Clyde the Ride

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Oh geez, where to start… Well first off my name is Clyde. Yeah, really. Well I wanted to tell you about something amazing that happened to me. See I’m getting laid, a lot! It really surprised me because I’ve never been the guy girls chased or even talked to if they didn’t have to. All through High School and into the local community college, all of my friends and I were not very popular. We weren’t on the team or in a band or anything really interesting like that. We just… were. So a few of my friends got scholarships and went off to various Universities but I couldn’t afford it and stayed home and enrolled in the local Community College. But like I said girls didn’t really pay any attention to me. I’m not good looking or built or anything like that. So I kinda figured that sex was something that would happen someday and just waited. Of course I watched porn and masturbated while I waited, I may be plain but I’m not dead.

So there is this store near my folks’ home that I stop at a lot for soda and stuff, and there is this one lady who works the checkout most days. I like her because she always smiles at me and knows my name and well, she is really a nice person, you know? Too many people are crabby or sour and I don’t like dealing with them. Well her name is Cindy (it says so on her name tag) and one day a couple of weeks ago I came to the register and she was trying really hard not to cry. So I asked her what was going on.

“Oh hi Clyde,” she said. “I’m okay, I just am having a crummy day and now Todd (the store owner) tells me he needs to reduce my hours.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Oh he made some bull excuse about costs, but I don’t buy it.” She replied. “My budget is tight enough and my shower head broke last night and sprays water everywhere except where you want it. This morning my sister called and got into an argument with me causing me to run late, and well I just don’t need this right now.”

“Wow that is too bad. Hey you know what? Mom and Dad got one of those fancy shower heads with the fancy spray massage feature; maybe I can take the old one and replace yours.” I ventured. Now I wasn’t trying to go anyplace with this, I was just being nice. I mean, I liked her but Cindy was not like the girls in the porn I watched. She was heavy set and had plain dark brown hair. She didn’t have really big tits and quite honestly, big tittied blondes were what I searched for online.

“Well, Clyde that would be very nice but don’t you have better things to do?” she said.

“Uhm… no. Not really. Besides it won take five minutes.” I answered. “When do you want me to do it, and where do you live?”

Well she told me she was getting off in 30 minutes and since she lived nearby, I didn’t need directions, just an address. I went home and dropped off my book bag then grabbed the old shower head from the bathroom cabinet and walked back to the store. I was still early but saw Cindy walking away from the building. I ran to catch up with her. She was crying a lot this time. I mean really sobbing!

“Hey Cindy! What’s wrong? What happened?” I asked.

“Oh shit! I’m sorry Clyde. Todd fired me just after you left. He said he couldn’t afford to keep me at all.” She was really upset and I listened to her rant on about her old boss as we walked. We got to her house and she showed me to the home’s single bathroom. At some point it had been remodeled and the tub enclosure replaced with a walk-in shower. I could see the old plastic showerhead was cracked at the fitting where it had been over tightened. It took less than two minutes to take it off and screw the new one on. I turned on the water to test it and Cindy came in to see.

“There you go.” I said. “Good as new!”

“Great!” she replied, “let’s try it out!” and with that she pushed me into the shower. I was caught off guard. I turned around to see her grinning from ear to ear and stepping into the shower with me.

“What the hell?”

Before I could say any more, Cindy wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. Well shit, I thought, why not? The warm water soaked us as we stood there and kissed a while and my cock began pressing against my cargo shorts. Cindy giggled and moved one hand down to feel my hard on.

“Wow, that didn’t take long.” She said as she smiled. And you know what? I looked at her face, she was smiling and her eyes were twinkling, and so what if she wasn’t porn materiel; damn it I wanted her. I wanted her badly! I put my arms around her and kissed her mouth, cheek and neck.

“Oh my!” she mumbled. “Oh yes!” She ran her left hand up to touch my face as she squeezed my trapped cock with her right. “Clyde, you wanna fuck?” she asked.

“Hell yeah” I said. “But can we get out of the shower?”

“If you want…” she answered.

Cindy turned off the water and let me step out first. I peeled out of my t shirt and kicked off my sandals. I grabbed a towel and turned to hand it to Cindy. She was still in the shower but completely naked. Her clothes were on the floor at her feet. How the hell did casino siteleri she do that? She dropped her chin and looked at me.

Now she was plump and round and, and… beautiful. Her waist was thick and she had a belly and her hips were big and round and full. Her tits, oh god let me tell you about her tits. They were smaller than her hips and not as big as I liked, well in porn anyway. But I had never actually seen tits in person. They were pretty and so round and her nipples were small cute little buttons in pretty pink rings that just screamed for attention.

Cindy had both hands clasped to her crotch, hiding her pussy. I got out of my shorts as fast as I could and my cock was finally free to finish reaching full erection. Cindy looked down at it and she raised one eyebrow and then slowly pulled her hands away from her pussy. I could see that she was nicely trimmed with a triangle of dark hair above her full meaty lips. She took my hand and, stepping from the shower led me to the bedroom. As she lay down she guided me to mount her but I stopped and instead went to examine her pussy.

As I carefully touched her and leaned in close she sighed. “Oh Clyde baby, give me your mouth.”

Now I had never eaten pussy but I didn’t waste any time going in! I began to kiss her pussy all over and then started licking her from bottom to top. I used my fingers to spread her lips. After a half dozen strokes I decided to focus on her clit alone and as I did she started moaning. When I tired of licking up, I tried flicking it from side to side and she moaned even more. Her juices were really flowing and I found it very intoxicating. I inhaled deeply and really enjoyed her flavor. In fact I was enjoying myself so much that I didn’t realize how long I was taking.

“Clyde, oh god fuck me! I want your cock!” she said.

I knelt between her legs and tried to mount her but fumbled a bit getting it in. I held her lips apart and leaned forward sliding into her slowly.

“Oh… wow… that feels so good!” I said softly.

I pushed slowly in as far as I could go and started to rock my hips, thrusting in and out. I wanted to go slow and enjoy it but after only 5 or 6 thrusts I was suddenly cumming. I came a lot! And I must have spurted really hard because Cindy’s eyes grew wide and her mouth flew open and she cried out in surprise.

“What the fuck?”

“Oh my god…” I said. “That was awesome.”

“Shit!” Cindy said. “You were a virgin?”

“Yeah,” I laughed. “I was.” My lips brushed against her cheek and slowly moved to her lips. I kissed her for a while and then lay down next to her.

“Well,” she said, “was it what you expected?”

“Gee I’m not sure…” I answered, grinning. “I need to be absolutely certain before I can answer that.” And I mounted her again. I was so turned on that I hadn’t lost my erection. Just that fast I was fucking her again.

“Yes baby, yes baby!” Cindy urged me on. I could feel her wet pussy actually soaking my balls in no time and the musky aroma was such a turn on. I watched her titties bouncing up and down and felt her soft flesh beneath me. It was soooo good! But what I discovered was that I loved it, really loved it when she looked into my eyes as we fucked.

“You feel so good Clyde, I need to cum.” She purred. “Fuck me baby, fuck me ’til I cum!”

I kept pounding her pussy as she began to run her hands over my body. Everywhere she could reach was explored. And I loved it! I knew what my erogenous zones were supposed to be, but right now my whole body was sensitive to her touch. After a few minutes of this I saw her close her eyes and she started to moan.

“Oh… yes… just like that. Don’t, don’t change a thing… mmmmmnnnn…”

Mesmerized I watched her face as I tried to maintain my rhythm. A minute or two later her moaning became more urgent and then she started squeezing my waist and then her eyes flew open wide and she cried out.

“I’m cumming! Oh god I cummmmmmminggggg… Uh, uh, uh ahhhhhhh Ah! Ah! Ah!”

When her climax had occurred, I had felt her vagina squeeze my cock. Then I could feel it pulse or ripple and the result was to trigger another orgasm for me too! Finally the squeezing and spurting ebbed and we gazed into each other’s eyes and we labored to catch our breath.

“Well?” she asked. “What do you think?”

“I think I like it. Did you?”

“Oh yeah baby,” she smiled, “I liked it but I’m not finished yet. I have a lot more to show you.”

Cindy pushed me over onto my back and began to stroke my semi flaccid cock and as she did some semen oozed out. She bent down and licked it off then looked at me.

“Have you ever had a blow job?”

“Hell no!” I replied. “Shit Cindy before today I’d never even been kissed!”

“Oh fuck!” she said. “That’s not right!” With that she smiled again and said “Well lay back and relax, close your eyes and let me give you your first blow job.”

As I lay there, Cindy began to perform on me. First she licked my dick all canlı casino over, and then she began sucking my cock head as she pumped the shaft with her hand. When I was good and rigid again she started bouncing her head up and down taking my whole shaft into her mouth. I could feel her lips all the way at the bottom of my cock and the tip of my cock shoving her cheek out to the side. Her tongue was working magic and when she would reach the top and would flick the tip with it a few times.

“Oh my god Cindy! That is so good!” I moaned.

Cindy started growling in her throat as she sucked. This new sensation was too much and I felt another orgasm building. Could that happen? Three so close together? Well before I could wonder further it came and I just had enough time to warn Cindy.

“Shit I’m coming again!”

Cindy popped my cock out of her mouth and closed her eyes. I came in three good spurts and a few dribbles. The spurts hit her in the face and she rubbed the tip of my dribbling cock across her lips. Then she sat up and smiled at me.

“What do you think?” she asked.

I just lay there looking at her face, streaked with my cum and smiled. I was just about to speak when there was the sound of the front door opening and closing. A female voice called out “Cindy I’m home!”

Chapter 2

“Cindy I’m home!” the female voice called from the living room.

There was a sudden look of shock on Cindy’s cum streaked face and her mouth flew open as she gasped. I was stunned and didn’t move at all, I mean as if there was anything I could do. The house was small and I had no idea where the back door was, and shit, I was naked! My clothes were in the bathroom across the hall!

As Cindy was trying to get off of the bed, the new voice came from the hallway, “What the fuck?” Shit, she must’ve seen our clothes in the bathroom. And a second later the woman stepped into the bedroom…

She stood there a moment and took in the sight. Me, a nineteen year old skinny guy, naked on the rumpled bed and Cindy, naked too but with her face streaked with cum. In fact a glob now dripped from her chin onto her breast. Oh and of course the room smelled of sex. I thought I was dead. I had no idea who this woman was but Cindy was apparently scared.

The slender woman crossed her arms and rocked back on one hip the same way my Mom did when she was displeased. “Okay Cindy, talk.” She commanded. “Who is he?”

Cindy swallowed and answered, “This is Clyde, a friend of mine and we…”

“Wait, Clyde? This is THE Clyde you always talk about?” the woman interrupted.

What the fuck? I thought Cindy talks about me?

“And you decided to bring him home and fuck him TODAY?” She snapped at Cindy. “What the hell were you thinking? Huh Cindy? Today? I have Robin coming over…” she glanced at her watch. “Shit, in thirty minutes!”

“I can be outta here in three!” I said as I climbed off the bed.

Cindy jumped to her feet, “Clyde wait!” she said. “Neese, I’m sorry I forgot that was today. I’ll make it up to you! I swear! Can’t you please be happy for me?” she pleaded.

The woman sighed and took a second to compose herself. “Yes, you’re right, I’m overreacting. I’m sorry I yelled at you.” She stepped forward and took Cindy’s face in her hands and spoke softly to her. “I am happy, very happy that you finally got laid. It has been too long.”

Then she did something that surprised me. She kissed Cindy, on the mouth. And it was not a peck but a deep sensuous, longing kiss. A lover’s kiss. Oh wow it was soooo hot! I felt my dick start to twitch. Then she tasted the cum on Cindy’s face. She licked it off of Cindy’s cheek and chin… and grinned! My dick twitched again and started to swell.

Then she turned to me and spoke in a kinder tone, “Hi, I’m Denise, but you can call me Neese, most do.”

“Hi,” I said and because I’m programmed that way, I held out my hand…

“Don’t be silly.” Neese said and pulled me into a hug and kissed me. I felt her tongue slip between my lips and tease my own. I felt her hands on my bare skin and I was conscious of her tits, small but very firm pressed to my chest. Her hands caressed my back and one slid down to grasp my ass. I was also keenly aware that my dick was now stiff and pressing against her belly.

Neese released me and looked down at it. She smiled and started to reach for it, then stopped and looked at Cindy. “May I?”

Now I’m just standing there trying to figure out just what is going on, but enjoying it all too. I mean I’ve seen other guys dicks and I knew I was just average, but suddenly here were not one but two women who were all happy about it.

“Uhm, I… I guess so.” Cindy said sounding confused.

Neese grasped my cock and tugged gently a few times. Then she knelt in front of me and used both hands to stroke it and cup my balls. Oh man! All this attention caused my dick to grow to its max and I saw my knob swell up purple. As Neese stroked it a dribble of semen oozed kaçak casino from the tip. She flicked her tongue out and caught it. My knees tried to buckle. Seeing this she did it again, and again. Oh fuck! To keep from falling I reached out. Cindy caught my hand and stepped as close as she could. I slid my right arm around her waist and we kissed. My left hand found Neese’s head and I ran my fingers through her hair. She started to bob her head back and forth. Cindy slipped me her tongue and hugged me tight. I could feel her tits pressed to me.

“Ummm, nice.” Neese said as she paused to breathe. “I can taste you on him.”

Cindy paused at this and looked down at Neese. “Look here.” She said and pointed at her thighs where the mix of juices from our fucking was running down from her still dripping pussy. Both women turned loose of me. Cindy lay back on the bed and Neese dove between her legs and began to kiss and lick Cindy’s inner thighs and then her pussy.

Cindy started to moan and reached for me. “Come here baby!”

In a moment I was kneeling astride Cindy’s head as she started sucking my cock. To make it easier for both of us I leaned forward onto all fours. This put my face close to where Neese was busy eating Cindy’s pussy. I was watching intently. I mean, yeah it was sooo hot but I also realized that Neese had more experience at this than I did. I saw that she was using her fingers to hold open Cindy’s inner lips as she lapped at the juices coming from her vagina. After four or five licks she would then shift to Cindy’s clit and tongue it about a dozen times and then finish by sucking on the clit between her lips. This last would cause Cindy to cry out.

Neese paused and looking up saw my face was so close, and quickly grabbed my head and started kissing me. I tasted Cindy on her face and tongue and, oh my god it was such a turn on!

“Did you eat her?” Neese asked between kisses.

“Yes!” Cindy mumbled as she sucked on my cock.

“Was it good?” Neese asked me. “Was he good Cindy?” Without waiting for either of us to answer, Neese pushed my face into Cindy’s pussy. “Eat her Clyde, eat her right. I’m gonna watch and make sure you do her right.” She said. I winced as she grabbed a handful of my hair.

I tried to do exactly as I had seen Neese do before. Of course since I was upside down it took a moment to get it straight. But soon I was rewarded with moans coming from Cindy’s full mouth. I was really enjoying this and had a good rhythm going when Neese jerked my head up and started kissing me again. Then before pressing my face back into Cindy’s pussy, she slid her right palm under Cindy’s ass and slipped her thumb into that dripping slit. Cindy gasped.

Again I started on that wonderful pussy. The flavor was delicious and the scent was intoxicating. Now I had to contend with Neese’s thumb which was stroking in and out. But, hey I wasn’t going to stop, I adapted. Soon I was pausing every little bit to kiss her palm or wrist, whichever I could reach. Cindy was moaning louder now. Neese pulled my head up again and plunged her tongue into my mouth. We kissed feverishly. She was so hungry, I could sense it. She paused for a breath with my forehead resting on hers, our eyes locked just inches apart…

“Cindy!” she called. “I want him, I want his cum. I need it. Please?”

Cindy pulled my dick out of her mouth with a pop that made my head swim. “Why should I let you suck him?” she replied. “Tell me why I hafta let you have his cock, his cum in your mouth?” Cindy was squeezing my cock tightly.

“Please Cindy,” Neese begged. “Share him with me! He tastes so good! Let me have a load, please?”

What the fuck? They actually liked my cum? I figured that was just porn sluts acting for the cameras.

“Why should I?” Cindy insisted.

“Oh god Cindy I’ll… I’ll… I’ll…” she searched for an answer.

“Oh, Neese his cock is so good, so hard and thick! His cum tastes so good and he fucks and fucks and fucks…” Cindy teased. “Oh god my orgasm was so intense and lasted so long! How long have you been without a real good fucking?”

This did it. Neese practically shouted “I want him, I need him! Please!”

Seeing her desire made me feel powerful and I pulled her hand free from my hair and stared into her eyes again (in what I hoped was a lusty manner).

“Give up!” Cindy said. “He’s mine!”

Neese kissed me again. “Are you worth it?” she whispered. “Are you really worth it?”

I didn’t know how to answer so I just grinned. She kissed me again and I probed my tongue as deep as I could into her mouth. I slid my hand down inside the neckline of her blouse and then inside her bra. I felt her nipple slide between my fingers and I squeezed it. Neese moaned and her head rolled back. I kissed her throat.

“Yes!” she cried. “Yes I want him that bad! You win! We trade!”

Cindy released my cock and rolled me away. She sat up and faced Neese. They kissed. Then each lifted a small necklace over their head and exchanged them. I saw that Cindy’s was a key and Neese’s was a padlock. As soon as the tiny padlock charm was around Cindy’s neck, a change came over her. Her back stiffened and her shoulders squared up. She stood up and looked down where Neese was kneeling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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