said, as he stepped forward little by little, pushing his rock, solid cock deeper into Clarissa’s esophagus until her lips couldn’t stretch anymore. Clarissa was already on the edge of her second climax and she knew it.

Just like before, her mind went blank leaving room only for bliss. Her pussy and ass twitched frantically. Her nipples throbbed. Her entire body felt like an erogenous zone.

While her body trembled without control, the creatures kept fucking her relentlessly. Five minuets passed, then ten, then fifteen. It was almost impossible to keep track of time but she wished this would never end. She had succeeded. This was her strongest orgasm yet. And like the demon said, the night was just beginning.

“Her ass is clenching my cock!”

“So is her pussy!”

“Oh god this feels so good. You were right. She is perfect for this.”

To the beast that pumped Clarissa’s pussy, her orgasmic contractions were more than he could endure. He reached climax right after her, discharging a huge load of cum deep inside her body. The woman’s belly bloated to accommodate the hot fluid but soon it started to leak through the tight crevices between her pussy and his cock.

“Tarkut is done. Lift her so I can fuck her pussy,” said the one fucking her mouth.

Clarissa moaned loudly when she felt the large appendage slipping out of her body. She had recovered from the orgasm but her arousal was still in overdrive, as like the demons’.

“My cock is so deep up her ass that I could let go and she wouldn’t fall hehe!,” said Vinichas lifting her off from the ground.

The other one walked around his spent friend and approached Clarissa. He aligned his long phallus at the woman’s pussy and caressed her pussy lips for a few seconds, savoring the moment before extreme penetration.

Clarissa couldn’t wait to have him inside of her, “Fuck me my darling. My pussy is all for you.”

“I must certainly will. You will see that Tarkut is nothing compared to me.”

This time the demon didn’t penetrate her slowly like he did with her mouth. He pounded Clarissa’s pussy with one forceful thrust until his phallus was completely buried in her body. The woman screamed in elation and realized at that moment that a new orgasm was already growing within her.

The beasts pumped her pussy and ass for several minutes. One could feel the others’ cock pushing for space within the slim figure and Clarissa could feel both of them filling her completely.

“I didn’t know humans could be this flexible!”

The pleasure she had felt when the great tentacle demon fucked her the day before was nothing compare to this. Not only because these cocks were thicker but because she was more easily aroused. As her holes tightly snuggled the big appendages, Clarissa realized that the changes in her body were far from over. It was as if her nervous terminals were multiplying, making her more sensitive.

A sudden forced thrust from behind brought her back to reality. She moaned loudly knowing that a new orgasm was close.

Seconds later, her eyes rolled back and her brain became a void as Clarissa drifted into the beloved waves of a drunken bliss. Once again she was helpless and at the complete mercy of her rough lovers.

Her pussy and ass twitched kaçak casino over and over while her climax prolonged for almost one minute. It had been a great idea to come to this bar.

The same way as before, the contractions of Clarissa’s body massaging the demons’ cock was too delightful to handle and the beast in her ass discharged his load of cum with a loud roar.

The beast moved back with vacillating steps, dislodging his cock. The white cum escaped the gaping hole of her ass and dribble to the metallic floor.

Clarissa, still woozy from her own orgasm, started to fall backwards but the other Vinichas grabbed her in time. Not that he cared for her safety but because he was not done yet. “You are not going anywhere darling.”

Then he realized that it was easier to fuck her on the ground and he did just that. Clarissa felt the cold floor on her back as the beast laid her down and then he shoved his cock even deeper, now that he didn’t have to hold her up anymore.

It was both wonderful and scary, having this powerful creature smashing her pussy without mercy, threatening to rip her apart but rising her sensations to a higher plane.

“Be careful. Don’t brake her!” said the demon that had cum first. He had recovered and wanted a second round.

Clarissa’s brain was operational again and she saw another beast’s phallus approaching her face. She wanted it! Having two or three cocks inside of her at the same time was the best. She was learning that sex was indeed an addiction and she was hooked.

“Open your mouth, human!”

While her body swayed back and forward from the powerful blows of the demon banging her pussy, Clarissa opened her mouth wide to receive the delicious phallus. It reached the back of her throat and stayed there for moment. The angle of the penetration was not ideal but a little force would be enough to get it deeper, as it should be.

And without any warning, the creature pumping Clarissa’s pussy reached climax. His cock enlarged for a second, reaching even deeper within her and then started pulsating violently as he emptied his balls inside of her.

Vinichas pulled back and sat on the floor recovering from his orgasm. With him out of the way, Clarissa arched her back and let other creature shoved his phallus as deep as he could. She could feel the hot sperm squirting out of her pussy as the thick, long rod penetrated into her throat.

“Swallow my cock!”

His friend watching the action said, “It won’t fit all the way.”

The demon grabbed Clarissa’s head with both hands and fucked her mouth like there was no tomorrow. He had already cum once but he was determined to cum again as fast as possible. Even though the depth of the penetrations was limited by the girth of his cock and stretching capability of her lips, the demon forced his huge cock all the way past Clarissa’s lips. She felt her head bend back in an unusual state, and her chest started to enlarge with the masses of the long cock. She felt like she was on fire. Her whole body hurt, and she felt her throat stretch around the demons big cock. As the demon, who was called Tarkut, forced his long, thick member down the woman’s throat, the two other had regained their strength and were already pounding in her like crazy. Vinichas at her ass and Jaruth at her pussy. Both pounding her, raping her.
She loved it.

This triggered another orgasm within the overwhelmed woman. Letting the large phallus’s penetrate her deeply she felt like she wanted to cum again.

And so she did. The inflamed couple reached climax simultaneously.

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