Co-worker’s Man Ch. 39

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I awoke to the sounds of music coming from my clock-radio. As I came to, my thoughts were filled of the night spent with my face plastered to my mother’s steaming twat. I breathed deep and could smell her strong female scent still on me. I ran my tongue around my lips and could taste her heavenly nectar where it had dried on my skin. My face felt tacky and crusty all over. I wasn’t surprised since she’d had her soaking crotch glued to it for most of the evening.

I felt a warm luxurious feeling wash over me as I thought about my gorgeous mother dominating me and using me for her sexual pleasure. I could spend all day every day feasting at her leaking little box and never ask for more. And then again……what about Lori…..and Frank…..and Mr. Wolfe? Although I loved eating my mother’s pussy, I knew I had a deep craving for hard cock and thick creamy man-cum. I couldn’t deny it. Even if I was allowed to eat my mother every day from now on…..I’d still find a way to search out loads of hot semen. My mother’s suggestion of her getting together with Mr. Wolfe or Frank seemed more and more appealing. It would obviously be easier to introduce her to Mr. Wolfe and I had to come up with a plan to do just that. But right now….I better get my sorry ass into work.

I headed into the bathroom and used my enema kit once again. I was already used to the nice clean feeling it left me with. Also, the way things had been going over the last few days, I knew it would be good just in case anything unexpected happened. Which seemed to be the case every day this week!

I took a long hot shower and scrubbed all of my mother’s dried juices from my face. I let the steamy heat pound down upon me as I felt myself coming fully awake. I finished up, got myself dressed and had some breakfast. There was no note under my door so I figured Mr. Wolfe was still away. If he was back, I was sure he would have left me instructions to come down for him to “feed” me for awhile.

I headed off to work and made sure I took all the files and documents I knew Lori would want to see from my trip to The City. It was pretty early when I got to my desk and hardly anybody was in the office. I fired up my computer and sorted out the files I’d brought up. Just then my phone rang and I looked over and saw Derek’s name on my call display.

“Hello,” I said as I picked up the receiver.

“Uh, Jon. Hi. It’s Derek,” he said hesitantly. “I noticed you’re in early this morning. Ummm….do you think you could come by my office for a few minutes please?”

“Uh, yes sir. I’ll be right there.” I was pretty sure I knew what Derek had in mind. Those three loads I had sucked out of him two days ago seemed like just the start of a lot of cum he seemed to have stored up from an unhappy marriage. I only hoped he was ready to feed me some more.

I walked into his office to find him standing next to his desk. From the look of the bulge in his pants, I was pretty sure my guess was right. I couldn’t believe his wife was letting that big thick nine-incher go to waste. I stared long enough at the bulging fabric that he was sure not to have noticed. Unconsciously, my tongue slid out to lick around my lips.

“Have a seat, Jon,” Derek said as he motioned to the two chairs in front of his desk. As I walked past him, he moved to the door and I watched as he closed and locked it. My eyes were glued to that protruding bulge as he walked back and perched his ass on the edge of his desk right in front of me. His feet were flat on the floor and spread apart so I had a perfect view between his spread thighs to that impressive mound.

“Jon, I can’t begin to thank you for what you did for me the other day. I can’t believe how horny it made me. Even after you sucked me off three times that day, I still jerked off three more times that night thinking about your mouth on my cock. As soon as I got home, I told Julia I had to take a shower and pumped out a load there. Then after she fell asleep I jerked off twice more reading stories on the internet about cocksuckers like you. I was hoping you would be here yesterday but then I remembered Lori had you on assignment in The City. I’ve got a lot more cum for you if you’d like,” he said as she took his hand and started rubbing it over his already protruding mound.

“Thanks sir. I loved sucking you off too,” I answered. It meant something to me to call Derek “Sir” in this situation. “And yeah, I’ll take as much cum as you want to give me. I’m sorry I wasn’t here yesterday to help you out. Anytime you want to use my mouth, just let me know. If you actually get to the point where you need to jerk off, if you want to shoot your cum into a condom or a little jar or something like that, I’d like you to give it to me when you’re done.”

“You……you’d do that?” he asked looking down at me incredulously.

“Sure, I’d do that for you, sir. Anytime you want to unload, I’ll take your cum anyway I can get it.”

“Oh fuck!” he said with a groan. He stood casino oyna and started tugging at his belt in a hurry. He kicked off his shoes and in an instant had his pants off. I watched as he put his hands in the waistband of his fitted boxers and pushed his underwear down to his ankles. As he rose and stepped out of them, his thick cock seemed to unfurl itself from its cramped quarters and pointed out towards me at about half-mast. As my tongue slid out to run around my lips again, I dropped to my knees in front of the chair as Derek sat back against the front edge of the desk again.

“Oooooooohhh,” I said with my eyes glued to his rising cock. “It’s so beautiful. Can I just watch it get hard before I suck it?” I asked as I looked up at him from my place kneeling before his majestic cock.

“You can do whatever you like, Jon. Just as long as you do suck it,” he said with a note of anxiousness in his voice. I put my hands on his muscular thighs and stroked delicately as if urging the blood upwards towards his groin. I looked on with my face inches from his cock as it continued to fill and extend. The upward angle increased as it seemed to pulse and throb as more blood was pumped into the thickening member. The enflamed head almost seemed to start glowing as it became an angry red color. The piss-slit started to swell open with need as it began to shine and fill with precum. I watched enthralled as Derek’s cock continued to swell and extend until it had reached its full thick 9″ length. It was pointing up at about an angle of 60 degrees from the ground.

“Oh man. It’s just so fucking gorgeous,” I said as my eyes were riveted to his massive erection. “Could you flex if for me, sir?” I asked in a pleading voice.

“Sure.” I watched as the stomach muscles below his shirt-tails rippled and his big thick cock bobbed before my eyes. It moved up and down a couple of inches at a time as he contracted and released his muscles. His big balls hung heavy and full in his sperm-filled sack. I looked on as if mesmerized as the gaping eye filled with his shining fluid and the enlarged drop start to distend and hang in a ropey strand from the end of his pulsing manhood.

“Of fuck,” I moaned. I had as much teasing as I could take and dove forward to catch the glistening web of precum on the tip of my tongue. As the warm salty liquid settled on my tongue, I followed it up to the source and let the tip of my tongue delve into his hot gaping piss-slit. Derek let out a groan as I savored the taste of his manly cock-honey. I slid my lips over the head of his engorged crown and felt the intense heat as the wide mushroom head filled my mouth.

“OH FUCK!” Derek almost shouted with pleasure. “That’s all I’ve been thinking about for the last couple of days. Your mouth is so fucking hot. Suck it, Jon. Suck my cock.”

As I slid more of his virile manhood into my mouth, I reached forward and wrapped one hand around his thick shaft while my other hand cradled his spunk-laden balls. I rolled those heavy orbs gently in the palm of my hand at the same time as I shucked the outer sheath of skin on his throbbing cock back and forth. My head bobbed up and down on the top half of his big rod as I milked my hand in a churning motion towards my widely-stretched lips. The saliva was running out of the corners of my lips and trickling down his shaft. It was soon lubricating my fingers and hand as they encircled his tremendous girth.

“Ooooooh,” Derek moaned. “That is so good. You suck cock like nobody I’ve ever seen. My cock feels like it’s wrapped in warm slick butter. Oh fuck…..that’s it…..just a little more, Jon…..yeah…..suck it just like that…..oh God that’s so good….I need to cum so bad,” he said as I felt his hands take a grip on either side of my head and he started to pump my head up and down on his surging member. I could feel his big swollen balls drawing up tight against his body and I removed my hand from his shriveling bag and let my nails scratch through the pubic hair around the base of his thick cock.

“OH FUCK! YEAH…..THAT’S IT……HERE IT…..COMES!” his cry warned me of his impending climax but even if I had wanted to, his firm grip on my head would have kept my mouth covering his erupting cock anyway. But that was exactly where I wanted to be as I felt the big vein on the underside of his cock start to throb and pulse as the overflowing semen sped up his shaft and spurted full force into my waiting mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” I moaned with pleasure as the first blast spewed powerfully against the roof of my mouth and then fell onto the back of my tongue. His first blast was quickly followed by a long second shot……and then a third thick ropey strand landed on the first two in a growing pool on my tongue. I savored the warm salty flavor and then swallowed eagerly as he kept shooting into my vacuuming mouth.

“Oh yeah……keep sucking…..get it all….oh fuck yeah,” he said between moans as he kept unloading under my oral assault. My canlı casino hand was pumping away at his ardent shaft as I coaxed the last of his succulent cream out of him. As his orgasm started to subside, he released his tight grip on my head and sat back with arms on the desk behind him. I remained between his spread legs with my mouth sucking softly at his slowly deflating cockhead. I hand one hand slowly moving up and down on the lower part of his shaft while my other hand had gone back to cradling his balls. After releasing their treasure into my mouth, they had relaxed and hung low and heavy in his silky sack.

“Oh man, Jon. That was incredible. I love it when you suck my cock like that,” Derek said as he fought to catch his breath. “I don’t think I’ve cum so hard in my life as these four loads you’ve sucked out of me.”

“I love it too, sir,” I said as I let his spongy cockhead slip from between my lips. “I love the feeling of your cum in my mouth and in my stomach. There’s nothing better.” I slid my tongue around my chin and gathered up a couple of drops that had seeped out of the corners of my mouth. “Do you think you might have some more for me later, sir?” I asked hopefully.

“Oh fuck, yeah!” he answered gleefully. “Anytime you want to suck it, you can. Just let me know. Look, let’s do it this way; if somebody’s around, why don’t you just lick your lips so only I can see it?”

“Okay. And if you want to feed me some more cum, just run your finger across your belt buckle,” I suggested as he pulled on his pants and zipped up.

“Got it. Now everybody’s gonna be here pretty soon so you better get back to your desk,” he said as he stepped into his shoes and moved across his office to open the door. “Thanks again, Jon,” he said as I walked past him.

“No, thank you, sir. I’ve got that nice taste in my mouth and a warm feeling in the pit of my stomach, thanks to you.” He just nodded in agreement as I walked through the door and made my way back to my cubicle. Most of the other employees were just arriving and nobody had taken notice of me and Derek being behind the closed door of his office.

As I sat back down at my desk, I overheard Lori’s voice as she spoke to someone on her way in. I popped up over my cubicle divider and saw her walking towards her office. Oh fuck….did she ever look hot! She had on an electric blue dress that clung to her like a second skin. Every sweet curve was on full display. Her dress ended about mid-thigh and her powerful legs shimmered in white stockings. Oh man…..I loved the look of white stockings! She wore matching electric blue pumps with a 4″ heel that accentuated her muscular toned legs. Her curly hair looked wild and sexy as it swirled about her gorgeous face as she confidently walked to her office, never once looking in my direction.

I sat back down and savored the musky flavor of Derek’s cum still lingering on my tongue. Not twenty seconds later, my phone rang again and this time it was Lori’s name that popped up.


“Yes, Jon. I need you to bring me up to speed on the meeting with the Newman people yesterday,” she said. “Bring your file in.”

I set down the phone and with a sense of excitement, picked up the Newman file and strode into Lori’s office. I knocked hesitantly at the door and stopped just inside. She was standing in front of her desk with her glasses on reading a piece of paper she had in her hand.

“Lock the door, Jon,” she instructed, never raising her eyes from what she was reading. I locked the door behind me and stood facing her. After a few seconds, she finished what she was reading and dropped the page onto her desk. She reached up and took her glasses off and finally turned to face me. Her eyes had a smoldering sensual look to them.

“Assume the position, girl,” she commanded as she pointed towards the couch. I instantly walked across the office, put my file down on the table in front of the couch and pulled it back out of the way. I sat on the floor in front of the couch and leaned my head back on the front edge, presenting my face for her use.

“That’s a good girl,” she said as her hips swayed sensually as she walked towards me. She came to a stop with her feet on either side of my hips. I looked up between her long legs rising past the hem of her dress and could see a hint of white panties at the juncture of her thighs.

“I wanted to thank you girl,” she said as she stood with her hands at her waist and rolled her hips suggestively. I had a perfect view up her skirt to that white encased treasure awaiting me. “Frank was just thrilled with you taking care of him in The City. So happy, that he spent the night with his cock buried deep inside me. It’s been awhile since he’s been that horny. And so I guess I have you to thank for that. So, I have a little reward for you.” She reached beneath her skirt and started to take her panties off. She stepped out of them and dangled the silky material in front of me on the end of one kaçak casino fingertip.

“Here you go, girl. These are for you to add to your collection,” she said as she dropped them onto my face. I inhaled deeply and the musky womanly scent penetrated my senses. The silky fabric felt moist on my face and I lifted it off with my hand and inspected it. I could see little globs of white milky cream clinging to the inside where it had cupped her pussy.

“Yes, you’re right. That’s more of Frank’s cum. He fucked me twice this morning before work.”

“Mmmmmmmmm,” I purred as I pressed her warm moist panties against my lips and nose.

“No, don’t lick those yet,” she commanded. “I want you to take out your cock and wrap those panties over it. I want you to jerk off into them while you eat me out.”

I reached down and tore open my pants and whipped out my already-hard cock. I set the panties with the inside of the moist front panel over the leaking head of my cock. A new damp spot appeared as my precum soaked thru the thin material.

“That’s a good girl,” she said as she moved forwards and put her knees on the edge of the couch on either side of my face. “Now get that tongue in there and clean out all that nice creamy cum of Frank’s that you love so much. I’ll tell you when you can cum and when I want you to stop,” she instructed.

She lowered her wide spread hips and her soaking wet twat descended upon my upturned face. Her skirt rose higher and higher as her thighs splayed open. I could see flecks of Frank’s white cum clinging to her shining flesh. I watched eagerly as she lowered the glistening pink lips of her snatch until they finally meshed fully against my own lips.

“Mmmmmm,” I moaned as I slid my tongue forwards and probed deep into her sodden trench. I was rewarded instantly as I tasted a gob of semen clinging to her inner walls. I started swirling my tongue and sucking at the same time to draw out his creamy seed.

“Oh yeah, that’s it girl. It’s all yours,” she said as she grabbed the back of the couch with both hands and settled down to ride my face. She flexed her vaginal muscles and wads of cum shot deep inside her slid down to be vacuumed up by my suctioning mouth. The combined taste of Lori and Frank together was like an intoxicating drug to me and I felt like I was reeling with lust as they assaulted my senses. My cock was throbbing and I moved my hand very gently up down the panty-covered shaft. I knew I was already on the verge of cumming and had to wait for Mistress Lori to allow me to cum. I didn’t want to risk being dismissed from my future servicing duties by cumming without her approval.

“Yeah, keep that tongue good and deep,” she said as she rolled her hips in a circle over my extended tongue. She had me tongue every square inch of her pussy both inside and out for the next ten minutes as the intensity of her pleasure heightened. I had already swallowed everything that I could of the remnants of Frank’s cum and yet she continued to ride as my tongue and lips probed and nibbled at her molten snatch.

“Oh yeah…….just a little more……..right there…..yeah…..that’s it,” she was gasping and moaning as she started to jerk and twitch against my face. She angled her body forward so my attentions were focused on the erect spire of her clitoris. “Yeah…..that’s good…so good……just a little……just a……..OOOOOOOOOHH,” she moaned out loud as her orgasm hit her. I kept my tongue swirling around her throbbing clit and she bounced and ground her snatch into my face. I felt the lower part of my face being covered with her flowing nectar as a wave of her juices was released from within her. With her dress covering the top part of my face, I couldn’t see her face but I knew she was lost in rapture from the squeaks and grunts she was making. She was spasming and convulsing as her climax shook her from head to toe. I was on the verge of cumming myself and had to release my grip on my cock or it was sure to go off. She finally ceased her erratic movements and settled down gently onto my face as I heard her take in deep gulps of air as she fought to regain her breathing.

“Oh fuck, that was good,” she said as I continued to nurse softly at the lips of her sensitive pussy. She finally lifted herself off my face and stood with her feet on either side of my legs again. I looked up at her magnificent chest thrusting against the front of the clinging fabric of her gorgeous blue dress and moaned with need. My little sound brought a smile to her face. She looked down at my panty-covered erection thrusting up proudly.

“Did you almost cum there, girl,” she asked teasingly as she looked down at me.

“Yes, Miss. I had to take my hand off.”

“Well, that’s good. But now I want to watch you finish the job,” she said as she took a couple of steps back to give her a better view.

I wrapped my hand back around my cock and started to stroke up and down once again. The front panel of her silky white panties was almost translucent with my precum combined with their juices. Lori dropped to her knees right in front of me and spread her knees. Her dress rode well up and I had a clear view into her perfect twat.

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