Cocking a Virgin Ch. 03

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After taking Neha’s virgin ass (Read: Cocking a Virgin Part 2), she said that she would like me to do her ass again the following week. Who was I to refuse? I went to pick her up at the usual place. I found her talking to some girl, whose back was towards me. Neha saw my car, and excused herself and came to me.

I lowered the window and asked, “Who’s that, baby?”

“Just a friend I was in school with.”

I looked up at her friend just as she turned around. I recognised her immediately. It was Pooja who I had taken to the farmhouse when it was under construction (Read: The Sad Virgin). I couldn’t take her virginity at that time for some reason. I felt a stirring in my shorts.

“Do you want to bring her along, Neha?”

“No! She doesn’t know anything about us. She is also very shy.”

“Don’t worry. Just ask her anyway. Why don’t you bring her over and introduce us?”

Neha reluctantly brought Pooja over. She saw me and blushed furiously. Neha said, “This is my friend Pooja.”

I replied, “I know. Pooja and I are old friends. Right Pooja?”

She blushed furiously and nodded. “And Neha is also my old friend. Right Neha?” Neha flushed and looked down. Then she whispered, “Yes!”

Both girls looked at each other and wondered what kind of friend the other was. “C’mon, sweethearts, let’s go. Get in.”

Both got in. Neha tried to get in the front seat and I said, “Sit in the back with Pooja, my dear.”

We drove off. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw both of them looking at each other, their faces red with embarrassment. Their secret blown. I quietly said, “It’s OK dears. We’re all friends and no one will know anything. OK?”

They clutched each other’s hands and nodded. Slowly they calmed down, accepting that their relationship with me was known to the other. Only Pooja was still a virgin and I wanted to rectify it, the same day. We reached the farmhouse and I parked in the garage.

Both girls entered and Neha led Pooja into the sitting room. I followed them and clasped both to me. One by one I lifted them onto the dining table. They were sitting side by side, dangling their feet. I raised Pooja’s chin and kissed her on her lips. I licked her lips and caressed her back. Neha watched, her cheeks becoming red. I pushed my tongue in Pooja’s mouth and tangled with her tongue. She was breathing hard, her small breasts heaving.

I put one hand on Pooja’s breast and caressed it, she moaned. While still playing with her breast, I turned towards Neha and kissed her. She moaned as out tongues tangled. My other hand was on Neha’s breast. Both the little beauties were huffing. I was becoming hard. I put Neha’s hand on my erection and she started to stroke it. Pooja watched silently.

After I had kissed the lovely girls till they were out of breath, I said, “Neha, will you please remove Pooja’s clothes?” She stared at me. I nodded and said, “Go ahead, sweetheart. Do it.” I picked up both Neha and Pooja and stood them on the floor. I kissed Neha and patted her back. Her hands were trembling as she touched Pooja’s t-shirt. She held it from the bottom and pulled it up. Soon the t-shirt was on the floor and Pooja stood in her bra, her small breasts heaving.

I put Neha’s hands on Pooja’s denim. She opened the button and unzipped it. She pulled the denim down past Pooja’s small ass. She knelt and pulled it down and off her feet. Pooja looked casino siteleri lovely in her red bra and matching panty. I looked at Pooja and nodded towards Neha.

She shyly unbuttoned Neha’s shirt and removed it. Then she unhooked the hook at the side of Neha’s skirt and pulled the zip down. The skirt fell around her feet. She, too, looked good enough to eat in her matching white bra and panty.

I picked up Pooja and sat her on the edge of the dining table again. Neha stood next to me, quietly watching. I pushed Pooja till she was on her back, her legs dangling. I caressed her thighs and took my hands up and cupped her little mound with my right hand. Pooja moaned as I caressed her mound. I traced my finger along her pussy slit. She moaned and fidgeted. I pulled her panty down and off her feet. She whimpered and tried to cover her pussy with her hands.

“It’s OK, darling. You are beautiful and wet. No need to be ashamed of what you’ve got.” I told Neha to climb onto the table. I placed her near Pooja’s head and asked her to caress Pooja’s breasts. She hesitated and Pooja whimpered, “Please, no….”

“Hush, darling. It’s OK. We’ll all enjoy everything together.” I removed Pooja’s bra and caressed her breasts. I put Neha’s hands on Pooja’s breasts and left them there. The lovely Pooja looked ravishing in her nakedness. I would be doing the ravishing, and soon. I sat on a chair between her legs and put my mouth on her pussy. She moaned as I licked her pussy lips. I lapped at her wetness and she leaked more.

I lay one finger on her clit and flicked it. It was sensitive and she bucked. I kept at her pussy and clit and she was whimpering with desire, “Oh! Yes.” I nodded at Neha and she started caressing Pooja’s breasts. She palmed them and squeezed them. Then she flicked her nipples and Pooja cried out in ecstasy. Neha got into the rhythm and put her mouth on Pooja’s breasts, she started licking and tugging at the nipples. Pooja was getting it both ways. She was trembling and getting out of control with my tongue and fingers on her pussy and clit, and with Neha’s mouth and fingers adding to the sweet torture to her breasts.

Pooja was bucking and squirming and soon came with a scream. I lapped up her juice and slowly calmed her. She was trembling and her eyes were closed. I removed my clothes and Neha looked at my aroused cock and licked her lips. I smiled at her. I stood up, leaned over and kissed Pooja on her lips, my hands on her nipples, pinching them. As I leaned, my aroused cock brushed against her moist and sensitive pussy lips and she moaned. I rubbed my cock against her pussy as I kissed and played with her breasts.

She was moaning with desire again. I looked at Pooja and said, “Open your eyes, darling. We’ll make love now. OK?” I could sense fear in her, and I caressed her cheeks and breasts tenderly. I held my engorged cock to her opening and slowly pushed in. Neha probably didn’t know that her friend was still a virgin. She probably thought I must have taken care of that earlier.

Pooja whimpered as my engorged and bulbous tip spread her pussy lips and hole. I pushed till the bulbous tip was inside. Pooja whimpered. I pumped slowly as she got used to my cock in her. I pushed in till my tip touched her barrier. Pooja looked at me and I bent down to kiss her, as I tongued her I pushed in, past her barrier. She felt a sharp pain and cried out canlı casino into my mouth.

I held still and kissed her till she calmed. Then I started to pump in slowly. Soon she was enjoying my slow pumping and moaning with pleasure. I put Neha’s hands on Pooja’s breasts and she started caressing, squeezing, pinching and tugging her breasts and nipples. Pooja was enjoying the attention she was getting. I increased my tempo in her pussy and flicked her lit. I pinched it between my fingers and tugged. She moaned as it became too much to tolerate. I kept at it and so did Neha at her breasts. Pooja was bucking as she felt the onset of orgasm. I pumped fast and Neha sensing Pooja was near to come, increased her torture of her breasts and nipples. I pulled her clit and she moaned. Neha increased her pull on Pooja’s nipples and pinched hard till Pooja cried out in pain.

I pumped hard and fast. I was ready to unload also. I nodded at Neha and she increased the pressure on Pooja’s nipples. She was moaning and squirming. I pinched her clit and twisted it. It was too much for Pooja, who came screaming as I unloaded in her pussy. My first spurt was heavy and I spurted four more times. I kept on pumping till I had nothing more to unload. Neha still had her fingers on Pooja’s nipples, tugging them.

I slowly pulled out of Pooja’s pussy and held her breasts softly. I indicated to Neha to come down. I pushed my nearly soft cock in her mouth and she licked my come and Pooja’s juice and cleaned up my cock. She kept on sucking my cock till it started to become hard. She removed it from her mouth and started stroking it with her hands. I caressed Pooja’s breasts and kissed her. “That was lovely, my darling. Was it OK for you, too?”

“It pained when you first pushed. Later it was nice. I liked it.” I kissed her tenderly. I picked her up and led her to my bedroom. Neha followed. I laid Pooja on my bed and hugged Neha to me. I had neglected her enough, but the little dear knew I would not forget her. I laid her on the bed, too, and kissed her. Our tongues clashed and I squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples. She moaned as I increased my pressure on her nipples.

She moaned as she felt pain on her nipples. I turned her over and caressed her ass. Pooja looked at us. I raised Neha’s ass till she was on her fours. I kissed her ass cheeks and fingered her rim. I applied Vaseline to my fingers and pushed two into her ass. Neha moaned and Pooja looked shocked at what I’d done. I leaned over and kissed her hard. “Soon you’ll be also enjoying this, darling.”

Fear ran through her and she trembled. I smiled at her and pumped my fingers in Neha’s ass. I put Pooja’s hands on my cock and told her to stroke it. She took care of my cock while I got Neha’s ass ready to take my cock. Neha was moaning with pleasure. I was ready to do her ass. I sat on the edge of my bed with my feet on the floor. Pooja was between my feet on the floor, stroking my cock. I had Neha straddling me and facing outside. I had my two fingers in her ass, pumping fast. She was whimpering. I applied Vaseline to my cock and to Neha’s ass rim. I lifted her up and told Pooja to line my hard cock with Neha’s ass. As Pooja looked intently, I lowered Neha by her hips and my cock entered her ass inch by inch. Neha shuddered as my cock entered her ass and Pooja was agape as she saw my cock disappear into Neha’s ass. Neha was impaled kaçak casino on my cock.

I held her by her hips and raised her up and dropped her. She came down with a thud and moaned. I asked Pooja to finger Neha’s pussy. She peered at Neha’s pussy and cupped her pussy gingerly. Neha was moaning with pleasure. Then I told Pooja to lick Neha. She hesitated a moment and then put her tongue out and touched Neha’s pussy lips. Neha bucked her ass and Pooja kept her tongue there and started to lick away the juices. Soon she was pleasuring Neha’s pussy with her tongue and mouth.

I kept my hands on Neha’s nipples and pinched and tugged them. She was moaning as she felt the pressure and pain. Neha was moving her ass on my cock as I played with her nipples and Pooja with her pussy. She was moaning as passions rose. She was crying out with passion as Pooja tongued her pussy and rubbed her clit with her fingers. She was pumping her ass on my hard cock and I increased my finger pressure on her nipples.

She was crying with pain and passion and cried out, “Faster please, I’m very near. Please fast.”

Pooja increased her tempo and pinched her clit and twisted it. She cried out. I pinched her nipples hard and she cried out. She was pumping up and down my shaft as if out of control. Suddenly she screamed as she orgasmed. I held her by her hips and pumped her ass on my hard cock fast. Pooja was torturing her pussy and clit and Neha was crying out with passion. I came inside her ass. I spurted four times hard and then spurted more as I softened.

Neha was moaning as she came down from her high. Pooja was lapping up all her juices and Neha whimpered appreciatively. I pulled her up from my softening cock and held her in my lap tenderly.

I lay down with Pooja on one side and Neha on the other. They had their heads on my shoulders and I encircled their backs and pulled them to me. They moaned in pleasure as I caressed their backs.

It was time to go. I kissed the girls and they squealed in pleasure. I looked at Pooja and said, “Baby, do you want me to do your ass next time?”

She flinched as she thought of the pain, and the way my cock pumped Neha’s ass. She had seen my cock in Neha’s ass from very close. She whispered, “It will pain, won’t it?”

I caressed her back and said, “Yes, baby. It will in the beginning. But you will enjoy later. You have to decide. We will only do it if you agree.”

She thought it over and Neha caressed Pooja’s breast over my chest. Pooja moaned as she enjoyed the caress. Neha pinched her nipple and Pooja moaned. “You must try it, Pooja,” Neha tried to convince her.

“No, Neha. It should be Pooja’s decision,” I told her.

We lay quietly as I caressed their backs and Neha still had her hand on Pooja’s nipple. Pooja put her hand on my shrunk cock and squeezed it. She started stroking it softly. I was enjoying her stroking and I was becoming semi-hard.

Then Pooja whispered, “OK, Next time I will let you do it.” I kissed her tenderly and she moaned with pleasure.

“I think it’s time to go,” I said, “before someone starts looking for you.”

The girls reluctantly got up and dressed. I put my clothes back on. Then I handed the pill to Pooja and said, “Take this with water.”

“What’s this?”

“Sweetheart, we made love without any protection. This will ensure there is no problem. You understand?”

She nodded and swallowed the pill. I patted her and said, “Next time, we’ll use protection, baby.”

We left and I dropped them from where I had picked them up. I thought of the time I spent with the girls and looked forward to doing Pooja’s little ass.

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