Classroom Seductions

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It had only been a 4 ½ weeks since the beginning of school and Ms. Preston was still not entirely comfortable with her abilities. It was her first year at Kennedy High School and she still had moments of complete terror when she would forget her lesson plans completely. Most of her students were kind and did their best to help her. There were others, however, that took great joy in tormenting her every chance they got.

Jesse was the leader of such a group of boys in her 3rd period Spanish class. He was quite a stunning teenager. His eyes had such a depth to him that one look into them made you forget all about his age, getting caught up in the mysteries they held. He had a smile that could totally disarm your defenses and he knew how to get what he wanted. Ms. Preston had caught herself watching him and the others more and more. Something about Jesse seemed to draw her into his realm. She could not help it. Even with all his pranks, she still found herself wanting to be around him.

Today it all came to an interesting climax. Ms. Preston was reviewing the conjugation of verbs with the class and asking various students to write on the blackboard. Jesse and his friends sat in the back causing their usual disruption. Jesse, however, was transfixed on Ms. Preston. He could not help but notice what she was wearing. Ms. Preston was a rather attractive woman, standing 5’6″ with deep brown eyes that had a sensual allure. The nearly sheer white shirt she wore that day was cut low enough that if she moved just the right way he could see down the front and catch a glimpse of her ample breasts. Her brown hair framed her face so perfectly.

“Jesse,” she said sharply, pulling him out of his trance, “Go to the board.”

The class laughed as he strutted toward the board. He made sure to walk extra close to her, nearly brushing up against her as he passed. She swallowed hard as he turned his back and stood at the board. She looked down at the book trying to gather her thoughts. It felt like 5 minutes had passed spoke.

“Conjugate Dar.” she said in a shaky voice. “Then tell the class the translation of each tense.”

He smirked as he began to scribble on the board. He then took a step back, cleared his throat and tried not to laugh as he read the words he had written.

“Doy… I give… Das cabeza…. You give head… Da…. He/she or it gives…. Das…. We give… Dan…. They give. ”

The class erupted in laughter as she dropped her book to the floor. She stared at the writing on the board for a second, not realizing he had moved closer to pick up the book. Suddenly he was in front of her face. He held out the book and smiled that devilish smile.

She reached for the book, hesitating because she assumed he would drop it. Instead, he handed it to her. As she turned to erase the board he reached out and gave her a firm swat on the ass, leaving a stark white handprint on the black skirt. The boys in the back cheered him on as he walked back toward his seat.

Ms. Preston stared blankly at the room in complete shock. Erik, Kyle and Ryan continued to laugh as the rest of the class sat in awe. She tried to brush the chalk completely off her ass but the ghostly imprint remained. She looked up at Jesse with a stern glare and hissed.

“Detention… the four of you… for the next two weeks.”

The boys quieted down some just as the bell rang. She slumped down in her chair and tried to get herself together. She knew that having the four of them alone later would not be any better, but at least it felt like some slight vindication. The rest of the day went quite well as her other classes went by quickly. That is until study hall.

Normally this was her favorite part of the day because it was the least stressful. She sat at her desk and graded papers for the better part of the class when Jesse decided it was time to make his move. He noticed how she didn’t seem too upset about the slap on the ass until the others started laughing. He carried his book up to her desk, opened it, and sat it down on the stack of papers she was grading. He could see perfectly down the opening in her shirt to those gorgeous fleshy mounds, catching a glimpse of the lace trim bra that encased them just as she looked up at him.

He could see in her eyes that she wanted him. He stood there asking her as many questions as he could think of, the soft scent of her vanilla perfume lingering in the air. It made him want to touch her even more. Ms. Preston tried her hardest to conceal the desire she had for him, but it was nearly impossible.

Her hand trembled slightly as she pointed out things in the book, explaining to him the proper way to conjugate irregular verbs in the regular tense. She brushed her soft chestnut hair back over her shoulder and smiled. From his grades on previous quizzes and tests, she knew he knew the material. It was just an excuse to be near her.

When he walked back to his seat she watched him out of the corner of her eye, just as she had done a million times before. She loved the canlı bahis way he strutted. For the rest of the period she noticed he kept watching her. She could feel her cheeks going flush every time she noticed it. It only made her smile more.

The last few classes of the day seemed to drag on. Part of her dreaded having the four boys in detention. The last bell of the day rang and they arrived shortly after. She made them spread out in the empty classroom and work quietly. The next hour was going to be peaceful, or so she thought.

Jesse sat three rows back but directly in front of her desk. His sketchbook lay open as he concentrated on something he had started drawing. Ryan and Kyle sat at opposite corners of the room, working on homework. Erik stared out the window from his seat a few rows behind Kyle. Ms. Preston did not really seem to care as long as they were quiet.

About 10 minutes into detention Mr. Andrews, the principal, arrived. The boys knew that whenever he needed help moving things he would take students from detention to do it for him and usually let them out early. They figured they had caught a break and would be out of there.

Sure enough, he went to Ms. Preston’s desk and the two began to speak quietly. All of them began to put away what they were working on in anticipation of their change of luck. Mr. Andrews stood up and headed toward the door, stopping at it and waiting for a moment.

“Kyle, Erik and Ryan… get your things and come with me. You are going to be moving boxes of books from the basement to the library,” he announced as he opened the door and stepped into the hall.

The four boys all looked a bit puzzled as to why Jesse was not going. He sighed and went back to his drawing. The others disappeared quickly, leaving Jesse and Ms. Preston alone. She quickly became tense, thinking about the situation. She had to control herself; after all, he was a student. She tried to busy herself with grading papers and such but it didn’t seem to help. Her mind still drifted to thoughts of him.

From where he sat, Jesse had a wonderful view of her legs, and when she would uncross then re-cross them he could catch a glimpse of her panties and the tops of the stockings she wore. He made sure not to let her catch him watching her. Every once in a while he would glance up at the clock then begin drawing again. Time seemed to come to a standstill.

“Jesse” she said quietly as she stood up. “I will be right back.”

She took the small plastic watering can from the bookshelf and left the room. A moment later she returned and began to water the plants that lined the shelves in front of the window. She sat the watering can down on one of the chairs and drug it over to the window where a plant hung so she could water it. Some of the water splashed out onto the seat as she drug it across the room. She stepped up on the chair and proceeded to water the plant, feeling Jesse’s eyes on her

Jesse watched her, staring at the way the material clung to her shapely behind. Suddenly as she turned to step down her shoe hit the water, causing her to twist her ankle. She let out a soft cry as she dropped the watering can. Ms. Preston tried to steady herself and get down but it was harder than she thought on the tender ankle. Jesse immediately sprung to action.

He moved in front of the chair and extended his hand, offering to help her down. Her heart beat rapidly as her hand touched his. She carefully stepped down. He slipped his arm around her back, resting his hand a few inches below her arm as he helped her to her desk. He could not resist the temptation and let his fingers brush against her soft round breast. She stopped, turning to look at him for a moment. Instantly his lips met hers as he leaned in and kissed her.

She felt any resistance she had quickly fade away as she began to kiss him back. His palm moved to her breast, giving it a soft squeeze as he started to deepen the kiss. She pulled back and looked at him for a moment, trying to find the courage to say what she needed to say.

“Jesse…. Although I’m flattered we can’t do this.”

He paid no attention to her words and pulled her body to his. His arms encircled her tightly as her chest was crushed against his. He kissed her again more aggressively, this time meeting no resistance at all as she melted in his embrace. He lifted her up, setting her on top of the desk and moving between her legs. She could feel the growing bulge in his jeans pressing against her as he moved in.

Her skirt rode up as she wrapped her legs around him, trapping him there against her. She had wanted to do this since the first day she had him in her classroom. Finally, both of them got to experience what they had been longing for. His hand slipped down her side, landing on her thigh. He pried her skirt up further as he rubbed along the top of her stocking.

A sound outside the door broke the moment. Jesse released her and went to investigate. He slipped into the hall and looked around for a moment before returning and bahis siteleri locking the door behind him. Surprisingly, she had not moved from her position on top of the desk. He slid his hands slowly up the inside of her thighs. She parted them invitingly as his hands got closer and closer to her panties.

His mouth found hers once again as the intense passion between them continued to grow. He moved one hand out from under her skirt, placing it softly against the gentle curve of her neck. Their tongues met, wrestling with each other, as the passion within them surfaced quickly. His hands moved quickly to her buttons, his fingers opening her shirt as quickly as they could. His eagerness was met by hers as she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him closer. She could feel his rock hard cock pressing against her through his jeans.

He slid the sheer white fabric down her shoulders caressing her soft, warm skin. His hands hastily found her heaving breasts and cupped them. She let out a quiet moan into the kiss as his palms firmly groped the soft fleshy mounds. He let go only long enough to reach back and unfasten her bra. Her fingers intertwined with his hair as they kissed passionately.

She felt the straps of her bra slip down her shoulders, releasing her grip on him to slide them off the rest of the way. Her ample breasts spilled out of the sheer lace cups. His hands took no time in covering them once again. He could feel the candy pink centers harden against his palm as he caressed her breasts. He pulled away from the kiss and admired her chest. His head quickly lowered as he moved his left hand, his mouth taking its place.

She let out a loud gasp as his warm mouth found her tiny nub. He began to suckle immediately. She squirmed, as the heat of her passion was so intense she thought it would take her breath away. The crotch of her panties was soaking wet as each touch worked her into a frenzied state. She had to have him now more than ever.

Jesse continued to nibble on her breast as his hands moved over her silken flesh. She let out another moan. She pushed him away and slid off the desk. Running her hand along the flames on his black shirt she looked into his eyes. Her fingers nimbly moved to undo the buttons, her hands caressing the newly exposed flesh. His body felt amazing, just as she thought it would.

She reached back and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor around her feet. She now stood before him in just her garter belt, stockings, and black stiletto heels. He could not believe that this beautiful woman was undressing before his eyes. She then turned him around, making him stand with his back toward her desk as she sunk to her knees in front of him.

She was now face to face with the massive bulge in his jeans. She wanted it so badly she could not help herself. The zipper slid down quickly, her hand reaching inside to find nothing between her and the prize. With her free hand she unbuttoned the top button and slid his jeans down. His thick shaft sprung free and was barely an inch from her lips. Precum began to dribble from the head as she wrapped her long slender fingers around his rigid shaft. She slithered her tongue across the smooth head, eliciting a loud moan from Jesse.

Her velvety soft lips wrapped around the head as she continued to give it an intense tongue bath. He leaned back against the desk as she sucked softly, concentrating only on the head. Her fingers began to glide up and down his shaft slowly as she felt it throb in her grasp. He began to moan slightly louder as her expert mouth worked the head of his cock, her fingers moving quickly over his length.

“Mmmm that feels so fucking good, he murmured.

Jesse had never had such an incredible blowjob in his life. Her fingers slid to the base of his shaft and held it steady as she inched more into her mouth. Her tongue continued to press hard against the underside of his shaft, slowly taking it all in. He closed his eyes as he reached down and ran his fingers through her long chestnut hair. She purred contently around his rigid shaft as it filled her mouth. Taking control, he gripped her hair, holding her head in place, and began to buck his hips. She sucked hungrily as he fucked her mouth.

“Oh god yes, suck it. Oh fuck yes” he replied as his moans got louder. “Oh fuck I’m gonna cum.”

His balls gently slapped against her chin as she devoured every inch of his love muscle. Her mouth was warm and inviting. He couldn’t hold out much longer. His hips moved faster as he forced his cock down her throat. She tried to swallow quickly to avoid gagging, but she was not quite fast enough, gagging at first. He let out a loud groan as suddenly his cock twitched. Thick white ropes of cum were unleashed into her mouth, his teacher gulping it down like a greedy slut. She moaned around his spasming shaft but his cock, still filling her mouth, muffled the sounds. He looked down at her, holding her face against him. His cock remained jammed down her throat as he emptied the last of his cum bahis şirketleri down her throat.

Jesse released her hair as he slid his cock out of her mouth. She gripped it gently and gave the head a slow teasing lick before gracefully rising to her feet. When she licked her lips and smiled devilishly at himhe knew that he would not be able to live with himself if he stopped now. In a single swipe of his arm, he cleared her desk, sending papers and books flying onto the floor. She reached around and unhooked the garter belt as she watched him, unfastening it from her stockings and tossing it aside.

He could not believe how sexy she looked. She noticed how he was looking at her and began to blush.

“Don’t stop there,” he said, “I like what I see so far.”

She laughed softly as she hooked her fingers in the sides of her panties and slowly slid them down her thighs. He stared in awe at the smoothly shaven patch of heaven between her legs as she stepped out of her panties. She started to remove her shoes but he stopped her.

“No, leave them on” he insisted. “You look so sexy like that.”

“Ok Jesse.” she replied, a little unsure of herself now.

He lifted her up onto the desk, setting her down gently on it and moving her chair in front of her. He sat down and spread her legs in front of him. She could feel his warm breath tickle her flesh as he began to kiss up her inner thigh. Her breath was coming quicker as the tingles of anticipation surged through her body. Each kiss put him inches closer to her sweet pink flesh.

He drew in a deep breath, filling his lungs with the intoxicating scent of her sex. The tip of his tongue flicked lightly against her as his hands held her legs further apart. He attacked her clit with wild licks as her puffy little pink lips spread for him. She let out a symphony of delicate moans as he manipulated the throbbing little nub. Her hips rocked slightly as she gripped the edges of the desk, leaning up to watch him.

“Oh god Jesse” she purred, “you are so good at that. Don’t stop.”

His tongue plunged into her wetness as he began to lap at the sweet nectar that leaked from within her. The taste of her essence was heavenly, much better than the other girls he had been with in the past. She let out another loud moan as her thighs trembled. His tongue buried deep inside her as he felt more and more of her juices spill out.

She panted loudly as her body shook in the grips of orgasm. She could not believe how skilled his tongue was. His cock had already begun to stir as he continued to lick her pussy clean of its glistening juices. His tongue went to work on her clit again as he pushed two fingers deep inside her. She let out a loud passionate moan as his fingers sank in as far as they could. She was so tight and wet. He began to thrust in and out slowly while sucking voraciously on her little clit.

She began to writhe again as another orgasm quickly overtook her. Her muscles flexed around his fingers, gripping them tightly as her warm cum washed over them. He had enough. His cock was aching to be inside her. He pulled his fingers out and stood up in front of her, pushing the chair back from them. He stared into her eyes as he placed his drenched fingers to her lush crimson lips. She parted them immediately and accepted them into her mouth. Her tongue twirled around them as she licked her juices from his fingers.

She had never tasted herself like that before. Deep down she always thought it was so dirty and that was turning her on even more. The thought of being dirty, of being a complete slut for this teenage picture of perfection. He guided the tip of his bloated cock toward her cunt. She bit her lower lip as she felt the head spreading her pussy lips open and pushing inside her.

Her hips slid forward to meet his as he pushed in. She let out a loud cry, as he slammed deep into her. He began to thrust in hard and fast, her breasts bouncing from the force of his hips colliding with hers. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders as her hips bucked to meet his every thrust. His lips moved to her neck. She whimpered as she tilted her head slightly, giving him better access. She fucked back intensely as the feel of his gentle kisses along that sensitive area drove her wild with lust.

The kisses stopped as he suddenly pulled out of her. He searched her eyes for what seemed like an eternity as he took her hand and pulled her off the desk. She looked at him curiously.

“I want you from behind baby,” he whispered as he took a step back.

She nodded and turned around, placing her hands on the desk as she spread her legs for him. He again lined up his cock with her tight little hole and began to push in. It sunk deep inside, forcing a loud moan from both of them. Her arms locked tight, bracing her, as he began to thrust hard and fast.

Her moans became louder as he hit depths inside her that no other had touched. She lost all concept of her surroundings as his hands gripped her hips tightly, pulling her into every thrust. She moaned loudly as his balls slapped against her clit, the sloppy wet sound filling the room along with her voice as she cries out “OH GOD JESSE…FUCK ME… OH GOD YESSSS…. FUCK ME HARDER… I’M GOING TO CUM”

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