Cleaning Up

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~All characters are over 18~

Clara had a long day ahead. Today was cleaning day and her man Fred, who was working from home, refused to hire a cleaner that week. He had other ideas. And she was about to find out what those were. She headed to the kitchen and saw a note on the counter with a black dress.

“Dearest Clara,” the note read, “thank you for begin a darling and cleaning the house today. I’ve put together an outfit for you to wear. Equipment is in the closet. I’m looking forward to you completing your duties.” Clara carefully surveyed the dress; it seemed to be a traditional French maid outfit, but with significantly less cloth. She peeled off her sheer nightie and put on the dress. Her breasts, barely covered, spilled out. The skirt fell two inches below her waist, leaving her buttocks almost fully exposed. She jiggled her breasts and shook her ass, while checking herself out in a nearby mirror.

She went to the closet and pulled out a few items: feather duster, cleaning cloths, vacuum, broom, and dustpan. She read another note, “To complete canlı bahis your duties, you must do exactly as I say. Failure to do so will lead to punishment of my choice. Meet me in my office with the duster and dustpan.”

She walked across the hall, into Fred’s office. Hearing her walk in, he looked up immediately, taking in the fullness of her body. He sighed. He motioned at her to come over and when she got close, smacked her exposed ass. “You look beautiful, my dear. I would enjoy seeing you walk around like this more often,” he said. “The shelves in front of me are very dirty. Please dust them.”

She moved toward the low shelves. She bent her body, ass fully in the air, and reached down dusting the shelves. Fred looked up from his work to a stunning view of Clara’s ass. He touched himself a bit. He suddenly got off his chair and moved toward Clara. He pushed his bulged pants against her ass and rubbed vigorously. He then moved his hands to the front of Clara’s body and pulled down her top, fully exposing her breasts. He lightly squeezed her breasts. She shivered. bahis siteleri “Keep dusting,” he said, “I want these shelves spotless.”

After teasing her breasts and ass, he moved his fingers to her soaked pussy and massaged gently. Ahhh, she exclaimed, pausing her dusting. “Make another sound or stop dusting again, and you’ll be in deep trouble,” asserted Fred. He continued teasing her entrance. Her pussy juices dripped to the floor.

“Looks like you’ve made a mess, naughty girl. You’re supposed to be making things cleaner, not the other way around. You need to be punished,” he said, looking at the floor. He sat down on a chair, grabbed her by the waist, and pulled her on his lap. He centered his hand on her ass and spanked her several times. Her ass quickly turned red.

“And now for the mess on the floor,” he started. He grabbed two sponges and stuck them to her bosom. “I’d like to see you scrub the floor with your tits,” he said. She got off his lap and squatted on her knees near the spill. She bent over, rubbing her breast-sponges against the floor bahis şirketleri vigorously. Fred looked at the sight in front of him amused, touching himself.

Fred sat down on his chair and resumed work. Clara realized the efficiency of her breast-sponges, and rinsed them. Then she pushed her breast-sponges against the walls and cleaned. Fred looked up at her, again amused. He unzipped his pants and touched his hardening cock vigorously.

Fred’s cell phone rang. He picked it up with one hand while touching himself with the other. However, he soon started typing notes, releasing the grip on his bulging cock. He quickly motioned for Clara to come over, subtly eyeing his cock. She got the message, quickly crawled toward him (ass shaking, just the way he liked), and situation herself under his desk. She put her hands on his cock and stroked. She inserted his cock between her large tits and fucked him. She then put her mouth on his cock, inserted it deep within her, and sucked hard. Fred continued talking on the phone and typing. He patted her head as she sucked.

Fred felt intensity build in his body and quickly hung up the phone. Within a few moments, he squirted cum onto Clara’s lips and face. He looked down at her and smiled contentedly. Another day, another room to clean.

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